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Kurt had hardly made his way backstage when a short, curly black haired tornado came tearing towards him. As soon as the shorter boy reached his destination he started showering Kurt with sloppy kisses "That "*kiss* "Was" *kiss* "So" *kiss* "Amazing" *kiss*

"Really? Do you think that I should have stuck with Music of the Night?" Kurt asked suddenly unsure of himself, on stage it had felt right to change songs but now…..did he do the right thing?

"Oh god no" Blaine gushed trying to rein in his over-reactive hormones; he couldn't very well jump Kurt's bone in the McKinley auditorium. "Kurt you were incredible, it was totally the right thing to do. It was something different and made an impression. I thought that is great that you showed a bit of your personality and…."

"Blaine" Kurt interrupted "You really want to get out of here don't you?" Kurt hadn't missed the way that Blaine's eyes had hungrily been staring at his crotch in 'those' pants throughout his monologue.

Blaine nodded "your h- hips" he stuttered "so sexy"

Kurt giggled well aware what effect his dancing must have had on his boyfriend "no gas pains?"

As an answer Blaine crashed their lips together and kissed him fiercely.

"I'll take that as a no" Kurt gasped when they finally came up for air "Come on we don't want to miss Rachel's audition"

Blaine whined

"You can have your wicked way with me later" Kurt teased and Blaine may have cheered for joy causing the taller boy to giggle again for umpteenth time in so many minutes as they linked hands and made their way back to wear Blaine had been sitting.

"Should I go after her?" Kurt asked nervously as a tearful Rachel Berry ran from the auditorium

"No, Finn's got this. At least I hope he does"

"But I…"

"What baby? Please don't feel guilty about this, you worked really hard to get here and I'm so, so proud of you"

Kurt opened his mouth to protest but decided against it, he was too tired to argue; instead he rested his head on Blaine's shoulder "thank you" he mumbled

Blaine smiled and lightly kissed Kurt's hair (yes the hair that Kurt was normally so adamant that could not be touched) "Let's get you home sweetie, you've had a long day and I have a surprise for you."

"Is it cheesecake?" Kurt asked hopefully, trying to get up but his worn out limbs were refusing to co-operate. The awkward silence that followed suggested that it was indeed cheesecake. "It is isn't it?" Blushing Blaine nodded

"Aww honey, I love you" Kurt giggled embracing the blushing boy "you know that I hate surprises anyway."

"Yeah," Blaine smiled "I guess that it's a good thing that I'm so bad at keeping things from you."

"Let's go eat cheesecake!" Kurt announced stubbornly getting up and impatiently hopping form one foot to the other; it's amazing what the promise of a sweet treat could do to your energy levels.

Blaine sighed heavily as he got up and followed his impatient boyfriend out to the car "you and cheesecake" he snickered at Kurt's weakness

"Yes, you and cheesecake my greatest weaknesses"

Disclaimer I own nothing - not Klaine not Glee not even the idea that Kurt loves cheesecake that remains respectfully CrazedLunatic's and then it appeared on Glee

Bonobo I officially love you, thank you so much and as I can't personally reply to every single one of your lovely review please accept my gratitude from here :D

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