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I've written a side story to this, so I've mainly been focussing on updating that recently. I'm extending ideas from here on there- hence why it's a side story lol

Spoilers for The Purple Piano Project here so if you have not seen it I propose that you don't read this. Well you could but then that may spoil things for you- again hence why they are called spoilers – I love the English language lol well it can be a bit of pain periodically but it amuses me greatly.

Blaine Anderson goes to McKinley high!

Kurt was ecstatic. Now that they were together he was sure that his senior year was going to be magical. Yay yay yay!

At the end of the school day Blaine was putting his books back in his locker when his thoughts were disrupted by two large figures standing behind him

The two football players towered over Blaine menacingly

"Welcome to McKinley fairy" Azimio said emptying the contents of the cup he was holding on top of Blaine's head. Laughing, he and his companion carried on walking down the hall.

Kurt had described being slushied as being bitch-slapped by an iceberg. That was an accurate assessment Blaine thought as he slid down the length of the row of lockers. He felt absolutely mortified.

Kurt rounded the corner; luckily he did not meet anyone on the way who could judge him for skipping in the hallways. Yeah, yeah I'm skipping deal with it! He was so happy that nothing could bring him down, well maybe the sight that awaited him could.

Kurt rushed towards his now purple coloured boyfriend squatting in front of his locker.

"Blaine, babe, what happened, are you alright? Oh sweet Gaga I can't believe they would do this to you." His mind was whirring fifty miles per second. How could anyone do this to his adoring, wonderful boyfriend?

"come on lets go clean you up" he continued holding out his right hand to help Blaine up and led him towards the nearest bathroom not caring which sex the room was meant for."I'm so so sorry babe, how could they do this to you?" he repeated pulling out his emergency shampoo from his messenger bag and set about cleaning up his boyfriend.

"T-thank you," Blaine choked, unaware that had been holding back tears as they streamed down his cheeks.

"Don't be silly" Kurt giggled as he licked some of the slush off Blaine's cheek "mmm...grape, my favourite"

"Is this why you always bring outfit changes to school with you?"

"Yeah, I don't suppose you have a spare shirt with you" Kurt asked as Blaine's top was definitely ruined.

"As a matter of fact I do, I brought something else with me to change into for dinner. I wanted to dress up for you."

Kurt swooned, his boyfriend really was supermegafoxyawesomehot."I'll go get it" he volunteered "stay here and dry your hair" Kurt pulled a towel out of his bag and handed it to the sopping wet poodle of a boy "and no gel" he warned glaring in Blaine's general direction as he left the room.

Although Blaine had only been at McKinley for two days he had already found time to decorate the inside of his locker. Kurt noticed that there was a picture of the two of them posing from prom. Luckily this was one of the pictures that Burt had taken before the dance so Kurt was not sporting a crown. Underneath the picture of the two of them Kurt noticed a group photo. This one was of the Warblers; they looked younger so Kurt concluded that this picture was taken just after Blaine had transferred.

Wes and David had their arms around Blaine's shoulders and all the boys seemed to be laughing at the camera man. Kurt hoped that Blaine wouldn't resent coming to McKinley and want to go back to his friends as badly as Kurt had wanted to return to the New Directions while he was a Warbler.

Kurt kept staring at the picture for a few seconds longer before grabbing the shirt and heading back to the bathroom to find Blaine. "Blaine?" he asked when he entered the bathroom and was unable to find his boyfriend.

Blaine was curled up in a foetal position at the end of the row of sinks, it was clear that he had been crying

"Blaine, its ok honey, they've gone now."

"No it isn't" Blaine sobbed "everyone hates me. The jocks hate me, Finn hates me, everyone hates me"

"What?" Kurt asked flummoxed "Finn doesn't hate you"

"Yes, he does, didn't you hear him in Glee earlier?"

"aww Blaine, don't worry about that, you're just intimidating him, he's scared that you'll steal the male lead from him. He was the same when Jesse joined the other year."

"They still all hate me"

"Blaine Everett Anderson," Kurt said sternly, putting his thumb under his boyfriend's chin and lifting the other boys head so that they were making eye contact "everyone does not hate you, I happen to love you, even in this sorry state. Now you are going to get changed and then we are going to go to my house for dinner understood?"

Blaine nodded as another tear rolled down his cheek; reluctantly he stood up and started discarding his ruined shirt.

"Are you ok now my love?"

Blaine sniffed in answer "you're mad at me now. I can't do this Kurt not with you mad at me. I'm so sorry for being useless" he sulked "everyone hates me"

Kurt hugged the shorter boy "you are not useless" he assured "Blaine I love you, I don't hate you. I think that gel that have been using for so long has messed with your head" he joked "I'm so proud of you for doing this Blaine, you're so strong and I'm so proud to have you as my boyfriend."

Blaine reluctantly stepped away. "I only have the strength to do these things because of you" he side wiping his eyes "I love you too Kurtie" he kissed Kurt castle on the mouth. "Now what were you saying about dinner?"

Kurt smiled Blaine was such a typical teenage boy sometimes.

"Hello!" Kurt called as the two boys walked in through the Hudmel front door. Where was everyone he wondered? Footsteps sounded from upstairs and moments later Finn appeared at the foot of the stairs

"Hey guys have you seen Mum and Burt?"

"Aren't they here? I thought we were having dinner together tonight."

Finn shrugged "Burt finished work because he isn't in the garage."

Funny Kurt thought as he walked into the kitchen to see if either of the parents had left a note. Sure enough sitting on the counter top there was a note scrawled in Carole's handwriting. Of course Finn wouldn't think of looking here Kurt sighed.

Kurt and Finn

Your Dad and I have gone out for a conference, we'll be back in the morning. I'm sorry Kurt I know you wanted to invite Blaine to dinner. I've left money for a pizza see you tomorrow Carole

Underneath this Kurt observed that his father had added a note

No sleepovers boys. Blaine is to go home! Dad

Kurt groaned; trust his dad to put that. He grabbed the dollar notes and was about to head back out into the hall but the sounds of voices stopped him in his tracks.


"Finn, is there something a matter, you were rather short with me earlier"

Kurt could hear Finn's head buzzing, you can't use big words with him Blaine he thought, hoping that he could contact his boyfriend telepathically- no joy there.

"Err I don't know what that means but I'm sorry man, I'm kind of scared that you'll steal my spot as male lead"

"Don't worry; you can have all the duets with Rachel, I only want to sing with Kurt anyway"

Awwww Kurt swooned for like the thousandth time that day. Blaine was so sweet. He picked this moment to make his presence known to the other two occupants of the room.

"If you had thought of going into the kitchen Finnegan you would have noticed that our parents have left us to our own devices. I'll let you order the pizza. Come on Blaine" he dragged the shorter boy up the stairs" he relished the times that he could spend with Blaine alone in his room, being able to close the door was an added bonus.

"I don't want to hear anything" Finn shouted in the general direction of Kurt's bedroom.


I'm going to rant about this episode to so if you want to skip this A/n feel free

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Klainebows! That was the most amazing bit of this episode yay! P.S. It's not unusual was the best song of the episode IMO.

Although I loved this and bad girl Quinn – setting the fire on fire lol- I was also kind of disappointed by this ep. I was not really a fan of the Will bits (I'm never a fan of the shuester contributions) Finn's hostility also griped me as you can probably tell from this chapter .

The Kurtchel bits were cute and I like how they were totally blown away at the mixer but Ding dong the witch is dead I'm sorry what!

Rant over what did you think of the episode?

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