Children of the Wild

Chapter 4

Derek threw the door open and ran inside the hospital, Lucy on his heels. At first Lucy felt numb, unable to believe Peter was the alpha. If it was true then he'd murdered Laura, his niece. Peter murdered someone in his pack. One of the few left. Why?! Gone was the sympathy she’d felt for the man. How could he have done that?

In seconds, they were inside and facing the alpha after Derek knocked out the nurse that had been probably helping him. Lucy kicked her body off to the side out of spite.

“That’s not nice, she’s my nurse.” Peter said in mock hurt.

“She’s the psychotic bitch helping you kill people,” Derek growled.

Lucy turned to Stiles and told him to get out of the way, which the scared human did without complaining. Right now, the human was better off being as far away from here as possible if he wanted to live. The situation was about to get ugly and she didn't want Stiles to be one of the casualties.

Peter then turned his attention to Lucy, who was standing next to Derek on the narrow hallway with her hands clenched into fists, trying to control herself. She was going to attack, just not yet. First she’d assess the situation, see where her opponent was the weakest, just like her mother had taught her. Lucy was not above fighting dirty.

“Lucy?” He asked, cocking his head to one side as if he couldn’t believe it.

“How could you do it?” Lucy shook with rage. The answer to Laura's murder was staring at them right in the face and they were too blind to see. Too trusting, Imogene's voice whispered in her ear. Laura would have never expected an attack from someone in her family.

“Think I killed Laura on purpose?” Peter sounded indignant as he approached them. “My own family?” Upon closer inspection she started to notice more about the man. One side of his face still remained badly burned much like the skin on her back and part of her arm used to be, contrasting with the rest of his unblemished skin. Those scars were all too familiar. She’d had them herself for a while after the fire and some still remained, staring back at her on the mirror. He’d changed so much. Lucy still remembered him from before the fire, he’d been the handsome, cool uncle that still acted like a child on occasion. A man who would have done anything for his family.

Absolutely anything.

Lucy’s father once told her to never underestimate him. “He’s cunning and will always come out on top no matter what. In my life I’ve only come across people like him a few times, and they’ve always survived when others didn’t.” Ever since, Lucy had kept a close eye on him, but then the fire happened and she’d completely disregarded that advice. Could it be because other than that her father had loved the man like a brother to the point that he died for him? With what little strength he had left, Gabriel got Lucy out of the burning house with Peter. The person standing in front of them wasn’t the same one. This Peter was psychotic and a killer just like Kate. A dark, and twisted version of the old Peter, someone who was extremely dangerous.

Beside her, Derek growled and shifted, his eyes turning electric blue before he attacked Peter using the wall as leverage to launch himself at the other wolf. But that was a mistake. The older wolf grabbed him by the jacket and pushed him against the wall with enough force to put a dent on it. As Stiles scrambled away, Lucy bared her fangs to attack, concerned for Derek who grunted in pain. Nothing could happen to him.

Lucy approached him head on, and even managed to scratch the side of this face that was still badly scarred, but then Peter roared and sent her flying down the hall where her back hit the reception desk with a loud thud. In one quick motion, Lucy got up and crouched down prepared to keep going until the very end.

Peter was now dragging Derek by the neck towards her, talking as if he wasn't fighting his own family. “My mind and personality were literally burned out of me.” He seemed so calm. Underneath that fake calm facade Lucy could feel his anger, it was almost palpable. At this point Lucy didn’t care, she ran at him and kicked him square in the chest, sending him sliding backwards a couple of feet. Derek, thankfully, was released and with her help, he got up.

“Are you alright?”

Derek grunted in response and she took that as a yes.

From the floor, Peter chuckled as he slowly got up. He didn’t seem to have a care in the world. “Well, well. It seems that your father trained you well.” His comment drew a growl from Derek and Lucy, who didn’t want him talking about her father for obvious reasons. Deep down, Lucy had always harbored some bitterness over the fact that Peter got out alive while her father burned inside the house, but she’d never mentioned it. Then Peter had to go ahead and do this, kill his own niece along with a bunch of people and Lucy downright hated him. Her father would have never done something like that. He deserved to live more than Peter.

“Yes he did.” Lucy replied, taking a less defensive stance but remaining alert. “Want to see what else I can do?” To prove her point, Lucy let her true self show. Her eyes flashed silver, her teeth sharpened as her fangs slid out to tear flesh and her jaw ached with the need to clamp it down on Peter’s throat to rip it out. Completely transformed and with all her powers, there was a raw beauty to her that made her seem unearthly and all powerful but he didn’t seem fazed one bit.

Close by, she heard Stiles gasp. Whether it was in fear or awe, Lucy couldn’t worry about it. The important part was that for now the boy was safe.

Feeling a lot more confident, Lucy took on the role of speaker. “How could you kill her, Peter? She was your niece, and all you had left besides Derek. Now, I’m going to kill you.”

Peter just laughed and rolled his eyes, then sobered up and looked at her with pity. “Oh, you’re serious.” Still amused, he once again attempted to get closer to them, stopping a few feet away when Derek growled. The fact that Derek wasn’t trying to kill Peter yet meant that he also wanted to hear the answer. “I told you, I was driven by pure instinct. I would have never killed her otherwise. It was an accident. But you… Oh, Lucy you can’t call me a murderer without biting your tongue.” Oh, that was just a low blow. She’d confided in him and now he rubbed it in?

Despite the fact that Lucy’s hands were far from clean of blood, she had never killed a family member or someone innocent for that matter. Every single person she’d ever killed had deserved it. Laura, on the other hand, hadn’t.

Before Lucy could retaliate, Derek was closing the gap between them and punching Peter on the face hard enough that his head snapped to one side. “She’s nothing like you!” Peter’s answer was to butthead Derek, halting his next attack and kicking him square on the chest like he’d done earlier to Lucy. Derek slid down towards her, ending in a heap on the floor. How was Peter defeating him so easily? Derek was a skilled fighter who trained for years to defend himself and his sister. She had no idea the alpha power could reach this magnitude. Talia never flaunted her power in front of them. Lucy had known she was powerful, but Peter was twisting everything.

So it was her turn to strike back, she decided to use her speed to her favor. Peter must have seen her coming but he was too slow and Lucy grabbed him by the lapel of his leather coat, throwing him against a wall with a lot more strength than he’d done with Derek. Lucy head-butted him, taking pleasure in seeing the smear of blood on the wall behind him.

The blood made her pause a little though. It was from a wolf, quite more powerful than Derek, but it didn’t hold any appeal. For her it was just blood. She wondered what in the hell was with Derek that gave her such high. That pause cost Lucy and she ended up getting slashed with Peter’s claws across her stomach. Lucy let go of him and stumbled backwards. Looking down she saw a river of blood gushing out of her wound. Her red stained hands wouldn't hold her together for long, but hopefully long enough for the healing to kick in. At that rate she wouldn't be of much help anymore.

Peter smiled. “You can’t defeat me, Lucy.” Then his expression sobered up and he turned to see Derek struggling to get up. Lucy and Derek exchanged worried looks. Without letting Peter know how useless she'd be soon, Lucy hoped to convey her hesitation to Derek. She tried to tell him she wouldn't stop no matter what. This time it would be different. They'd stop Peter even if it's the last thing she did. “The two of you have no idea what it was like for me, slowly healing cell by cell. Even worse, coming back to consciousness.”

“You killed Laura!” Lucy reminded him. As much as his words stung, she couldn't let him see that. The scars left by the fire had done more than just leave scars on her flesh. For a long time she hadn’t been able to look at herself in the mirror or let anyone else see her, too vain and prideful to show her still healing scars. Her experience wasn’t as bad as Peter’s, but she'd had Derek, Laura and her mother to support her. Laura.

“Yes,” she didn’t buy the remorse in his voice and from the looks of it, neither did Derek. “Becoming an alpha, taking that from Laura pushed me over the edge in the healing process.”

Derek must have noticed that Lucy needed a little more time. With a nod of his head, he got up and took a swing at Peter, who effortlessly ducked hits twice in quick succession before grabbing Derek’s fist. The sound of bones breaking made Lucy jump in to help, only caring about protecting Derek instead of worrying about her stupid wound that was taking its time to heal when it should have healed a lot sooner.

Derek needed her the most. He was already bloody and his grunt of pain as his knees gave out under him drove Lucy to tackle Peter a second too late as Derek was flung through a window. Peter collapsed against the door and Lucy was relieved when her fingers sank into Peter’s side at the same time her jaws clamped shut around his shoulder. Her sole purpose was to tear and main him. Blood loss had the same effect on any Supernatural as it did on a human. The only way to defeat him was weakening him if they wanted to get out of the fight alive and finish him off. Lucy had severely underestimated Peter's power. Her determination faltered for a few seconds as the taste of his blood flooded her mouth. Unlike Derek's blood, Peter's was unappealing. It lacked substance.

In her weakened state Peter managed to push her off him with little effort and sunk one of his claws deep into the wound he’d made earlier while the other slashed her throat. Blood pooled in Lucy’s mouth and she had to roll her head to one side to cough it up so she wouldn’t choke on it. The pain in her abdomen was excruciating, and for a moment everything went black. Her brain registered nothing but pain and it was then that Lucy realized just how wrong this whole picture was. If Peter was the alpha, then that meant that he’d probably already known about her coming here. Could he have poisoned his claws or something? It sure as hell felt like it.

When Lucy finally came back to consciousness, the place was silent. She tried sitting up, but she was still too weak to do more than roll onto her side. That’s when panic set in. There was only one heartbeat close by and it wasn’t Derek’s. Derek could be dead. If Peter had already killed Laura, nothing would stop him from killing Derek too now that he knew he was the alpha. Peter had to know that Derek would stop at nothing to extract his revenge, and that neither would she. So why was she alive?

“Derek!” Lucy rasped out. Silence. “Derek!” Out of sheer will, Lucy got up and realized that there was no stench of death lingering in the area. Derek was still alive.

As she tried to prop herself up on her elbows she slipped on something wet. Looking down she noticed the pool of blood she'd been lying on. With what little strength she had left, Lucy managed to crawl a few feet then used a nearby wall to get up. Spots danced in her field of vision for a few seconds until she found her footing. Lucy decided to follow the sound of heavy breathing and erratic heartbeat. She limped to the door and opened it, only to find Stiles hiding there, traumatized and scared half to death. Well, at least the human is alive. “I need your help.” She wheezed and he quickly scrambled up to hold her just as the last bit of her strength failed her.

The moment their hands touched Lucy felt that weird buzz from before. By the look on his face, so did he. Wide eyed, Stiles gulped and nodded, shifting his grip on her slippery hands. “What can I do?” The poor boy looked freaked out and his heartbeat was still going strong.

“I need you to take me to my house.” Now that she was more or less better, Lucy could feel Derek was alive and well. One of the lovely side effects of drinking so much blood from him, they formed a bond and she could sense him. It would last only a few days, but it was better than living with the uncertainty of whether or not he was alive.

“Ok, but what about Derek?”

Lucy put an arm around his shoulders to support herself, letting him know that she wanted to leave now. He took the hint and began walking towards the exit. “I don’t know.” Oh, god, just walking was torture. Her legs felt like heavy led. One leg in front of the other, she kept telling herself. “He’s alive, if that’s what you’re asking. But I don’t know where he is. That’s where you and Scott come in.” Her insides felt like they were on fire, she was exhausted and didn’t think she could stand going without blood for much longer.

“What?” Stiles exclaimed, sounding surprised and a little panicked.

“You have to help me find him, Peter could kill him.” And the worst part was that Lucy would feel it. She would know the exact moment it happened and it would hurt like hell. Not because of the temporary bond, but because of the fact that… well, she couldn’t deny having feelings for him even now after what happened between them. Plus, Derek was Laura’s little brother and that instantly made him very important to her. She'd made a promise and planned to keep it. She owed it to Laura to keep him safe when she couldn’t.

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