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A Kurama and San Extra!


Just a few extra chapters to my Kurama and San tale

Adventure / Romance
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The Poltergeist Report

This is just my Kurama and San/Youko and Moriko version of the Yu Yu Hakusho movie: The Poltergeist Report. I would've tied it into my story "Eternity", but I was unsure of the time frame, and how I would fit it in considering the way I'm telling it and how it will continue. I know it's after the Dark Tournament. However, the plans I have for San wouldn't have it make much sense, so let's just pretend this fits in somehow :). I own my own characters and ideas. Now, that being all said and done, here we go...


The sun shines brightly, making San feel as if it was going to be just another ordinary day. Well, as ordinary as it could be living at the temple. It used to be quiet, peaceful and lonely, until a boy named Yusuke Urameshi started training here. This was Genkai's temple, and she was as much of a student as Yusuke was. He was the Rekai Tantei, sent to Genkai's temple to learn her signature move, the spirit wave. Although San had been living there for seven years prior, she was not the one destined to inherit this gift. She instead got the rest of the Genkai's power, which was more than what she needed. She sat up in one of her favourite trees of the forest that seemed to surround the temple. Her view was pointed at the lake, and she sighed contently as she observed the way the sun hit the water. It seemed that today she was living in the past, something she hadn't done in a long time.

San Chiya was her full name, but she was better known as Moriko Chie, a wolf demon, who had tawny hair and tawny eyes. San was her human name, given to her by Genkai, since as a human, she drew her powers from the sun. The wolf demon trapped inside of her, Moriko, used to be the ruler of the wolf clan, back in Makai. A false accusation and framing took place eight hundred years later, and she was banished from her land. She fled before she could be beheaded, and found a new den far away from the realm of the wolf clan. She then met Youko Kurama, who tried his hardest to steal her treasure. One day, members of her former clan had found and kidnapped her. She was actually ashamed that they had managed to do it, but realized now that it was necessary. The legendary bandit, Youko Kurama, had come to try once again to acquire the treasure that she kept with her, the seal of the wolf clan. He tracked her down and rescued her, realizing that he had fallen in love with the demoness. They mated, one like none other. She was a wolf, and that meant she mated for life. The fox was perfectly alright with that. Centuries later the two legends were pursued by demon hunters, and they had to escape here, to Ningenkai, where they would remain until they were powerful enough to emerge and return to their homeland. However, they were separated, and that's how San met Genkai.

Genkai is an old psychic who created the spirit wave. Although her name was feared among all youki, she took care of San. When she landed, she was but an ordinary wolf that hit the ground with tremendous force. She was lucky that Genkai had found her and was able to heal her. It took eight years to gain enough strength to change form. That was how San Chiya was born, she changed from a wolf into a human, one with sun touched hair and tawny eyes, not unlike the ones in her demon form. Genkai put spirit cuffs on her to help get her powers stronger when she needed them, seeing as now she would use reiki as opposed to demon energy. San still has these cuffs on today. It has been seven years, and everyone fears what the eruption of energy that could come out of her. She only trained and got much stronger with the cuffs on, so taking the handicap off could cause devastation to anyone within a ten mile radius. This was something San feared, hurting one of her many friends. There was no telling how much power those cuffs were keeping at bay, but she knew that she would have to remove them one day, when the timing was right. She was certain that once the cuffs were removed she would be able to emerge once more into her demon form. It only took a sufficient amount of energy, like when her mate had made his first appearance since the two of them were separated.

Seven years after she had changed into a human, she met a red haired boy named Shuuichi. He wasn't an ordinary human though, she could smell the demon lying within him. She followed this mysterious human, and discovered his real name was Kurama. She had saved him from a youki that was trying to attack him, in her wolf form of course. Kurama led her to Hiei, a small fire apparition with a jagan eye. The two of them teamed up with another youki and stole three artifacts from the Rekai. After that, she saw Yusuke Urameshi for the first time, on his first mission. San kept an eye out for him while continuing to follow this Kurama demon. She watched as Yusuke defeated Gouki, made a deal with Kurama and then proceeded to defeat Hiei. She was truly impressed, and continued to observe. Yusuke had come with Kazuma Kuwabara to the temple to win Genkai's tournament. Yusuke ended up the victor against a youki called Rando, and that was amazing. So the Rekai Tantei and San trained together under Genkai, Yusuke receiving quite a load more than San herself. She followed the team, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei, knowing that they would lead her to her mate. It wasn't until the Dark Tournament that Youko appeared. Kurama was fighting his match, and his opponent had used some sort of magic to reverse Kurama's age. In his unique position, he instead reverted back to his demon form, Youko Kurama. His powers came out in such a thunderous way that it caused San to change as well, back into Moriko. She smiled, remembering that day, and how in all the years he had never changed. She loved him more than she had ever loved before in her life, and would continue to until the end of days. She knew that he felt the same, and it was proven to her when he discovered that she, San was indeed his mate Moriko. The two of basically continued where they left off, and assisted Yusuke with his missions. They would return to the Makai when Kurama's human life was done with. San was okay with that, wanting to stay with Genkai herself.

It was amazing to think about how much had happened in the past seven years. It seemed that she was waiting and then it all came together. She had human friends, ones that seemed more dear to her than any of the youki she once knew back home. Living in Ningekai and being a human had altered her quite a bit. She was more emotional for one, and getting soft at times. As a demon, she didn't have nearly as many cares then when she was a human. It was one of the downfalls, but one thing she really enjoyed about being human was the sound of Kurama's heart beat. Hearing him speak in his soothing voice with the rhythmic action going on in the background while her ear was pressed against his chest was something that always calmed her down and put her in a state of bliss. Demons didn't have hearts, and this sound was new to her. She rather liked it. She sighed thinking about her mate. She hadn't seen him for a few days, but could still feel him and that was a good sign. While she knew he had his human life to attend to, but it was still depressing to go days on end without even hearing from him. He came as often as he could, but school really took it out of him. She attended school once, after she nearly died, just to keep an eye on him. He completely didn't recognize her, and she found it fun to torture him. She smiled at the memories, how she loved her mate.

"My ears are burning," she heard a calm voice behind her. Her stomach did a flip and she smiled even more.

"Really? You should probably get that checked out then," she replied, turning to look into the green orbs of her mate.

"I'm trying, but I'm afraid my attempts will go unnoticed," he told her softly, moving to sit behind her in the tree. She made room for him and then he pulled her back into his arms, wrapping them around her. She sighed contently once again, having not seen him in days, "I see now why you're always in the trees. The views from up here are inspiring."

"Yeah, I enjoy them. And I get to see if there's people coming around or not."

"You failed to notice my presence."

"Says you. If you were a threat, I would've felt you long before you got here. Where have you been anyway?"

"Short trip with the family. I'm sorry I did not get here in time to tell you I would be departing, it was last minute."

"It's fine, I was just slightly curious."

"Slightly?" he inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, I'm a wolf, not a cat."

There was a small silence, "So, how is Yukina making out here?"

Yukina, she was one of the few demons part of the group. She is an ice demon, and she is Hiei's sister. But the fire apparition will kill anyone who tells her, or who tells another soul. The funny part was, that everyone except Yukina, Kuwabara and Keiko knew about this. San found it quite humorous to watch the two of them interact. She also suspected that Yukina may have known the truth for herself, but chose not to say anything about it. That way, she could stay in the Ningenkai to search for her older brother.

"She's fine, she cooks, she cleans. She tried tending to my garden once and nearly got eaten. I told her to stay away from them, but she wanted to help since she's not a fighter and isn't going to be trained. Took nearly an hour to get the branches to leave her alone."

Kurama chuckled, "I hope it was nothing too serious."

"Nah, just the dusk tree."

"San, the dusk tree is a serious plant, especially in the light."

"Not when its just a baby. Before they get too big I relocate them in the forest so that they don't disturb the temple."

"Sometimes I wish you wouldn't grow such dangerous plants."

"Says the guy who comes over and takes some for his own inventory," she turned to look at him with an eyebrow raised. He managed to look guilty and she smiled at him. They kissed then, softly. San turned around on the branch they shared and kissed her lover again. It was passionate, the love they shared for centuries shining through it. They pulled apart slowly, eyelids heavy. She brought a hand to his cheek, his skin warm like always. He snakes his arm around her, and pulls her close to him, his lips connecting with hers once more. They both are left breathless, letting their emotions run away with them. This was a state of bliss she loved as well. Each time brought them closer together, strengthening their bond, and keeping them forever one with the other. Afterwards they continued to be close while in the tree, "This is one of my favourite places at the temple."

"It's beautiful San. It gives me an idea of how you spent the last fifteen years away from me," Kurama replied, placing a hand on her head. She was leaning against his chest, listening to the rhythmic sounds of his heart. He remembered the day he had to tell her what a heart was, never knowing of one before. He kissed the top of her head, and proceeded with stroking her hair.

"You'd think you missed me or something," she smirked, trying to get him to speak more.

"Not even in the slightest koi," he lies to her, giving her a reassuring squeeze. She smiles, sighing happily and nuzzling into his chest. What a perfect day... Or so she thought. As a light breeze comes along, it brings with it two scents that she recognizes, and another that she doesn't like going into the mixture. It's faint, but it's there. She sits up, looking at Kurama. He is confused, but her nose worked much better than his. She looks towards the entrance of the temple and sees in the distance, a moving dot approaching. It looks like a fat person with really tiny legs, but San knew better than that, "San? What is it?"

"Keiko and Botan are here, and one of them reeks of blood," she states. Kurama turns to look in the same direction. He holds a hand out to her.

"Come, there is not much we can do from here," he tells her. She nods, taking his hand and following him towards the human and the guide. They hop from tree top to tree top, meeting them at the bottom of the stairs. Keiko, Yusuke's girlfriend, or something of the like soon, was carrying Botan. Her clothes were torn and she looked badly injured. There was something there, something that was unseen but could be easily felt. Or so she thought, it didn't appear that Kurama could sense it at all. They walked towards Keiko, Kurama taking Botan from her, "I'll bring her to the temple," he said, taking off at demon speed.

"What happened?" San questioned the girl, beginning the journey up the many stairs with Keiko.

"I don't know. Yusuke found her at the school and she was like that. He told me to bring her here while he went with Kuwabara somewhere. I'm sure they'll be here sometime soon to let us know what's going on. I'm just so worried," Keiko explained.

"Don't worry, between me, Genkai and Yukina, she'll be just fine," San assured the girl with a smile. Kurama appeared again when they were about halfway up the stairs. San looked at him expectantly.

"She's stable now, Yukina and Genkai are working together. Once they exhaust, it will be up to you San," he told the girls. Keiko let out a relieved sigh, but San knew that there was more he wanted to say. She nodded at the young human girl, who continued her journey up the stairs. San kept her gaze on the green orbs of her mate.

"You're leaving right?" she questioned him, knowing that he was thinking along the same lines as her.

"Yes. I'm going to see Rekai. It would be good to start there and then figure out what happened to Botan. Yusuke will be along sometime, I'm sure. I'll be back and we can discuss this."

San nodded at him, "Please be careful, if it could attack the spirit world with such force, there's no telling what could happen to you," she told him.

He kissed her deeply trying to reassure her that he would be fine. He nodded at her, cupping her cheek and then took off. San watched him go, and then used her demon speed to get to where Botan and the others were. San walked in the room just as Genkai had finished pouring some of her energy into the girl. Keiko and Yukina sat at her bedside, exchanging worried frowns. From the looks of Genkai, she couldn't see the power inside of Botan that was causing her the most pain. She would normally mention it, but something was telling her that she needed to see Botan by herself to figure out what was going on. Genkai left the room with Yukina just then. Keiko was left, but she was a human, so she wouldn't see what was going on. The girl was unconscious, so San would have to go directly into her mind in order to speak with her.

-Botan? It's San, can you hear me?- she questioned, looking for the blue haired guide.

-San? The spirit world...-

-What happened?- San was fearful, seeing as her mate was on his way there.

-The river Styx, it flooded the Rekai. Lord Koenma and the others...-

-Botan, tell me, what is that power coming from you?-

-The power sphere, it must be protected-

Now San understood. The power sphere was the key to releasing the Netherworld. The fabled land had not been heard of in centuries, but that didn't matter right now, -Botan, the power sphere can only be harnessed by darkness. I have that power, feeding my energy off the moon as a demon. You must transfer it to me if you want to live.-

-I can't...-

-I can handle it. I'm much more powerful than you, please!-

-No, I cannot put you in danger like that!-

-I'll leave a shard of it there, that way you'll be in much less pain-


San held her hands out over Botan's body. She felt the sphere and used her power to extract it. Keiko looked on curiously, but knew she wouldn't understand. In her eyes, San was only healing Botan, and that was fine. The sphere was glowing and San accepted it into herself. She gasped, the power overwhelming her. No wonder Botan was so injured, it was immense. She could handle it though, harnessing the demon powers inside to keep it at bay. Botan was doing better without so much dark power flowing through her, and that made Keiko less edgy. Genkai returned, and took a seat beside San. The day wore on, the sun started to announce its last few hours of the light. That was fine, the sphere inside of San would be more under control once the moon came out. She caught the scent of Yusuke and Kuwabara, and another she didn't recognize approaching. They opened the door, the stranger being a small girl. She wasn't a human though, she was clearly from the Rekai as well. San was really curious now, waiting patiently for an explanation. Keiko had gotten up to get some water to replace the cloth for Botan's forehead.

"Botan!" the small child exclaimed, coming to sit near the girl. Genkai was looking at Yusuke expectantly.

"This is Hinageshi. Botan told me to find her before she passed out," said Yusuke. That still didn't tell us who she was, but San was sure that would come later.

"What is this? What could have happened?" the young girl spoke to no one. If this girl didn't know what was wrong with Botan, it meant that whatever was out there, and San herself knew of the power sphere, and that it was locked inside of her. The shard she left inside of Botan would lead them on a false trail. As much as San didn't like it, she knew it would be better this way. Keiko had returned with the water, closing the door behind her. She wet the cloth and put it back on the guide's forehead. She was doing much better without that sphere inside of her.

"Genkai, how is her condition?" Yusuke asked the pink haired old woman sitting across from him.

"I'm not sure, it's still in the balance. Something serious must have happened in the Rekai. Hm," the psychic responded. The sun was beginning to set, and San let out a relieved sigh, smelling her mate approaching. He wasn't in any pain, or else she would've felt it. She stood just as he propped the door open. There was alarm on his face, something had happened. Everyone was staring at him, waiting for him to speak.

"Kurama," said Kuwabara in acknowledgement.

"The spirit world... It.. it was.. It was gone!" he was staring directly at San. Everyone was in shock, her eyes widening.

"But how?" asked Yusuke. San shook her head.

"Here is not the place to discuss it. Let's move," she suggested. Genkai agreed and they all started to walk towards the dojo. Kurama took San's hand, knowing that there was something different about her. Something had happened, and it was affecting her in a way that he probably wouldn't understand. They sat, forming a circle in the dojo, Kurama making sure that San was close. He didn't know why, but something powerful was in the midst, and he could feel it inside of his mate. She knew that he could feel it, and had forgotten until she saw him that he would feel it. She would have told him, if it wasn't for this nagging feeling that she should keep quiet.

"Actually, that is not accurate. I should say it was completely covered in water..." Kurama spoke, as he was sure they were all waiting for him to elaborate.

"But-but why?" asked Kuwabra.

"Some immeasurably strong power must have gained control."

"No way..."

"What could have the power to do that to the Rekai?" questioned Genkai. San was thinking the same thing.

"When I was there, some phantoms wearing the patterns of a cross on their foreheads were frantically looking for something," said Kurama.

San gasped, that could only mean one thing. Kurama looked at her curiously. She knew something, something she wasn't telling him. He hated it when she did that. Last time she knew something, she had nearly died and didn't bother to tell him about it. Toguro vs. Yusuke, the last match of the Dark Tournament. She had saved Kuwabara from death, and nearly died herself. He was upset that she didn't tell him, but understood her reasoning for it.

"Oh, it must have been the Netherworld!" said Hinageshi. So that's why she was useful.

"Netherworld?" Yusuke turned to Hinageshi.

"Yes. Those phantoms that Kurama saw were demons that are controlled by the Netherworld. Their symbol is that cross on their foreheads."

"Hey hold it, what is this Netherworld? As far as I know there is just the human world, the spirit world, and the demon world... right?"

"The fabled world that is said to reside above the Makai..." San trailed, remembering what she had been taught centuries ago.

"Right, only it's not just a story. Let's see..." and the young girl pulled out a book, flipping through it, "... ah here it is. To begin with, above the Ningenkai lies the Rekai. The two of them remain in constant balance with each other."

"Humans who have died do go to the spirit world..." trailed Kuwabara.

"Right. The Netherworld was originally above and in balance with the Makai as well. Then, several thousand years ago, the Netherworld began a war with the Rekai in order to gain possession of the Ningenkai. Exactly how we were able to defeat them is still unknown to this day. But king Enma did finally destroy the Netherworld, and banished king Yakumo and his men to the cold darkness of space. And that's it," she finished, closing her book.

"So if that's true then how did the Netherworld come back into existence?" asked Yusuke.

"If the Netherworld is responsible for this disturbance, it could become a very dangerous situation for us all. Even with our powers, we cannot repel them on our own," said Genkai.

"She's right, there is no way that any of us would stand a chance, even with my power of darkness," San added.

"What do you know of the Netherworld?" asked Kurama.

"Nothing more than any of us now. I heard the legends passed down from my former clan, and naturally became aware of Makai history when I became Queen. It's part of the position, you get all the shit from previous rulers on your shoulders," she told him. They all went quiet after that, thinking San was sure. There had to be a way to repel the darkness, or else, Ningenkai would be destroyed. San could sense Hiei floating around. She knew he hovered around, considering his sister was living at the temple. Speaking of, "I wonder how Yukina is fairing with Botan..."

"Yukina? Yukina's here? Woo!" Kuwabara jumped up and ran off in the opposite direction.

"Kuwabara, she's with Botan!" Keiko yelled after him. She was apparently about to walk in when Kuwabara burst out of the doors. She saw Kuwabara fly by excitedly, and despite this dire situation, San laughed. She saw that the moon has risen high, meaning her powers were able to keep the powers of the power sphere at bay much better. Kurama stood, bringing San with him. they walked to the courtyard, where there was access to every room in the temple. She smiled at Yukina and Kuwabara. Keiko walked towards them again and Hiei popped down in the shadows.

"Yukina..." he trailed.

"You've come," said San softly.

"Hn. Not for any of you fools."

Kurama smirked, "So, Hiei, why don't you tell Yukina that you are her older brother?"

"I'm not going to take advice from you two, who tip-toed around each other for months on end," Hiei responded.

"Right," Kurama walked up with San towards the small fire apparition, "You saw the Rekai, the condition it was in... This is no ordinary event."

"Hn. How would I know?" and Hiei jumped away.

She was sure he wasn't going to stray too far, he never did. San sighed and walked away, leaving Kurama to his thoughts. She walked into the house and towards her room. It was bare, there was never anything much around it besides various flowers that Kurama had given to her. She always took good care of those. She opened the door on the other side into another courtyard, which was occupied by her many plants. It was her garden, given to her by Genkai so that she would be able to create weapons for herself. She walked out into her garden, checking on her many plants and feeding what needed to be fed. She felt her mate staring at her from the door, knowing that whatever was running through his mind was set at ease for the time being. She continued with her work and he walked up to her. The Inferi that she had planted was beginning to wilt, and she mentally gave herself shit for not paying enough attention to it. Kurama inspected it as well.

"It needs more shadow," Kurama told her.

"I know, I keep forgetting that the sun changes every few months between winter and summer," she acknowledged him and then began to pour some of her energy into it.

It was a dark plant, meaning that her energy was of darkness in the night, and it bloomed brightly. Inferi was not something to mess around with, and not easy to grow either. Kurama was actually impressed at how it was doing, considering the difficulty it took to raise such a thing. She then began her inspection of the rest of the garden, feeding her plants of darkness when necessary and making sure that they weren't attacking one another. Kurama was looking on at the Dragonite flower he had given her a while ago. She looked over and smiled. She kept it in immaculate condition, and he was happy about that. She walked over to him and observed herself. He put an arm around her and kissed the side of her head. The two of them fed power to the plant before them.

"I was thinking about spending the night with you," he spoke softly in her ear.

"Yeah, with all this shit going on, I figured you might," she responded.

"You misunderstand me, San. I was going to stay the night anyway, even without this issue."

"What about Shiori?"

"I informed her before I left. She wasn't even surprised in the slightest. She likes you."

"That's nice, I like her to, for a human. So long as she treats you right."

"She does, I'm very lucky to have her," and Kurama leaned a little to kiss her cheek, even though her eyes were fixated on the Dragonite flower.

It would soon blossom into a tree, and that was when she could use it in battle. Her attention was brought back to him when he nipped her ear. She smiled, that gesture still affecting her, even as a human. She turned to him smirking, loving that he wanted to play. She was the perfect height, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him to kiss her. Both of them combined their powers to shield them from any windows. Sure, she had a bed, but the two of them were more reminded of their former life this way. Kurama was not nearly as reserved as when she had first met him, he had changed slightly with her influence. She was still the same, only happier to be with him again, and she was sure to show him that. The two of them loved being in their own world, away from everyone, just them and their time. It was passionate, a fire that would never die, no matter how long they lived.

It concluded with San falling asleep in Kurama's arms, her head where his heart was, "I love you," he told her softly, drawing random designs with his finger on her shoulder. His other hand occupied hers.

*"Eien ni anata o ai shimasu, Kurama," she spoke, her voice drifting off.


The morning of the next day came way too fast, or so San thought. When she and her mate left their enclosure, they discovered that everyone had stayed at the temple. The two of them walked into her room to prepare for the day, they would be focusing on this Netherworld shit today. She put on fresh clothes, Kurama waiting patiently for her. He watched as she brushed her hair and then he felt a sharp pain in his chest. It wasn't his pain though, it belonged to her. He looked and she was on her knees, clutching her chest. He walked over to her, wondering what was wrong, why she was in pain.

"San?" he questioned, placing a hand on her shoulder. She automatically began to feed off of his energy, and the pain started to cease. She knew what it was, the power sphere. Now that the sun had risen, it meant that her powers of darkness were not shining out in full, and it would be harder to contain its power. She couldn't tell him though. Well, she could, but for some reason, she knew it was a bad idea for him to know. He would try and stop her, and she couldn't have any of that. She stood, the pain gone now. She knew that it would come back, which meant she would have to draw more powers from the sun than usual.

"I'm fine, just a random pain," she said to him. He nodded at her, and then the two of them walked to meet the others in the dojo. Kuwabara, Yusuke, Hinageshi and Genkai were already there. The two joined them. There were scrolls all around the young girl.

"So what should we do Hinageshi?" asked Kuwabara.

"We have to transfer power to the Rekai," she answered.

"How do we do that?"

"Look here!" she exclaimed, placing one of the scrolls she was looking at in front of her, "There are places in the Ningenkai called elemental sites, where spiritual energy is collected."

"Elemental sites?" questioned Yusuke, looking down at the scroll. Kuwabara hovered over Hinageshi and Genkai looked on as well.

"Like storage tanks of spiritual power?" asked Kuwabara, as Kurama and San walked up to take a look as well.

"Yes, something like that. In the Ningenkai, there are five of these elemental sites representing: earth, fire, water, wind, and spirit. If they are all unsealed, then then mass a spiritual power will be sent to the Rekai."

"With that power, we would be able to restore the spirit world."


"So, where are they?"

"I know where to look!"

"Alright gang, leave it to me!" said Kuwabara. Yusuke stood and Kurama nodded. San looked down at Genkai, wondering if she would be stuck here or if she would go with her mate. The old woman looked at the wolf apparition.

"Well?" San questioned.

"Go, you'll be more useful out there than here," Genkai told her. San nodded and left with the others. There was much to do, and she was hoping that they would be able to have an easy mission for once. She walked beside her mate, fighting with minor pain that was trying to claim her. Hinageshi led them twisting and turning down streets. San mildly wondered if she even knew where she was going. She stopped at a fork and looked down at her sheet once more.

"Okay, turn at this corner so north is behind you," she instructed.

"Come on!" said Kuwabara impatiently, "Where the hell is it?"

"Hold on a minute!" she said to him. They felt a power surge just then, coming from the elemental site San assumed.

"What is this? An earthquake?" and then they saw a beam of light erupting from somewhere near.

"It's the elemental site representing earth!"

Kurama turned to his mate, "San!" but she was already on her way. Out of the five of them, she was the fastest, and got there instantly to try and do something. She was too late though. Whoever did this had already vanished. She heard the others come up from behind her. The power emanating from the site was immense, and she couldn't even comprehend it. She was pushed back from it, Kurama standing behind her, trying to shield her from it.

"It's incredible," declared Yusuke.

"This is no good!" exclaimed Hinageshi.

"What do you mean?" asked Kuwabara.

"Look there, look at the colour!" she said, pointing at the vortex the power was being sucked into, "The elemental site has been destroyed! What is streaming out is not spirit power, but the power of the Netherworld!"

"The Netherworld?" questioned Yusuke.

"Those demons are able to convert spiritual power into Netherworld power."

"So that's Netherworld power? Wait, can't San do the same thing?"

"No Kuwabara, I can use the power, but it is within me, I cannot convert it," she explained to him.

Hinegeshi gasped upon realization, "If they are able to destroy the elemental sites, then they..."

"Yeah?" Kuwabara was waiting.

"Then the Rekai will be inaccessible forever!" she told him. Well that was no good.

"And then there will be nothing that any of us can do," added Yusuke.


"Let's hurry. They may be ahead of us, but we have to protect the other sites. Let's split up! Are you ready?"

"Okay!" said Kuwabara. San nodded at Kurama, and the two of them left to find another one. They ran at their demon speed, San slightly ahead of him. She ran a bit slower so that he could keep up with her. He then grabbed her hand, pulling them to a stop.

"San wait!" he said. She looked at him confused, "Perhaps you should contact Hiei and fill him in on what we're doing. He may be able to use his jagan to find one faster than any of us."

"Good point," she told him. She then focused her mind, looking around for the fire apparition. It wasn't hard, Hiei was familiar and they had some sort of connection. He was observing the city, and she made her presence known before speaking to him.

-Hn. I was wondering how long it would take for you to try and find me. What does the fox want?- he asked her.

-We're looking for the elemental sites. One has already been destroyed and the rest of us split up. Can you help out?-

-Hn.- and his voice was gone. San assumed that was a yes. She nodded at Kurama, and the two of them took off at high speeds again. She then dropped to her knees once more, the power of the sphere inside her taking its toll. Kurama stopped, and looked at her, worried. This was the second, no third time she had been in this kind of pain. He knew it wasn't nothing, but she wasn't telling him and that made him angry.

"San please, tell me what is going on," he pleaded with her, letting her feed off of his energy once more.

"It's nothing," she grunted between her teeth.

His energy made her pain go away, he knew that. She stood and they once again continued on their journey. It was maybe an hour later, and the sun was going down. That was good, the power sphere would be easier to maintain again, and she wouldn't have Kurama nosing about in her affairs. She knew she should tell him, but now was not the time. They found the site not too long later. She let Kurama use his power, knowing that hers would only bring forth Netherworld power. Since the sphere was inside, any power she unleashed was her darkness power, and therefore, it was bad for her to even consider trying, especially with the sun completely gone now. At least it would make it easier for Kurama to understand why she couldn't unleash her power. She caught a whiff of something in the distance. Fog was beginning to emerge and San kept her eyes open. Something was out there, and it wasn't friendly.

"Yes," said Kurama, and San knew that he was successful. She turned to look at him, and he got up from his perch, "Now we'll just have to find the other ones before our enemies do," he turned in the direction she was once looking. San turned as well, their enemy finally revealing themselves, "Who is that?"

"Who is that? I can't believe you would say that to your old partner," said the newcomer.

"Partner?" San inquired. Must have been before her, but something didn't seem right about this apparition.

"Koronue?" Kurama questioned in disbelief. His emotions were getting messed up, a downfall of being human.

"Koronue?" San repeated, trying to figure this all out.

"Or do you mean to say, you've forgotten your terrible past?" said this Koronue character. There was a red light swaying back and forth, and the demon stepped forward. It was a pendant, something San was sure could be a trademark. She could swear she had seen it before, "Hello Kurama."

Her mate gasped upon seeing him. She didn't like this, not one bit, "You're still alive!" he exclaimed.

"I see, you have a mate now, human?"

"I'll show you human," said San, growling at this apparition.

"Ah, you're the former Queen of the wolf clan, Moriko Chie. You are legendary, figures Kurama here would wish to claim you. Did you know my Queen, that he spoke of you once?"


"Yes, but I'm sure he would never mention me to you. It was before you were banished, he spoke of the wolf seal, and you of course. No one would know you would be a creature of such beauty, but you are a rare demon, a prize to be had. That's the only reason he mated with you, to keep you near. You're just another one of his quests for possessions!"

"That's a lie!" yelled Kurama, getting angry now.

"Give it time my Queen, he'll use you to get what he wants, and then leave you to die."

"No, that's not what happened!"

"Try to remember that day, that day we snuck into the palace of the Makai. Perhaps the Queen will remember as well, after all, she was the former ruler of the land."

San looked at Kurama in alarm. She remembered faintly, something being stolen from her centuries ago. It was a prized possession of the wolf clan, other than the seal, something else that had been passed down for generations. She ordered the guards to kill the intruders, knowing that it was the only way she could get it back. One of them was beheaded, the other had escaped, "No..." she trailed.

"You traitor," Koronue started. Kurama gasped, "You deliberately cut my pendant in order to trap me. You sacrificed me so that you alone could escape."

"No, no that's not what happened..." said Kuarma once again. San took herself out of her memories, getting angry at the effect this demon had on her mate.

"How dare you say that to me, after trying to kill me."

"No, what are you talking about? That day... I tried to save you!" Kurama was holding his head in pain. San could feel it, and it only made her rage grow stronger.

"You set a trap for me and then you left me to die, while you saved yourself! Are you hearing this Moirko? He will do the same to you!"

"Shut the fuck up!" she yelled at him, powering up her dark energy and lunging at him. He stopped her with ease and sent her flying against the wall behind the elemental site.

"San!" exclaimed Kurama, but then Koronue's weapon was making for Kurama. He jumped out of the way, but not fast enough, it sliced his abdomen. Koronue was then coming to attack him again.

"No!" San yelled, jumping at him and saving her mate. She caused a dark explosion, smoke occupying where he once was. Out of the smoke his weapon came at her and made a direct hit. She screamed in pain and was fighting to stay conscious as she landed on the ground. Koronue then proceeded to destroy the elemental site. She used her powers of darkness to block him, but she was weak.

"Interesting. A demon with powers of light and dark, my king would find use for you..." trailed the apparition. His power surrounded her, and it was much more powerful than hers ever hoped to be.

"San no! Koronue, stop, leave her be!" yelled Kurama, reaching a hand out to her.

"Kurama..." she was weak, there was no way she could fight this. She screamed in agony, Kurama feeling every ounce of it. Then, she was gone, vanished. Koronue had transported her, to where, Kurama did not know, but he was going to find out. The enemy apparition then destroyed the elemental site, unleashing the power of the Netherworld.

"Koronue, bring her back to me now!" Kurama was angry. His eyes flashed gold, Youko wishing to emerge.

"You tried to kill me, and now I have taken something of value from you. Good bye, old partner," said Koronue, vanishing from the spot he once stood.

"Where have you gone? Koronue! San..." she was gone.

He let his emotions get in the way again, and couldn't protect her. He pounded a fist into the ground in anger. How could he let this happen? Being here in the Ningenkai was making him soft, and that's why San was taken before his eyes. The cut from his abdomen was bleeding badly, and he used his energy to help it until he could treat it properly. He was still in pain, but it wasn't his, it was hers. He didn't like that she was in pain, but if he could feel it, that meant she was still alive. He had to save her, who knew what those demons would do to her? He forced himself to stand, going to find the others. It wasn't difficult, and he could see that the other sites had been destroyed as well. He used basic geography to figure out where the last one was, and there was Kuwabara fighting with one of the demon gods. He could see Yusuke and Hinageshi on the other side. Kurama watched as Kuwabara was knocked to the ground. He then sent his spirit sword through the ground and up towards his enemy. He dodged, but was slightly injured.

"Well, well, not bad, though I will not be defeated either," said the demon, summoning, a spirit sword? What? "You don't have anymore tricks do you? I won't be careless again."

"You fool! I just developed a new killing technique," said Kuwabara, powering up. Kurama was surprised, his energy being sent up high into the sky.

"Impressive, releasing your entire store of energy at once. Thank you for showing me how!" said the demon, copying Kiuwabara. They unleashed at one another, ending in a massive clash of power. Yusuke and Hinageshi ran towards Kurama, still observing the fight. When the smoke cleared, the two of them were still standing, "Pitiful creature," said the demon Kurama learned to be called Majari. Kuwabara was laughing.

"I caught you," said Kuwabara triumphantly.

"He's totally crazy," commented Yusuke. Kurama felt he had to agree, but couldn't help feel that something else was going on here.

"Majari, now you are all out of energy to!" declared Kuwabara. He was right, it wasn't actually a bad move, "Give it up, it's done!" Kuwabara ran up and punched the demon hard. His enemy was knocked back, Kuwabara taking a step forward, "Here's something I'm proud of too. In a true contest of guts..." Kuwabara began to charge his enemy, swinging his fist in a circle, "... I have never been beaten!" The demon was screaming, and was knocked back far, "I win," and then Kuwabara was down.

"Kuwabara!" yelled Yusuke. The three of them ran towards their friend to check on him.

"Hurry and unseal it..." he grunted, continuing to lay on the ground. The three began to ran towards the site, but something happened just then.

"Watch out! Move Yusuke!" Hiei's voice could be heard. He knocked Yusuke and Hinageshi over, saving them from the dark energy coming at them. It missed them and the site was destroyed. Damn.

"Oh no, the final site..." trailed Hinageshi. Hiei ripped off the bandage that covered his jagan and it opened. But the power of the Netherworld began to come from the last site, and it connected to the others. A wide radius was formed, and a light flashed before their eyes.


San had no idea where she was. She struggled to open her eyes, still incredibly weak from before. Kurama... she hoped that he made it out okay. She could feel darkness all around her, and the meant that they had failed to protect the elemental sites. Shit. Her eyes finally opened completely and she saw someone standing before her. She tried to move, but there was a force keeping her inside, and she realized that it was draining her powers, a way to keep her imprisoned. She narrowed her eyes at this man, assuming that he was the cause of all this shit.

"Well, I'm impressed that you gained consciousness. My loyal demon god tells me that you are royalty, then you would be pleased to know that you are in the presence of royalty. I am King Yakumo, ruler of the Netherworld," said the youki standing in front of her. She growled at him, attacking the force field in an attempt to break free.

"Just wait, I'll kill you once I get out of here!" she told him between her teeth. Her powers of darkness were nothing compared to this, especially with the way it was draining her powers.

"You are an exquisite creature. I've never met a demon that can harness the powers of dark and light," he reached a hand into the force field, grabbing her by the chin to look into her tawny eyes,"You have the appearance of a human, the beast trapped within. I may have some use for you after all."

She moved in attempt to bite him, but he took his hand away too fast, "I'll never help you."

"I'm afraid you won't have a choice. Once I obtain the power sphere, this world will be no more, and there will be nothing for you to live for."

"Then I'd rather die."

"Admirable, but very foolish my dear," said Yakumo.

"Lord Yakumo," said a demon that had appeared from nowhere.

"Is it definite?"

"Yes. One more female from the Rekai exists," the demon told him. San gasped. Botan...

"Excellent. I have waited many years for this, the moment the Netherworld will be restored on new territory!" and Yakumo began to laugh. San was really worried now. If they took Botan, they would only receive a shard of the sphere, but Botan would be in pain. She was hoping they wouldn't figure out that she contained the rest, it was their only chance.


Kurama regained consciousness with the rest of them. He grunted in pain, pain that wasn't his. She was still alive. His wound was nothing compared to what she was feeling. San... he had to get to her, but, where were they? They were no longer at the elemental site.

"Where, are we?" asked Yusuke, standing up.

Hinageshi gasped, "Look!" and she pointed to a dome of Netherworld power. San was in there, that Kurama was sure of. He rose to his feet slowly, wondering how San was dealing with this pain she was feeling. If it was affecting him badly, there was no telling how much she was in.

"It appears that somehow we were transported over here," he said to the others.

"What do they expect us to do now?" questioned Hinageshi. Everyone was silent, Kurama grunting in pain. San, he wished he knew where she was, and that he could do something for her. Every thought about what had happened to her just made him angry. He couldn't protect her like he was supposed to...

"Hey wait a minute. Where's San?" Kuwabara asked Kurama. The fox met his eyes and then looked down guiltily.

"They've... taken her..." he answered. He was ashamed that he couldn't stop them, couldn't do what he was supposed to do, what he was sure she was counting on him to do. Kuwabara growled and turned to face the power.

"Those bastards!" exclaimed Yusuke. Kurama looked back towards the Netherworld power.

"So what's the plan guys?" asked Kuwabara.

"There is not much we can do at this moment. It would be best to retire and figure out a way tomorrow," Kurama answered him. At least his rational mind was still working. Yusuke walked up to the apparition and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, we'll get her back," he told Kurama. The demon nodded at him, and began his journey home. The others did the same, knowing that he was right. It didn't take him long to get home, coming in through his window so that didn't wake his mother. He cleaned and bandaged his wound and lied in his bed. He couldn't sleep though, not without knowing what was happening with San.

-That was completely careless of us Shuuichi-

-I know. I did not wish for this to happen-

-I never left him to die. I tried to save him, he told me to go on ahead. I just cannot believe that it was Moriko's realm-

-That does not change my feelings for her. She did what she had to as a ruler, and would've killed you had you remained-

-I know, and I love her no less for it. I do not blame her for her actions, and at the time, she would not know of our fate together-

-I find that hard to believe. She's a seer, she would maybe have had a vision about it-

-While that is true, I still believe that I could have saved him. I failed, just like I failed to keep her from harm tonight-

-We both failed, but I will not rest until she is safe again-

-Nor will I-


The morning was here. There were still no bright ideas on what should be done about this mess. Kurama could still feel the pain, her pain. While he hated every minute of it, he embraced the fact that she was still alive, and that was a good thing. Kurama had traveled to the dwelling of Kuwabara. He stood on the balcony, staring out into the region of the Netherworld power. He had to get in there somehow, had to get to San. He truly felt that life was meaningless without her. She is his mate, for life, there was no way he was going to continue on without her. He sighed, walking inside and sitting on the desk char. Kuwabara sat on his bed, and Hiei at the balcony door, staring outside. Hinageshi was on the floor with her many books and scrolls, looking for something that could help them.

"That must be it. A shield has risen, surrounding the area the Netherworld appeared in," said Kurama.

"Well then, explain this to me. Why isn't the entire city going nuts?" asked Kuwabara.

"That's the power of the Netherworld. It has caused the people not to notice things that they normally would have. Where's Yusuke?"

"Keiko went back to the temple, so Yusuke went with her to check on Botan."

"Hn," Hiei grunted and then opened the balcony door.

"What's wrong with you?"

"If no one here has a good plan, I'll take care of it myself," he said, walking out the door.

"Hiei, wait!" said Kurama.


"Is there anyway you can contact San?"

Hiei stared at the fox. He looked down for a moment, "No, I've already tried many times. There is no way to reach her," and with that he took off. Kurama sighed, continuing his thoughts on her.

"Perhaps we should head to the temple as well," he suggested to the others. They nodded at them, Hinageshi packing up her things, "I shall meet you there," and Kurama took off.

He stopped at home first for dinner with his family, putting his mask on. It was quiet anyway, and afterwards, he kissed his mother on the cheek and informed her that he would not be at home for the night. He then went into his room to pack up a few things that he would need. He could easily take what he needed from San's garden, and he planned to. He had failed her, and he was going to correct that mistake, no matter what the cost. He left then for the temple, arriving just as the day was turning into night. He gasped at the sight before him. The front of the temple was completely destroyed, as well as the room that Botan was occupying. Kurama recovered and then walked passed Yusuke and Hinageshi, straight to Genkai.

"Kurama, I was wondering when you'd show up," the old woman acknowledged him.

"Genkai, what has happened?"

"They came, those bastards from the Netherworld. They came and they took Botan."

Kurama gasped, "No..." He looked and saw Hiei standing there. He looked at the fire apparition with hope, but the demon simply shook his head no, looking down. Kurama turned back to Genkai, "Are you injured?"

"I am fine. There's something your hiding from me, spit it out already."

"It's San. She's also been apprehended by the demons of the Netherworld."

"Fuck. If they figure out that she can harness the power of light and dark, they could use that power for themselves..."

"I don't care about that, I just want her back."

"As do I Kurama, but we must look at this realistically as well."

"I know, but I can't stop thinking about how I failed to save her."

"We all make mistakes, but beating yourself up about it won't solve anything. It's time to figure out how you're going to fix this mess," the old woman got up and walked towards Yusuke and Hinageshi. Kurama followed her, "Those bastards said they had found a power sphere inside of Botan," she said as she walked up to them, "Now they have the sphere, the very source of their power."

"Even though they have retrieved the power sphere, the Netherworld is extinct. No place to go, and the Rekai gone. Yakumo and his brethren have one aim in mind," said Kurama, agreeing with Genkai, pushing San and her pain temporarily out of his mind.

"Yes. It is to obtain their true restoration here in the Ningenkai. Botan probably knew that when Koenma entrusted her with the sphere. She hid it inside of her own body, so that those demons wouldn't find it. She risked her life, knowing that its power would overwhelm her like that. And we never even realized..."

"But, only someone with the powers of darkness could possibly hope to survive with such power locked away like that..." trailed Hinageshi. It all made sense to him now.

"San..." Kurama began. She could sense it, her powers of darkness making it obvious to her. That was what those pains before she was taken were, the power of the sphere during the day time, when her light powers were the strongest. Everyone looked at him, waiting for him to continue, "She could sense it, before any of us knew. She took the sphere from Botan, probably saving the girls life. I noticed there was something different about her that night, she was somehow stronger. The next day she fell at random intervals in pain, when-"

"When the powers of the light were the strongest, of course! San recognized the power at once and took it from her, but some of it remained with Botan, and she couldn't possibly hide that only having spirit powers," said Hinageshi.

"Botan was just a decoy then, to lure them on a false trail. That damn reckless San, she knew and she didn't bother to say anything," said Genkai.

"She never does. She knows how we will react, and tries to do things without alarming others. That is one aspect about her I've been trying to change," said Kurama. Genkai grunted and then walked away. Hinageshi dropped to her knees, and Kurama knew that there as nothing more left to say here, so he left.

He walked into San's room, looking around. He had never actually taken the time to observe her room since his first time here. There was vegetation every where, herbs and security. It was always clean in here, she never liked a mess. He walked across the room and into her garden. He inspected her plants, helping the ones that he could. The dark plants would die without her, he didn't have the power to feed them. He came to the Dragonite flower. It would wilt without her, only their combined energy kept it alive, that was what was so special about it.

He left her room and walked to the lake, trying to clear his mind. He stared into the water that was lit by the moonlight. San had the power sphere, the enemy couldn't have known that. No, she was taken because they realized she could harness the power of light, Koronue could see it. Koronue, that was another thing plaguing his mind. His words rang through his mind, the ones that said he had left his friend to die. It just wasn't true. He then screamed, feeling a sharp pain. It belonged to San. Fuck, he wished he knew what was happening to her. The wind blew eerily, and Kurama pulled himself together once more. He removed his clothes, stepping into the water. It chilled him, but it was just what he needed. He felt a huge power surge, Yusuke. He could hear him yelling in the distance. Right, San must be saved, the Rekai and Ningenkai must not be wiped out. He removed his bandages, letting them fly in the wind. He grabbed a piece of bamboo that was sticking out of the water, and placed it in his hair. He cleaned his wound and stepped out of the water, putting on fresh bandages. He changed into fighting clothes and ran to a part of the city, waiting. It wasn't long, Yusuke, Kuwabara and Hinageshi walked by, and Kurama joined them. Almost at the bridge, and Hiei had appeared as well. They were all off to meet their fate. They were walking into fog, Kurama feeling a familiar presence.

"Not this way," said Hinageshi.

"No. It does not make any difference," said Kurama. Something appeared before them. Kurama gasped, it was Koronue's weapon. A blade with a chain attached, there was no mistake about it. He then saw a figure in the fog, and knew that it was him.

"You are correct, Kurama," said Koronue, walking up to them.

"Koronue..." said Kurama.

"You know him?" questioned Yusuke.

"He was a partner of mine at one time. He is also the one who took San from me. Let me take care of it," Kurama answered, stepping forward. Koronue just stood on his perch, watching his enemy.

"Kurama, are you still against your old partner?" the voice drifted up to him.

"Enough. Where is San? Bring her back to me at once!"

"His old partner? Is he alright?" asked Kuwabara, but his question was ignored.

"Come Kurama!" said Koronue, laughing and disappearing into the fog. Kurama ran up, and then spotted and elevator. He ran to it, using it to take him down. He could hear someone calling his name, but he ignored them. He had to face this, figure out where his mate was. He entered the fog, unable to see very far in front of him. Everything was quiet, and he walked around, searching, "You are truly despicable. In the past you fled and left me to die. Last night you were powerless to save your mate and now, you are trying to destroy our dream my old friend," Koronue launched his attack, but Kurama dodged it.

"Koronue, it is true that I was unable to rescue you that day. But believe this, I tried. I really tried!" said Kurama, trying to get through to him.

"Yes, just like you tried oh so hard to save your mate. Silence!" and Koronue threw more at Kurama. The fox was quick, every attack missing him. He landed from the final one but dropped to one knee. He had reopened the previous wound. San's pain was not helping him either, it was hard to focus. Another blade came flying at him.

"Don't do this!" he tried to talk to his friend, pulling out his rise whip to defend himself. The blades fell and Kurama dropped to one knee again.

Koronue laughed, "What's wrong? You're not fighting back."

"Koronue, what you are trying to do now is wrong."

"You say it's wrong. How dare you say that!" and he launched another attack on Kurama.

"Listen to me Koronue!" yelled Kurama. He then looked up and saw his enemy coming down fast at him.

"Shut the fuck up!" Koronue yelled, missing the head but still hitting Kurama. He went flying back a bit, on his knees now, "You still haven't remembered, have you? You... left me..." Koronue was standing a short distance from Kurama. The fox grunted in pain, his own mingled with his mates, "You traitor," said Koronue, the last word repeating itself in Kurama's mind. It wasn't true, it couldn't be. Koronue threw another attack at him. Kurama didn't dodge it fast enough, and it sliced his leg. He was hurt, the previous injury and the new ones making it hard to stand, "Now, you can make up for your ugly past."

"I didn't..." if only Koronue would listen!

The demon laughed, "What's wrong? Are you going to try and kill me just to save yourself again?" the demon laughed more, "With this blade I will cleanse your soul," and he threw his pendant away.

"What's this?" Koronue would never do that. This demon was a fake, this whole time! He should have known!

"Now, I finish you," said the demon. Kurama felt wind around him, preparing for his attack. This was not his friend, and more importantly, he had taken San. He pulled the bamboo seed out of his hair.

"Koronue... San... Please, give me strength," he spoke, powering his energy. He unleashed his attack, under his left arm, knowing that this fake would come from behind him.

"You... you..." the dying demon trailed.

"The one with the ugly, rotten soul is you!" Kurama turned to the youki, "You are not my old friend Koronue!" and he pushed the demon back, "Show me your true form!"

"Koronue" shimmered and changed back into his regular form, an ugly looking beast, "How did you discover my trick?"

"I could tell. First of all, Koronue always carried this pendant with him," Kurama began his explanation, holding up the pendant, "He would never just throw it away. What's more, no matter what the circumstances, he would never attack an enemy from the rear!" All this time this demon had toyed with him, and taken his koishii. He was beyond angry, his energy flaring as he rose to his feet. The demon threw another attack at him, but Kurama simply ignored it, "Koronue risked his life while he told me to run away. You twisted my memories of our friendship! You've taken my mate, and I don't take too kindly to those who take things that belong to me. Now tell me where she is if you wish to live."

"She is with King Yakumo! He is planning on harnessing her power after he gets the power sphere, you have no hope of saving her, she'll probably be dead by the time you get there," the demon laughed. Kurama's powers were strong, he could feel the beast within trying to escape. It did, Youko appeared just to kill this youki, and then was too weak to remain on the surface. A nice bamboo forest surrounded the area. They grew to extreme heights, the power of his enemy disappearing. Kurama stood.

"So even someone as calm as you occasionally gets angry. Hn. That's good to know," said Hiei, walking up to him.

"Not being able to rescue Koronue that day... and watching helplessly as San disappeared before my eyes..."

"Kurama. There is no one who doesn't carry scars on his heart. If there were someone in the world like that, he would be a shallow soul."

Kurama smirked slightly, "If she were here, she would remind you that demons do not have hearts," and with those words, Hiei turned and walked away. Kurama saw Yusuke, Hinageshi and Kuwbara standing at the edge of the new forest. Yusuke nodded at the demon.

"Let's go," he said.

"Right," Kurama agreed.


Botan... She was here, which meant that the two demons from earlier had gone to the temple. Unlike San, Botan was too weak and therefore, not contained. The wolf demon wondered what happened at the temple, hoping that everyone was okay. She still tried to break free of her imprisonment, even though she was weak. She had to do something, anything. She was useless right now, and she hated that. Her light powers were completely drained, making her have to rely solely on the darkness. But no matter how hard she tried to power up, the force field just drained her more. She cried out in pain, but it wasn't hers. Kurama, he was hurt, on the leg and his shoulder, as well as his abdomen. He was still alive, but for how long, she was not sure. Fuck. She knew that he was on his way here, and what was worse, she couldn't even contact Hiei. This barrier blocked her telepathy, it was useless right now. Yakumo looked at her curiously.

"What is that glow on her shoulder blade?" he questioned, approaching her. He reached his hand through his power and ripped her shirt, revealing the mark of her mate, "I see, you are mated."

"Damn straight I am, and when he gets here, I suggest you prepare yourself to die!" she gritted through her teeth at him. How dared he do this to her? She tried again to fight her way out of the barrier.

Yakumo laughed, "There is no way you can break that, your powers of light disappear in the darkness, and I have ensured that you cannot use your dark powers while you're here. No my dear, I'm afraid it would be better if you saved your strength, so that you can watch me dismember each and every one of your friends. They're almost here you know, and I will thoroughly enjoy killing them one by one."

"Bastard! I won't let you!"

"I'm sorry my Queen, but there is simply nothing you can do about it," he turned, San growling at him, "So, Reiko and the others are dead. It doesn't matter. If the power sphere of the Netherworld is returned, we will make the human world our own. Our years of pain shall finally end. Now you will return the Netherworld power sphere to me!" and he walked back towards Botan.

San struggled more. She had to find a way, some way to save Botan and stop this. A scent came to her just then, and she was slightly relieved, it was Yusuke. Next she could smell Hinageshi, and then a few moments later, Kuwabara, Hiei and finally, her mate. She tried again to penetrate the barrier containing her. It still wasn't working. She tried her telepathy again, but even at such a close range, she couldn't reach Hiei. Botan was screaming in pain, and it pierced San's ears, making her feel more helpless than ever. But her mate and the others were nearly here, they could help, or so she was hoping.

"Even unconscious, you are using your final bit of energy to resist me. It is useless, I alone am the only one, who can handle the power sphere!" and he reached into Botan, unleashing the last amount of power.

"Botan!" San heard Hinageshi shout as her and Yusuke finally reached them.

"Leave me!" yelled Yakumo, sending a wave of power at them. Yusuke recovered, saving Hinageshi and landing on his feet, dropping to his knees. Yakumo continued his work with Botan, "Don't fight me!"

Botan tried to pull his hand away, "I will never give it to you!"

"It is useless!" Yakumo lifted her above the air, and finally pulled the shard that was left within her. He threw Botan at Yusuke, looking triumphant, until he realized what he held in his hand, "What is this? How can this be? Only a fragment of the sphere lied within that pitiful girl? Where is the rest of it?"

"It's over Yakumo, just give up!" San yelled at him, eyeing down Botan. She was weak, speaking words softly to Yusuke and Hinageshi. She then passed out, Yusuke stepping forward to fight.

"I will not let you do whatever you want," said Yusuke menacingly, "Let San go, if you like living that is."

"Yusuke, be careful..." San silently told him.

"Ha. I will use her powers to help me take over this land, and find the rest of the power sphere."

"San!" she heard a voice that she longed to hear. Her head snapped in the direction it was coming from. Her mate, he was here! "Release her at once!" San could see that he was hurt, and knew that he was going to do everything he could to free her. Kurama ran towards San, but was knocked back by Yakumo.

"Kurama no..." her anger built up again, and she was trying once more to free herself from Yaumo's powers. Her dark energy flared up at intense power, and it seemed that she was almost able to break the barrier surrounding her being. It was the power sphere, it was feeding energy into her.

"How?" Yakumo questioned, "I see. You have the power sphere. Your powers were easily able to hide it from me, and that girl was merely a distraction so that I wouldn't find it. I told you that I would find use for you my Queen," and the king of the Netherworld walked towards San.

"No!" Kurama shouted, trying again to attack, Yusuke joining him. They both blown back with stronger force this time.

"Kurama stop!" she pleaded, she was almost at enough power to break loose. Yakumo put a stop to it, draining her once again and preparing to extract the sphere. Once his powers hit her, she screamed out in agony. The frequency was killing Kurama, and he tried hard will his body to move, but he was badly injured. Yakumo reached for the light coming out of San, and she tried as hard as she could to repel him. He was much more powerful though, and took the sphere from her. After losing that amount of power her whole body felt heavy. Yakumo sent her flying towards the others, and she landed not too far from Kurama and Yusuke.

Yakumo was laughing, "Finally, it is mine!" and he held the sphere in his hands, for all to see. Yusuke got up, walking towards Yakumo again.

"San..." Kurama trailed, crawling to her. She looked unconscious, and hurt badly. He willed his body to move, feeling every ounce of her pain. He finally made it there, holding her head in his hand, the other arm supporting her shoulders, "San, speak to me, please..." he couldn't lose her.

"Kur... ama..." she was weak.

"San," and he began to feed energy into her, hugging her to him.

"I'm sorry... I should have... told you..."

"Now is not the time San, once we get out of here, we can discuss it further."

She grunted in an attempt to laugh, "That's very... optimistic of you sir..."

"San please, just stay with me."

"How could I leave? We're mated for life... you are... stuck with me..."

Kurama smiled slightly, "I'd have it no other way koi," and he kissed her, his energy pouring into her. He was relieved, she was at a point where she would be alright. Yusuke had made it to Yakumo, preparing for battle.

"Now I will restore our world to its rightful place!" declared Yakumo, using the sphere to enhance his power, "Here I am god, and master!" San did not like sounds or feel of this. So much dark power, she tried to feed off of it, to grow stronger. The Netherworld was returning, it would be easy to feed off of, especially considering that she learned such a technique from Genkai. Everything around them changed, and it looked as if they were in a palace, "Humans tend to be such stupid creatures. Do you think you can match me?" Yakumo spoke to Yusuke.

"We don't always attack just because we think we can win," said Yusuke.

"So then is the great aim of protecting this world for a sense of justice?"

"Wrong again Yakumo."

"You creatures are quite stupid," was his declaration. Kurama and San fought with their bodies to stand, supporting one another, but only managed to stay on their knees. He was holding her, making sure that she wouldn't be taken again. Yusuke was weak, having trouble standing. San could see that Hiei was passed out, losing his power before he made it up here. Kuwabara also had no spirit power left, this made San worry. If Yusuke couldn't do it, she was sure everyone would try to but in the end, it wouldn't get very far with how weak they all were, "I am going to create my own world, what is so wrong with that?"

"But why are you doing it here in the human world?" asked Yusuke, struggling to stand.

"You are the ones who called me."


"You said, 'Please visit us'. It is true that my world was beaten in a battle with the Rekai, and it is true that it was sealed in the darkness of outer space. I waited patiently for an opportunity. I collected the evil power of those humans that were sent into the spirit world. I gathered enough power to destroy the seal. I seem to get along just fine with that evil power that the Rekai could not handle."

"Shit. He set our souls loose, now what are we supposed to do?" asked Kuwabara. Hiei was beginning to show signs of life.

"What happened?" he questioned. He was ignored though.

"Now, I shall let you taste the power of the human being's wicked hearts!" Yakumo announced to Yusuke, sending a dark shot at him. Yusuke sprang to life, jumping behind the king and coming in for an attack. Yakumo turned and Yusuke fired rapid punches at him. Yakumo fired another shot, sending Yusuke flying. He landed on his feet though, and started at his enemy once again. The demon dodged, and then punched the ground. As Yusuke moved out of the way, the energy went through the ground, tearing it anew. Yusuke started running, trying to corner his enemy. Yakumo appeared in front of him, making a direct hit and sending the human flying back once again. Yusuke jumped into the air, preparing an attack, but the king was out of sight and then appeared behind him, and shot another direct hit. He landed before Yusuke hit the ground, destroying it with the force.

"He's playing around!" said Kuwabara.

"It's no match," said Kurama.

"So much power..." San trailed.

"Damn," they heard Yusuke. His reiki was powering up as he stood. He was preparing to fire his spirit gun.

"You shall not waste your bit of spiritual energy," said Yakumo, firing another shot at the human. Yusuke dodged, each one of his shots and was getting closer to his enemy. Yakumo created a bunch of explosions on the ground, causing it to level. It was headed right for them.

"Hurry, we must get out of here!" said Kurama, powering up slightly and pulling San with him. Kuwabara brought Botan and Hiei grabbed Hinageshi. They made it to temporary safety. Yusuke was still dancing around his enemy, all the opposing attacks missing. He was powering up his spirit gun again, and finally fired it. The shot had tremendous force, causing a huge explosion. Yusuke fell on the ground, while the others waited for the smoke to clear. Yakumo was standing, untouched by the door that appeared when he summoned the Netherworld.

"This is my world. I set everything according to my thoughts, you cannot harm me. You are a fool, harming yourself with your own power. Do you finally see that I am... your god," said Yakumo, looking down at them all.

"Bad news..." trailed Kuwabara. San couldn't believe the dark energy that was really at his disposal. She knew that a lot of it had to do with the sphere, having contained its power herself for more than a day. Yakumo powered up again, sending another dark shot at Yusuke. San gasped, the human not moving. Damnit. And suddenly, Kuwabara was there. He took the full force of it, struggling to keep it away from Yusuke.

"Kuwabara!" San yelled. She didn't want to see anymore of her friends get hurt. Kuwabara was still being brought back by the strength of Yakumo's attack. Finally, he managed to throw it away, and San was impressed, "What an amazing thing..."

"Stop," said Hiei.

"You fool, Yusuke isn't your only opponent. Did you forget that I'm still here, waiting to kick your ass?" said Kuwabara, standing in front of Yusuke. Yakumo began to descend the stairs, walking towards the humans. Kuwabara was on his knees, and Yusuke was beginning to gain consciousness.

"What can you, a human being without reiki do?" said Yakumo. He walked up to Kuwabara and kicked him, hard. Yusuke got back on his feet, slowly.

"Kuwabara, I'm the one doing the fighting here," said Yusuke. Yakumo was laughing at the two of them, "What are you laughing at?"

"The reason you humans are weak is because you believe in friendship."

"Shut up!"

"Don't you know the meaning of fear?" and Yakumo powered up again, "Your body should be feeling the full force of my power!" With Yakumo's power, everything began to crumble. It was dangerous to be here, that San knew. The demon before them powered up immensely, and prepared for another attack on Yusuke, "It's time for the Ningenkai to become the Netherworld!" Yakumo unleashed the power sphere. It was bringing the Netherworld down from space, and getting ready to change earth.

"Now what the hell is happening?" asked Hiei. San used some of her strength to stand, Kurama along side her. A platform began to rise high above them. She had to do something, figure out how to stop this. Feeding off of the dark energy had restored her, but she couldn't let Kurama feed off it, or else it would kill him.

"Look, I shall blow away you and your little world!" declared Yakumo.

"Return the power sphere to its rightful place!" San heard Hinageshi. She broke into a dome that San didn't see there, and was fighting with Yakumo to try and snatch the sphere, "Give it back, Botan almost died to..." and the girl reached out for the sphere.

"Hinageshi no! It'll kill you!" yelled San, trying to get through to the girl. Hinageshi screamed, and that's when the three demons jumped up to the platform, trying to free her. Kurama used his rose whip, making a hit to the arm that Hinageshi was clutched to. The whip wrapped around Yakumo's arm, and Kurama held it in place. Next, Hiei was up, and he charged at Yakumo, slicing at the arm. San grabbed Hinageshi, saving her from a bad fall. She landed with ease, just to see Hiei and Kurama being thrown over the edge, "Kurama!" San shouted, making a charge for Yakumo. He grabbed the wolf demon by the throat and threw her with the other two apparitions. She landed beside her mate, getting up quickly.

"Damn you..." trailed Hiei, preparing to unleash the dragon.

"Stop, you'll die!" Kurama told the small demon. He was right, and the fire demon stopped. They looked up and saw a dark shot coming straight for them. There was no time to dodge, it was a direct hit. San was fighting for consciousness. She couldn't hear anything around her, it was all blank. She looked for her mate and saw him nearly passed out not too far away from her. She knew there was a way to do this, a way to gain access to more power. She crawled to Kurama, cupping his cheek and kissing him. He grunted, "San..."

"Kurama... I have to access the rest of my powers," she told him.

"No, you'll be completely unstable. That power being locked away for so long, there's no telling what it could do," but he knew that it was their only chance.

"Do you have a better plan? We're all weak and dying, and I have power coming out my ass that we haven't even tried yet. If we all die, then he dies too and then we still win," she told him, hating that she was right. He nodded at her, and she revealed the spirit cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She looked at her mate, getting ready to break free of them.

"Eien ni anata o ai shimasu, San," and he kissed her. It was filled with such passion and fire, knowing that it could be the last time he got a chance to kiss her. She let a tear fall, feeling the same thing as he did.

"And I love you, my precious kitsune," she replied to him after they broke apart. She used her force and broke the cuffs apart. Kurama gasped. At first, it was as if nothing was happening. Then, he was filled with her power, feeling himself change into his demon form. Moriko had also approached. Her power was tremendous, but he was unaffected by it, feeding off of it. Moriko's energy unleashed like a canon. Hiei got up as well, feeling her power.

"What is this power?" the demons heard Yakumo say, knowing that he could feel Moriko. The wolf was sure she could hear fear in his voice. The three demons jumped back to the battle. Youko's golden eyes were piercing as he stood with his mate. Moriko saw it then, the power sphere. She looked at Yusuke, and nodded at him. Moriko began unleashing her power at Yakumo, distracting him while Yusuke went for the power sphere. She didn't know why, but she had a feeling that Yusuke could handle it. Moriko was knocked back, but Youko was there for her. Everyone watched as Yusuke was standing in front of the power sphere.

"Thanks," she told him breathlessly.

"Always koishii," he continued to hold her.

"What is wrong with you boy?" asked Yakumo, trying to figure it all out.

"You are certainly very strong, and we may be no match for your power. But what if... What if I did nothing? I could never forgive myself... if I let you win!" Yusuke told the demon. He grabbed the power sphere, the dark energy coming to flow through him.

"Useless. Not even King Enma of the Rekai could handle the dark power. I am the only one who can take it," said Yakumo, laughing.

"Yusuke don't!" yelled Kuwabara.

"He needs to, this is what must happen, our last chance..." trailed Moriko. Youko looked down at her, and held her closer to him. Her powers were still immense, but they were not fatal to anyone, and that was a good thing. It looked as if Yusuke had exploded just then, but Moriko knew better than that. She began to glow, her light and dark powers shining brightly at the same time. Youko could feel her, opposites of the board combining into one. She was protecting Yusuke, her body naturally reacting to the power sphere.

"And now, into my hand, the power sphere," Yakumo was summoning it. Nothing was coming out of the smoke, "What?"

"The power, Yusuke is harnessing it," said Moriko, mostly to herself.

"Beloved?" Youko questioned, but didn't get an answer.

She was up to something, beginning to float out of his arms. He stared at his mate, wondering what was going on. Moriko was unleashing all of her power, reacting to the power sphere. The smoke cleared and Yusuke was in the middle of huge Netherworld energy. Moriko landed on her feet gently, still generating her powers. Youko wasn't sure how, but it seemed that with Moriko's power, Yusuke was able to convert the Netherworld energy into spirit power. It was a struggle though, for both of them. Yusuke had nearly fallen over, but Kuwabara was there. Kuwabara began to power up as well. The three demons took that as a sign, Hiei and Youko powering up and joining Yusuke. Moriko appeared beside her mate, taking his hand.

"Do it Yusuke," said Youko.

"We will win," said Moriko.

"I can't wait,' said Hiei.

"Hiei... Kurama... San..." Yusuke trailed, his friends right where he needed them.

"Let's get this over with Urameshi!" shouted Kuwabara. Moriko nodded, releasing all the energy that was locked away for the past seven years. She allowed it to flow through the others, giving them strength, harnessing the power of the sphere to fuel them even more.

"Incredible..." trailed Yakumo, getting blown away by just the wind of their combined powers. Yusuke rose the power sphere and it caused a massive explosion, destroying everything in a giant radious. Yakumo was screaming, trying to deflect the pwoer coming at him.

"Learn your place!" shouted Yusuke, firing a super charged spirit gun.

"Go to hell!" yelled Kuwabara. The spirit bullet followed Yakumo until it made a direct hit. He was blown away, and the elemental sites were no longer emitting Netherworld energy. The powers stopped flowing, Moriko and Youko remaining as they were, seeing as there was a shit load of power residing inside of her. Everything was clear, while they still stood there, "Did we do it?" asked Kuwabara. Yakumo was no where to be seen. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

"It's over," said Yusuke. A thought occurred to him just then, "Where are Hinageshi and Botan?"

"Let's find them." suggested Youko, putting an arm around his mate and leading the others away from where they once stood. Yusuke stood his ground.

"Hinageshi!" Moriko heard him call, but she continued to walk. She smelled something just then, and then BAM! Dark energy came from below them Youko grabbed his mate, but he wasn't fast enough, they were blown away. The last thing she saw was Yusuke disappearing into the ground, "Yusuke..." that shot really hurt her. She could feel her powers draining away. She looked at her mate, who was also badly injured. She gasped, "Youko..." but then all of the Netherworld power was removed from Earth. Moriko could feel it, Yakumo was gone for good this time. The building was coming down upon them, Youko moving to cover his mate. But where was Yusuke? Moriko felt something else just then, it was Koenma. He was healing them, and they all stood from the ruble. They had done it!

"Are we still alive?" asked Kuwabara.

Something dawned on Youko just then. He walked a bit forward and lifted some rubble up, revealed Hinageshi. She took a big breath, "Has the spirit world been restored?" she asked hopefully. Botan was gaining consciousness again. Moriko smiled, walking up to her mate and taking his hand once more.

"It is finally over," said Youko, looking down at his mate.

"Did that bastard really die?" asked Kuwabara.

"Who knows? He could be hiding among us right now," said Hiei. Moriko was smiling.

"Hey, that's not even funny!"

"But if he is, we'll give him another good beating!" deckared Yusuke. They all laughed after that, the relief setting in.


San was sitting in her favourite tree, looking out over the lake. Yes, she was San again. The spirit cuffs were finally off, but she still remained in her human form, simply to blend in. She had spent the past week resting and controlling her power. She nearly got it, but she was depressed. Kurama had not been around to see her, and she felt terrible about it. Koronue, she remembered him, and still carried his pendant with her. She was surprised that in all the years, Kurama had never noticed it before. She pulled it out of her pocket, staring at it. It was true, the guards pursued Koronue and Youko, she remembered it all. It was one of her first moves as Queen, one that she regretted. It was the first kill. She never actually saw the body, but found the pendant not too far away from the demons blood. She felt terrible, having taken away Kurama's partner. That was why he wasn't coming around, he knew of this, and probably didn't want to see her. She couldn't blame him, she wouldn't even blame him if he ripped off his mark and left her to die. She was prepared for it. She was so engrossed in her thoughts, she didn't even notice her mate was sitting in the branch next to her.

"San," he spoke softly. San was startled, but regained her composure quickly. She couldn't look at him, she was too ashamed.

"You must be here to kill me," she stated. She turned her back to him, revealing his mark, "Go on then, get it over with," she told him. She waited. Finally, she felt his hand run over the mark on her shoulder blade. It was soft, and then she felt his lips there. He bit it, and San prepared for death. When she felt him pull away, she was not dead. She turned to look at him confused. He was staring intently into he tawny eyes.

"San, eien ni anata o ai shimasu. I said it a week ago, when you unleashed your powers. My mark was beginning to fade, I have only strengthened it. Nothing has changed between us," he told her sincerely.

"But... I killed your partner..." she trailed, feeling a tear. Damn being a human!

"It does not matter koi. You did what you had to as Queen, and I do not blame you for that. The fact that you can manage to feel guilty about it is enough for me."

"Kurama..." she looked down at her hands, clutching the pendant. She held it out to him, knowing that it belonged with him. He observed it with disbelief.

"This is..."


"You kept it... All these years..."

"Koronue was pronounced dead. I went to where he was murdered and found it. I kept it, knowing that it would stay on my soul for all eternity. But I know now that its rightful place is with you."

Kurama stared at the pendant, and then he looked at his mate. He pulled her in for a kiss, and she teared. She loved him so much, he had no idea, and was so happy that he had forgiven her, "I have but one request from now on San."

"Anything," she told him, knowing that she didn't deserve his forgiveness.

"Tell me when something is going on with you. Do not hide it, I cannot hope to protect you if I am unaware of the situation. Promise me koi, promise me that you will not keep important things from me anymore," he held her gaze.

She couldn't look away, the moment feeling so intense, "I promise..." she trailed finally. She would keep it this time, not wanting anything to happen between her and her mate. Kurama nodded at her, placing the pendant in his pocket. He took her hand and led her to her garden. He stopped in front of the Dragonite plant. It was dying. Without their combined powers, it had no way to survive. Both of them fed their energy into it and it blossomed like it never had before. San smiled at it.

"That's much better," said Kurama, placing an arm around her.

"Yeah..." she trailed, leaning into him, placing her head where he could hear his heart, "Kurama?"

"Yes koi?"

"Where have you been this past week?"

"Back at school. By the time I was done, I came to look for you here, but Genkai had informed me that you were out somewhere on the land. She told me that you were trying to master your new unleashed power, so I thought it best that you do not worry about harming me."

"Oh Kurama, don't be silly. Once those cuffs came off, you fed off of it like you'd never eaten food before. It won't harm you, whether it be light or dark."

Kurama chuckled, "You are awfully powerful San. I believe now you have the strength to return to your demon form, why do you stay like this?"

"How else am I supposed to fit in with the humans when I go into town? Or to come see you?"

"Good point," and he kissed the top of her head, "I was hoping to spend the night with you, perhaps as we once were?"

San smiled against him, powering up and feeling the warm glow of his energy mingling with hers, "Was this what you had in mind Youko?"

"Yes beloved. I feel it has been too long since I have seen you."

"I know. We have been trapped for so long."

"We will be ourselves once more koishii. But even though we are trapped, I can still be with you."

"I certainly hope so. We're mated for life."

"I have told you once beloved, I would not have it any other way," and he pulled his goddess in for another kiss. Things were quiet now, but for how long, neither of them knew. For now, it was about the two of them, and their time together. The fires of passion burning through them, bringing them closer, and it would shine brightly, until the end of their days.



there it is, the big fat extension of my story, "Eternity". Hope you guys like it! :)

*eien ni anata o ai shimasu means i love you forever

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