Blaine for dinner

Goodbye part 3

All was quiet on the western front. Well technically it was because the Hudmel living room was facing west. Burt Hummel didn't know if the silence meant that is was now safe to go downstairs or whether he should stay well away. Papa Hummel never wanted to walk in on his baby boy in a compromising position ever again.

Slowly the elder Hummel ventured downstairs to find Klaine snuggled on the sofa together. He cleared his throat causing the lovers to jump out of their revere. "Blaine will you be joining us for dinner?"

"Yes" Kurt asserted protectively putting an arm in front of Blaine as if to stop him from getting up but the other boy made no move to suggest that he was even thinking of moving.

Burt chuckled at the couple's antics "Well Carole is working later and Finn has gone over to Puck's so it's the tree of us."

"I can go if you want Mr… I mean Burt"

"Oh no you won't" Kurt growled

"Ok Kurtie…Ow"

Burt just laughed as his son slapped Blain for calling him 'that name'

"Now, now Kurt that could be called abuse"

"Yeah listen to your dad" Blaine pouted rubbing his arm "He's very clever"

"You only want to stay in his good books"

"Well he is going to be my future father-in-law "

"Awww honey, have I told you that I love you?"

"Not in the last two minutes" Blaine smiled

"Shall I order us some pizzas?" Burt asked reminding the lovers that he was still in the room"

"No dad, takeaway pizzas are far too fatty and greasy. I'll make us all a nice salad." Blaine whined as Kurt got up hating the loss of contact.

"Dad go and talk to him" Kurt ordered as he left the room

"So Blaine…" Burt said sitting down in Kurt's vacated seat, although not so close to Blaine as the former boy had been. "It's been a while since we've sat down together, just the two of us.

Blaine just smiled and nodded

"Have you got any plans this summer?"

"Apart from spending as much time as possible with Kurt?"

Burt chuckled "I don't think you could be here more often than you already are without full on moving in."

"Sure I could, I could come over every night instead of every other night."

Burt smiled; it was amazing how much this boy loved his son. He was truly happy for them.

"So how are my two favourite men doing?" Kurt asked as he meandered back into the room balancing three bowls of Greek salad.

"Are we not eating at the table?" Burt asked shocked. Kurt normally hated eating with his food on his lap, god forbid if any of it got onto his clothes.

Kurt shrugged as he set the plates on the coffee table "Deadliest catch is on."

Burt smiled "love you kiddo"

Kurt positively beamed. He couldn't be more loved by these two if he tried.

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