Blaine for dinner

don't have to climb up the drain pipe

Kurt was sitting watching Project Runway as Burt got back from work.

"Hey kiddo, how was the picnic?"

"Good, I left Blaine there, something about football"

Burt nodded and sat down next to his son "Can you ask Blaine to come for dinner on Friday?"

Kurt looked non-plussed "Dad he's my boyfriend, surely I should be the one asking if Blaine can come over."

The elder Hummel chuckled "Just make sure he's there"

"ok now I'm scared, what are you up to? We've been together for 15 months already I would have thought that the time for threatening Blaine would be over"

Burt rolled his eyes "What crap are you watching?"

"This happens to be genius" Kurt protested and proceeded to explain what was happening in the episode of Project Runway that he was watching.

"Blaine, Hello, have you had a good week?" Burt asked when he opened the door on Friday night and invited his son's boyfriend over the threshold

"Yes thanks Burt , the performances at Six Flags are going well."

"Blaine is that you?" Kurt asked sticking his head around his bedroom door

"Yeah I just got here, I'll be right up" the boy in question called back

"Nooo I haven't done my hair yet, you can't see my like this" Kurt yelled retreating back into his room whilst Blaine, putting his finger to his lips to silence Burt crept up the stairs

"Neither have I"

"Really?" Kurt asked hopefully pausing in his assault of his room to find his hair spray. He did love Blaine's curls.

"Got you!" Blaine smiled from the doorway, with his hair in its normal gelled cage, holding the offending bottle

"I hate you" Kurt said wrestling the bottle from his boyfriend's grip but the other boy handed it over without too much protest and pouted " No you don't Kurtie, please don't hate me" Blaine said making his puppy dog eyes.

"Ugh why do you have to be so adorable?"

"If I wasn't you wouldn't love me"

"Nonsense" Kurt giggled "I'd just put a paper bag over your head so that I wouldn't have to look at you"

"You're mean" Blaine frowned to which Kurt winked and kissed the smaller boy chastely before laboriously spraying his hair and leading Blaine out of the room.

"So Blaine, Carole and I have been thinking" Blaine nodded and willed Burt to continue "We have come to think of you as family and we know that you feel safe here so…" Burt paused and looked across the table at his son and the boy he had no doubt would be sat at their dinner table for a considerably long time after this "We have decided to give you a house key. You know you can always come here whenever you need to and we'd rather you let yourself in rather than wake half the house.

Blaine blushed as he recalled one particular night when he had just had yet another argument with his father and fell off the drain pipe trying to climb up to Kurt's room.

"Sorry about that" Blaine mumbled

Kurt stroked his thumbs across Blaine's knuckles smiling at his perfect boyfriend "Don't be silly honey, we just want the best for you."

"Thank you Burt, Carole this means so much to me." Blain smiled tears springing into his eyes at the Hudmel's kindness

"Like the kid said, we just want the best for you."

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