Children of the Wild

Chapter 5

When they arrived at her house, Lucy instantly caught Peter’s scent nearby. She stopped Stiles from getting any closer. “Take me to your house.” She told him through clenched teeth. They'd die if they went another round with the alpha.

“You can’t go to my house!” Stiles protested. The way he was gripping the steering wheel, so hard that his knuckles were white, plus his still erratic beating heart was evidence that he was freaked out of his mind. “My dad will be there, and he won’t be exactly happy.”

Lucy glared at him, “Right now I’m your only hope to defeat the alpha and I can’t do that if I’m dead. So, yeah, take me to your house.”

Stiles rolled his shoulders and took a deep breath. “This whole déjà vu thing is getting on my nerves. Is there any chance that any of you could be nice for once? Honestly!” She just kept glaring, “Fine, I’ll take you to my house.”

Lucy relaxed a little. “Good.” She didn’t like feeling this weak and after the hit to her ego things weren’t going that well with her. “Wait, we need to get Scott. Where is he?”

“Scott?” Stiles said in disbelief. “Oh, God, Scott! The alpha might go after him.” He made a U-turn and went back to the school, much to her relief.

When they got there, Stiles bolted out of the car in search for his friend before Lucy could tell him that there was no more danger. The strange part was that not only was Peter’s scent lingering but Derek’s, too. Why would the alpha haul Derek around? It didn’t make any sense. Derek wouldn’t take too kindly to being treated like rag doll. What was going on? Lucy was still wondering about that when Stiles came back out followed by Scott. Both of them seemed worried, but Scott more so.

“Derek is on Peter’s side.” Scott told her as soon as he was in.

“You’re crazy,” Was the first thing that Lucy thought about saying. “Derek would never do that.”

Scott scoffed. “Derek was here, Lucy, and he just stood there while the alpha threatened to kill people. I’d say he’s definitely on his side.”

Lucy paid attention to this heartbeat trying to determine if he was lying. No blips or anything. He was telling the truth. Or at least what he thought was the truth. Knowing Derek, he was probably pretending to be on Peter’s side. He had to. Surely he wouldn’t forgive him so easily. The son of a bitch killed Laura, his sister! “He can’t be, dammit! Derek isn’t so easily persuaded.” If anyone knew how to hold a grudge, it was him.

“Oh, but that’s not it.” Stiles said, “Tell her the rest, Scott.”


“Peter sunk his claws into my neck and I saw… things.”

“Things? What type of things?” Lucy was not in the mood for suspense.

Scott gave her an odd look. “I saw the fire through his eyes. And I saw you. You saved him.” Scott said slowly with a faraway look on his face and Lucy froze. Then he shook his head as if to get rid of the horrible memories and went on. “The people he killed? They weren’t random. They all had something to do with the fire and Peter’s now hunting them down one by one and they wanted me to join.”

Lucy leaned forward on her seat and grasped Scott’s arm. “Did you see him… kill Laura?” Despite all the incriminating evidence Lucy still held a small hope that somehow Peter was lying about killing Laura. She had to be sure that it was him.

Scott shook her off and nodded. “Yes. It was an accident, though. Just like he said.” Oh, so Stiles had filled him in.

Numbness spread through her body and suddenly Lucy felt overwhelmed by everything. Derek was an idiot. Peter was the freaking alpha and the worst part was that Lucy still had no closure on Laura’s death. Perhaps she would never have it even if Peter died. Because at the end of the day, Laura’s death had been nothing but a fluke and it could have been prevented. If only she’d let Lucy help her. Lucy would have given her life for Laura in an instant. Why didn’t Lucy insist on coming with her?

“I’m an alpha, Lucy.” Laura had told her the day she left. She was unsmiling and grim but confident that this time something would turn up. There were leads, solid leads that could be used and she was optimistic. “There’s not much out there that could hurt me.”

“I know, Laura. You’re the Big Bad Wolf of the story.” That lame joke barely got a reaction out of Laura. At the moment Lucy couldn’t think past the fact that once, a billion years ago, her friend would have at least smiled and/or rolled her eyes at her. Emotionless Laura wasn't something she'd gotten used to yet. “Still, I can help you. C’mon, what if you get in trouble?”

Laura’s eyes flashed red for a few seconds, then she blinked and gave her an expectant look. “I’ll be fine.” She turned back around to finish packing, and let out a tired sigh. “If I get in trouble, I’ll call you. Promise.”

And that’s how Lucy finally gave up. The thought of her friend getting hurt, really hurt, hadn’t occurred to her. As an alpha werewolf, Laura was very strong and powerful. She was smart and cautious, always thinking things through and coming up with a plan. Unlike Derek, Laura never went into a situation blind, she was the least likely that Lucy needed to worry about and the last thing she’d wanted to do was push Laura. For quite a while now, their friendship had been deteriorating to the point that they barely talked. They lived together so they saw each other on a daily basis and had conversations about every day topics, but they never really talked to each other. Laura had closed off on her, barely talked about her personal life and kept a lot of secrets ever since she found evidence about the not so accidental fire where her family died. She was constantly coming home late and lying about her whereabouts. Lucy didn't believe it at first and Laura didn't really give her much to go on either. All the secrets started with whoever gave her the lead and Laura refused to share anything with Lucy.

None of them ever talked about it, but Derek’s abandonment really hurt them. As soon as Laura rolled back in town, Houston at the time, Derek suddenly turned sour and left Lucy. Their nice and calm life that they’d built together for a few years was destroyed. Lucy was left with a broken heart and no best friend. As hurt and angry as she’d been at Laura for pulling away without an explanation, she shouldn’t have let her go. But Laura could be very persuasive and Lucy wished her friend hadn’t gotten killed. Lately, she just felt so… lonely.

Lucy slept all morning and woke up at six in the afternoon, feeling a lot better but still weak. The blood loss from the night before was beginning to make her feel hungry, too, though she could function. For now. “Stiles, what are you doing?” She asked.

Stiles jumped on his seat in front of the computer and sighed when he saw her sitting up on his bed. “I’m waiting for you to wake up, of course. Is it normal for you to sleep this much?” The tone of concern in his voice was a nice change. A lot more than she expected from him, that’s for sure.

“It’s normal.” She gingerly got up from the bed and stretched, noticing that her abdomen was completely healed when her top rode up to reveal pale, unblemished skin. Her shirt, though, was completely ruined. “Now, where’s Scott? We need to go looking for Peter and Derek.”

“Scott is out looking for Allison.” Was it just her or was he trying extra hard to keep his eyes locked with hers? He was definitely nervous.

Lucy nodded. “When is he back? We can’t keep wasting time.”

“He’s not coming back, Lucy. He’s going home after that. I do have news for you, though.” Lucy sat back down and waited for him to speak. “The Argents think that Jackson, one of my classmates, is the other beta they’ve been looking for.”

“So he’s not a werewolf?”

Stiles shook his head. “He wishes. Somehow he found out and threatened Scott to rat him out if he didn’t become one, too. But we have that one under control.”

That was a huge weight off her shoulders. “Great, one less thing to worry about.” Even though Lucy was feeling better, her powers weren’t completely back, yet. She was weakened, not only by the loss of blood but also by daylight. Her limbs felt heavy and sore, a pounding headache made her a little nauseous and difficult for her eyes to adjust. It felt like someone was digging into her eyes with a rusty butter knife. With every breath she took, Lucy felt like she instantly needed three more just to be able to stay awake. She needed blood, her iron levels were probably dragging through the floor by now. The taste of Derek’s blood came to mind, flaring the hunger deep in her belly for that tangy, metallic taste with a touch of magic. She licked her chapped lips, imagining how pleasant and welcomed his blood would be right about now. It just tasted so good.

“Uh, Lucy?”

Lucy snapped out of it, turning back to Stiles. “What?” In the blink of an eye, her features went back to normal from bright silvery eyes and elongated fangs to normal 20 something year old girl with black hair and blue eyes.

Stiles gestured to her eyes. “Your eyes… they were… silver.”

Well, crap. How nice to have Stiles witness her bloodlust. “It’s nothing. Could we please just go already?” People tended to freak out when she explained her hunger for blood. They didn’t understand that it wasn’t so much about the hunger as the actual need for the nutrients that the blood gave her. Without blood she would die. Her heart, the center of all her magic and power, would not support her anymore and she would slowly whither up. Not a pretty picture.

“I’m trying to tell you that we can’t do anything else today.” Stiles pushed himself away from the computer and let out a sigh. “We’re going to have to wait until tomorrow, alright?” It actually pained him to say those words, it seemed. He had a look on his face, soft and full of understanding, yet determined to deter her.

Lucy contemplated kicking his ass but decided against it. He was right, to a certain extent. “I’m going back to my house, then.” She said through gritted teeth, barely holding it together. As much as she wanted to just let go and have a meltdown to get it out of the way, being that vulnerable in front of a virtual stranger wasn’t at the top of her list. There was no point to it, either. Crying and screaming wasn’t going to solve anything. At this point she needed to get out of there before Stiles became her next meal. The longer she was in his room surrounded by that sweet scent of magic the more Lucy wanted to have a taste.

Before she could jump out the window like she’d planned, Stiles got a hold of her arm. It wasn’t a bruising grip, but rather gentle, pretty much just like the look in his eyes with a little awkwardness. “Wait,” whatever it was, Stiles was embarrassed about it.

With raised eyebrows, Lucy patiently waited for him to continue, making a “go on” gesture with her other hand. Time was of the essence.

“You should change into something else.”

It dawned on her then, she was still wearing yesterday’s clothes. They were bloody and torn, not at all presentable. Lucy was so tired that she couldn’t even muster up the strength to feel bad about it. But he was right. Walking around looking like the walking dead would draw unwanted attention. She accepted the T shirt he offered her and even asked for one of his plaid shirts, too. A short sleeved shirt wouldn’t completely hide the scars on her arm and the last thing she wanted was to show them to the world. He seemed to understand, probably because he’d caught a glimpse of them through her torn clothes.

Surprisingly, she didn’t really mind him seeing them. At least he hadn’t commented or asked about them. They shared a nod of understanding and just like that, she jumped out of the window, landing gracefully without looking back. The smell of scotch and gun powder reached her nose, which made her pause. She knew that scent, it was a combination of smells that usually lingered around Mr. Stilinski. A small smile pulled at her lips at the thought of the kind officer who had opened his home to Laura and Derek after the fire. He hadn’t asked for anything in return, just given Laura a place to stay for a while so she could get back on her feet. Lucy didn’t recall much from that time, she’d been hospitalized in the Crispy Critters ward, but Laura had never forgotten his kindness. She often spoke of one day coming back to thank him and repay him however she could.

“Call me John,” he’d told her when he visited her once, the wrinkles around his eyes becoming prominent as he smiled with warmth that at the time had cut deep into Lucy. The warmth and love in his face had reminded her too much of her deceased father even though Gabriel hadn’t looked as old as John.

Regardless of how little her father had resembled John Stilinski, Lucy had seen her father in him. They both shared that parental expression and undying love for their children. Lucy felt silly for not having remembered Stiles before. But who could blame her, she’d been a little preoccupied trying to heal from the burns caused by the fire. Until now she hadn’t made the connection between teenage Stiles and that sweet young kid she’d met years ago. At that moment Lucy vowed to protect Stiles at all costs. She owed the sheriff that much for Laura’s sake.

Lately, I'm making too many promises, she thought grimly.

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