Children of the Wild

Chapter 7

Lucy was following Kate trying to find something she could use against the hunter when she noticed where they were heading. She wondered who Kate was looking for at school. Not her niece. It raised her suspicions. Shortly after, Derek arrived and left with that Jackson kid and Lucy knew her intentions. Derek, too, seemed to have gone off his rocket. The idiot was making promises he couldn’t keep to Jackson. Whatever game Derek was playing, it wouldn’t be a pretty one. And wherever Peter was, Lucy knew that one way or another there would be more blood spilled. To prevent Derek from getting hurt, Lucy followed Kate to the Hale house. There were more hunters with Kate, of course and when they opened fire to the house, Lucy was ready. She leapt from the shadows and took down one of the hunters with one single blow to the back of his head then retreated to avoid getting shot.

Inside the house, Derek was talking to Scott and Lucy could have killed that young wolf for his stupidity. She watched with contempt as the Jackson kid ran out the back door like a coward, crying like a little girl.

“What the hell is going on?” Lucy heard Kate yell over the sound of the bullets. “Is there another one?”

Lucy chose that moment to make herself visible and walked closer to where Kate would see her. “Looking for me?”

Color drained from Kate’s face. “You…?

Lucy smiled and shrugged. “Yeah, me.”

The bullets hadn’t stopped and a moment later Derek came out of the house, snarling and very pissed off. Three hunters went after him while Kate remained behind with Lucy, a nasty smile curving her lips. “I knew you couldn’t be human.” Kate said, advancing on Lucy without any fear.

“Really?” Lucy replied but her attention was on Derek who was, thankfully, holding his own end without much trouble then turned to Kate. “You must be psychic then.”

Kate shrugged. “Maybe. But you’re still not human… or werewolf. So, what are you?”

Lucy bared her fangs with a cruel smile. “Your reaper.” And then she attacked.

Surprisingly, Kate was able to dodge her attack, keeping her at arm's length. Lucy whirled around and came face to face with Kate holding a gun pointed at her chest. “Are you kidding me?” A bullet wouldn’t kill her. It would hurt and annoy the hell out of her, but not kill her.

Kate cocked her head to one side and nodded, throwing the gun to the side. “You’re right, I can do better than this.” Suddenly, a howl of pain pierced the air and Lucy jerked her head to the direction where it came from. It was Derek, he was being surrounded by the hunters, a cloud of wolfsbane enveloping his body. He couldn’t move with all the arrows stuck to his thighs. A third arrow suddenly pierced his abdomen and that’s when Lucy lost it.

Turning back to Kate, Lucy intended to kill her but the she was gone. “Looking for me?” Now she was holding a crossbow. Lucy didn’t think it made any difference. That wasn’t going to do much either.

Lucy snarled and ran to her at inhuman speed, but stopped short within a few feet when an arrow hit her square in the chest and she instantly knew why Kate had been so confident. It was a silver tipped arrow. Lucy dropped to her knees in pain. She tried to get the arrow out before the poison spread but it was useless, her strength was already fading and soon Lucy was writhing on the floor, incapable of doing anything to help Derek.

“Oh, so you are a vampire?” Kate said as she hovered above Lucy. “I wasn’t so sure but I’m glad you are.” She let out a laugh and kept on talking as if they were pals just having a nice chat at the park. “Otherwise, you could’ve killed me and for that....” With one hand, she pushed the arrow deeper into her chest. Lucy was only capable of a silent scream.

“Ready, Kate!”

“Bag and tag ‘em, boys!”

That was the last thing Lucy heard before blacking out from the pain.

Waking up to silver poisoning was not fun at all. It felt as if there was fire running through her veins, weakening her. She had a killer headache and the gaping wound in the middle of her chest was bleeding, leaving a dark trail down her chest. Instead of red like the rest of the human and werewolf population, her blood was darker and thicker, nearly black.

Another ruined shirt and new wound when she’d just recuperated from Peter’s claws. Except that this was worse. If exposed to enough silver, Lucy could die.

“Lucy, are you alright?” Derek’s voice came from somewhere to her right but Lucy didn’t even have enough strength to lift her head. “Dammit, answer me!”

“Fuck you.” Lucy murmured but she knew he’d heard her when he let out a sigh of relief.

“What in the hell were you doing at my house, you moron?” Now that she thought about it, Derek’s voice sounded deeper and harsher, which meant he’d probably shifted.

Lucy finally mustered the strength to loll her head backwards and lean against the bars holding her up, in pretty much the same fashion as Derek. In the dark, Lucy could still see perfectly fine, spotting Derek a couple of feet to her right. He was back to human form. Some device sat on a table near him, wires were taped to his sides with gauze. The smell of burned flesh reached her nostrils and Lucy realized what that was for and why Derek was shifting back and forth from human to werewolf. Now she was so going to kill Kate.


Ignoring Derek, she tried pulling her arms down to break the bonds but hissed when the silver only burned her more as her abraded skin was jostled. The stench of burnt flesh wasn’t entirely Derek’s. One glance at her wrists and Lucy growled, they were definitely burned. Angry burns marred her skin where the bonds touched her. The raised skin around the bonds seemed to curl outwards trying to stay away from the damaging silver. Dark tracks of blood ran down the length of her arms, a striking contrast to her otherwise pale skin.

Derek growled low in his throat and Lucy turned to look at him, annoyed. “What do you want from me, Derek? Haven’t I done enough? I’m here strung up like a piece of meat being as miserable as possible, leave me alone.”

“I was trying to save your life!”

“What?” Chains rattled and Derek grunted, though it was more like a whimper and she didn’t blame him. She hurt, too.

“Peter said he would kill you if I didn’t get rid of Jackson, so I was saving your life. You’re welcome, by the way.”

Lucy scoffed. “Peter won’t lay another hand on me ever again.” Next time she wouldn’t fall for the old nightshade trick. Instead, she’d break his neck and rip his head right off.

“Oh, but a hunter just did.” Derek replied sarcastically.

“I’m going to be fine.” Lucy snarled at him and resumed her task of trying to break the chains. They just made a lot of noise and burned deeper into her wrists rather than break. Of course, they were made of silver. But at least she tried.

“No, you won’t!” Derek yelled in desperation. “I know a lot of things about your kind, Lucy. You’re as allergic to silver as I am to wolfsbane. It’s slowly killing you.”

She was surprised that he’d even bothered to learn anything about Vampires. But she didn't put it past him. Derek had always been particularly curious since he was a child. As the years went by, he became a history buff and his favorite subject used to be other supernaturals. Still, he sounded almost scared for her and he was right. The silver was slowly poisoning her and it would kill her soon. Sooner than they might think judging by how far along the venom seemed to have spread throughout her body. She could feel it eating away at her. “I’m not acting tough, Derek and I admit it that it hurts. But this is your fault! Why in the hell would you go with Peter? And don’t give me that crap about him killing me.”

Derek sighed and turned to look at her. His blue eyes shone like two sapphires in the dark and Lucy had to admit that having him here made her feel a little better. Less lonely, even if he, too, was chained. His company just helped her focus on something other than the pain and exhaustion. “This is my fault.” He admitted with defeat in his voice then looked away. “I’m sorry, Lucy. I never should have called you for help. I only got you hurt and now possibly killed. I’m sorry.”

Lucy didn’t want his apologies, she just wanted the truth. “Don’t apologize! Tell me what Peter said.”

“Fine! The killings aren’t random. Peter killed them because they were somehow connected to the fire where my family and your father died.” His breathing was labored and he sounded a little hysterical as he explained everything, but there was still some bite in his words. “While I don’t usually endorse murder, I couldn’t help but feel a little satisfaction.”

“What about Laura?” Lucy murmured. To a certain extent, Derek was right. She also didn’t usually approve of revenge but this one hit too close to home. Call her a hypocrite but it did feel good to know that those responsible for her father’s death had paid. Not to mention the trauma that she still had to work through sometimes. After being trapped in the house she never saw fire the same way again. “Peter did kill her for no reason other than his thirst for revenge and power.”

Derek was silent for a moment. “It was an accident.” He deadpanned when he finally shifted back to human.

Lucy shook her head and clenched her hands into fists. “Not true, Derek. I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. That bastard killed Laura on purpose.” Could he still be reasoned with or was he too far gone?

“No. It was an accident. Things like that happen.” But even as he said it, doubt had crept into his voice and that was all she needed. A little doubt, she could work with that.

“That’s bullshit, we both know it.”

Suddenly the metal door opened and Kate Argent came in with a smirk on her face. The pleasure of seeing both of them chained and, in her case, dying, written all over her face. “Well, well, well. Look what I dragged in.” Derek snarled but she ignored it, her attention solely focused on Lucy. “And you, I’m glad you’re awake.”

Kate walked over to the wall and turned on a big lamp, pointing it at her and Derek. Still smiling, she casually strode over to a wooden table where the device that Lucy had noticed earlier was placed on. She rummaged through Derek’s stuff and took out his wallet.

“Now, let’s get down to business, shall we?” She took out money and Derek’s ID. “So, Derek, where’s the alpha?”

“Go to hell, bitch.” Derek told her.

Kate just laughed and shook her head disapprovingly. “C’mon, Derek! He killed your sister, so why are you protecting him? Or do you want to have the pleasure of sinking your teeth and claws into him?” with Derek’s ID in her hand, she walked up to him and grabbed his chin, bringing the ID up to his face. “Look at that sour face.” She chuckled. “I bet you always have people coming up to you saying, ‘smile Derek. Why don’t you smile more?’”

Lucy didn’t like the way she was taunting him. “Let go of him!” That got her attention and Kate turned to her with her own sour look.

“You know, I never liked vampires.” Lucy stared down at Kate, hoping that the bitch would meet her gaze so she could try to work her magic on her, but she seemed to know better. “You’re always so… annoying. However, I do wonder what you’re doing with a werewolf. Are you his little whore?” Lucy snarled at her for even suggesting it and the bitch laughed. “But I gotta give it to ya, it is quite easy to kill you people.” From her jacket pocket she took out a syringe filled with an almost clear liquid but with a lavender tint to it. As Kate approached, Lucy got a whiff of it and it burned her nostrils. Knowing that it was nightshade Lucy instinctively recoiled from it.

“You touch her Kate and I will kill you.” Derek’s threat fell on deaf ears. Kate still advanced on her and plunged the syringe into Lucy’s chest, injecting her with half of it before taking it out.

Lucy screamed in pain, both from being stabbed and the nightshade entering her bloodstream. In small doses it wouldn’t have hurt but to have it injected directly… it was almost as bad as silver. She almost blacked out. Derek’s protests sounded far away to Lucy as she struggled to stay conscious.

“Stop torturing her!” Derek was yelling. “She has nothing to do with this.”

“Oh, but she does, Derek.” Lucy barely noticed as Kate grabbed her by the chin and turned her head to face Derek. “You see those ugly marks on her face? The veins? That means that she doesn’t have much time anymore. The silver has spread throughout her body and the nightshade was just the icing on the cake. If she doesn’t get detoxed in the… uh, let’s say twenty-four hours, she’ll die.” She let go of Lucy and her head hung there limply. “So how about you tell me about the alpha before she runs put of time?"

Derek’s rapid breathing reached Lucy’s ears and she wanted to reassure him but she could barely keep herself breathing. “I don’t know where he is. It’s not like he has a permanent address.”

Kate nodded as if she understood and went through his phone’s contacts and messages. “You have nothing here. God, I hate playing detective. It’s not fun.”

“Let her go, Kate, and I won’t kill you when I get out of here.”

“Uh, interesting proposition but not buying it.”

“Let her go!”

Kate laughed and approached him. “Remember all the fun we had together?”

“The time you burned my family alive?” Derek snapped.

“No, I was thinking more about the…” she placed her hands on his hips suggestively. “hot, crazy sex we had. But the fire? That was fun too.” She laughed when Derek attempted to lunge at her, which only brought their faces closer. “I love how much you hate me. Remember how this felt?” Kate ran her tongue up his torso like it was candy with a look of sociopathic bliss on her face.

Enraged, Derek snarled and struggled to get free, which only amused her even more. “Oh, c’mon, Derek! Don’t be like that.” She stepped back and just stood there, staring at him with a weird look on her face. For a few moments she said nothing, and Derek was beginning to worry about any other idiotic ideas she could come up with. “You know, our time together was fun for me. Although, I didbleave with an interesting surprise of yours.”

The way she said it, it made Derek shiver and he turned his head to the side so he wouldn’t have to look at her. He wished he could tune her out, cover his ears, anything. The last thing he wanted was to hear any more inappropriate comments about what they did. Her touch disgusted him. It made him feel dirty and ashamed. But mostly, he was reminded of what an idiotic little boy he’d been to have fallen for her cruel game and his chest ached with the beginnings of what he assumed had to be a panic attack. Just thinking about how he was completely at her mercy made his stomach churn and his blood boil with rage.

“Shut up!”

Kate laughed at him when he recoiled from her touch and he hated himself for it. “Hmm, sweetheart, I really don’t want to hurt you.” She turned around and another man came in, popping his knuckles. “But he does.”

Derek endured the torture and hoped that one of the morons figured out his plan to be tracked down with Scott’s phone. Nowadays phones had GPS if he wasn’t mistaken so the faster those two figured it out, the faster he could get Lucy some help. While his knowledge about vampires was better than others, it didn’t include how to save a poisoned vampire from dying. But he would worry about that later.

“Unfortunately, Derek, if you’re not gonna talk then I’m just gonna have to kill you.” Oh, and she sounded so remorseful about it. He was tired of her games and wanted nothing more than to rip her apart. She was slowly killing Lucy, who hadn’t woken up since the night before and her veins were visible almost everywhere now. She had only a few hours left before her time was up. “So, say hi to your sister for me.” When she reached for the control of the machine that had been constantly electrocuting him, Derek just braced himself for the discharge but nothing happened. “You didn’t tell her about me, did you? The truth about the fire?”

It was like another charge of electricity went through him at the mention of what he’d done before and he raised his head to glare at Kate. God, if he could, he would kill her now. All the hatred burning inside of him, plus the remorse and sorrow that had plagued him for the past six years were just bubbling up inside of him.

Kate bit into his silence and straightened up with a smirk on her face. “Or did you?” she gasped in mock surprise. “Did you tell anybody?” she glanced at Lucy briefly. “Not even her?”

Ashamed, Derek looked down, refusing to look at her in the eyes. He was grateful that Lucy was unconscious. This way she wouldn’t hate him, too.

“Oh, sweetie, that’s just a lot of guilt to keep buried. But don’t worry, Lucy can’t judge you. It’s not like she’s innocent either.”

Derek jerked his head to one side when he heard Lucy groan. “What the fuck are you talking about, Argent?” Oh, no. Derek’s heart sank at the sound of Lucy’s voice.

“Derek, what…” A coughing fit interrupted her question and blood dripped down her chin. Lucy raised her eyes and met his in a silent question. “What is she talking about?” her voice came out weak and raspy, but her gaze remained steady.

Kate let out a laugh and clapped, enjoying the show.

“I’ll be damned, Derek. What a liar you are. Lucy here didn’t know that it was your fault your entire family died.”

“It wasn’t his fault!” Lucy snarled at her, fangs out. “Derek couldn’t have done anything to save them.” In that case it had been her fault for not being strong enough to save anyone but Peter and herself. If she hadn’t been so scared and lost, then maybe she could have done more for the Hales and her father. But from what little she remembered, everything had happened so fast...

Kate shook her head. “Oh, but it was.” She said tauntingly, then turned to Derek with a predatory smile. “It’s not all your fault, though. You got tricked by a pretty face. It happens. Handsome young werewolf mistakenly falls in love with a super-hot girl who comes from a family that kills werewolves. Is that ironic?” That directed at Lucy, who just stared at Derek in shock, trying to catch his eye and see the truth. Derek’s heart was beating faster than normal and sweat had pooled on his forehead. But the dead giveaway was the fact that he wouldn’t meet her eyes. “Is it ironic that you are inadvertently helping me track the rest of the pack again? Or just a little bit of history repeating itself?”

Lucy couldn’t believe what Kate was saying. It had to be a lie. Derek would have never done anything to endanger his family. But it made sense. Back then Derek had had a secret lover, a girl that he never spoke of to his family but that seemed to make him happy. Lucy and Laura had teased him about it many times, yet he still never even gave them a name. And even if it was true and that girl was Kate, had he known that she was an Argent? A hunter?

“Did you know who she was?” Lucy demanded, lunging forward only to hang there as the silver burned even more into her wrists. She winced in pain but she also needed to know the truth. Had he known that she was a hunter? “Derek!”

Kate threw her head back and laughed, “He didn't know what he didn't want to see. Because he was…” her hands trailed up and down his torso. “So in love. So stupid.” Derek shifted and growled, struggling to get free but nothing happened. It only served to amuse Kate and enrage Lucy.

How could he have been so stupid? How in the hell did he allow himself to trust an Argent? A freaking hunter? The Hales would still be alive, and so would her father.

Derek suddenly turned to look at Lucy with such regret and pain in his eyes, asking for understanding and forgiveness, but Lucy couldn’t even move anymore. The poison in her veins had reached an all consuming level. All this time she’d ignored the churning of her stomach and spasms raking her body, making her want to curl in on herself, but she couldn’t do that anymore.

Now it was too much. Letting out a cry of pain, she looked away and tried to hold the bile rising up in her throat. In the distance, Derek was growling and threatening Kate again, who was pointedly ignoring him as she murmured something about history repeating itself and finally murmured something about Scott.

“It’s Scott, isn’t it? He’s the one in love with Allison.” Kate realized.

“Kate,” Derek was forcing the words out, desperation was making him lose control and he needed a clear head right now. Before Lucy died. “Please! Just let her go!”

“She’s already dead. Nothing can save her now.”

And just like that, Derek knew he was definitely going to kill Kate Argent. Not just for killing his entire family, but also for Lucy if she died. Nothing would matter after that, he’d already have what he craved for. Let the hunters come after him. They'd pay, too. Those murderous bigots would finally get what they deserved.

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