Blaine for dinner

Saturday Night Gleever

So I intended to post this earlier but that kind of failed. Thank you so much wardlerklainegleek123 and ImDefyingGravity13 for your lovely words of encouragement.

I apologise for the lack of Blaine (in person anyway) and the fact that the dinner is yet again missing

"Kurt!" Finn yelled from his room

"Yes Finn" Kurt replied making his way across the landing wearing multiple measuring tapes and pin cushions and looking stressed.

"I need your help"

"Really? I would never have guessed" Kurt said sarcastically at the sight of Finn trying to 'sew' his Saturday Night Fever costume. "Finn you're doing it all wrong" he sighed "here give it to me" Kurt tried to manoeuvre himself through Finn's bombsite of a room and grabbed the fabric.

"But dude aren't you and Blaine making yours together, you don't have time to make mine too."

"Well, we were, Blaine left half an hour ago, some stupid excuse about having to talk to Wes" Kurt sighed sitting on the bed, forgetting that he had been trying to avoid touching any of the furniture in the room.

"But what about his costume?" Finn asked nonplussed

"I suppose I'll just have to make that too, can you pass me the thread?" Kurt said unpicking all of Finn's failed stitching, well that was his plan but a large hand over his work stopped him from making much progress.

"Dude what's going on with you two?"

Kurt tried to block the tears that were threatening to break free, obviously he failed as the next thing he knew, Frankenteen's arms were around him. "I don't know, when he's here everything is normal but he's been cancelling lots of our dates recently, leaving early and been acting generally distant, he rarely even texts me anymore and he used to always text me, even before I went to Dalton"

"Awww man, that sucks, Blaine loves you dude, maybe he just needs space to figure stuff out"

Kurt sighed heavily "What stuff? Why can't he talk to me about this? I mean I'm his boyfriend, why is he calling Wes?"

Finn was confused wasn't Wes a warbler, the same warblers that had tried to blind Blaine "Didn't Wes?"

"No Finn," Kurt replied immediately picking up on his brother's train of thought "he graduated last year; he had nothing to do with it."

The tall boy nodded "Well Rachel gets like this all the time, normally goes off to talk to you or something, I usually leave her to stew for a bit, or sing something, remind her that I'm still here for her."

Kurt wiped away his tears with the back of his hands "Thanks Finn, I'll just go finish these in my room I think" he said bundling the now slightly crumpled costume in his arms and headed for the door.

"Anytime dude"

"One last thing Finn" Kurt turned to take one last look at the other boy before leaving the room


"Don't call me dude"

Sorry about the lack of Blaine, I just wanted to build up on the theme that Blaine had been acting weird; he'll be in the next chapter promise

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