Children of the Wild

Chapter 2

Lucy woke up in the afternoon feeling pretty energized. With so many things on her mind she'd tossed and turned for the majority of the night. The blood cursing through her veins was that of a very powerful wolf and Lucy felt almost like she was high. It wasn’t even a surprise given the fact that it was Derek, too. A surge of power was always one of the after effects of drinking his blood. Who was she to complain when her senses were enhanced? It didn't even feel like it was well into the afternoon with the sun high in the sky, and so she couldn’t help but be a little too aware of the werewolf in her kitchen making coffee.

It was awkward and annoying, something she’d sworn she’d avoid. But Lucy was no coward and since last night’s activities were just something that they let happen in the heat of the moment, she had no reason to let it get to her. It had been a while since she’d been with Derek, not since… well, since he left last year. Still, she was willing to bet her right arm that he was going to ignore everything and let things go back to normal. Derek was the best at avoiding awkward subjects than dealing with them. Even though she was thoroughly embarrassed, she was an adult and would act accordingly.

With a sigh, Lucy got up and took a quick shower. As she was getting dressed, she caught sight of her bareback. Usually, Lucy avoided looking in the mirror if she could help it. The scars reminded her of something that happened the night before. When the tips of Derek's fingers touched the burn scars that covered part of her back, she noticed his hesitation and wondered how much they bothered him. Were they an awful reminder of what happened? Maybe that's why he couldn't stand her and left last time. Just because he couldn't see them didn't mean he didn't think of them. Hell, she did all the time. Now was not the time, though. Instead of dwelling on what she couldn't change, she changed into a pair of black skinny jeans and white t-shirt along with a navy blue cardigan. After five minutes of searching for her black boots she remembered that they were probably downstairs where Derek was most likely brooding.

Right before running downstairs, Lucy grabbed her hair and pinned it up in a messy bun. In the kitchen, Derek was only dressed in his jeans. He was calmly sipping his coffee like he didn’t have care in the world, completely ignoring her as she sat down in front of him. “So, what are the plans for today? Any more puppies in need of rescuing?”

Derek met her gaze cautiously and shook his head. “Not today. Today you go play nice with Scott and his friends.”

“Are you telling me to go to school with them?” He was delusional if he thought that she would do something like that. “I like you, Derek, but you’re just not pretty enough for me to do something like that.”

He slammed his hand down on the table and leaned forward on his seat to get closer to her. As far as intimidation techniques went, Derek had a lot to learn, though. “No, you moron. I’m telling you to go and be nice to them. You’re a girl, maybe they’ll trust you more.”

Lucy scoffed. “I can get info out of them without having to do that.” He shot her an aggravated look and she finally gave in. “Fine, I’ll go pay Scott a visit today after school.”

Derek nodded and retreated back to his chair. “Good.”

“But first, I need to know what exactly Laura found.” She must have found or seen something. At least it seemed like it the way she just got up and left so suddenly without much notice. One day they were going about their lives, wondering why Derek left, and the next Laura was hell-bent on going back to Beacon Hills. She’d found some clue that led her to believe the Hale fire hadn't been an accident after all. Of course, Laura had to go back. Whatever it was, Lucy needed to know. Perhaps it would give her a clue about who the alpha was.

The room instantly filled with tension. Sadness, anger and frustration practically emanated from both of them. Lucy could almost breathe it in. Whereas werewolves were all about smell, Lucy’s kind was more akin to emotions and right about now, she was almost drowning in the onslaught of feelings.

“Laura found a list of names and a symbol,” he took out a piece of paper from his pocket and slid the paper across the table for her to inspect. It didn’t go unnoticed that he was careful not to touch her and his heartbeat was too steady. Was he trying too hard to control it? “I have no idea what it means, could be anything.”

Lucy looked at it closely and was barely able to make out any features. There was a four-legged creature with what seemed to be either the sun or moon almost on top of it. “Is that a wolf?” she finally asked him. “I mean, it makes sense. That’s a wolf and that’s the moon.”

Derek shrugged. “That’s what I thought, too. But I still don’t know what it means.”

“Ok, so what’s the other thing?”

“A name: Harris.”

Lucy arched an eyebrow. “That’s it? There’s gotta be quite a few people named Harris around here.”

“I know,” Derek said through gritted teeth. “but I think I got it narrowed down to one. It just so happens to be Scott’s teacher. Thing is, I can’t just walk up to the school and ask to see him. There are cops everywhere.”

Oh, now she understood where he was going with this. “You want me to go?” But he shook his head. “Then what?”

“I’m just telling you so you know where I’m going.” When she gave him a suspicious look, he threw his hands up in the air. “Just in case something happens, Lucy. At least you’ll know where I am.”


He got up and put his mug in the sink before walking back to the living room. Lucy let out a breath she didn’t know she’d been holding and slumped on her seat. Most of the time she didn’t have to be so in control and could be herself but around Derek she just felt like she needed to have her guard up. It wasn’t trust issues that drove her to do this, it was hurt over how easily he left her and Laura. Lucy understood that he’d needed some time to himself, but why leave like that when they were supposed to stick together? That abandonment was something that she still needed to work through. And last night had been… well, Lucy could honestly say that she’d never felt better after feeding in a while, not since the last time she fed from him, and the sex was amazing. However, it was all because of the full moon, at least on Derek’s part as far as she knew. Derek had made that quite clear this morning when he didn’t even mention anything or even acknowledged what happened. That’s why Lucy was going to peg this as just sex and not blow things out of proportion because if she had her way it wouldn’t happen again. No matter how good his blood tasted and made her feel like she was on top of the world. And this time she wasn’t going to break her rules.

Lucy banged her head against the table and sighed. It was going to be extremely hard to be around Derek from now on with the way his blood tasted. She licked her lips tentatively as if the blood was still there and could almost taste it. Stupid after taste that wouldn’t leave her alone. It’s just… it tasted so good! Since she’d never actually drunk blood from a werewolf before him, Lucy didn’t know whether that was normal or not. Was it just Derek or did all werewolves taste the same?

I’d like to find out, Lucy thought. Maybe that Scott kid wouldn’t mind to help her test her theory. There were no feelings between them, Lucy didn’t actually know him so it would be just like when she went hunting for a human and compelled him. Except that this time Lucy doubted that the young wolf would take it nicely if she even tried and didn’t work. People were touchy feely about things like that.

After drinking some coffee to wake up, Lucy went to the hallway and put on her boots. “I’m going to go looking for those kids, Derek!” She yelled over her shoulder. There was no response, but with her sensitive hearing she was able to make out the sound of his heart beating steadily somewhere upstairs, meaning that he was probably reading.

Finding Scott was easy. He turned out to be staying after school practicing for some sport in which they used something like a racket to pass the ball around. Lucy was intrigued by the game. It seemed so stupid. From the bleachers it was quite easy to spot Scott and keep an eye on him, which she did for a while before the boy finally made his way to her.

The looks that she was getting from some of the boys from school made her roll her eyes. They were just a bunch of hormonal-fueled teenagers that salivated at the sight of any female. It was kind of sad, really. Lucy almost felt bad for them.

“What are you doing here?” Scott said after he was done with practice.

Lucy offered him what she thought was a nice smile, better not to make him nervous. “I’m just hanging out. Derek told me what a good… uh… I honestly don’t know what this...” she gestured at the field where some players were gathering their stuff, “is but from I see, you’re pretty good.”

Scott’s gaze said that he still didn’t trust her. “It’s called Lacrosse. Now, what are you really doing here? Derek doesn’t give out compliments.”

Well, he had her there. But then again, she hadn’t been really trying to lie. “I just want to know more about you. Last night was… interesting.”

“It wasn’t interesting, it was the full moon.” He sat down next to her and, in a not so discreet manner, sniffed her. “You’re definitely not a wolf, you smell like…”

Lucy arched an eyebrow, knowing quite well what she smelled like but waiting for him to figure it out. If he said dead corpse, so help her god, she was going to kill him. “Like what, Scott?” she inquired innocently.

His brows furrowed as he struggled to pin point the smell. When he got it, he only seemed even more confused, which really amused her. “You smell like burnt sugar.”

Pleased that he got it right, Lucy pulled away smiling. “That’s right. But I swear I took a shower.”

That wasn’t what he was expecting. “But what are you?”

Lucy really didn’t want to give herself away. Her head was just fine where it was and she also happened to like her heart in her chest. Hunters didn’t treat all creatures the same. Werewolves were cut in half, but Vampires… they were decapitated and had their hearts cut out and burned for good measure. It wouldn’t be good at all if the hunters found out what she was and murdered her. Just thinking about it made her angry because that’s exactly what had happened to Laura. She’d been murdered.

“I’m a friend, Scott.” Lucy replied. “That’s all.” Scott didn’t look convinced. “I helped you last night, didn’t I?”

“No, you were helping Derek.” He pointed out. “So, how do you know Derek?”

That was an easy one. “He’s my friend.”

“Derek doesn’t have any friends.”

Lucy grimaced. That didn’t sound like the old Derek at all. But then again, the Derek from before and now were two different people. I really shouldn’t be surprised, Lucy admitted, knowing that she couldn’t change thing. She couldn’t just bring his parents back to life.

“Well, he has me.” She felt the need to defend Derek. Scott hadn’t known him before at all, so he really couldn’t say anything about him. He didn’t understand. “And I’m here to help with the…” she lowered her voice. “alpha business.”

“So, this is the weird girl from last night that helped you.” It was another boy, same age and all as Scott. He had fair skin and short hair. He was also dressed in the same uniform, looking at Lucy with curiosity. His scent gave him away, though. This boy thought she was attractive. Hmm, this could be useful.

Lucy patted the bench next to her and put on the nice façade. “Yup. My name is Lucy.” Ever the polite girl like her mother had taught her, Lucy offered him her hand.

“I’m Stiles,” the boy said, eyeing her with distrust and ignoring the seat next to her. But at least he accepted her hand shake, and that earned him a few brownie points. The moment their hands touched, Lucy felt something within the boy. Something like a spark. An electric current went through her. That had never happened before. When she interacted with humans there wasn’t any more than a very small trace of magic, just enough to mark them as human with their particular brand of old, but useless by now, magic.

This boy, however, was very different. He had a very strong spark of power. Interesting. Lucy filed that information away for later. She tried not to react, only smiled politely and withdrew her hand. One glance at Scott and she noticed the look of suspicion he sent her way, but she ignored it.

“So,” Scott interrupted instead of calling her out on her brief hesitancy. “are you going to tell me what you are?”

Stiles’ eyes widened. “What, you’re not human?”

“For all you guys know I’m human, why do you doubt it?”

Scott snorted. “Because Derek trusts you and you smell weird. Besides, you’d have to know you can protect yourself to spend any length of time with him.”

Lucy didn’t like the way Scott talked about Derek at all. Perhaps it was the surge of power that Derek’s blood gave her, or just the fact that she disliked it when other people talked bad about Derek in general when they didn’t know him well. Because they definitely didn’t know the real Derek, the kind and charming man that lay beneath all those shields he’d put up around himself over the years. Lucy got angry and grabbed Scott by the arm, gripping just tight enough to let him know who the boss was. “Oh, I can definitely hold my own against anything. Derek isn’t what you should be afraid of.” She let go of him and was pleased to see that something had broken. The sad part was that he instantly began to heal. She would have preferred he suffered longer.

“Hey!” Stiles exclaimed. He swatter he arm away from his friend. Lucy allowed it and just stepped back. “What the hell?”

“That was nothing, Scott.” Lucy warned. “You have no idea what I am, but you know that I'm dangerous. If I were you, I’d be careful the way you refer to him.”

Stiles looked between them with shock, “Yeah, no wonder you hang out with him.”

“I don’t appreciate your sarcasm.” She told him, which promptly made him back off.

Scott got up and glared down at her, his eyes going yellow like a normal wolf’s. “And I don’t appreciate having my friends threatened.” His fists were clenching and unclenching at his sides, giving his anger away. Well, that and his scent, it had become sort of sour.

Lucy got up, too, a lot calmer. “Well, now we’re on the same page. Derek is my friend and I don’t like it when he’s threatened, so I’m here to help. That means that we don’t have to be enemies, Scott. We really don’t.” With that she hopped off the bleachers and walked back to her car.

“How was it?” Derek asked her when she arrived without even looking up from the book he was reading.

Lucy plopped down on the couch and sighed. “Good, I guess. Teenagers these days…”

Derek snorted softly. “You sound old.”

“I’m old, young man,” Sometimes it was fun to joke around with him, as long as he wasn’t being a dick about it. This just happened to be one of those fun times. It was almost like back then during happier times. Almost. “You should respect your elders.”

“You look younger than me,” He pointed out.

Lucy sat up and stared at him with a raised eyebrow until he finally looked up with an annoyed look on his face. If there was something he didn’t particularly like was being scrutinized. “I don’t look younger than you.” She protested. “We look the same age, dumbass.”

Derek went back to reading without answering, deeming her not worthy of his time when he could be reading about History it seemed. “No, we don’t. You could pass for a high school kid with those doe eyes of yours.” Lucy was taken aback by that. Derek didn’t usually give out compliments.

Still, Lucy couldn’t help but feel… weird. Like butterflies in her stomach and quickly tried to shut that feeling down. They were supposed to be over. There was no time for something stupid like fighting attraction for the guy she was supposed to be helping in order to kill the Argents once and for all. All her focus should be on Kate, and how to kill her without drawing too much attention. Definitely not on the fact that Derek described her as doe-eyed or that his tone of voice was almost fond, or as fond as he was capable of sounding these days. Nope, Lucy wouldn’t read too much into the situation. She'd promised not to get tangled in the sheets with him again any time soon and she planned to keep that promise.

Suddenly, Derek got up and placed the book back on a nearby shelf, picking up his leather jacket on his way out the door. “I’m going to pay this Harris guy a visit, see what he can tell me.”

“Won’t he call the police as soon as he sees you?”

“Doubt it!” He yelled over his shoulder and then he was gone.

With nothing else to do, Lucy decided to go on an adventure herself. Her quest would be to drive by the Argent’s house and somehow make friends with that Allison girl. Yeah, Lucy had done her homework. There was Chris and Victoria, too, Allison’s parents, at the house besides Kate. Hopefully, she would meet them, too. There more the merrier.

Outside of the Argent’s home, no one would realize that there was anything wrong with that house. It looked like any other house where a rich family would live. For now, though, it seemed vacant. Only one light on, on the second floor. A moment later Lucy spotted a girl looking out her window. There was a good chance that Lucy would get caught, but then she realized that the girl was staring up at the sky, not down the street where her car was parked. Good.

That had to be Allison, the girl that Scott was supposedly dating. Poor guy, he was probably going to not only get his heart broken, but his body, too if he wasn’t careful. It happened all the time with high school relationships. The heart breaking part, not the killing of course. That was just between psychos. Which brought her memories of Laura’s own fling a few years ago.

Jared. Just the mention of his name brought on more heart break thinking of the happy life that her best friend could have had with him. Lucy wouldn’t admit it aloud to anyone other than Derek but being back in Beacon Hills was painful as hell. She hadn’t thought about Jared for a very long time, but being back here was reminding her just how happy and fulfilled Laura had looked at his side during their brief time together. Except that things were different now. He was married to that girl from high school and Lucy could only swallow the bitterness that rose up in her throat. Marie is everything Laura wasn’t. In the long list, the most important one was her humanity. With her, Jared could be happy and have a normal family devoid of supernatural drama. That poor girl had been head over heels in love with him for the longest time. Lucky duck, she got a happy ending.

She pushed her feelings aside when it came to Jared, it was none of her business after all. Now that she was back in Beacon Hills thinking about him could drive her to do something stupid like visit him for a word, and that would be stupid.

The Argents were her priority. They were going down one way or another. Lucy spent quite some time staring at the house, assessing its weak points and concluded that the windows on the upper floor were it. Also the garage. With her strength, it wouldn’t be much of a problem to open it. Problem with that was that the garage could be a potential arsenal.

Then she formulated a brilliant plan. One that would for sure give her the opportunity to meet Allison. Lucy got out of the car and took out a small pocket knife with which she slashed a tire badly enough to make it look legit and stepped back with a pleased smile to admire her handy job.

Satisfied, Lucy took a deep breath and walked over to the Argent’s house to knock on their door. Lucy was very much aware of the danger she was in, and hoped that the rest of the Argents wouldn’t get home while she was there. Her goal was to befriend Allison, not get shot by the head of the family.

Lucy put on the scared and nervous girl front to make it look a bit more believable. “Hey,” she said when a middle aged woman opened the door, barely able to contain her disappointment that it wasn’t Allison. “I’m sorry to bother you but… my tire just blew on me and I don’t know how to change one.” It was time to shift gears. No Allison meant no more chatting. “I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction for a mechanic or something.”

The woman gazed at her scathingly and Lucy felt like a bug under a microscope. At last, Victoria offered what should have been a friendly smile. Lucy had to give her credit, it almost seemed real. “Oh, well, there isn't one close by. But I could help you change it if you have a spare one.” She didn't sense any hostility coming from her, at least not yet. Lucy still didn't let her guard down. This woman seemed dangerous. There was an edge to her whole demeanor, something razor sharp and cold as ice.

Lucy wanted nothing else than run away, the woman made her uneasy, but she didn't want to blow up her cover. Instead, she'd play the helpless damsel in distress part and nod along with whatever Victoria said. “Yes, that would be great!” The woman came outside and closed the door behind herself, walking side by side with her. Lucy’s fingers twitched, wanting to grasp the woman by the neck and hurl her across the lawn.

Control, Lucy, Imogene would say.

“I’m totally incapable of changing a tire,” Lucy said to break the ice.

The woman just nodded and got to work. It was strange, though, how she hadn’t even asked for her name or anything. But it worked in her favor so Lucy wasn’t about to blurt out anything. Thinking that her plans were ruined, Lucy wanted to get out of there fast so she even offered to help. Only to be turned down by Victoria.


Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner, Lucy thought, patting herself on the back. It was Allison. Time to turn her charm on. After all, the girl was only human and seemingly unaware of anything supernatural. She probably wouldn’t even notice if Lucy tried to glamour her. Easy prey.

From the floor, Victoria said, “Yes, Allison?”

Lucy stuck out her hand for Allison to shake and was glad the girl took it. Contact with the person she wanted to compel was always helpful. “Hey, there. I’m sorry, but I had to bother your mom to help me change a tire.”

Allison smiled and let go of her hand, stepping back. “Oh, well, glad she could help. But,” uh, oh. Lucy didn’t like the way her brows knit together in confusion. “how long have you been out here? I could have sworn I saw your car out here since at least half an hour ago.”

Damn, so the girl had noticed her. Without even looking behind herself, Lucy already knew the girl's words had raised Victoria's suspicion. Giving herself away at this point would not give her any sort of advantage over the woman. Lucy had to think fast.

“Oh, yes.” Lucy waved it off going for nonchalant hoping they'd buy her teenage story. “I spent quite a while out here trying to get a hold of my boyfriend and when I finally did, he was too busy to come and help me.” She let out a frustrated sigh and placed her hand on her hip for dramatic flair.

A note of suspicion still lingered in her eyes. “I’m sorry, but at least we were able to help.” She got up from her crouched position and cleaned her hands with a rag that she must have found in the trunk.

Lucy nodded happily. “Yeah, you have no idea how much I appreciate it.” She reached inside her car and took out fifty bucks from her purse and offered them to Victoria who only looked at it with distaste as if it was about to bite her.

“No, no, it was nothing.” Victoria told her, folding Lucy’s hand into a fist and pushing it away. “Keep your money.”

“Are you sure, ma’am?” Lucy bit her lip trying to look like she felt bad. “I don’t feel comfortable taking up your time without paying you at least something for your trouble.”

Victoria still shook her head. “I’m sure.”

Lucy put the money in the back pocket of her jeans and turned to Allison. “Well, nice meeting you, Allison.”

Then Victoria seemed to have gotten the hint that she didn’t actually introduce herself. “Oh, I’m so sorry. How rude of me. My name is Victoria Argent and this is my daughter.” She quickly mended.

“I’m Lucy Morgan,” Or at least that's what one of her many fake IDs said. “I just moved into town and have no idea where anything is.” Lucy was staring at Victoria while she said this, but mentally, she was invading Allison’s mind.

Wouldn’t you like to show me around town, Allison? Lucy quietly whispered in her mind. It was barely a nudge, a suggestion, and Allison quickly took the bait. “Hey, I could show you around.”

Lucy had to play right so she quickly shook her head. “Oh, no, I wouldn’t want to impose.”

Allison smiled warmly at her, curly hair swinging as she tilted her head off to the side. “It wouldn’t be, I’d be glad to help you.” Wow, the girl was too easy. “I recently moved into town, too. I know what it's like to be the new girl.”

“Really?” Lucy had the strong urge to bat her eyelashes. “Thanks, how about I, uh, pick you up tomorrow?”

“Sure,” Allison said.

Lucy handed her phone to Allison. “Here, would you mind giving me your phone number so I can call you and confirm?” the girl typed her number and gave her the phone back. It was really easy. “Well, thanks a lot Mrs. Argent. Really, but I gotta go.”

Allison even waved at her as she drove away. Lucy rolled her eyes. Really, this whole thing was too easy. Almost too easy. But there really wasn’t any reason for Victoria to suspect her for being anything other than human. Lucy was a great actress, so why did she feel like she made some kind of mistake?

“It must be nerves or...” Lucy reasoned with herself. “I’m just worrying too much.” Yeah, that was probably it.

When she got back home, Lucy tried calling Derek but he wasn’t answering, which made her nervous. Derek always answered his stupid phone, so why wasn’t he now? A bad feeling crept up her spine and Lucy decided to go looking for him at the school. She caught a familiar heartbeat approaching the house along with the roaring engine of what she assumed had to be Derek’s Camaro and Lucy let out a relieved sigh. So he was alright.

Lucy quickly opened the door as soon as the engine was turned off and the car was parked behind the house where it wouldn’t be seen. Derek stormed in, fuming and Lucy shot Scott and Stiles a questioning glance.

“What the hell happened?” Lucy asked them as soon as they were inside.

“I almost had the Alpha!” Derek bellowed, pacing back and forth on the living room. “But you know what interrupted me?” He didn’t wait for her to try to guess, he just barreled on. His anger was solely aimed at Stiles. “The stupid police!”

Stiles rolled his eyes. “We went over this already, Derek. Stop whining.” When Derek growled at him, the boy yelped and hid behind Scott who just seemed annoyed.

“Ok, so what else?” Lucy wasn’t in the mood to spend the next hour or so in a room filled with that tangy smell of anger and testosterone flying around.

Scott spoke up. “The symbol that I’m sure Derek has shown you,” Derek threw the piece of paper at her and she caught it. “belongs to a necklace that Allison wears.”

Lucy arched her eyebrows. “Really? So, once again, the Argents are somehow involved in this.” Even more reason for her to want revenge. Her worried gaze shifted to Derek who was probably beating himself up over not catching the alpha. “Derek, are you alright?”

His eyes met hers and she saw the turmoil going on there. “Oh, I’m just great.” He replied sarcastically, frustrating her.

“So what are you going to do about this?” Lucy asked Scott, ignoring Derek for the time being. If he wanted to be difficult and act like a five year old throwing a tantrum then so be it.

Scott closed his eyes and took a deep breath, when he opened them he seemed determined. “I’ll steal the necklace to find out why it’s so important.”

Lucy nodded. “Good answer.” She would have volunteered for that one anyways. “Or, I could take a good look at it tomorrow.”

Scott’s eyes flashed yellow and his claws came out to play. His heart beat became erratic and Lucy was intrigued. Ohh, the boy did have it bad for the girl. “What?” He growled and took a violent stance, ready to attack. However, Derek was having none of it and appeared in front of him with a warning growl of his own.

“I met Victoria and Allison Argent tonight.” A vicious growl came from Scott. Wait, no, it wasn’t Scott. It was Derek, who slowly turned around to face her looking like he was about to kill her.

“You what?” His voice was deeper and he sounded quite menacing.

“I went over to their house and…”

Derek grabbed her by the neck cutting her off and holding her against the wall, feet dangling inches off the floor. “You stupid, little blood—” he stopped in mid-sentence only to let out a low growl in frustration. Behind him, Stiles was telling Scott to do something or Derek would kill her, which, even in her situation, she found hilarious.

Lucy kicked him in the chest hard and he stumbled backwards. “Don’t get prissy with me, Derek.” She dusted herself off ignoring the low level throb in her throat. It would go away soon. “They don’t suspect a thing about me. But I got Allison on my side.”

“Stay away from her!” Scott warned.

“Her family killed a few friends of mine,” Lucy snarled, getting closer to Scott. “and her aunt almost killed Derek with that wolfsbane bullet.” Then again at his own house. “She’s a fucking hunter, Scott, get that into that thick skull of yours. Hunters don’t care that you were human before, or that you might be friends with one of them. One day, that sweet little girl will turn on you and pump you full of wolfsbane.”

Her little speech didn’t seem to have much of an impact on Scott, it only infuriated him. “Allison is different, she’s…”

“Still the daughter of a hunter,” Lucy finished for him. “If she doesn’t finish you off herself, her family will. Why can’t you understand that, uh? Are you really stupid or just suicidal?”

Stiles then intervened with a nervous laugh, placing a hand on Scott’s chest and another in front of Lucy to halt her advances. “Ok, ok, guys. I think you’ve established your points. No need to start all the snarling and, uh, killing.” He pointed at himself. “Defenseless human here that doesn’t want to die.”

Lucy backed off, shooting Scott a last disgusted glare before joining Derek on the other side of the room. That kid was going to get himself killed, and probably the rest of them, too, if he wasn’t careful. The only reason why that probably hadn’t happened was because of Stiles, the special human.

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