Chapter 49

Charles, naked from the waist up, rested against his pillows – his body trembling as he tried desperately to contain his reactions to Elsie’s touches. Her hands were currently learning his torso, soft palms and searching fingers learning every inch. When she moved her touch to his biceps, he flexed the muscles, smiling when she grinned up at him.

“Showing off, Darling?”

Winking at her, he shrugged. “Of course not, Love.”

Elsie laughed then went back to exploring, feeling the muscles of his chest ripple beneath her palms. Biting her lip, she hesitated then traced lightly around a flat nipple, blinking up at Charles when he sucked in a breath then hissed it out. “Charlie?” she whispered.

“I’m fine, Elsie. Do it again,” he encouraged her.

Moving to the other nipple, she repeated the action, watching his face as she did so. His breath hitched again, his eyes closed and she heard a murmured, “Yes, just like that,” when she did it again. Moving up, she leaned over him and pressed her mouth to his. “Charlie,” she whispered against his lips.

“Yes?” he managed between kisses.

“Take my nightdress off.”

Charles gently pushed her back and stared up at her. “Are you sure?”

Elsie nodded. “Yes. Just,” she bit her lip. “Your pajama trousers…”

“If you want us to both be naked, then that’s what we’ll do. Do you want me to take my trousers off first?”

“Please,” she answered breathlessly. Sitting up, she watched as Charles wiggled himself out of the rest of his clothes, her eyes slowly moving over the rest of his body. She’d seen a naked man before, even before she’d been taken by Connell, but none compared to her man. She took her fill before looking up at him. “Because of me?”

Charles nodded. “Yes.”

Smiling she sat up and moved closer to him. “Off,” she whispered as she pointed at her nightdress.

Slowly unbuttoning the buttons at her throat, Charles kept his eyes on Elsie’s face, making sure she was okay as he slowly began to lift the material up her legs. Raising an eyebrow at her when he came to her knickers, he watched as she blushed and nodded her head in answer to his silent question. Once she’d settled back on the bed, he continued lifting the soft material of her nightdress. Pausing before lifting it completely over her head, he watched as her eyes closed and she took a deep breath before whispering, “Please, Charlie,” to encourage him to finish what he’d started. Dropping the garment on the end of the bed, he looked back at her and caught his breath. She was stunning in the light of the fire. “Beautiful,” he breathed.

Looking up at her husband, Elsie saw nothing but love in his eyes and took a calming breath. Reaching out, she touched his leg, sliding her hand up to his thigh as she scooted closer. “I think I’d like for us to try again,” she whispered.

Charles didn’t question her, just helped her settle into his lap, her legs resting on the bed on either side of him. “We’ll go slow.”

Elsie nodded as she rested her hands on his shoulders. “Touch me.”

“I’m going to touch you where I started to a few nights ago. I want to give you pleasure, but if you don’t want me to, tell me.”

Closing her eyes, Elsie took a deep breath. “I need you, Charlie.”

Slowly, and with a light touch, Charles caressed Elsie’s body, lifting a breast so that he could press tender kisses to the soft fullness before suckling a taut nipple into his mouth.

“Charlie!” Elsie gasped, her hands sliding up to cup his head, fingers tangling in his hair.

Charles looked up and smiled in satisfaction to see Elsie’s head thrown back, her face relaxed, eyes closed. Lowering his head, he turned his attention to the other breast, his hands sliding up her legs, one hand resting on her hip, the other moving to touch her at the apex of her thighs. He felt a slight jump, but the whimper that accompanied the action let him know she was okay. Keeping his mouth occupied with her breasts, he gently moved his fingers over the sensitive flesh of her center, listening for any sounds of distress.

Elsie’s fingers tightened in Charles’ hair as she felt her heart begin to pound in her head. The muscles in her stomach clenched with each move of Charles’ fingers against her lower body, and the sounds coming from deep in her throat sounded foreign to her own ears. She’d never felt anything so strange yet wonderful before in her life. She could feel a tingling sensation spreading over her as if her body were going to sleep, but yet she was feeling more alive than she ever had. “Charlie, I,” she whimpered as she felt her body go rigid.

“Just let it happen, Love. It’s alright.” Charles whispered his encouragement, watching as she came undone, words he didn’t understand falling from her lips as her back arched, and her fingernails dug into his scalp.

Elsie collapsed against Charles, her head on his shoulder, body damp with a fine sheen of sweat. “What the bloody hell did you do to me?” she wondered dazedly.

Charles spluttered then laughed a great roaring belly laugh as he held Elsie close and pressed kisses to her head. “Pleasure, Love. That’s what it is.”

“Mmm, it was wonderful,” she hummed as she squirmed against him. “And what about you?”

“Remember, we’re going to concentrate on your pleasure.”

Elsie sat up and cupped his face. “I want more.”

Charles held her gaze as he carefully maneuvered her into the right position and slowly began to slide inside her. Keeping a watchful eye on his wife, he paused when she gasped. “Elsie?”

Elsie moaned and let her forehead bump against his. “Just give me a moment,” she murmured then bit her lip.

“Do you want me to stop?”

Elsie shook her head. “Laird no,” she whimpered. “More.”

Moving again, Charles moaned, feeling her inner muscles fluttering around him as he stopped fully inside her and waited. “Wrap your legs around me, Elsie,” he whispered as he gently tapped her thighs.

Elsie did as he said and moaned. “I,” she bit her lip. “It’s so different.”

“Because you were ready and I’m giving not taking,” he whispered against her neck, his hands on her hips, gently guiding her to begin moving against him. Slow and unsteady at first, the movements weren’t fluid or rhythmic, but it didn’t matter – all that mattered was that she was enjoying herself. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” Elsie breathed as she tried to concentrate on picking up the rhythm of Charles’ movements against her.

“That’s it, Love, just like that.” Charles whispered, his hands moving up her back, pressing her against him. Humming his pleasure at feeling her breasts against his chest, he concentrated on encouraging her to keep himself in control.

He wasn’t sure he was going to succeed.

Dear god he’d wanted her for so long.

Wanted this.

Wanted to feel her warmth surrounding him.

Wanted to feel the soft curves of her pressed against his more solid frame.

Covering her mouth with his, he pressed his tongue between her lips, moaning at the taste of her.

Scottish lass bested scotch whiskey any time.

Elsie rested limply against Charles, her body curled into his. She wasn’t sure how long they’d been like this, she’d lost track of time after she’d cried out Charles’ name and a few things in Gaelic she was very thankful her husband couldn’t understand.

She’d be mortified if he knew.

Though she hadn’t known what she was doing, her body had just simply taken over, loosed her tongue and any control she had over her mind and the power of speech.

She could still feel slight tremors moving through her body, and marveled at how languid she felt.

How utterly boneless was the better description, she thought to herself.

Charles drew his finger down Elsie’s spine. “Are you alright, Elsie?”

“Mmm hmm,” she murmured, suddenly realizing she was crying.

“But you’re crying, Lass.”

Finding his free hand, she twined their fingers together and sighed. “So I am. I just now realized it.”

“If you’re fine, why the tears?”

“Because,” she started then bit her lip, puzzling out how to explain. “Because of you. You took your time with me. Guided me. Made sure that I had pleasure before yours. The way you touched me, loved me…Charlie, you made me feel wonderful.” Moving to look up at him, she gave him a radiant smile. “You gave me something that I’d begun to fear had been taken away from me forever. Thank you.”

“I love you, Elsie.”

Settling back against his chest, Elsie sighed in contentment. “I’m truly your wife now. No more nights of you being,” she shrugged. “Well. No more, anyway. No more of me being frustrated with my body, either.”

Charles laughed and kissed the top of her head. “Sleep now, Elsie.”

“Love you, Charlie,” she murmured, relaxing into slumber, the humming of her body finally quieted enough to rest.

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