Blaine for dinner


Oh Bambi, I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mommy

"What the hell is she thinking?" Kurt questioned as he and Mercedes left Sue's office after the 'Porcelina' incident "Unique is 'unique' that's her appeal, we can't do the exact same thing as them."

Mercedes just nodded and let Kurt rant on

"Did no one tell her that you can't fight fire with fire, that's why the fire department usually uses water."

"Blaine would dig it"

Kurt froze momentarily from striding towards the choir room "No he wouldn't, I already had this conversation with him when we found out that it was drag night that one time when we went to Scandals."

"What did he say?" Cedes asked, this was the first she was hearing about this past conversation, not that this was surprising, Kurt hardly ever talked to her anymore, not like when he had confided in her in Sophomore year. She missed the close friendship they had shared in those days but then again she couldn't blame him, there were plenty of things that the chocolate diva was also keeping from the mayor of gay town.

"He agreed with me and said that it was often trashy to go out in drag."

"He would still dig it" Mercedes said in a sing-song voice.

"Have you not been listening to me?" the male diva asked "no he wouldn't"

Mercedes chuckled "if it required you getting those legs out, Blaine will love it."

Kurt blushed, "Cedes!" he cried playfully swatting his friend on the arm.

"Kurt what is this?" Finn asked as the members of the Hudmel clan plus Blaine and Sam sat around the dining table that evening

"it's risotto Finnegan" the chef replied as Finn loaded his fork a hovered the 'gloop' a few inches above his plate before slopping it back down.


"It's delicious" Blaine chimed in appreciatively

"Thanks honey" Kurt smiled at his boyfriend before turning to scowl at his dim-witted step brother

"I'm not eating that, it looks like someone threw up on my plate."

"Eat it Frankenteen" Kurt threatened "or you'll be the one going to Nationals in a dress."

Guess who's finished Uni! - well practically

more Cedes and Finn than Blaine in here sorry more Blainey will come :D

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