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"Dinner will be ready in half an hour" Carole called as Kurt and Blaine came through the front door.

"Thanks Carole, we'll be in my room"

"Keep the door open" Burt yelled from the living room joining the conversation.

"Yes dad" Kurt called back taking the stairs two at a time.

Once in the room Blaine collapsed on the bed "Ugh I'm so tired" he complained.

"Would you like a massage?" Kurt teased inching towards the bed

"mmm..Yes please" Blaine said sitting up and Kurt moved to sit behind his boyfriend and started rubbing circles along Blaine's back band squeezing his shoulders causing Blaine to groan "OMG you're amazing"

Kurt blushed well I have had some practice" he admitted

Blaine cocked his brow before realising that as Kurt has sat behind him, Kurt was unable to see his face. "oh really?" Blaine said inflecting his words to make his statement into a question.

"err...yeah" Kurt paused I used to massage Brittany and Santana after particularly strenuous Cheerio practices.

Blaine was aware of Kurt's past as a cheerio but was nevertheless rendered speechless at the thought of his boyfriend in a cheerleading uniform.

"Well I forbid you from giving anyone but me a massage even again" the curly haired boy said in a monotone

"you forbid it?" Kurt asked leaning over Blaine's shoulder and settling himself so that he was sat on the older boy's lap "that's a bit possessive of you."

"yes, well you and your hands are mine" Blaine growled kissing the back of Kurt's neck aggressively.

"I'm yours" Kurt echoed locking in on Blaine's gaze. There was a knock on the door causing the boys to turn their heads away from each other to look at the intruder.

"Dude, mum wants you to go and set the table" Finn stated. Carole had actually asked Finn but he wasn't going to let Kurt know that, that's what brothers are for right?

"Fine we're going" Kurt sighed as he disentangled his limbs from around his boyfriend's body "and don't call me dude."

"Whatever man, hi Blaine." Blaine waved in greeting before Finn moved down the corridor.

"Come on then," Blaine said reluctantly grabbing one of Kurt's hands and leading him out of the room "the sooner we do this, the sooner I get your hands back on me"]

Kurt scoffed "you think you're so irresistible , don't you?"

"Don't you agree?" the older boy asked turning back to look at Kurt as if offended.

"I do yes, but I think I could easily resist your charms," Blaine looked puzzled so Kurt elaborated " I bet that I can go for a week without any kissing, cuddling or any physical contact in general"

Blaine snorted "I'm so going to win this thing"

"You think so do you?" Kurt asked "I wouldn't be so sure, let's make some ground rules shall we?

Firstly – we will still meet up for coffee every day after school so no avoiding me Blaine Warbler

Secondly –we can call and text each other but absolutely no physical contact at all"

"Agreed," Blaine said laying down the last fork and going to fetch the glasses, he knew that Kurt would fail this challenge so why not humour him."If I win and you fail to keep your hands off my skin tight jeans, you have to come to watch the game with me."

"And if I win, then you have to take me to the spa and no scrimping and saving, I'm talking treatments" Kurt said getting out the napkins

"oh it's on"

"Bring it babe"

I haven't covered the actual dinner again oh maaan

This is officially like the shortest chapter for this story sorry guys and its been such a long tim coming ugh I feel like such an epic fail Sorry :(

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