Blaine for dinner


Burt glanced anxiously at his phone as the smiling face of Kurts' called ID looked up at him. They had agreed that Kurt would ring as soon they had found out the results. He hoped against hope that the New Directions would win, after everything that Kurt had been through; surely he deserved some good luck.

"H…hello" Burt stuttered nervously

"Dad! We did it! We won!"

"That's amazing kiddo, well done" Burt replied the tense muscles in his face relaxing. In the background he could just make out the other members of ND cheering "listen buddy, you go celebrate with your friends and we'll go out for a celebratory dinner when you get back….Blaine and Rachel can come too" Burt added as an after-thought.

"Thanks daddy, see you soon"

"Thanks for ringing bud, go have fun." Burt smiled to himself as he hung up; there was no better feeling than knowing that his son was happy.

"To New Directions and my boys" Burt cried raising a toast

"To New Directions" the rest of the occupants of the table echoed, Kurt's eyes glistening with unshed tears.

"Thanks Burt" Finn coughed awkwardly, he was not going to cry, not in front of his family, and Sam, Blaine and Rachel, especially not in the packed atmosphere of Breadstix.

"I know we could do it" Rachel said reaching out to hold Finn's hand and squeezed it reassurance. "We were simply outstanding"

Finn glossily smiled back at his fiancé "Yeah we did good"

"We did awesome!" Blaine agreed "although it's a shame we didn't get to see Porcelina…Ow" he moaned as Kurt smacked him over the back of the head

"Aww I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" Kurt asked snarkily

The others laughed as Blaine rubbed the back of his neck pouting as Kurt smiled angelically back at him. "I'll get you back for this" Blaine said under his breath so that only Kurt could him

"Is that a threat Anderson?" Kurt breathed equally as quietly unaware that a hand was creeping up behind his head.

"Blaaaine!" Kurt screamed as the other boy tousled his hair causing many of the other restaurant customers to look round in alarm at the sudden outburst.

"I hate you" Kurt grumbled trying to fix his hair without a mirror.

"Well that's a shame because I love you and I'm afraid that you're stuck with me" The boy who had let his curls loose smiled.

"Right then." Carole announced trying to reign in the conversation from all the Klaine fluffiness, 'I swear that those boys are too cute for words' she thought "Who wants pudding?"

Not a fan of the ending – meh

So about this episode, we had a Finchel kiss, a Brittana kiss and even a Tike kiss but did we get a Klaine kiss- noooooooooo :(

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