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Spoilers for Prom

Firstly rant 1 of 2

Let Klaine kiss- seriously they filmed a kiss for both heart and prom-a-saurus and then cut BOTH of them not cool glee not cool! Like seriously any couply interaction between those on two on the actual show is so rare it's practically non –existent

2nd rant – so apparently Kurt had never seen Blaine without hair gel before. REALLY! I mean even if they hadn't been getting up to all the things that fanfics have been suggesting, surely, surely after like over a year together Kurt must have seen Blaine's hair at least ruffled or like what if it rain, even in the shiny world of glee it must rain sometimes and I mean they were in a swimming pool for god's sake in episode 10 also this now makes this story uncannon – cheers then - I apologise for capitals I was annoyed

"How could she ban hair gel?" Blaine asked Kurt outraged "I mean it's not like its bad for you, you even bought me the organic stuff." He got up and started pacing to and fro, gesticulating widely as he ranted about the injustice of the whole situation.

"Blaine honey" Kurt asked nervously knowing how sensitive his boyfriend was about his hair "why won't you let me see you without gel?"

"I told you Kurt" Blaine paused mid-stride "I look like medusa or something it's awful

"But….I'm your boyfriend" Kurt mumbled

"Exactly" Blaine sighed rushing up to the side of the bed and taking Kurt's hands into his own. "I don't want you to think less of me because of this mop on my head."

The porcelain skinned boy frowned "How would that ever happen honey? I love you. I love everything about you, your hair included even if it were blue or you had 'I heart bowties' shaved on your scalp"

Blaine laughed "Well I do love the odd bowtie or two."

"Stop trying to make me laugh," Kurt pouted "I'm still annoyed"

"Kurtie I'm sorry"

"Don't call me Kurtie" the taller boy snapped standing up

"But baby…"

"No Blaine, You're refusing to let me see you at your most vulnerable…."

Blaine laughed "You've already done that….on multiple occasions"

"Blaine" Kurt warned "You've seen me with messed up hair, wet hair, bed hair but yours is always perfectly gelled, stop trying to weasel your way out. I'm going home"

"But Kurt" Blaine's protests fell on deaf ears as Kurt had already exited the room.

I'm so proud of you" Kurt said again smiling brilliantly at Blaine with his poofy hair "How did you keep this from me? I love it"

"Really?" Blaine asked feeling really self-conscious, everyone had been staring at him ever since he had come into the room ungelled

"Here let me prove it" Kurt growled tugging at Blaine's lapels and passionately crashing their lips together. When the need for air became too great he only separated their faces by a few inches before he breathed "so hot."

Blaine blushed "can I have the pleasure of this dance Mr Hummel?" he asked once he had composed himself again…slightly

"Why yes you may Mr Anderson."

"Finn can you pass the salt?"

"No dad how many times do I have to tell you, you can't add any extra salt to your meals. " Kurt huffed "Too much salt causes high blood pressure"

The elder Hummel scowled as his son fixed him with a trademark bitch stare.

"Kurt I got our prom pictures framed" Blaine said trying to alleviate the tension

"Oooh yay! How many did you get?" Kurt asked turning his attention to his fiancé-to-be

"3. One for me, one for here and one for you to take to NYADA."

Kurt smiled he loved how much faith Blaine had in him "but I haven't got in yet."

"Yet" Blaine repeated "The acceptance letter will be coming any day now I'm sure of it." He smiled at Kurt who reflected the emotion

"Thank you" the other boy whispered

"Yeah thank you" Burt, who had smuggled some salt over his plate whilst Kurt was distracted, chuckled

"Did you get yours Finn?" Carole asked her son

"Get what?" Finn looked up from his dinner confused

"The prom pictures" Kurt supplied

"Oh right, Rachel had them delivered to her"

"Of course she did" Kurt rolled his eyes

"What's that supposed to mean?" Finn asked, sure that he was supposed to feel offended by something but not really knowing what.

"Nothing Frankenteen"

"You know what I just realised" Burt chuckled "We have a full house of prom royalty"

"Huh?" (three guesses to who said that)

"The King and Queen, we now have a full set."

Carole smiled at her husband's joke but Kurt glared icily at his father

"Thanks dad, I was trying to forget"

"But Rachel was prom queen" Finn stated, yet again at a loss

"He meant over the two years" Blaine reassured the Finn

"Well I'm glad someone finds my pain hilarious" Kurt snapped

"You're too sensitive kiddo, you need to relax, how are you going to cope out at NYADA and Broadway, they'll make mincemeat of you"

Kurt nervously glanced at his boyfriend trying to see how he would react to his dad's comment; Kurt knew that the constant mention of his imminent departure made Blaine nervous. But the other boy just smiled and nodded. It was a dog-eat-dog world out there and there wouldn't always be someone there to rig the vote for them. They all needed to toughen up.

I don't like the ending sorry it's so pants

In other news have you seen how long this story is now its like huuuuge (well obviously because you read it lol)

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