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Children of the Wild


With the Alpha attacks escalating, Derek decides to ask an old friend for help finding his sister's murderer. Soon, it becomes so much more than that as more Hale family secrets come to light.

Drama / Mystery
Gen Lia
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Chapter 1

On my way… Lucy texted back to Derek.

She could easily imagine Derek was clenching and unclenching his fists with barely contained frustration. He wasn’t one to easily swallow his pride and ask for help. Things were probably getting real bad. After what happened between her and Derek, Lucy was honestly surprised that he’d even called in the first place. Regardless, she would have eventually gone to help him. Imogene, her mother, had even encouraged her when she realized what was at stake in Beacon Hills. The mention of one person in particular piqued their interest: Kate Argent.

It was no secret that among the supernatural community the Argents had many enemies. Imogene happened to be one of them. She believed they broke their so called ‘code’ and killed without cause. Lucy was more than happy to go after Kate since she tried to kill Derek. Lucy wasn’t going to stand idly by and neither would her mother apparently. At this point he was the last of the Hales given Laura’s recent death. The news had hit Lucy very hard, leaving her completely shocked and, later, incredibly sad. That lasted only long enough for the anger to set in. Now she wanted nothing more than to find out who killed her best friend and Derek’s call for help would let her do just that. She was going to help Derek with a little werewolf business and investigate the Argents.

After everything that had happened to her family and Derek’s in Beacon Hills, Lucy wasn’t about to leave her friend to deal with everything on his own.Lucy made the mistake of letting Laura go off on her own once and look what happened. She should have insisted more on going with Laura. They knew it was dangerous. If only Lucy had gone with her instinct then her friend would still be alive. This time she would do things right. She wouldn’t let anything happen to him. Derek would not end up like Laura.

At the moment, all she could think about was that the sooner things got that taken care of, the sooner they could start healing. After all they’d both lost over the years, they deserved to be happy and move on without forgetting any of their loved ones.

Lucy pulled up to the Hale house and slowly got out, tucking a strand a of hair behind her ear after a strong rush of wind engulfed her. Looking up, Lucy soaked up the sun and some fresh air after being cooped up in her car for hours. She watched the wind rustling the tree tops for a few seconds and chills ran up her spine as her gaze lowered to stared at the burnt out shell of a house before her. Memories from her time there resurfaced from the far corners of her mind where she’d kept them to avoid this exact feeling of hopelessness and deep pain. Slowly, she let out a shaky breath and tried to keep the sorrow at bay. One of the first things she noticed was the oppressing silence surrounding the area. Once upon a time this place was a magnificent manor surrounded by so much joy and noise. The Hales were good friends with her family and so Lucy spent countless months there at a time getting to know each and every one of them. She watched them grow up from rowdy little kids to teenagers and toddlers. Young werewolf children were very active and always running all over the place wrecking havoc left and right. Their land was a haven. It was supposed to be safe. Nothing bad was supposed to happen in their home. It was hard coming to terms with the fact that only Derek remained now. So many broken dreams and lives, all burnt and snuffed out during the fire.

After what they referred to as the "accident," Laura and Derek had gone to Brooklyn for a while until they were able to get back on their feet and Lucy got better. The fire had left her with a few reminders of that night and the severe burns took their sweet time healing. Even now, she still carried a few scars after all this time. It was a cruel reminder of what had been lost. One that she had to look at on a daily basis. Fortunately, others didn't. Having a few magic friends paid off for her. A special necklace was made for her, a glamour of sorts, to hide any visible scars. She could still see and feel them, but at least she got back some sense of normalcy without having others staring at her. Only those with magic would be able to see through the glamour. Ever since she got the handy magic object only Laura had been allowed to look at the scars.

Lucy’s stomach churned and a wave of sadness came over her because there was no more Laura. There wouldn’t be any more girls night out. No more talking to each other about everything. Laura had been the only one that had understood her in a very long time. She’d lost her entire family and still remained strong. She was an Alpha and, therefore, couldn’t just let everything go. It just wasn’t fair that after everything, Laura got killed for power.

A power that she didn’t even want in the first place. Not when it had come to her as the result of her family’s death. With a mother like Talia she'd had pretty big shoes to fill. Talia had been a magnificent alpha, very powerful and dedicated to not only her pack but her people too. That's the kind of alpha that Laura had aspired to be despite the circumstances. She had dreams of one day settling down and restoring her family's state. Beacon Hills was their home, after all. Some time away from the small town is all they needed to grow strong, regroup, and heal. At least that's what she wanted at first. What happened to the Hale family changed her and Derek a lot. But while Derek had run away to mourn on his own and be left alone, Laura had dug up everything she could find about the fire. When certain things didn’t add up, she’d become obsessed with finding out the truth. That’s all she did the year before her death. How her curiosity was piqued in the first place after five years of trying to heal from the tragedy was still a mystery to Lucy.

“All those unanswered questions…” Lucy murmured softly to herself.

“Took you long enough,” Said a gruff voice from behind her.

The corner of Lucy's mouth lifted into a small smile. She slowly turned around to see none other than Derek Hale dressed in his regular Henley and jeans ensemble approaching her with careful, measured steps. His guarded expression didn't surprise her in the least. He was probably testing the waters, trying to figure out how she would react after how they left things between them last time. Lucy was relieved to see him well and alive more than anything. God, she'd missed his off putting expression and unfriendly manner so much. Against her better judgment, she still harbored strong feelings for the man before her. Seeing him just made something in her chest burst with happiness and relieved some tension, but she was still apprehensive as to how to handle things now. It was an awkward reunion.

“Derek, I'm glad you're okay.” She said with as much calmness as she could muster and then did something she hadn’t done in a long time, hug him.

Surprisingly, he let it happen and after a brief hesitation, returned the hug. It felt like coming home. In his arms, Lucy felt safe. Happy memories threatened to resurface but she pushed them back to the closet in the back of her mind specially reserved for unwanted memories. Now was not the time for any of that. It would be better to follow Derek’s lead and not mention their previous problems. “Thanks for coming.” He told her in a more gentler tone that conveyed so much more than he could ever say.

Lucy pulled back and offered a small smile. “Yeah, no problem. Now, would you please tell me what exactly is going on?” Over the email the only thing he’d said was that he needed her help to catch Laura’s killer before more bodies piled up. They were drawing too much attention and they didn't want the police to get too suspicious. The more they kept under wraps, the better off the rest of the supernatural population would be. Kate Argent showing up was a recent development, apparently. Very recent.

Derek led her inside the house, quietly watching her reaction. Lucy did not disappoint, she did hesitate going in. Not because the house seemed unstable, if it collapsed it wouldn’t really hurt her or anything, but because of the memories that the house brought. Lucy finally walked in and went over to the staircase, running her hand through the charred wood of the rail. How many times had she seen Laura run down the stairs, happy to share something with her parents? Or Cora and Ian playing around? Countless, and now they were… gone. All of them. No more movie nights when watching the kids, or baked goods done by Talia herself. On rare occasions only, though, when her schedule would allow it because, as she always said, “It was better to leave them wanting more.” Not to mention Sophia, the nanny/housekeeper that had helped raise all of the Hale kids while keeping the house running smoothly; her wit and ability to always make you laugh is what had made Lucy consider the older woman a second mother. She was one of the humans that died in the fire. Well, her and Cora’s twin brother, Ian. He’d only been 11, a mere child. Chloe, Sophia’s daughter, was a werewolf that for one reason or another had been born with some sort of mental disability that prevented her from being part of society. That’s how they’d come to be with the Hale family, and ultimately died.

So many memories. Lucy just didn’t know how to deal with everything. She wanted to get out of there ASAP. But she didn’t run out of there like she wanted. That would be just disrespectful. So the continued to the left where the living room had been and as she approached it, only more memories resurfaced.

“So, what do you think of him?” Laura had asked from the floor where she was lying down lazily running her fingers through the soft carpet.

From the couch, Lucy let out a small laugh and peered down at her. “Well, I’d say he’s cute. Very tall, too. But not exactly your type, you know? No...” She brought up her hands and curled them a little to simulate claws. “you know.”

Laura coyly rolled her eyes. “So?”

“So, your mom might have something to say about that.”

While the Hales weren’t strict at all—Laura was in her early 20s, self-sufficient, and more than capable of taking care of herself—they did not particularly like it much when their secret could be in danger. Only when they were absolutely sure that they trusted someone, and Talia approved, did they even consider telling someone their most precious secret. Being respectable members of society in Beacon Hills, they had to be careful if they wanted to remain there. A human suspecting wasn't much of a problem, there were civilized ways to deal with it. A few humans were more problematic and all the attention could potentially attract hunters looking for a case where there wasn't one. However, that did not mean that Michael or Talia would forbid Laura from seeing Jared as long as she was careful.

“But we’re just friends.” Laura lied, averting her gaze. Even then Lucy knew that Laura’s feelings for Jared went deeper than mere friendship. Those two were joined at the hip most of the time. They were sweet.

What Laura felt for Jared was so obvious to Lucy that she was kind of insulted that her friend was lying to her. With all the time they spent together at the firm and police station for their internship, Lucy would have to be deaf and blind to be oblivious of their blossoming romance. Laura made excuses to go see Derek at the high school all the time. That's where she knew she'd run into Jared one way or another. As a teenager with bigger problems, Derek never even questioned it.

“Laura, we’ve been friends for years.” Lucy said, fixing Laura with a reassuring gaze. “I know you very well, please don’t lie to me.”

Laura slumped back down on the floor and sighed, covering her face with her arm. “I’m such an idiot.” Her voice carried a note of pain and sadness that Lucy didn’t like. Laura was young and had her whole life ahead of her to do as she pleased, if she wanted to date Jared then Lucy didn’t see why she couldn’t. “Lucy, I think I’m in love with him.”

That had been a surprise. Lucy knew Laura had it bad for the guy, but love? That was beyond her expertise. “What?”

When Laura sat up and began talking there was an air of happiness about her. Just thinking about Jared brought a particular light to Laura’s eyes and happiness seemed to radiate from her. It was something Lucy hadn’t seen in her friend before.

“Jared makes me feel like I’m on cloud nine, and the way my heart beat speeds up every time he walks by… I’m surprised nobody else has noticed.” Well, yeah, that was surprising. Jared, in particular, wasn’t exactly subtle either. Slowly, he’d worked his way into her heart and now it seemed there was no turning back. “I mean, he is human and all, but I just… can’t help it. He’s so… sweet and charming.”

Jealousy was an awful thing that Lucy had experienced a lot over the years, especially when she was young and her mother Imogene kept her isolated from humans because she was afraid of what Lucy could do if she got too carried away as she fed. Ergo, Lucy never had a normal life for a very long time in the early years. She missed out on a lot. When she grew up and went out into the world on her own, Lucy was still afraid of getting too close to anyone, scared that she might turn them into her meal or losing them to old age. Humans were so fragile. Lucy had never known love like what Laura was describing. She was extremely curious how things would turn out for her.

Still, Lucy forced a smile and hugged her friend. “Laura, stop over thinking this. If you love this guy just tell your parents and make it official.”

Laura pulled away with a sigh. She seemed resigned and completely stressed. “I can’t. You know what would happen if he finds out. He’s gonna hate me. Plus, my parents…”

“He can’t hate you.” Although Lucy wasn’t so sure about that. Humans tended to be weird when it came to the supernatural. “If he loves you…”

Laura cut her off. “Ok, so I really, really like him.” It was harder than she thought to admit it. Thankfully her parents weren’t there. “It’s not like I can just ignore him and break it off. But I can’t risk seeing the look of fear on his face when he finds out what I am. Plus, my parents. We’re fine the way we are right now.”

“Uh, no you’re not.” Lucy swung her legs to the side and sat up. “Laura, you don’t know how he’d react if you told him the truth. Most people freak out, yes, but what if he doesn’t? I’m pretty sure that poor bastard is so head over heels for you he’d accept you even if you were a hag.”

Laura chuckled ruefully. “Thanks, Lucy, but I can’t risk anything. Uncle Peter said—”

Lucy sighed. Because of course Peter had something to do with this. “Are you kidding me?” When Laura just stared at her in confusion Lucy had the strong urge to shake some sense into her. “Peter is the most paranoid son of a bitch that likes to meddle into everyone’s business. I’m surprised Chloe can put up with him.” She thought about the quirky chick and amended what she just said. “Actually, no, I can understand. Peter does have a soul after all.” If anyone could be called Peter's friend, it was Chloe. They were closer in age to each other than Talia was to Peter. In a house full of mostly teenagers, Lucy wasn't surprised Peter preferred Chloe's company.

“Still. Peter is not stupid. He knows things.” Laura insisted. Already, Jared had become a great part in her life; of both of their lives, much to Lucy’s chagrin. “So I’ve decided not to tell him. He doesn’t need to know everything. We’re fine just the way we are. Our relationship is fine.” It was just a band aid covering the bigger problem but if Laura wasn't ready to take that step then Lucy didn't want to push her. Not too much at least.

Lucy sighed, getting frustrated. At this rate Laura was never going to take the next step. Lucy blamed Peter for Laura’s lack of trust in anyone that wasn’t family. Caution was more than alright, it kept them from getting killed by hunters and other crazies but that was too much. Talia shouldn’t have let her brother poison Laura’s mind like that. “And what are you going to tell him if he ever sees you shift? Or if he overhears a conversation he shouldn’t? Sooner or later Jared is going to find out, the question is… under what circumstances?”

“I—I can’t…” Laura murmured wide-eyed.

“Why the hell not? I already told you—”

“No!” Laura cut her off. “The uncertainty… I’m not going to take a chance.”

“Take a chance on what?”

Both girls turned to see Derek coming into the living room, looking like the cat that ate the canary. He avoided stepping on Laura’s legs and sat down next to Lucy on the couch, ruffling her hair before turning back to Laura with a questioning look. “What won’t you take a chance on? The Laura Hale I know would not back down for anything.”

“Shut up, Derek.” Lucy replied, smacking his arm playfully. At the same time, she was proud of Derek, though. His comment had made Laura smile, lifting her spirits a little. “And stop eavesdropping, it’s not nice.”

Derek just rolled his eyes. “Yes, ma’am.” She shot him a glare for mocking her. That whole ‘yes, ma’am’ thing was to tease her about her age, which he didn't even know for sure. The little punk just guessed she was old without asking. Even if he had, she still wouldn't have told him. That was none of his business. If it wasn’t because Derek was, most of the time, a decent guy, Lucy would have already bashed his head in.

To keep Derek from asking more questions, Lucy intervened. “Hey, so how’s it going with your mystery girl? There are rumors all over school that you, Don Juan, are dating someone.” So what if she tweaked the word out there a little? It’s not like Lucy could tell Derek that she’d heard the news from Jared.

It was Laura’s turn to be nosy. “Yeah, who is it?” She asked, leaning forward on her arms and making kissy faces at her brother.

Derek looked between the two of them with a smirk on his face and pretended to lock his lips and throw the key away. “Nope, not telling.”

A year later, the fire killed the Hales. And to this day Lucy had no idea who that girl was. Everything sort of went downhill after that.

“Lucy?” Derek inquired from behind her and Lucy turned around to face him with a sheepish grin. She'd been so lost in her thoughts, she must have looked like an idiot just standing there staring into space.

“Sorry, what did you say?”

Derek eyed her with skepticism, probably wanting to ask, but he let it go. “I was trying to tell you that you might want to settle a few towns over. This place isn’t safe.”

Lucy crossed her arms over her chest and raised an eyebrow. “Why, because of the Argents?” It was her mission to eliminate them, not run away from them. “I’m not scared of them, Derek. In fact, I’m hoping they try something. Did you know that that Kate,” It didn’t go without notice the way his heart jumped a little and anger set in at the mention of that name. Peculiar. “is believed to have killed without cause? A couple of months ago a few of "us" were wiped out in two freak accidents and she was around at the time.”

Suddenly, the tension in the room rose. Anger was coming off in waves from Derek. Lucy could smell it on him more than sense it and she wondered if it was stress, the full moon or both that was causing such aggressive reaction from him. Had he heard about what she’d been doing lately? She didn't think anyone would find out. Usually, the wolf was able to control himself better. Still, Lucy wasn’t worried. She'd been careful to cover her tracks.

“Calm down, Derek and just explain to me what’s going on.”

After taking a deep breath, Derek was able to calm down and they both entered the living room. Again, Lucy had that déjà vu feeling but she chose to ignore it. “There have been deaths and an alpha is responsible for it. Whoever it is, he killed Laura to obtain the status.” He paused and paced around the room, giving her time to assimilate things. “A couple of nights ago there was another murder and, guess what, I’m the alleged killer. To make matters worse, the only link I have to actually find the alpha is an immature kid who’s more worried about high school than saving people’s lives.”

Lucy sighed, Derek had never really been that level headed. “Have you been terrorizing high schoolers, Derek?” He shot her a look but didn’t deny it and that was the only answer she needed. “Ok, just tell me who this is and I’ll go have a talk with him. Us girls have a way to get things done.” Hopefully the kid wasn’t too strong-willed and she’d be able to ‘persuade’ him with some mental persuasion. It didn’t happen often, but some people were just too stubborn to be compelled.

Derek made a funny face. “His name is Scott McCall.” Lucy nodded. “He’s just some kid, but the alpha bit him and will try to initiate him into his pack. We have to find the alpha before he makes him do something that will put him in the Argent’s radar.”

“And I agree, however what is this crap about you being the killer?”

“The kid blamed it on me, probably to save his ass.”

“Hey, then why are we here?” she gestured around them. “Isn't the police looking for you?”

“Yes,” He growled. “they are. But they’ve already been around here a couple of times and they found nothing. I hid. Your car, however, might make them come back to investigate.”

Lucy rolled her eyes. Did he really think she was that stupid? “If they ask, I’m here snooping around an old friend’s house. Don’t worry about it.” She turned her back on him and ran a hand through the seedy walls. It was all black and there were holes in places. Everything was destroyed. Not a speck of what it used to be in sight. It was all just bare bones and ashes. “So, what exactly do you want me to do?”

“Well, for starters, you can’t show your face to them.” she turned around, ready to protest because otherwise, why the hell even bother bringing her back? “I’m not going to have them getting suspicious yet. Besides, they don’t about your… kind. Somehow, I don’t think they’ll take it well to have someone like you roaming around.”

“If I didn’t like your pretty face so much,” Lucy began, getting closer to him with her fangs out to show him what she was talking about. “I would have bitten your head off already.” To prove how powerful and alpha-like he was, Derek shifted and roared in front of her. She just closed her eyes and waited for him to finish then opened them and retreated with a smirk on her face. “Ew, dog breath, Derek. Go wash your mouth.”

Derek just shot her a look of distaste before pulling completely back and running out the front door. Taking it as a challenge, Lucy followed him. They ran all around the woods, avoiding the more populated areas closer to the road and chasing different animals for fun like they used to do on moon runs. Lucy was the first to spot a deer and let her instincts lead her to her prey. Slyly, Lucy jumped from one branch to another until she was close enough to the deer, barely even disturbing any leafs, and pounced down on it. At the last minute, Derek intervened and scared him off before Lucy was even halfway down. With a last amused look, he smirked and ran off.

“Derek, you’re so dead!” She snarled.

The bastard was good, she had to admit it. He avoided getting caught by running in zigzag and jumping up on trees from time to time. He was good, just not good enough. Lucy caught up and jumped ahead, halting and pinning him down. While werewolves were all about brute strength and enhanced senses, her kind was more stealth, and cunning when using their powers. So, yeah, Lucy could very well hold her own against him. Her eyes flared and her fangs elongated for threatening purposes.

However, Derek didn’t seem impressed. He just roared right back at her and pushed her off him. Lucy let him do it and laughed all the way back to the house with him on her trail. Lucy was faster and far lighter on foot. Werewolves had all that hair and claws and stuff, it was probably what slowed them down, she thought with amusement.

“It’s nice to see that things haven’t changed.” Lucy said from where she was leaning against a tree. “I’m still faster and stronger than you, Derek Hale.”

In an instant, Derek was right in front of her with both of his arms at her sides, trapping her with his body. Like all werewolves, his body temperature was a few degrees warmer than the average human, and even more so than her. It was nice, very welcomed but, to be honest, quite distracting. Lucy wasn’t a dead corpse contrary to popular belief. She was very much alive and having Derek, a very fine specimen of the opposite sex, pressed up against her body emitting pheromones all over the place was very awkward. With their track record, they wouldn't remain clothed for much longer if they didn't put some distance between them. This close she could smell his aftershave, sweat and faint traces of that leather jacket he liked to wear so much.

With their little run through the woods they worked up a sweat, got their blood pumping and now Lucy couldn't stop staring at Derek's neck where his vein was pulsing as red, juicy blood flowed through there. Her mouth watered. It was enough to get any respectable vampire interested. And Derek, he just stood there, growling and trying to intimidate her for another moment. He was basically dangling himself in front of her. Lucy didn't normally believe in the whole "you're asking for it" thing because it was degrading, but Derek was asking to be bitten. Out of nowhere, he struck the poor tree behind her with a heavy paw. The tree shook, and leaves rained all around them as he pulled away. Once the spell shattered, Lucy couldn't believe she almost munched on Derek of all people. They'd been in such proximity... Something that hadn't happened for a very long time. It was just so easy to fall back on old times sake and bask in the familiarity.

When Lucy entered the house, Derek was sitting at the bottom of the stairs looking pensive. “I just don’t know if I can do this, Lucy.” He began, looking straight ahead and anywhere but at her next to him. “Without Laura… I just… our family is all gone and all I have left is a comatose uncle who can’t even utter a word.”

Knowing that human contact wasn't welcome when it came to Derek, Lucy opted to simply give him space. She had to admit his words did hurt a little. He didn't think he could count on her? “You have me.” She told him fondly, placing her elbows on her thighs and clasping her hands in front of her so she wouldn’t be tempted to reach out to touch his shoulder in a comforting gesture. Or his face. Lucy wanted to touch his cheek, rub her fingertips on his stubble like she used to do when they were together in bed. “And together, we’re going to bring that sucker down. Or, I could do it by myself, you know.” She added playfully to lighten the mood a little. “I’m just that badass.”

“Yeah, I’m sure the alpha will be impressed with those miniature fangs of yours. Right before he slits your throat.” The way Derek said it, as if stating a fact, offended her.

Lucy scoffed. “Let me tell you that I’m more than capable of taking care of myself,” she shoved him playfully to prove her point and he slid down a few inches to his left. “As you might have noticed earlier. Hell, I wasn’t even at my best. Just you wait until night falls.” Being a vampire didn’t mean burning when coming in contact with the sun, thankfully. It meant being weaker than she would be if it was dark. At night, like any other predator, Lucy was almost unstoppable. Her vision was better as well as her senses and her strength increased, all thanks to the moon.

In true Derek fashion, he gave her a pointed look to let her know he was getting annoyed. This new Derek, the one that didn’t even smile at jokes and was always on high alert because he didn’t trust anyone was a crude reminder of everything that had happened. The smirk vanished off her face and she was brought back to reality. This wasn’t some social visit. She was here to help him with something. At least, he still seemed to trust her even after Houston.

Lucy got up and clapped her hands. “Chop, chop, Big Bad Wolf.” She told him, “Show Red Riding Hood where grandma and the hunters live.”

Derek nodded and together they walked to her car. He got in the back and Lucy drove away. The burnt remains of the house slowly disappeared from view, left behind rotting in the middle of nowhere amidst ghosts and painful memories. Lucy took a deep breath and tried to stay focused on the task at hand instead of reminiscing about a time that was long gone.

Focus on the present.

At this point they really couldn’t afford to get Derek arrested. Everything would get even more complicated. She would eventually figure out who was who, of course. Meanwhile, the alpha werewolf had free rein to do as he pleased. There wasn't any time to waste. Derek showed her where the Argents lived, cautioning her to do whatever it took to keep her nature a secret or else they’d go after her, too. Did that mean she was the element of surprise? It was yet to be determined whether or not that was a good move. She would have to remain hidden in the shadows while Derek took the brunt of the action. Lucy wasn't sure whether that was good or bad. Would she be able to protect him from afar? What if things escalated and they needed to ask for more help?

Imogene wouldn’t take kindly to having her daughter threatened and would most likely start a war. Since Lucy’s Dad died in the same fire that killed the Hales, Lucy’s mother was just itching to let out some pent up frustration. Then a psycho alpha would be the least of their worries. Besides, the vampire community couldn’t afford to lose any ‘members.’ Their numbers had slowly dwindled in the past couple of centuries for no apparent reason. Older, experienced supernaturals gone.

At last, after taking a quick tour of the town, Derek showed her Scott’s house. “Just in case something happens and you need to get him.” Derek had told her in a somber tone without meeting her eyes. Did he know something she didn't? Asking for help from a teenager mutant wolf wasn't at the top of her emergency list.

By the time they were done, it was already getting dark and without the sun’s weakening rays, Lucy’s powers were recharging. Much like werewolves, vampy powers came from the moon, except that they didn’t exactly rule her life. Even without a moon, Lucy could still use her powers, just not at their full potential. With the surge of power came hunger. An intense hunger came over her and, once again, only Derek was there. His heartbeat next to her was mouthwatering. It was like a siren song beckoning her to drink.

Out of nowhere, something ran in front of the car, paused and then ran back into the woods. If not for her fast reflexes, they would have ended up on a ditch with their skulls cracked wide open. The tires made a screeching sound as the car came to a halt after they skidded around the road. Ears ringing, Lucy wanted to hop out of the car and chase that little rugrat. Derek must have gotten a little beat up with the string of curses that came from the back. Very uncharacteristic of him.“I'll be back. I gotta make sure that moron doesn’t kill anyone at school.” He humped out fully transformed and howled. "Stay here, I don't want him to smell you."

Lucy didn't even have time to say anything, he was out of the car like a bullet to chase after that stupid kid. That kid wasn't his responsibility. Why not use him as bait? Well, she was relieved that he was out of the car. Lucy felt like a teenage boy who was unable to control his boners as her ‘miniature’ fangs suddenly popped out. The last thing on her mind was to go around biting people. That would be like flashing a neon sign pointing at her that she was a vampire.

Alone in the car, Lucy had more time to contemplate her hunger, which was no good. Her stomach was making growly noises and so she decided to go get something to eat. Then logic kicked in and Lucy realized that there was no one around to glamour and snack on. Unhappy, Lucy got out of the car anyways to breathe in some fresh air while waiting for Derek. Fifteen minutes later the wolf was still gone and she was getting restless.

Take your mind off of it, she told herself. Concentrate on something else.

Lucy closed her eyes and took a deep breath, letting her other senses take over. Around her, the night was alive. Animals were scouting for food. To her right, about two hundred yards, there was an owl flying. Lucy followed the sound of her wings flapping until it settled down on a tree a couple yards closer. Then, another sound took her by surprise. Someone was running through the forest in her direction. Wait, there were two sets of footsteps and they were running fast. One was heavier than the other. Derek. The second set of footsteps was lighter, slightly slower, trying to keep up with Derek. Lucy guessed that was Scott.

They were still about a few hundred feet away, so Lucy just stayed there, clenching her jaw and waited for them to come out of the woods. Not a minute later Derek was almost hauling a younger boy into the small clearing looking annoyed. All scratch marks from fight were long gone. Lucy knew wolves, always getting in fights, they were lucky they healed so fast. Their clothes were rumpled and dirty with mud in places. Well, that was the kid. Derek still looked, mostly, as cool as a cucumber.

“I thought I was laying low for a while,” Lucy told Derek as he approached the car.

The kid’s head quickly snapped up and pushed away from Derek, distrust written all over his face. “Who is she?” He asked brusquely.

Lucy rolled her eyes and got back in the car without giving him an explanation. She wasn’t here to make friends. Outside, Derek was, as always, being as vague as possible. Muttering something about a friend.

“So, who are you really?” Scott asked from the passenger seat as soon as they were on their way back to his house. “Derek doesn’t seem like the type that has friends or even knows what they are.” He went on, glancing sideways at Derek who just glared.

“I’m a friend.” Lucy replied, just as vague. “Contrary to popular believe, there is a heart and person beneath that mask of indifference. “

“No, there isn’t.” Derek snapped. “And I’ll rip out your throats if the two of you don’t shut up.”

Lucy glanced at Scott with a smirk. “See? He’s all candy canes and rainbows.”

Scott’s house was pretty, Lucy determined once they were inside in Scott’s room. It was warm and cozy, and well decorated. She liked it. Derek had looked quite annoyed that he had to help Scott get to his room but helped anyways. Lucy just hung out in the back, sitting on top of the boy’s dresser to see what happened. She sort of felt bad for him, too. He looked like a kicked puppy.

When Derek turned to leave, Lucy was about to follow him but Scott chose that moment to speak up. “Wait.” Derek sighed and turned around, raising his eyebrows. “I can’t do this. Can’t be this and be with Allison… I need you to tell me the truth, is there a cure?”

“For someone who was bitten?” Derek hesitated and Lucy waited for his answer just as anxiously as Scott. “I’ve heard of one. I don’t know if it’s true.” He added as disclaimer.

Scott leaned forward expectantly, a hopeful note in his voice. “Well, what is it?”

“You have to kill the one that bit you.” Derek deadpanned.

“Kill the alpha?” Scott echoed in disbelief and his heart rate spiked up. Lucy could hear it loud and clear. The desire to have a taste of his blood was greater than anything else at the moment. His anxiousness made her restless. Lucy desperately wanted to get out of there.

Lucy’s stomach growled and she swayed on her feet when she hopped off the dresser. Naturally, that drew the werewolves’ attention. With a sheepish smile, she said, “Uh, Derek? I think I’m getting hungry, we need to go.” Thankfully, he nodded. But before they left he seemed determined to say something else to Scott.

“Scott,” Still reeling from the news, the teen looked up at Derek with a slightly glazed look on his face. “If you help me find him, I’ll help you kill him.” Was Lucy mistaking or did his heart just blipped? She glanced at Scott, thinking that perhaps he caught it, too. Then remembered that he was new to all of this and probably wasn’t exactly acquainted with all his powers.

To his credit, Derek sounded convincing but Scott didn’t say anything and Derek didn’t exactly give him a chance either. He just walked out of the room and Lucy had to trail behind him like a little puppy.

“That’s a myth.” Was the first thing that came out of Lucy’s mouth once they were in the car, “And I take it that you know this? You lied to him.” There was no accusation in her voice, just stating a fact. She knew better than to use that tone of voice on him, he would just get defensive and start a fight.

Derek turned to her in disbelief. “How do you know? You’re not—” He shut his mouth, just on time too. Lacking fur and claws was a sore subject for her. Lucy didn't want to be a werewolf, but she did long for the same sense of family and belonging that a pack brought. “No, I didn’t lie to him. Not on purpose.”

“How do you not lie on purpose?” At the look he was giving her she shrugged it off and made sure to look back on the road. “Fine, keep going.”

“I—I’m not sure if it would work. But how in the hell do you know something like this?”

Lucy shrugged. “You’re not my first werewolf friend. Back in the day an alpha turned an unwilling boy, much like Scott, actually. You’d be surprised, but even back then people knew about Lycan myths and he tried that. Didn’t work.” She really hoped that Derek didn’t ask for any names, that bit of information was supposed to be a secret.

Derek stared at her with surprise for a moment before composing himself and looking away. “Great.”

“You wouldn’t have left him do it anyways,” Lucy pointed out. “If he did kill the alpha, then he would become the new alpha and he’s definitely not ready for that. You, on the other hand…” She trailed off, not knowing how he’d take that implication. Sometimes she felt like she was always walking on eggshells around Derek. He was a bipolar werewolf.

“I know.” Derek said through gritted teeth.

Finally, they arrived at the house where she was staying just outside of town. It was closer to the Hale house, far away from town. The most important detail that sold her on the small house was the lack of neighbors. She wouldn’t have too much trouble sleeping. Some old man had recently died of a heart attack and his kids couldn’t wait to sell. She’d bought it, and at a great price too considering the economy. Like Scott’s house, it was homey. She specifically loved the 70s decor. Thankfully, Derek didn’t make any comments about the house, or her age for that matter. Actually, he hadn’t made one of those comments in quite a while. Shocker.

Lucy threw her keys on a bowl next to the closet and hung her jacket before walking inside. In the living room, Derek just threw his own jacket over the couch and took off his shirt. “Uh, no. You’re not sleeping naked on my couch, Derek.” He paused and looked at her with an intensity that made her wonder what was wrong with him. Clearly, the full moon was still influencing him and it was past midnight. Way past midnight. Not that seeing him naked bothered her. Derek Hale possessed a great physique, one that many women, including Lucy, found impressive.

“I’m not stripping naked in front of an old lady,” He replied and Lucy’s fangs slid down, peeking through her lips. There was the old, charming Derek. Now she wished she hadn’t spoken too soon. “I’m offering you dinner.”

She stared at him for a moment before realizing what he meant and then raised her hands in defense, shaking her head as she took steps backwards. “No, I’m not drinking doggie blood. And, are you even legal yet?” Knowing how annoyed he got when she played the older card amused her to no end. The bitch face he pulled was even better.

Derek got up from the couch and approached her slowly. More like stalked her actually. “When was the last time you drank?”

“Two days ago, so I’m ok.” She let out a nervous laugh. “I’m cool for another day or so. It can totally wait a couple hours.”

He nodded as if he understood and Lucy relaxed. That is, until he opened his mouth again. “Could you please just stop whining and get it over with? Not like it’d be the first time this happens.” He was right, it wouldn’t be. Back in Houston and New York when they’d been together it had always made her feel kind of weird doing it so she hadn’t drank often, not with so many willing donors walking around, but it had occasionally happened in the heat of the moment. On impulse, she walked over to him and sank her teeth into the soft part of the inside of his wrist with more force than necessary. He grunted in pain and Lucy took some satisfaction.

Miniature fangs, uh? Well, take that Derek.

It all happened so fast. His rich, tasty blood flooded her mouth. Exhilarated, as always when she fed, Lucy got carried away and forgot that this wasn’t some poor bastard she picked up on the street. This was Derek who always smelled like leather, spice, and his cologne. He tasted even better.

Letting go of his arm, Lucy jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist, which made him growl too close to her sensitive ears. Without meaning to, Lucy latched on to his shoulder, biting hard and more blood flooded her mouth. The next sound that came from Derek could only be described as a groan of pleasure.

“Stop,” Derek murmured and when Lucy didn’t stop, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her away instead. “I said stop!” Before Lucy could utter a word, his mouth was on hers, bloody and everything. Derek didn’t seem to mind.

Kissing Derek after such a long time still made her feel the same, like she was invincible and nothing could touch them. The chemistry between them was inextinguishable. Even after how they left things last time and the incredible amount of strain in their relationship, Lucy still wanted him. Sometime along the way, he’d transformed back into a werewolf and had sharp teeth that kept nicking her lips and tongue. As they kept kissing, Derek eventually pushed her up against a wall and Lucy let out a grunt. It didn’t hurt, just surprised her. Now that he didn’t have to fully support her, she allowed her hands to roam all over his shoulders to get some leverage. As her fingers traveled all the way up to grip his hair, Derek’s hands were free to do some exploring of his own. His warm, calloused hands got under her top and ran up her spine, leaving a trail of shivers in their wake. They went back down to grip the hem of her shirt and pulled it up.

Derek planted kisses all over her neck and up to her earlobe, making her moan. Meanwhile, his hands hadn’t stayed still, they now lingered at her bra and when he didn’t find the clasp in the back, his growl made her smile. “It’s on the front, Sherlock.” She murmured into his ear. It was comical how almost instantly he was working on the clasp and throwing the offending thing over his shoulder. Now they were both bare from the waist up, time to work on the waist down.

Lucy hopped down and began working on his jeans, which she easily unbuttoned and pushed down his hips leaving to do the rest of the work as she took off her own jeans and underwear in one tug. Their clothes ended up strewn all over the hallway on their way to the couch. Lucy couldn't get enough of him. She wanted him now. To relieve some of the pent up frustration she'd built up over the past year, Lucy didn't hold back in any way. Neither did Derek. Nails racked down his back as they moved in sync. He nipped and bit all around her neck and shoulders as held on to him for leverage. It was wild, rough and a great welcome in the new house.

But Lucy wasn’t about to let Derek get away with much, she flipped them over in one fluid motion and laughed as she threw her hair over one shoulder so it wouldn’t be obscuring her view of his features. Lucy wanted to see every emotion that played over his face. Avoiding his bony hipbone digging into her inner thigh was a bonus. Derek didn’t seem to like their new position but there wasn’t much he could do. Already, he was pinned down and Lucy was having her wicked way with him. Among the moans coming from her, there were growls and howls that made her thankful she’d chosen a house that didn’t have neighbors nearby.

Derek battled for dominance with every kiss, embrace and thrust. Clearly, he had some issues of his own to work through when it came to their relationship. During a particularly pleasuring movement with his hips, Derek took the opportunity while she was distracted to move back to be on top. It was a mistake. They ended up toppling over the edge of the couch and landing harshly on the floor. Lucy took the brunt hit and was grateful for the new fluffy rug she’d bought. Screw rug burns. She accidentally bit his shoulder and enjoyed the taste of the blood. Startled, Derek threw his head back and let out a howl that made Lucy’s ears ring, followed by a second thrust of his hips that made the world explode into millions of sparkles, triggering something inside that went haywire.

Derek collapsed next to her on the floor breathing just as heavily. Lucy looked over at Derek and noticed how relaxed he seemed. It wasn't often that he let down his guard or even looked remotely content. The light coming from the window illuminated the living room a little, just enough to admire Derek's body and face. Lucy was not going to lie, that man was beautiful. She loved to lie down on his chest and listen to his heart beat. That's how she used to fall asleep.

“We need to do this more often." And... that sounded very presumptions. She cringed inwardly. That's not how she'd meant for it to come out.

“Lucette...” He started with a tone of voice that she did not like. Damn it, why did she have to go ahead and ruin it? And why did he have to use that name?

Lucy sprang up and quickly wrapped herself in a blanket, trying to retain as much dignity as possible. “Don't call me that.” And she said it real slow so he would understand. He should count himself lucky that he even knew that name. Nobody was allowed to use it and he knew that. He knew she didn't like it. Her eyes prickled with unshed tears and her throat closed up as she tried her best to keep her emotions under control. This whole thing that just happened was nothing more than a stupid mistake. It shouldn't have happened. It's the full moon, emotions were running high and neither of them were thinking clearly.

Suddenly, all the bitterness and anger she’d buried deep inside her heart since Derek walked out on the life they’d built together was released. Lucy could not have picked a worse time to become an idiot considering how easily she’d fallen back into his arms, but hearing him call her that… she refused to let it go. No one had the right to call her by her full name anymore.

Nowadays, she was just Lucy.

Derek, too stunned, just laid there and before he could answer, Lucy got up and went up to her room. It was better to let him ride out the rest of the night on his own.

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