Children of the Wild

Chapter 3

Scott couldn’t believe that Jackson had found out about him being a werewolf. How in the hell did he do that? And on top of that, he wanted to become one. Jackson had just shot up to first place on the stupid list.

“How in the hell did he find out?” Stiles asked, echoing his thoughts.

“I’ve no idea!” Scott replied, trying real hard not to panic.

Stiles scratched his head and sighed. “Did he say it aloud?” Scott just looked at him, confused. “The werewolf word?"

“No, but he implied it pretty freaking clearly!” To make sure that he wasn’t being overheard, Scott lowered his voice. The last thing they needed was anyone else asking around werewolves.

Stiles, ever the optimistic, tried to make him feel better. “Ok, maybe it’s not as bad as it seems.” When weren’t things as bad as they seemed? Lately, everything that could go wrong went wrong. “I mean, he needs proof, right? And if he tells someone, who’s gonna believe him?”

“How about Allison’s dad?” It seemed pretty obvious and to make matters worse, Derek and Lucy’s warnings about how dangerous the Argents were came back to haunt him. Scott knew that he was taking a huge risk even talking to Allison, her family could accidentally find out about him and kill him. But… loved her. Just thinking about her gave him that funny feeling in his stomach. It was this tingling feeling in his stomach and heart. Every time he touched her Scott couldn't see anything else but how beautiful and kind and amazing she was. She symbolized everything sexy, funny, cute and amazing. Like a puffy cloud in the sky or a pretty puppy.

“Ok, it's bad.” Stiles finally admitted, scratching the back of his neck nervously and looking like he was gonna be sick. Yeah, Scott felt just the same. “Does he know about Allison’s father?”

Frustrated, Scott ran a hand through his hair. “I don’t know,” He doubted it.

“Well, where’s Derek?”

“Probably at Lucy’s house, why?” God, just mentioning the girl’s name made him cringe. Whatever her intentions were with Allison, he was going to make sure she didn’t hurt anyone. But then Derek would probably be on his trail for that one and… no, he didn’t have time to worry about that one now!

Stiles grabbed his shoulder to stop him in the middle of a hallway. “I have an idea, but it’s going to take a little time and finesse.” Scott groaned. Another one? Somehow, Stiles’ ideas always ended up getting him physically hurt or in trouble, sometimes even both.

Trying to get out of it, Scott reminded him of the game that night. “It’s your first game, man.” Stiles cursed, he seemed quite stressed out and Scott wondered if he was the cause.

“Do you have a plan to get Allison’s necklace, yet?”

“She’s in my next class, I’ll see what I can do.” Then remembering that they had yet to talk about Lucy, he said, “What about that girl hanging out with Derek. She’s not human and she’s not a werewolf.”

Stiles looked him in the eye with a serious look and gripped his shoulders. “Look, whatever she is, we’ll deal with it later. Right now we can’t worry about what she is, and believe me I’m still freaking out a little bit with the fact that there are other things besides werewolves. You need to focus on getting that necklace.” He released Scott and pointed him in the direction of his next class, giving him a little push.

“So, go get her tiger.”

Scott nodded and off he went, only to realize that girls were a completely different species. Allison got mad at him for showing her the pictures and just stormed off. Then she cried and asked him if he was trying to get back at her, which made him feel like a total jerk for making her cry. His heart clenched in his chest and he wished he could go after her. But the look of hurt on her face stopped him. What if he made things worse?

Or the million dollar question that Scott had been trying to push to the back of his mind ever since they broke up: What if this was some sort of signal that they shouldn’t be together because it was just not meant to be? They were too different, not even the same species anymore. Being a wolf instantly put him on the other side of the spectrum with the rest of the things that her family hunted. Like Lucy had said the night before, the Argents were dangerous and would kill him.

What was he supposed to do?

“What exactly are we doing in a teenager’s room?” Lucy wondered, picking up a thick book from the bed to inspect it. Surprisingly, it was about werewolves. She began skimming through it.

Derek just stood next to the closet, right behind the door, waiting like a creep. “We’re here because we need to find out if those two morons are doing their jobs.”

Lucy came across a particularly funny fact about wolves saying that they were allergic to silver and snorted. Deeming the book completely useless and stupid, Lucy put it under the bed and sat down. “You want me here or should I leave already to meet the Argent girl?”

With a defeated sigh, Derek turned a little towards her. “You know I don’t like this, right? You exposing yourself to this girl who could get you killed is moronic. Oh, the stunt that you pulled last night? That was downright suicidal!” He hissed, pointedly glaring at her.

“I know, I know.” Lucy did have to admit that it was a little suicidal, but she wasn’t stupid. If by some miracle Victoria figured out her secret, then Lucy would have acted accordingly and used the girl as leverage. Allison was a weak little thing that probably didn’t even know how to land a punch correctly, so it shouldn’t have been that hard to grab her. “But in my defense, I made sure that Chris and Kate weren’t there before making a move.”

“In your defense?” Derek scoffed. “You probably wouldn’t be here making excuses if those two hadn’t been too busy chasing me all over town.”

Lucy got tired of the chastising and approached the window, “I’m going to meet Allison. You call me as soon as you find out something, got it?” Derek just scowled and crossed his arms over his chest, a sure indication that he was going to be difficult. “Got it, Derek?” she repeated more firmly.

Still no answer. She would swing by later after talking to Allison or something. With some persuasion she was sure that Stiles would talk.

Allison arrived at the cafe in town right on time, which Lucy was glad for, she hated waiting. Instantly, Lucy played the cheery, nice person from the night before and waved Allison over to the table where she’d already ordered two Lattes for them.

“Thanks,” Allison said, taking a seat across from her and putting her back pack on the table in front of them.

Lucy shrugged. “I didn’t know what you liked so I just ordered a latte.” Did kids her age still like those? These days Starbucks was making coffee complicated with their fancy names, mixing a bunch of crap with coffee. Honestly, why couldn’t they just sell coffee?

Allison smiled and took a sip from her latte. “It’s alright, thanks.”

“So, what’s good around here?” Lucy wondered, thinking that the sooner she got something out of Allison the sooner she could go back to Derek and Stiles to find out what they knew. “I mean, other than murderous mountain lions.”

Allison’s face fell a little at that. “You heard about it?”

Lucy nodded. “Yeah, all over town. But they’re also blaming some guy, right?”

“You already know all that?” Allison tried to sound impressed but her heart beat had just gone up a few notches. She was nervous about something. Lucy nodded and Allison sighed, resigned to tell her everything. “Well, it’s true. The guy that turned out to be responsible for all the murders is Derek Hale.”

Lucy widened her eyes and looked shocked. “For real? Oh my god, is this town safe?” Good one. Pulling the concerned citizen card was just priceless.

Allison quickly nodded. “Oh, yes. Definitely. The police are all over it.”

She sighed and pretended to be relieved. “Good. So, what happened to him? I mean, was he troubled or something?”

“Well,” Allison began with uncertainty. “his family was killed in a fire.”

“Hey girls,” Kate freaking Argent said, all smiles and shit.

Both Lucy and Allison looked over to see Kate take a seat right next to Allison as if she was just another friend who happened to be late. Lucy fought for control. Somehow she doubted Allison would turn a blind eye on her if she ripped out her aunt’s heart right there and then.

Allison shot Lucy a sheepish smile before turning back to her aunt with a frown. “Did you… follow me here?”

Kate hesitated, and Lucy could hear the lie even before it left her lips. “Well… you can’t blame me for being concerned about my favorite niece.” Concerned, ha! As if that bitch had it in her to feel anything but hatred towards other people. Oh, Lucy would enjoy eventually getting to her. “And you are?”

Lucy was careful not to grip her hand too tight despite the urge to crush her bones, “I’m Lucy, new in town.”

“Oh, yeah.” Recognition flashed in her eyes and Lucy tensed. “You’re that girl that Victoria helped. Nice to meet you.”

Touching her made her skin crawl. “Yeah, she did me a great favor.”

“So, what are you two ladies doing here?”

“Just having coffee before heading out,” Lucy explained, taking a small sip from her latte. “Allison is going to show me around town.”

Kate nodded. “Great.”

“You know, she was just telling me about that Derek kid and the fire that killed his family.” Surprisingly, Kate’s heart blipped there for a moment and her eyes widened briefly. She tried to cover it up but it was too late, Lucy had noticed.

“Oh, well, there’s not much to tell. Derek was quite… odd. You know, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one that started the fire.”

Allison seemed quite perturbed by that. “But… his whole family! I mean…” she trailed off.

Kate sighed as if this conversation was taking a lot from her. “I know, terrible.”

“I don’t think it’s him.” Allison went on. “I went over to his house the other day…”

“You what?” Kate interrupted, sounding alarmed. Playing the concerned aunt did suit her. “Allison, what were you looking for there? He could have been lurking around and after what happened…”

“That’s just it! Why would he try to kill us?” It was clear in Allison’s eyes and response that she was really unaware of anything supernatural. She was truly upset about that night at the school when the alpha attacked. Derek had told her all about it.

“He tried to kill you?” Lucy gasped, making her presence known. Those two had gotten so caught up on their little argument that they’d forgotten about her.

Both turned to her with nervous smiles. “Sorry,” Allison apologized. “Yes, a couple days ago he killed a janitor at my school and nearly killed me and my friends. I know it sounds crazy… I mean, I’m still trying to process it.”

Kate waved a hand dismissively. “Allison, you’ve seen his house. His entire family died. It must have done some pretty interesting things to his head, don’t you think?” Oh, and that made a lot of sense, right?

“But that wouldn’t turn me into a psychotic killer.” Allison reasoned and Lucy couldn’t agree more.

“You don’t have to be psychotic to be a killer.” Kate told them, her voice holding a whole new meaning that escaped Allison but Lucy understood. She was talking from experience. Except that she was both a killer and psychotic. “You just… need a reason. And even then, sometimes… you can surprise yourself.” The knowing smile that appeared on her face, it made Lucy so mad. Once again, Kate quickly sobered up, though and went back to looking like a normal person and not the psychotic killer that she was.

“So you’re sure it was him?”

“Yes,” Kate answered. “It was him.”

Suddenly, Allison was standing up, looking a tad upset, and gathering her stuff. “Aunt Kate, we gotta go. I’m supposed to be showing Lucy around and we only have a few hours of daylight left.” She smiled nervously at Lucy who took the hint and got up, too. “Ready?”

Lucy nodded and they said their goodbyes to Kate, who stared after Lucy with a funny look on her face, as if she could see something on her that she didn’t like. Well, Kate was the bug that Lucy didn’t like and would be squashed pretty soon.

There really can’t that many places to visit in town, Lucy thought. But she was wrong. Hell, even way back when she visited Beacon Hills there hadn’t been that many interesting places. However, Allison did show her interesting places and even a possible hide out in case of an emergency, not that Allison said it could be. For Allison, the place was just an abandoned building with good ghost stories. Thankfully, though, they managed to avoid the part of town where Lucy knew that a certain person frequented. She wasn’t ready to see Jared just yet. Seeing him involved thinking about Laura, a still raw and painful memory that Lucy wasn’t ready to bring up so soon.

Lucy had grown bored a while ago and she was struggling to keep up with whatever Allison was talking about. Her phone ringing was a blessing. It was just a text.

Meet me at the hospital in fifteen

“What is it?” Allison asked mildly curious.

Lucy quickly deleted the text and offered her an apologetic smile. “Allison, I’m sorry but I have to go. My, uh, friend asked me to meet him somewhere and it’s important.” The girl actually looked disappointed. Wow, she really didn’t want to go back home. Odd. Perhaps there was hope for her after all.

“Well, then could you drop me off at my friend’s house?”

“Sure, where?”

And that’s how Lucy found out where some girl named Lydia lived. But she didn’t linger on it too much, she had bigger problems. Right after dropping Allison off, Lucy ditched her car and ran all the way over to the hospital, which took her about ten minutes. Running was usually therapeutic for her and tonight was no different. It helped clear her mind and just let go, using her senses to find Derek.

She was surprised how easy it was to track him down. There was a particular smell that distinguished Derek from any other wolves she’d ever met. Instead of getting a bit overwhelmed by the ever present smell of earth and trees on him, there was that other smell that appealed to her, some sort of mix between sunshine and rain. It had always been nice.

“You’re late.” Derek deadpanned when she arrived and got into the jeep on the driver’s side.

“Sorry, I was out with Allison.” Then noticing Stiles’ scent she asked, “Where’s your human friend?”

“He’s inside, looking for answers.”

Lucy made a face when it became clear that he was still mad at her. “I’m I going to have to pry everything out of you? We don’t have time for this, Derek.” Usually Derek would either give her the silent treatment or become withdrawn, but that wasn’t an option at the moment. They were at the hospital on business. They would deal with their personal problems later like normal people. But he always did this to her. When he was upset he became withdrawn instead of opening up to her so they could talk. It was one of his worst characteristics.

“There was a text that someone sent Allison telling her to go to the school the night of the attack.” Derek said through gritted teeth. “She thought it was Scott but he didn’t have his phone at the time. We traced the text and it came from Melissa McCall, Scott’s mom’s computer. Stiles is inside looking.”

“I doubt this Melissa would do something like that.” Mothers were fiercely protective of their children.

Derek gave her a ‘duh’ look and took out his ringing phone. He listened to Stiles telling him that he couldn’t find her, then replied, “Ask for Jenifer, she’s been looking after my uncle.” Poor man, Lucy thought with sadness. What happened to him was really horrible and not even his healing powers could help that much if what Derek had told her was true. Lucy really felt bad for him, to be trapped like that after watching his whole family die. As it was, Lucy herself was lucky to be up and about after the fire. The burns she’d suffered hadn’t been nearly as bad as Peter’s but she’d still been out of it for a while.

She could only imagine the horrors that were likely to keep replaying in his mind. Thankfully, Lucy didn’t remember much of that night. After getting Peter out, she’d collapsed, too weak to do anything other than crawl away from the remnants of the Hale house. She hadn’t even been able to mourn her father’s death for a while as her body tried to heal itself and she remained unconscious. The fire had reached her, too and burnt a good portion of her right side. It was enough to send her to the hospital for weeks. Her leg, arm and part of her torso had been so screwed up that every time she looked in the mirror she was still amazed to see it slowly healing.

Unlike, Peter, Lucy was able to make a full recovery pretty soon with a few scars and tons of emotional trauma. Years later, and her body looked much better. Still, she couldn’t help but feel like an ugly piece of bacon who had been left on the damn skillet for too long. Any sort of flame still freaked her out to this day. But she thanked her lucky stars every day for being alive when the Hales and her father had died.

“Yeah, well, he’s not here either.” Stiles replied and Lucy jerked her head to see Derek’s reaction to that.

Derek was staring at her with worry and his heart beat stuttered. “What?”

“He’s not here either,” Stiles repeated, sounding annoyed. “he’s gone, Derek.”

“How the hell is that possible?” Lucy asked him, that man had been comatose for the past six years. He couldn’t just get up and walk. There was something definitely wrong with that picture and Lucy had a sinking feeling in her stomach with the answer that formulated in her head.

"Stiles, get out of there right now!” And Derek seemed to have come to the same conclusion as her. “It’s him, he’s the alpha. Get out!"

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