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Blaine was humming to himself as he strolled up towards Kurt's front door. We break up for the summer in a few days, my boyfriend is back from New York and he loves me! He may or may not have squealed with delight at that last thought.

Kurt loves me, Kurt loves me

After meeting each other in the coffee shop where they had exchanged those beautiful three words, Kurt had gone with him to the music store to pick out some audition pieces. They had restrained themselves from singing in the middle of the shop, even though there was a piano that looked oh so inviting, because apparently it was too much a Jesse St. James type thing to do. "No seriously Blaine, he actually stalked Rachel in here and sang Lionel Richie at her".

Blaine had been invited to dinner with the Hudmel's that evening but Kurt had to go to the dentist before hand meaning that he would not be able to arrive with Blaine.

Blaine rapped on the door three times and was greeted by a flushed looking Carole.

"Sorry, am I too early? I can go and sit in the car"

"No, no don't worry," she turned to look over her shoulder "Burt, Blaine's here"

Blaine heard noises of someone scrabbling about trying to get dressed as he was let into the house.

"Sorry about that Blaine, we just thought that we'd take advantage of the situation, what with the two boys out of the way"

Blaine felt like screaming Too much information! at her but Carole looked so much like a cat who'd got the cream that he didn't want to spoil hergood mood.

"Well I don't want you to feel put out on my account, I'll just go up to Kurt's room" and put the music on really really loud he thought.

Carole grinned sheepishly "Thanks Blaine"

I need distractions Blaine thought as he ran up the stairs and settled himself on Kurt's bed. He got his phone out and decided that texting Wes would (hopefully) keep his mind off what was going on downstairs

Hey man, have you chosen the songs for our end of year concert yet? B

No, not yet, why do you ask? you're not normally so interested W

Of course I am Wesley, I love the Warblers B

Suuure you do, what's really going on Blaine? W

Fine you got me! I'm at Kurt's, I arrived too early and may or may not have walked in on his parents B (Ok distraction has officially failed)


That's what I thought, I'm hiding out in Kurt's room B

Poor Blainey, OMG I just thought, your gay right? you can help me W

Nice observation Wes, you could be a detective B

I know I'm awesome W

Sarcasm really doesn't come across in texts very well, I see now what Kurt means B

yeah whatever, can you help me buy a present for Julie's birthday? W

Your not still with that cow are you Wes? B

She's not a cow, she's lovely W

occasionally B

Stop bitching about my girlfriend fool W

oooh I'm scared B

:P W

I think Kurt would be better at helping you buy a present, you can take him shopping he'd love that B

Oh good god no , I've seen you after shopping trips with Kurt and its not pretty W

Yeah my blisters after last time were pretty bad weren't they B

pretty bad! Blaine your foot was one giant blister W

Ok fine you made your point, how about me and Kurt go shopping and you can meet us for a bit B

The text conversation was interrupted by Kurt's arrival in the room. He looked severely disturbed.

"Hey, what are you doing in my room, I wasn't expecting you for another 10 minutes"

"Yeah sorry, I arrived early"

"oh gaga, you didn't see that...that display downstairs did you?"

"I'm afraid I did, Carole let me in and I came up here to hide"

"I'm sorry"

"Don't be, they can't blame us if we get caught now," Blaine said wiggling his eyebrows "My parents taught me never to be a hypocrite."

"you think your so funny don't you" Kurt said joining Blaine on the bed

"well I try" Blaine stretched and put his arm around Kurt's waist

"Ugh, I think my eyes need to washed out with bleach now," Kurt shivered "I hate to think about what the got up to whilst we weren't here."

"They probably christened every single room in the house...ow" Kurt elbowed the soloist

"Don't you dare put images in my head Blaine Anderson"

"Sorry, I'll take you shopping to make up for my inappropriate mouth" the shorter boy said pleadingly

"I'm not that easy" Kurt said wriggling out of Blaine's grip

"I'll buy you lunch"

"Try harder"

"I' you a new scarf?"

"Fine but just so you know, I'm only going because I want a new scarf"

"Ok. Wes wants to meet us, he needs to buy his girlfriend a birthday present"

"Oh sweet Gucci, not that harpy. What was her name again? Jo, Jane, Julia or something like that"

"Julie, yup that's the very same unfortunately, will you come with me? pretty please" Blaine beeged looking at Kurt with his puppy dog eyes.

"Ugh fine, all the things I do for you"

"Because you love me" Blaine said flippantly reaching out for Kurt's hands

"Yeah, I do " Kurt sighed

"I love you too" Blaine smiled and drew Kurt closer to him

They smiled at each other . Blaine sat on the bed with Kurt stood between his legs. Their noses brushed "I missed you so much" Blaine whispered before kissing the boy above him. They tried to convey all the love they felt for each other in that kiss.

"Your face tastes awesome" Kurt stuttered

Blaine laughed "Just ruin the moment why don't you

"Kurt! Blaine! Dinner's ready!"

I was wanting to actually write about the dinner but this obviously had other ideas lol

Oh Burt and Carole what did you get up to...dirty minded aren't you :D

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