Blaine for dinner

New York part 2

So here's what you missed on 'Glee!' no actually just Blaine for Dinner I do not own Glee *sad face*

Klaine said I love you

Barole are nothing but mammals so did it like they do on the discovery channel

Blaine arrived early and caught them as did Kurt who arrived a bit later

No sign yet of Tyrannosaurus Finn

Nude Erections...I mean New Directions came in 12th place at Nationals

I think that's it

Oh and Kurt has just been to the dentist

"Kurt! Blaine! Dinner's ready!"

"Coming Carole!" the two boys shouted simultaneously. Blaine held his right hand, which Kurt took and they made their way downstairs. The fact that they managed to stay upright due to no charging bull's (also called the lesser spotted Finn) was noteworthy.

Where even was Finn? Kurt thought as they walked into the dining room, he had not seen his step-brother all day.

Burt and Carole were already seated as Blaine and Kurt took their places but Kurt could not help but notice that the table was only set for four.

"Where's Finn?"

"He's gone to Rachel's for dinner"

"What, he's missing Friday night dinner? Dad he can't do that. Friday night dinner is like sacred even Blaine knows that."

Blaine blanched "Don't bring me into this argument"

Ignoring his boyfriend's remark Kurt ploughed on " Why can Finn miss this dinner without you even batting an eyelid but when I wanted to go to sing-a-long soujnd of music you full on flipped out at me."

Kurt stood up (he was really that pissed off) "It's because he's got a girlfriend isn't it? You let your normal straight son off but when I want to do something thats clearly too gay you can't handle it. Just admit it Dad, you wish you had a son like Finn and not me!" He ran from the room tears welling up in his eyes.

The other occupants of the table looked at each other as if stunned

"Not this again" Burt moaned sinking his face in his hands.

"should I go..." Blaine started to say

"No, no I'll go. Carole I'm sorry the dinner is ruined now" Burt said standing up

"Its fine honey, me and Blaine will put in back in the oven to keep warm. You go and talk to Kurt."

Burt huffed "I'd rather not, he's in what I like to call his diva-bitch stage, meaning he's damn right unpleasant." Blaine empathized, he had to deal with Kurt like this too many times to count and they'd only known each other for a few months.

"Fine I'll go" Burt resigned and plodded up the stairs " Kurt, buddy, can I come in" he asked knocking on the bedroom door. No reply. "Kurt please open the door." Silence.

"Kurt Elizabeth Hummel you open this door right now!" He said sternly. Begrudgingly the door opened a creak and Kurt's tear stained face looked up into his father's eyes.

"Can I help you?" The boy asked sarcastically

"Damn right you can," Burt said gruffly flinging the door open the whole way and marching inside his son's bedroom. "What the hell was that about?"

"It's true though isn't it," Kurt murmured sitting on the bed and picking at his fingers. "You wish I was more like Finn"

"No I don't, Imagine what the house would be like with two clumsy oafs wondering around" Burt tried to joke to relieve the tension, his attempt obviously failed as Kurt was still staring at the stain in his carpet avidly refusing to look at his father. "Kurt, we've been here before. I love you, It doesn't matter to me whether you like boys or girls or even pink elephants. I will always love you no matter what you do, well apart from if you kill someone then we might have to re-consider things."

Kurt finally looked up "I'm sorry, I guess I'm just scared"

Burt flung his arms around his son and held him close " I know you are bud, but you have to know we all love you for who you are, even Finn, you didn't think that would happen now did you?"

Kurt laughed "Thanks Dad, I'm sorry I blew up on you"

"Well please don't to it too often, I need you to know that you can trust me and you kind of scared Blaine there"

"I know I'm sorry, I do trust you, I just can't believe how incredibly lucky I am to have you" Kurt hugged his father once more "I love you daddy"

"Love you too bud. Now lets go eat, all this emotions not good for me"

"I know, I heard when I came in earlier and you tell me and Blaine not to be inappropriate, your such a hypocrite"

"Its my house"

"Its my home"

"you guys aren't..."

"Dad! and no we aren't"

"Good, you matter Kurt remember that"

"Yes I know, not till I'm 30, I get it, can we please go eat now"

"Ok, I still love you even when your so sore that you limp when you walk"

Kurt broke away from his father's arms looking scandalized "Dad!"

"that's what those pamphlets said"

Kurt looked disgusted "I'm not hungry anymore"

"Now listen here kiddo, Carole has slaved away for hours over the hot stove to make this dinner so you are going to eat it and enjoy every last mouthful you hear me?"

"Yes Sir"

Burt ruffled his son's hair "good, now lets go eat I'm starving"


Well this chapter has not turned out anything like I was intending I was actually going to write about the mealtime this time but instead we got sappy Hummel time oh well all's fair in love and war.

I'm gonna do my A/N thing down here just for a change of scenery

Thank you sooo sooo much to everybody who has taken the time to read this ickle fic - 1,359 thats just insane :D

Sorry that there have been no updates over the weekend, did you miss me? lol

If you were in anyway intereested I went to Norfolk on saturday for a day trip, we went National Trusting and then on Sunday I had no excuse rather just plain old boring writers block so yeah sorry for the wait

To rockenweirdo I was aiming to adress this in this chapter but I kind of failed but it will be done soon...promise..

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