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Jean's funeral had affected Kurt badly, it had reminded him of his mother's funeral and he really wanted his mummy back.

Blaine, being the angel he is had offered to come and pick Kurt up from the now empty church and he even brought flowers for Elizabeth's grave.

"Thank you for coming Blaine " Kurt sighed losing himself in his boyfriend's scent. The two boys held each other close causing Blaine to drop the bouquet of flowers that he was holding.

"You know that I'd do anything for you"

"I know, I just find it hard to believe. How did I get so lucky?"

"I consider myself the lucky one"

Kurt giggled. "your so cheesy"

"Good. I hope you like cheese. because I come with stuffed crusts" Blaine said hugging Kurt close and whispering into the taller boy's ear.

"They are lovely flowers" Kurt said indicating the discarded bunch on floor

"Glad you like them, I hope your mum does too, I'm kind of scared to meet her"

"Don't be, she'd have loved you"

"Do you think so ?" Blaine asked looking down at his feet

"I know so" Kurt replied caressing Blaine's lips

The walk through the graveyard was subdued as although the two boys firmly gripped each other's hands neither spoke a word. They were both thinking of Elizabeth Hummel. Or in Blaine's case, trying to picture what this amazing women would have been like.

At the end of a row of rather sorry looking, dilapidated graves stood the pristine clean grave of Elizabeth Hummel.

"I come here every week to keep mummy clean and the weeds trimmed back" Kurt explained

"Hi Mrs Hummel, I'm Blaine Anderson, Kurt's boyfriend. We brought you some flowers. Kurt said poppies were your favorite."

A lone tear ran down Kurt's cheek, he was amazed by his boyfriend who seemed to understand Kurt so well. He was even talking to the grave as if it was a real person just like Kurt would. I am in love with Blaine Anderson he thought, totally head over heels in love with that angel. "Thank you" he managed to stutter squeezing the short boy's hand.

They spent the next half an hour sat in the graveyard, they didn't talk much their minds lost in memories (or staring at Kurt's face).

Kurt remembered all the times spent baking with his mother, making the legendary chocolate cookies that he loved so much, dancing in the garden to the sound of music and the many power ranger weddings that he made his parents sit through.

"Blaine, do you think we can go now?"

"hmmm...oh yes" Blaine stammered awoken from his daydream "bye Mrs Hummel"

"she's Elizabeth to you dummy, see you later mum" he said swatting Blaine's chest before they walked back to the car to drive to Kurt's house.

Once back at the house Kurt informed the three hungry men and Carole that they were having stir fry

"uh you-what -now" Finn asked looking perplexed

"don't worry your little head about it Finnegan. Blaine, will you help me?"

The warbler nodded and trotted into the kitchen after Kurt and set about peeling and cutting vegetables.

"Thanks for coming with me today"

"Thank you for letting me meet your mother"

Kurt choked back tears. Admittedly it was only a handful of people that had gone to his mother's grave with him, aparat from his father and occasionally Carole and Finn, Mercedes was the only one who ever went to the graveyard with him. It felt as though he had let another wall down that day, inviting Blaine further into his web.

The peaceful moment was interrupted by none other than Frankenteen whose job it was to set the table.

"Is dinner ready yet? I'm starving"

"A few minutes more Finn, your always hungry so don't blame me"

"Sorry dude, don't get all huffy with me"

"sorry, we just went to visit mummy and I'm a bit upset"

"sorry man, if it makes you feel any better I just broke up with Quinn"

"How is that supposed to make me feel better?" Kurt asked "Now get out of the kitchen before I do something I might regret."

True to his word, the dinner was ready only a few minutes later and the Hudmel clan were seated around the dining table.

"so are you all packed for New York" Blaine asked with only a hint of jealousy in his voice

"Yes , but you'll have to come and help me decide whether to take my Marc Jacobs jacket or the Dior"

"How about both


Kurt smiled "I knew there was a reason I was dating this guy."

Finn's answer on the other hand showed that he definitely wasn't ready to go yet.

"Packed? what do you mean packed we've got another two days before we fly."

"That's my son, the last-minute everything" Carole quipped and Finn glared at her.

"Oh gaga, I forgot we were flying, I've never been on a plane before"

"You'll be fine kiddo"

"Yeah I'll be there to protect you"

"Finn, you do know that that is not reassuring in the slightest" Kurt replied

They all laughed at Finn's expense

Even though Kurt was going to miss Blaine like crazy and he had to go on plane (slight minor panic) he was really, really excited for New York and Nationals


As you've probbably guessed the next chapter is New York, or more precisley after they get back

If this plotline sounds kind of familiar I'm taking the general kind of jist from one of my other stories using all my credit, (Blaine buying flowers and going to the graveyard) ever since writing that chapter I kind of thought about writing a 'what happens next' kind of thing but didn't think it would be long enough to constitute as a one shot so here you have it

reviews are lovely, I also adore prompts. I seriously get so excited everytime I get an email from fanfiction telling that someones faved or reviewed :D

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