Children of the Wild

Chapter 9

Derek had Kate and Allison placed not far from there, to his right, which meant that they had a clear shot at both of them. But they wouldn’t get him again, this time they would kill him. Before any more shots could be fired, he crawled over to where Lucy was to shield her with his body. Derek took out the arrow from his shoulder, broke the one in his leg in half to facilitate movement and quickly moved Lucy behind a tree so she wouldn’t get hurt. He glanced over at Scott to make sure he was alright and noticed the boy had followed his lead and hidden, too.

The Argent girls were approaching and Derek had to think fast. How could he protect Lucy? Without thinking Derek picked her up and limped his way over to the house but his leg gave out and he stumbled down to the floor with Lucy. Fear for Lucy and Scott’s life overwhelmed him and he told Scott to go, but he didn’t get very far.

Scott fell not far from him. “Allison, I can explain!”

The Allison girl didn’t even blink. “Stop lying. For once, stop lying.” The biting words were unlike a teenager, Derek noted. Scott seemed to realize the same. Finally.

“I was gonna tell you the truth at the formal.” Even as he spoke, Scott was being smart and trying to back away but it seemed like talking wouldn’t get them anywhere if the girl’s stance was anything to go by. “I was gonna tell you everything. Because… everything that I said, everything that I did…”

“It was to protect me?” she didn’t sound so convinced.

Derek stopped paying attention to them and focused on Lucy. Aside from the still open wound on her chest, she seemed unharmed, something for which he was thankful. He draped himself over her when he heard Kate approaching. “We did that,” she was saying. “now we’re gonna kill them.” And Derek got shot, too.

Still reeling from the pain, he tried to keep up with what was going on around him. Damn, he never thought he’d be so happy to see Chris Argent as he was right there and then. Ironically, he was there to save them rather than kill them and sprouted some crap about hunting only those who hunted them. If Derek knew one thing, though, is just how pathetically naïve Chris Argent sounded. Derek’s family was a testament to just how corrupted and murderous hunters were. They killed first and asked questions later, sometimes not even that. Anything that was Supernatural had a bullseye on their back. Finally, Kate lowered the gun but it was too late for any of them to get out of there.

The door to his house opened slowly and the alpha came out running too fast for anyone to see. Even Derek had trouble keeping up with him. It was all a game, it seemed. One by one, the Argents and Scott fell down, leaving only a hysterical Kate standing.

“C’mon!” Kate was looking around, trying to pinpoint the alpha to shoot him and Derek let out a small laugh. The alpha was toying with her like a predator did with his prey, trying to make her feel scared knowing that her death was near. Really, Derek had to give him props for that one. It was brilliant. “C’mon!” If she knew what awaited her once Peter had his fun she wouldn’t be taunting him that way.

Finally, Peter made his appearance behind Kate, grabbing her arm that held the gun and pointing it upwards. Some shots were fired but that was it. He broke her hand and Derek took pleasure in watching her crying out in pain. A moment later she was being dragged inside the house.

Derek then let himself breathe out a sigh of relief. Before approaching the house to help Scott with the alpha, he made sure that Lucy wouldn’t be disturbed. He hid her behind another tree, covering her with some leaves and kissing her forehead. As he made his way to the house he wondered why he’d done that and hoped he survived this to find out.

“I don’t know about you Allison, but that apology didn’t sound very sincere.” Peter was saying as they entered the house. Kate Argent’s body lay at his feet, her throat ripped wide open. Derek barely paid any attention to that detail, he would gloat later.

Both of them attacked Peter at the same time and Peter swatted them like flies. Derek hit a wall but bounced back quickly, attempting to punch him and only getting thrown away against the ceiling this time. He hit the floor with a loud thud and felt his ribs protest when Peter kicked him away. Once again, Derek only got his ass handed to him, though he did land a good kick this time. His victory was short-lived. The alpha picked him up easily and used him as a missile, which he launched at Scott and they both landed against some debris on the other side of the room.

Growling, Derek got up again, thinking that Scott wasn’t being of much help and ran on top of a table to get to the alpha, but he moved and Derek crashed against the far wall, again. This time it took him a while to get up. Long enough for the alpha to shift completely and chase out after Scott. When he came out, it was like a particularly sappy movie. Scott was on the front lawn kissing Allison while Stiles and Jackson were staring at the incinerated remains of his uncle. His legs automatically took him there because that’s exactly where he needed to be.

Derek knelt in front of his uncle’s barely alive form when Scott spoke. “Wait! You said the cure comes from killing the one who bit you.” He closed his eyes, regretting his words but determined to end this despite Scott’s pleas. Even if he allowed Scott to kill Peter, it wouldn’t give him his humanity back. There was no cure according to Lucy. “Derek, if you do this I’m dead. Her father… her family,” his tone had a hysterical sound to it. “What I’m I supposed to do?”

“You already… decided.” Peter wheezed out. Damn it, even close to dying Peter could still get to him. “I can smell it on you…” When his eyes began to glow red, Derek acted on his decision, afraid that Peter might actually rise up again and, ignoring Scott’s protests, slashed his throat with his claw.

As the light faded from his eyes, Derek could feel the surge of power coursing through his veins. When he rose up and turned to face everyone else, Derek was no longer a beta. He felt the shift of power and his vision heightened as his eyes glowed red. “I’m the alpha now.”

A rustling sound from the woods drew everyone's attention to a lonely figure crawling towards them. The sight of Lucy covered in mud and leaves was disconcerting to Chris Argent in particular who picked up his gun and aimed to kill.

“Don’t!” He yelled and Chris stopped. “It’s my… friend.”

“Lucy?” Scott said with surprise. “I thought she was dead!”

In the blink of an eye Lucy appeared in front of Scott and instantly launched herself at him, posed to bite him. Scott recoiled from her and pushed her away. In the background, Allison screamed when Derek picked her up. “Everybody, go!” If they were smart, they would do as he said, or else. Lucy wasn’t in her right mind now. She was dangerous when her instincts took over.

Holding Lucy turned out to be harder than expected, especially when in one motion she sank her fangs into his arm, the closest limb to her mouth at the moment, and tore at it viciously. With the Alpha title came more power, which is the only thing that helped Derek in that moment. Thankfully, Derek’s newfound strength was enough to pull Lucy away. But it wasn’t easy and while she was still weak from her wounds, she was very strong.

Listening to the growls and grunts of pain coming from Lucy enraged Derek. All of this was his fault. Lucy got hurt because of him. He never should have asked her to come to this place when he knew there were hunters in the area. Once again, Kate had screwed him over by telling Lucy of what he did six years ago. Lucy—whom Derek might have feelings for—would now hate him. He knew she already harbored some resentment after he left her in Houston as soon as he heard his sister was meeting them there. In his attempt to keep Laura at bay and away from the truth, Derek also pushed Lucy away. Hiding the truth from Laura was so difficult from a distance that when he found out she was back he ran.

Derek grappled with Lucy a little more before her body finally gave out and he carried her away from there to where his car was a few miles away. He was frantic by the time they were on the road. Her heartbeat was too slow and the dark veins had spread all over her face, plus her skin had taken on a deathly pale parlor to the point that her lips were blue. The wound in the middle of her chest still gaped open, bleeding the whole way to Lucy’s house. He needed to get her somewhere safe and her house was the only place he could think of.

As soon as Derek brought her in, he took her up to her room and carefully laid her down on the unmade bed. He needed to check out the wound and see why it wouldn’t stop bleeding so he ripped her shirt open, completely ignoring the fact that she was now half naked, only to realize that he had no idea what to do. She’d lost so much blood already and for Lucy, whose body needed blood to heal… Without another thought Derek grabbed some towels from the restroom and put pressure on Lucy’s wound. A thought suddenly occurred to him: blood. How could he have been so stupid? Lucy needed all that blood if she was to get better and it had to work now that he was an Alpha. All the raw power flowing through his veins had to be enough.

On a whim, Derek brought one of his wrists to his mouth and tore at his skin, then put it at Lucy’s mouth after prying it open. “Drink!” He yelled, desperate and pleading. There was no change but at least the blood was trickling down her throat and would hopefully help. Derek repeated this process twice, feeding her as much blood as he possibly could.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to keep her alive! Without blood…” Derek trailed off, freezing momentarily at the sound of that voice. Slowly, he turned around and saw the last person he thought he would ever see again. “Laura?”

His sister was just sitting there on the rocking chair by the window, calmly rocking back and forth. The creaking sound the chair made was the only sound in the room.

“Who else, Derek?” Laura replied, curious and honestly worried about Lucy, never taking her eyes off of her. “Now, what are you doing?”

“Lucy… she’s dying.” Derek mumbled, still unable to believe that he was actually talking to his sister. His dead sister that he’d buried next to the rest of his family. “And I don’t know what to do.”

Laura snorted and got up from the chair to stand by the bed, looking down on Lucy’s still form in deep thought. “Hmm. Peculiar. She’s not healing. Why?”

“Silver.” Derek replied automatically, his attention instantly back on Lucy. “Kate injected silver into her bloodstream.”

“Well, that explains it.” Laura said with a sigh. “Keep feeding her blood until she’s somewhat conscious and then let her drink from your… uh… I guess neck is better. Your carotid.”

Derek looked back and forth between Lucy and Laura, trying to think of something to say. What Laura was implying might be a normal thing for vampires but werewolves were a lot closer to humans and he could only let her drink so much. Lucy already drank a significant amount. The effects of bloodloss were making him dizzy and weak.

“I—I can’t” Derek declared through gritted teeth after a few moments of considering it. He felt so useless. Such a disappointment. “I’m—”

Laura rolled her eyes. “I know.” Her expression turned serious as she peered down at Lucy, taking a whiff of her old friend. “But if you don’t get over it, she’s gonna die soon. The smell of death already clings to her and it’s not because she’s a vampire.”

A growl suddenly burst from Derek’s chest and, with every instinct in his body telling him not to do this because it was wrong, he picked Lucy’s upper body and put a hand behind her head to bring her face closer. Derek looked back at his sister—at this point just trying to make sure that he hadn’t imagined the whole thing—and saw her nod encouragingly.

That was all the initiative he needed to do this. Laura was right about the stench of death lingering in Lucy. The smell brought a sense of hopelessness but at the same time gave him the determination to go against deep rooted instincts. Derek began by tilting his head to one side, then slid a clawed finger along his neck and then brought Lucy’s mouth close to the wound. Lucy groaned as she awakened just enough to detect the scent of blood and, almost instantly, she latched onto his neck. Her razor-sharp teeth tore tissue and blood began flowing into her mouth in abundance.

While Lucy drank, Derek momentarily closed his eyes, when he opened them and looked over to where he’d last seen his sister, he noticed that she was no longer there. A weird sensation came over him. This weird feeling began in his neck where Lucy was drinking from him. It started as pleasant warmth that spread throughout his body way too fast for it to be anything other than a warning. It was time Lucy stopped drinking. She was taking too much.

With one swift yank, Derek pulled Lucy away and pinned her down with his own body. Lucy squirmed under him, arms and legs flailing around viciously as she tried to get him to let go. Her mouth opened and closed several times in a vain attempt to close around his throat. Wild, inhuman eyes stared up at him with a promise of blood and pain. Ignoring that, he persisted until she passed out again a few moments later. This time, her features shifted back to normal. The fangs and dark veins around her eyes and face slowly receding until all that was left was a human face. The only remaining clue that Lucy had just fed was the blood smeared around her mouth and dripping down her chin.

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