Blaine for dinner

I am Unicorn

After booty camp

The front door slammed

"I don't want to go for the part Kurt, it's your last year you deserve the part."

"Though I admire you chivalrousness Blaine, I wouldn't stop you from auditioning for Tony as well"

"No, no I just couldn't do that"

"Thank you" Kurt said Kurt said kissing Blaine sweetly. The two boys had just returned from a session of Mr Shue's 'booty camp' and Blaine was intending for staying for dinner after they'd both showered (separately Kurt asserted)

Half an hour later, the two boys were lying on top of Kurt's bed.



"I love you..."

"I love you too"

"Will you let me finsh my sentences?"


Blaine glared at his boyfriend and Kurt giggled.

"You can't glare at anyone honey, you look like a wounded puppy."

Blaine frowned and swatted Kurt playfully on the arm. "what I was going to say was that I love you more than any musical and I wouldn't ever want to jeopardise our relationship for the sake of a role."

Kurt swooned. How cute was his boyfriend. "Thanks" he breathed and showed Blaine his appreciation by kissing him passionately.

"Dinner's Ready!"

"Coming" the boys shouted before sprinting down the stairs and sitting next to each other , between Burt and Finn who were sat at the heads of the table.

"how was school?" Burt asked gruffly


"it was school" Finn shrugged

"Well you know how I told you about our production of West side Story this year," Burt and Carole nodded so Kurt continued "Well I shall be auditioning for the role of Tony."

"Who's that?" Burt asked

"The male lead Dad" Kurt replied, he had given up trying to educate his father in the ways of musicals quite some time ago.

"Are you auditioning for Tony too Blaine?" Carole asked

"No, I don't want anything to come between Kurt and my relationship," Blaine replied reaching out to grasp Kurt's hand that was resting on the table "I'll be auditioning for either Bernardo of Officer Krupke."

Kurt beamed at his boyfriend and Carole couldn't help but swoon at how higly the boy regarded his relationship with her step-son.

"What about you Finn?"

"Huh?" the teen asked with a mouthful of potato mash. "Oh the musical, I dunnomaybe I can help paint the set."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Finn you have no ambition."

"I have plenty of ambition."

Kurt arched his brow as if silently asking 'really Finnegan.'

"I just don't know what to do."

Oh Finnegan, what a silly sausage you are

I am aware that it is uber short and probbably uber shite but I'm a bit of loop - sorry guys

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