Children of the Wild

Chapter 8

Stiles stared down at Lydia’s still form, taking solace in the fact that she was at least still breathing, but there was so much blood. Just so much. It was a miracle that she was even alive. But would that even matter? Lydia was one of them now, a wolf. Who knew what the girl would do once she found out. Even worse, what the Argents would do. This change just put her in the line of fire and Stiles couldn’t protect her. His only hope was either Scott or Derek, but the latter was probably dead by now. And Lucy… who knew where she’d gone off to.

“No, I’m not just letting you leave her here.” He told Peter, hoping that the alpha would listen. The least he could do now was at least make sure she made it through.

Peter paused cleaning up the blood from his fingers and glared down at Stiles. “You don’t have a choice Stiles, you’re coming with me.” Just like that, no room for discussion or anything. The alpha just expected him to leave his friend bleeding on the field.

“Just kill me now. Look, I don’t care anymore.” Next thing he knew, the alpha was holding him up, his claws digging below his chin painfully without breaking the skin. Their faces were inches from each other and Stiles could have sworn he could smell the blood in his breath. Lydia’s blood.

Stiles was very afraid, but he’d lying when he said that he didn’t care if he lived or died. He cared immensely for what it would to his dad if he died. The death of Claudia, his mom, took a lot out of the Sheriff. Losing Stiles would be even worse for the Sheriff. Stiles was all he had left. He closed his eyes and waited for the imminent blow, which never came. The claws let go of him and then it was just him and Peter, looking impatient. “Call your friend.” Peter told him. “Tell Jackson where she is and tell him to get her.” Relieved, Stiles did as told.

Well, at least no one was dying. Yet. After calling Jackson, Stiles followed Peter, knowing that at least Lydia would be alright. She had to be. Stiles did everything he was told. When Peter told him to get in the car and drive, he did it. Inside, he was dying a little bit, hating himself for what happened to Lydia.

“Don’t feel bad.” Peter broke the silence and Stiles contemplated punching him in the face, but that would be stupid. “She’ll live and become a werewolf.” That almost made him snort. As if that was the best thing in the world. “She’ll be incredibly powerful.”

“Yeah, and once a month she’ll be out of her freaking mind and try to tear me apart.”

“Well, actually considering that she’s a woman… twice a month.” In other circumstances that would have made Stiles laugh, it was pretty funny, but now wasn’t the time and he wasn’t in the mood. That bastard was making jokes when Lydia was half torn up. The only thing he could do was stare at him in disbelief.

If Allison hadn’t seen Scott transform into a… a… wolf—oh, god, a freaking wolf! It was impossible to imagine sweet, handsome Scott as a wolf—a monster—who killed people just for fun. But she’d seen it and wasn’t like she could deny it anymore that she could deny having seen Derek Hale in the basement with fangs and all furry. Just like a wolf. The only difference was the eyes. Scott’s glowed yellow while Derek’s were blue. And Lucy… she’d been there, too, hanging from silver cuffs next to Derek. Kate had said she was a freaking vampire.

“I’m not sure how long you’ll be.” Allison blinked and looked at her mother, shock written all over her face. So far she hadn’t had a breakdown, but it wouldn’t be long now. “You want anything specific?” Her mom continued to rummage through her closet and picked out a red shirt, which she placed on top of her dresser before looking back at Allison when there was no answer to her question. “Sweetheart?”

“I just saw my boyfriend turn into a werewolf, and a girl I thought could be my friend turned out to be a vampire.” Allison stated quietly. Numbly. Was her mom really expecting her to worry about what to wear to a place that she didn’t even want to go? Clothes were the least of worries in her long list.

Her mom chuckled. “Fine, I’ll grab some things myself.” And she went back to picking out clothes as if this was normal.

Unbelievable. How could she be so nonchalant about things when Allison was afraid and panicked? When Allison’s phone rang, she made a dash for it but her mom beat her to it. After looking at it for a moment, Victoria just declined the call and placed the phone on the corner of the dresser closest to her in a silent command not to touch it.

Disappointed, Allison just sat back. “Was it… Scott?” She asked in a small voice. Part of her wanted him to call her to tell her that it was just some sort of sick joke, that he was the normal teenage boy she fell for.

“No, somebody named Jackson.”

Oh. Next, she asked the question that had been nagging at her for most of the time since she found out about Scott being a werewolf. Allison hoped that he wouldn’t end up getting tortured like Derek. She wouldn’t be able to stand that. “What are you going to do to him?”

Victoria didn’t even turn around, she just kept methodically folding Allison’s clothes like this was just a vacation or something. “That depends. We have a sort of moral code we follow, especially one that young.”

“Scott didn’t kill anybody, he couldn’t—"

“It’s all part of a longer conversation.”

That didn’t reassure Allison at all. Scott could still end up in her basement screaming while someone tortured him when in reality he was innocent. He had to be. “I wanna know now, right now!”

Her mom suddenly turned around, making Allison jump a little. Victoria Argent was strict and severe on a daily basis, a woman who rarely showed much affection but Allison had never felt unloved or scared in her mother's presence. The look on her face at the moment, fiercely angered and threatening gave Allison pause. “What you want right now doesn’t matter! What you need is to stay quiet. ” Allison lowered her gaze to avoid her mother's blazing eyes, holding back angry tears and just listened as her mother kept lecturing her. She wondered what was happening. How could everything have gone so wrong? “You’re catching a glimpse of something you are not quite ready to see and there are others outside of this family who are not ready for you to see it.”

Oh, as if that explained everything! Allison wanted to yell and kick. It didn’t even make sense. Why did it have to matter what others wanted or thought? It was Scott’s life on the line right here! Seeing Derek and… that girl, Lucy, strung up there had traumatized Allison. According to Kate she was a vampire, just another monster that they had to worry about. But she’d also seemed normal. All of them did. So what if her family and the rest of the hunters were wrong about them? The only one that seemed to deserve to be punished was that alpha that killed people. Not Scott, Derek or that girl. She hadn’t seemed like a threat. But Kate had said that her kind was even more dangerous than werewolves. They didn't answer to the moon the same way a werewolf did, it was easier for them to blend in with society and even harder to track down. You didn’t see them coming until it was too late. All a hunter had to go on when tracking a vampire was a trail of bodies drained of blood. At first she hadn’t believed it, but then Kate had shown her the fangs and the burns from the silver, leaving no room to argue.

“Staying quiet is the best protection,” Victoria explained, her voice less harsh. “You understand?” Allison didn’t agree with it but she nodded to appease her mother. “Say it!” her mother suddenly commanded and Allison took a step back.

“I understand.” She quickly replied.

Her mom's smile was more familiar now. “That’s my girl. Now grab a few warm coats, it’ll probably be cold up there.”

Allison mindlessly picked out clothes from the closet as she let her mind wonder. For years she did everything her parents asked of her without question. Time to move because her dad had another job? No problem. It was difficult for her but she dealt with it. She managed. Over time she got used to all the moving around and came to terms with a lonely and friendless high school existence. She would always being the new girl who never stayed long.

Realizing that every time they moved was to hunt someone-something-shattered her whole world. Her life was all a lie. The foundation of everything she believed in crashed down like a house of cards. A whole new world lay in front of her. It was scary and ugly. Allison wanted no part of it. She couldn’t get the image of Scott as a wolf out of her head. Or Lucy's decimated body. As she was changing, Allison thought she saw a pair of bright blue eyes watching her from the window and she let out a gasp, only to turn around and see that it was nothing.Walking down the stairs Allison could almost see herself with Scott by the door kissing, a memory from the other night after that disastrous dinner with her family.

It was horrible, to have to carry all that.

Stiles parked and followed, or was rather dragged by the alpha to another car. “Who’s car is this?”

“It belonged to my nurse.” Peter replied shamelessly.

“What happened to your nurse?” A moment later he regretted even asking when he saw the body of said psychotic nurse stashed in the trunk. Stiles recoiled from it when the smell of her rotting corpse reached his nostrils and was quite grateful for not having heightened smell like the wolf. Otherwise he would have lost his food. “Oh my god!”

Peter wasn’t even fazed, he just reached in and took out a messenger bag. In the process his arm brushed against the nurse’s body, eliciting no reaction from him. He passed the bag to Stiles who caught it but couldn’t stop staring at the corpse in shock, the whole time thinking that he was touching something that had been in contact with a dead body.

“I got better,” Was the alpha’s explanation for killing his nurse as he closed the trunk.

“Good luck getting any signal down here.” Stiles explained. Peter ignored him and placed the computer on top of the trunk. “And you’re a mac guy, does that go for all werewolves or just a personal preference?”

“Turn it on, get connected.” And since the alpha’s wish was his command, at least for now, he booted up the computer. “You know, I’m really hating the whole werewolf mystique here. Look, you still need Scott’s username and password. And I’m sorry but I don’t know them.”

“You know both of them.”

Stiles shook his head. “No I don’t.”

Peter still didn’t believe him. In fact, he was beginning to lose his patience and Stiles didn’t think that was a good thing. “Even if I couldn’t hear your heartbeat, I would still be able to tell that you’re lying.”

Stiles unconsciously placed a hand over his heart almost protectively. Damn werewolf hearing. “Dude, I swear to god—” A second later Peter slammed him face down on the car. Stiles vision swam, dark patches appearing in his field of vision as and a pounding headache began to blossom at his temples.

“I can be very persuasive, Stiles. Don’t make me persuade you.” The wolf threatened, his breathing awfully close to Stiles' ear. A cold shiver ran up his spine, afraid he might not make it this time.

Stiles stopped playing games then.

“Do you know why wolves always hunt in packs?” Stiles thought that was a rhetoric question so he just listened for once. “It’s just in case their prey are too large to bring down by one wolf alone. I need Derek and Scott. I need both of them.”

Knowing his friend, Stiles decided to save Peter his time and explained that Scott wouldn’t help him.

“Oh he will.” And he seemed so sure of himself. Why? What could he possibly hold against Scott? “Because… it’ll save Allison.”

That was a low blow. The bastard knew how much Scott cared about Allison and would use it against him. Derek was right. She made him weak. “And you will because it will save Scott, your best friend. You know him so well, you even have his username and password.”

Tired, Stiles just did it, he typed in the username and password. It wasn’t that hard, really. Even Peter would have been able to guess it eventually.

“His username is Allison?” Peter asked in disbelief, “His password is also Allison?”

“You still want him in your pack?” The wolf just rolled his eyes.

Allison had been so sure that Scott and Derek were, or could be, normal. Specially, Scott, who’d always been so kind and understanding, always ready to listen. But after seeing Lydia at the hospital, bitten and probably changing, Allison wasn’t so sure anymore. Could it be that her family was right and that they really were monsters? Allison didn't know what to believe. There was a war raging inside her and she didn't know who to root for, who to trust.

“You get that now? It’s what they do.” Kate told her, the cold truth, it seemed. “And they can’t help it.”

Allison stared straight ahead, unable to look at her aunt and let her see how much she was hurting. “All of them?” Her voice came out sounding weak and unsure, and she hated it with a passion. Hated sounding so weak, always being shushed and protected. She hated this whole werewolf deal that just came knocking on her door and turned her life upside down.

Kate sighed, reading between the lines and understanding her real question. “Yes, Allison, even Scott.” And that did it for her. Allison just snapped and was able to see what her aunt was telling her, that they were dangerous creatures.

After hearing Scott’s howl, Derek couldn’t have been more relieved. Finally the moron was doing something smart. He instantly replied with his own cry for help and just waited… and waited. Beside him, Lucy was pretty much out of it. From time to time she would wake up and moan in pain, drawing the hunter’s attention to herself and getting beaten. Her healing abilities had stopped working a long time ago.

The hunter seemed to realize how much this hurt Derek, even more than the hits he received, and would laugh on his face before beating him, too. More often than not, the hunter would turn up the dial on the machine and electrocute him. That also worked.

Thankfully, the man had left for a while and Derek was able to at least work one of his hands free. But he didn’t do much after that, only waited for Scott to get there because in his weakened state Derek wouldn’t be able to do much anyways. Scott was his only chance. Finally, he heard Scott approaching the basement and he let out a sigh of relief. Soon Lucy would get help. Soon. Then the hunter came back and turned on the lights.

Derek barely blinked knowing that Scott was close. Hold on, Lucy.

“Ready to have some more fun?” Derek remained silent, “To be honest, my knuckles are kind of hurting. So I brought some help.” He produced a bat from behind his back and gripped it tight, ready to take a swing at him. “But let me warn ya, I used to play in college.”

Derek reached out and grabbed the bat from the man’s hands, delighting in the look of shock on his face. “Brought a little help, too.” He replied, dragging his gaze from the scared hunter to Scott at the entrance.

Using the man’s grip on the bat, Derek pushed him away, sending him flying towards Scott, where he remained unconscious. Seeing that there wouldn’t be any confrontations, Derek quickly took the wires taped to his side and ripped them away. “Scott, help me with this. No, you know what, help her.” He gestured with his chin to where Lucy was.


Derek stared at Scott in disbelief. What in the hell was wrong with him now? “What?” He asked through gritted teeth.

“Not until you tell me how to stop Peter.” Scott declared with a new found conviction that didn't sit well with Derek in these circumstances.

“You really want to talk about this right now?” Was he stupid or what? “Can’t you see Lucy’s dying? We weren’t exactly having a tea party in here, Scott. She needs help.”

Scott didn’t even glance at Lucy, so focused on getting his way. This petulance was so typical of him. Derek had a sense of deja vu. “He’s going after Allison and her family. He’s going to kill them.”

As if Derek cared. If he had his way, they would all die anyways and he would enjoy it for what Kate did to his family and Lucy. “So what? You think I care?”

“So tell me how to stop him.”

“You can’t!” He was trying to be patient with the younger wolf, he really was, but he was making a huge mistake in caring for that Allison girl. Scott was making the same mistake he made years ago and sooner or later it would get him killed. “I don’t know when Kate is coming back.” Frustrated, Derek yanked on the chains holding his other arm. “So get us out of here!” Scott still didn’t do anything but stare, so he grew even more exasperated when he briefly glanced at Lucy, noticing that her heartbeat was getting dangerously slower. “Get me out now! Right now!”

The determination in Scott’s eyes never wavered. “Promise you’ll help me.”

Derek leaned forward and hissed, “You want me to risk my life for your girlfriend, uh?” Just saying those words sickened him. Kate was right, it was history repeating itself. “For your stupid little teenage crush that means absolutely nothing? You’re not in love, Scott. You’re sixteen years old, you’re a child!” It was the idea of love that was driving Scott's hormone riddled mind to think he wanted to risk everything for her. He was young, so naive and defenseless. Despite what he might believe, there was no way Scott could know what love is. Werewolf or not, he would get hurt for being so stupid. Derek was sure. But Scott wouldn't listen.

Scott looked down, and nodded. “Maybe you’re right.” Of course he was right. “But I know something you don’t. Peter said he didn’t know what he was doing when he killed your sister, right?” He unfolded some paper, it was the picture of a deer with the same spiral that surrounded his sister’s grave. “This is what brought your sister back to Beacon Hills, right?”

“Where did you get that?”

“My boss told me a few months ago that someone came into the clinic asking for a copy of this picture. Do you wanna know who it was?” Derek, not knowing what to say, just remained silent and waited for Scott to go on. “Peter’s nurse brought your sister here so that Peter could kill her and become the alpha. That’s why you’re going to help me.”

Once again someone had used him, manipulated him. That didn’t sit well with Derek at all. Peter lied to him. He purposely lured his sister back home to kill her. The bastard did deserve to die. All the anger and pent up frustration that had built up in the last two days as he watched Lucy getting tortured and dying suddenly sprang up free, giving him the strength to finally break free from the chains holding him. This time he held no sympathy for his uncle. Family didn't betray family. If Peter was capable of turning his back on them for power then Derek would do the same.

“I’ll help you,” He told Scott. “but first, you’re going to help her.” Without waiting for his response, Derek walked over to Lucy and clenched his jaw as he saw the state she was in. If he didn’t know better, he would have thought she was dead already. But her heartbeat was still strong enough that Derek knew she could still make it.

Taking Lucy down from the wall was easier, all Derek had to do was snap the chains, but in his weakened state it became harder. So he let Scott do it. Once Lucy was free, Derek gently laid her down on the floor, cradling her head on his lap and brushing stray hair away from her face. “Lucy, please wake up.” Nothing.

“What happened to her?” Scott asked from his crouched position close to Lucy. “She’s dying.”

Derek growled low in his throat at Scott. “No! She’s not going to die. I need you to help me get her somewhere safe.”

Scott’s eyes widened. “What? Derek, we have a pissed off alpha going around. There’s no time to—”

“There is time!” Derek took a deep breath and shifted, then used his fangs to make a slash down the length of his arm. Blood trickled down and he opened Lucy’s mouth with his good arm to let the blood flow. “C’mon, Lucette, wake up.”

“What are you doing bleeding into her mouth?” Scott leaned forward trying to swat his arm away but Derek snarled.

“She’s a vampire, she needs blood.” Ignoring the shock on Scott’s face, Derek concentrated on Lucy. She was deadly pale and still unresponsive. Whatever blood dripped into her mouth wasn’t being swallowed, and Derek began to panic when his wound closed up and all he’d managed to do was smear half of her face with blood. “Why isn’t it working? Dammit, Lucy, just drink.” He was so going to pay for this later, but it would be worth it. Wincing in sympathy, Derek raised his fist up in the air and slammed it down on the wound in the middle of her chest with as much strength as he dared. A moment later Lucy’s eyes snapped open and she let out a loud scream. “That’s it.” Biting into his arm once again, Derek let the blood drip down into her mouth.

Thankfully, this time Lucy was conscious and so she instantly transformed, too, latching onto his arm. Derek grimaced as her fangs tore at his arm in a desperate attempt to get more blood. There was no recognition in her eyes, just pure bloodlust and as selfish as he sounded, he was glad for it. This way, Lucy wouldn’t recoil from him.

“Derek,” Scott began tentatively. “I don’t think that sh—she should drink so… much.” The boy still sounded awed and Derek couldn’t blame him. He also had to agree with him. The blood loss was taking a toll on him now.

Carefully, Derek tried to pull away from her but her grip was tight. “Lucy, you have to let go now.” When that didn’t work, he grasped her jaw and forcefully pulled away. It only seemed to piss her off when he began bleeding all over instead of into her mouth and. “That’s enough.”

“What are we going to do with her?” Derek ignored Scott’s question and focused on not getting them killed in case Lucy decided that Scott also smelled yummy. “Derek, we can’t take her with us.”

He knew it, but where would she be safe?

When Lucy suddenly launched herself at him, her jaws snapping open and closed in a haste to get back to drinking his blood, Derek was forced to pin her down, which caused her to go rigid as an expression of pain came over her. Lucy’s scream pierced the air once again and Derek didn’t know what to do. He hadn’t been that rough with her, so what was going on? Lucy was trying to claw at her chest in obvious pain but Derek couldn’t let her bleed to death. It was probably the silver. The damn silver.

“C’mon, Derek, we don’t have much time!”

As if mindful of their situation, Lucy went limp in his arms and fell back into unconsciousness. A trail of dark blood bubbled up from mouth and slid down one side of her mouth. Derek wiped it off with panic and kissed her forehead. “She’s going to be fine, she will be.” The words of reassurance were more to himself than to Lucy, yeah, but he couldn’t help it. Turning to Scott, he said, “Pick her up, she’s coming with us.”

Before Scott could protest, Derek was up and putting his shirt and jacket back on. His wallet was useless now, devoid of cash and his ID was just lying there on the table. Bitch, figured she’d take is money. When he turned around, Scott had Lucy in his arms and they were ready to leave.

It turned out to be harder for Derek than he thought. The exit to the place where he’d been kept was just about a quarter of a mile from his house and in under different circumstances it wouldn’t have taken him long to cover that distance, but his body protested loudly with each step he took. Taking the shorter way was our of the question. The entrance to the tunnels from his house had collapsed a long time ago. Derek struggled to keep up with Scott, who was frustrated already for having to carry Lucy and on top of that he had to lean on him from time to time. As they neared the house, Derek told Scott to stop. Something didn’t feel right. In his experience things weren’t as easy as just getting out of the basement and making it back to his house.

“What do you mean?” Scott asked as he carefully placed Lucy on the floor at the foot of the hill to keep her safe.

Derek looked around, trying to spot whatever it was that threw him off. Nothing. The forest was too quiet. “I don’t know, it’s… kind of like it was—”

Scott held up his hand to shut him up. “Oh, no, don’t say it was too easy! People say too easy and bad things happen.” Derek rolled his eyes at his logic. No one needed to say anything for something bad to happen. Something was definitely going to happen soon. “What, you think finding you was easy? Getting away from Allison’s dad was easy… none of this has been easy!”

In an attempt to shut him up, Derek decided to just humor him, glancing down at Lucy’s still body to make sure she was alright and checking her heartbeat. “Ok, fine, you’re right.” Then out of nowhere an arrow pierced his shoulder, sending him down to the floor in pain. He was barely attempting to get back up and run when another one landed in his leg. “Scott, your eyes!” Not sooner did he warn Scott that a bright light exploded nearby, temporarily blinding him.

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