Blaine for dinner


Chapter 45 - Good God *deep breath*

Disclaimer – I do not own Glee, if I did KLAINE WOULD HAVE KISSED!

Kurt Hummel was sitting staring blankly at the wall.

"How long has he been like this?" his concerned father asked as soon as he had returned from work.

Finn turned away from staring at the contents of the fridge and looked at Burt with the same vacant expression that his son was wearing in the room next door.

"I didn't get in…. Neither did Kurt." Finn announced before fleeing the room, he would not let Burt see him cry.

Oh. Tentatively Burt entered the living room

"Kurt?" - No response

"Kiddo?" – No response

'Damn' Burt thought, if Kurt wasn't going to talk to him, he guessed that he would just have to get someone who he would talk to. Reaching for the phone in his pocket Burt scrolled through the contacts until he found who he was looking for.

Blaine, Kurt would open up to Blaine

Pressing the call button, Burt waited with baited breath for an answer – No response.

Before you all bring out the machetes and crossbows on me, I decided to split this chapter

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