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Elfen Lied: The Half-Diclonius


I knew this girl .She then murdered my parents and now my friends. I've been torn in more ways than one. But now she needs my help. I can't exactly choose what I want. But I can choose this. Watch out

Drama / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 and 2

Hello everybody, today is a normal fic from Elfen Lied, but something different. Today I have something different, what if Lucy met a second kid and instead of harming Kouta's life but still meeting him, this kid in her childhood of how that kid would react to that and in the future. Before anyone asks, yes they probably might be a pairing and later the kid will have some arsenal on his side, and yes powers. This is someone I decided to base this character on a friend of mine , I figured he enjoy it if he was the main protagonist. So don't hate. Fanfiction is made to have anything happen pretty much. There will be real locations in America, places that he's been to. I hope u guys didn't mind but I decided to cram 2 of the first chapter in this fic. So please enjoy, and I'm going to watch some Vanossgaming videos.

(And Yes it's Abercrombie... Deal with it) chapter. And yes I might've borrowed a couple things from 'Prototype'. But hey its just for fun. Right, but it's only a couple though, only for shape shifting really.

Pairing : OC X Lucy ( Brandon x Lucy)

Chapters 1, 2 :The Diclonius, The Boy, and The past : Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...

Chapter 1: The Diclonius, The Boy, and The past.

I had everything I ever wanted, a house, parents, friends, a nice school. Then everything went to hell like a chain reaction caused by one person. It's not right for someone to have something taken from them while the other takes it out on him. Yeah, I'm a boy. On my 18th birthday, I came to our apartment to where they would surprise me. I opened the door to find my friends decapitated, bodies everywhere, they were slaughtered by her, and the same for my parents. I'm not going to let that go, I'm going get my vengeance. I'll always be cursed, to this point I'm not even human anymore. The things I've done, the events that unfolded in my very eyes, 'normal' people see me nothing but a killer, a monster, a terrorist, apparently I'm all of these things. Numerous cities suffered for our mistakes, whoever I am, thats apart of me. All the things that are going to happen, are chaos, death and destruction. Innocent people risk their lives for helping me. For you to understand it all, I need to go back 12 years ago to that day, the day the pain started. I didn't remember who I was after that, what happened, all I remember now is... Who's next. My name is Brandon Abercrombie, and this is my story...

March 6, 2003. Location, Cape Karankawa

My Pov

Everything was peaceful, calm, quiet. The neighborhood, or as we call it the 'cape', was still filled with good spots, fun and great times. I would ride my bike pretty much everywhere, though at time to time there would be an encounter with the bullies. I'd ignore them the best I can, one time they actually they laid hands, I fought back, but they beat me to a pulp. They got in trouble, grounded, moved away, or Travis, one of the bullies, actually lost his privileges to drive his car. That definitely pissed him off, though did I care ? No. Made me feel better.

Every spot I'd go to, I would relax, take a picture of it, and even slept in the spot. To the playground, the park, 2 fishing spots, the community pool or even just simple walks down the road, it felt satisfying. I actually met and became friends with some people, we'd make a schedule of when to hang out. It was all fine, the sun warming on my skin, soaking my feet in the water, the comfort of my parents and them telling me right from wrong, reasons for safety and good advice.

I had everything I ever wanted. I wasn't spoiled, I was well behaved, just was a bit chubbier than I could've been. That didn't stop me from eating good, now from time to time I would have a snack but I just mostly go for fruit. Funny though, when holidays come around such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentines, and heck even Easter, I wouldn't be all excited or anything. I'm not saying I hated the upcoming events, I just thought it would be a regular day. Even when it was my birthday, I would be grateful for what I got not like other kids being judging.

Everything was alright... until she came...

I met her, on a Tuesday during the second week of March. It was during spring break when actually first encountering her. Then, part of it cut me deeply where I couldn't even think it could.

Local Park, same day, 3:39 P.M.

Normal Pov

A girl approximately at the age of 6 was watching other kids play as she sat on the swing all alone in sadness, she wasn't like other people, something about her was different both physically and kids would either stay away from being freaked about the objects on her head or just simply mock her of them. It'd be very rare if someone actually wanted to be her friend, though she was, but he left, she did like as a friend beyond any other. She had sorta pink-reddish hair and light crimson eyes and she looked very cute. A boy about the same age could be seen walking along the docks, he had been fishing for what he could grab, he was a bit chubby but enough to where it could wear off, he wore a black shirt, blue shorts, had brown hair that was a cross between a buzzcut but where it could also be combed. He wore glasses, the kind that are like reading glasses that soon turn into shades when out in the sun. He saw the kids having fun and at first wanted to go and join them, but saw the lonely girl. He didn't give any though and decided to go to her first, he felt that finding a way to help her was better than seeing people that were already perfectly fine.

He set his fishing gear down but kept his lunchbox he brought with him. As he kept walking, the girl at first noticed him and glared at him more as he was getting closer. He kept a friendly smile all the time, because there wasn't anything to upset him really. He stopped a good distance between them so it wouldn't make him seem weird. She kept glaring at him but squeezed her hand into a fist from irritation. He changed his smile into a confused expression.

"Hi, how are you doing ?" asked the boy. The girl just gave out an 'Hmph', and turned her back to him on the swing seat. Now the boy looked saddened at being ignored.

"Hey whats your problem ?"

"Go away." said the girl fiercely.

"Why ?" he asked honestly. Now she was mad, she got out of her seat and stomped towards the boy. He felt nervous at her being like this.

"Because I hate you."

'Because I hate you.' Those word buzzed in his head like an angry yellow jacket. He looked at the floor.

"But I never did anything wrong to you." he stated in a 'As matter of fact' tone. She growled under her breath, she spotted his lunchbox. Her stomach grumbled, she hadn't any food all morning the day she got here. She grabbed his lunchbox quickly and roughly while pushing him to stumble back. She opened it up and drooled a bit. Inside was snickers bar, some american cheese, 2 slices of a peanut butter jelly sandwich, and a apple. The boy quickly understood that she must've been hungry, he didn't feel mad or throwing a fit at her, he would simply understand that when you're hungry, you're hungry.

"You can have it. I had already ate this morning, bye."

With that said, he turned around and started walking. The girl looked ashamed and felt bad for it. She broke her focus on the food and caught the boy in time for forgiveness.

"Wait ! I didn't mean what I said, It's just that," she tried explaining.

"No, it's okay. I understand your just starving is all." said the boy, the girl of course nodded.

"I'm still sorry for being mean."

"Hey, don't be. There's been some times where I've been a little grumpy as well." they boy said while placing his hand on her shoulder, making her understand he forgave her. She smiled at his generosity.

"Whats your name ?" asked the girl.

"Brandon Lee Abercrombie, yours ?"

"I'm Lucy."

Chapter 2: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

Brandon's POV

"That was all 12 years ago, now that you know how I met her, we can finally focus on the present nightmare. I was turning 18, all my friends were going to be at my apartment. Today, I went over there to find what lay next on the bloody curb.."

We now see a older Brandon in shredded clothes, 18 years old, his right arm covered in blood due to damage something gave him but he managed to have it fixed mysteriously, except for his right hand tied with a rag over a bullet hole. 12 long years had passed him and then he was off into his own little world, thinking deep about the incident that just happened days ago. His encounter with the girl that ruined his life 12 years ago had taken a big turn for the worse. He thought he had it all again, unfortunately though that can't ever happen for him. He was back to being filled with nothing but rage, sorrow, and depression. He was so close to the dream he faced painful years to get to, and then karma spitted in his face making him lose those most important to him. If he was going to to be killed anytime soon, he's going to at least kill that horned-girl and make her feel what he's been through.

Though a man who looked like he was apart of a facility couldn't take anymore of the boys brooding, he gave Brandon some new clothes and some equipment such as 4 pineapple grenades, and a miniature cellphone with the organization logo on it when called. Brandon looked up at the man.

"Get dressed, we need to get you ready for what you're made of've."

Brandon didn't understand what he meant by that, but simply nodded and went into the bathroom.

The black and red jacket gives Brandon not only a stealthy and stylish look but has also associated it with his real life persona in the world which is to always appear cool and trendy before he is ready to fight his nemesis. This coat would surely make you feel and look like your actual hero from the a movie and is an ideal companion to beat nature's elements. This jacket was available in both Real and Faux Leather.100% Real Leather Quilted Viscose Lining Hooded Lapell Collar Front Buttoned Closure Open Hem Cuffs Two Waistline pockets And Two Inside Pockets Screen Accurate Top Quality Stitching Strict Quality Check In Material Selection, Stitching & Finishing Color: Black and Maroon. Brandon came out with the jacket, with black denim pants and matching canvas shoes for teenagers.

"Here, you're going to need some weapons." the man said handing Brandon a over sized revolver.

"Damn what is this ?" asked the mutant. He stared in awe at the beautiful weapon.

" Your personal sidearm from now on, the Samaritan, my father had it in which he acquired in the '50s, he named it the "Samaritan" because it puts monsters out of their misery. The metal of the gun is forged from a combination of the metal of Irish church bells, cold iron from crucifixes, blessed silver, and other mystic metals. The grips have the facility insignia on each side."

"It can only hold only 4 bullets, so use it wisely."

Brandon inspects the gun, spinning it like a old cowboy would into his shoulder holsters on his left side.

"By the way, my names Alan."

"I'm Brandon."

"Now tell me. This girl... she seems to have a personal grudge against you. Why is that ?" asked Alan. Brandon looks uneasy and scolds the Mole.

"She killed my family. And now since she knows I'm alive, she believes I'm involved with all this. We'd been friends since we were six but after that year I met her as a kid...she massacred my friends and family as well."

The undercover spy didn't change his facial expression but on the inside he knew what he felt. He then gave him a Olympic Arms OA-93AR-15 pistol converted to full-auto and fitted with a buffer tube (a necessary modification for the weapon to fire full-auto as the longer full-auto bolt needs room to trip the auto sear).

"Damn, that's rough."

"All I care is stopping her and all this madness." He just closed his eyes and shook his head. "But now I don't care about living or dying anymore, I just want send as many these devils back to Hell where they came from."

"Well if we're going to stop her, you're going to need to get ready. And not just by guns too, we got a greater weapon against her that she doesn't have."

"Huh , whats that ?" asked Brandon. He was confused while loading the gun.

"You." said Alan. The mutated being still seemed dumbfounded.

"What are you talking about ?" asked Brandon , crossing his arms. Alan walked towards the windows and looked deep into the city.

"When being infected with the virus, your DNA crossed with it and gave you many advantages that the other failed experiments didn't."

"(scoffs) And that is ?"

"Aside from being sane, not only has your physical DNA changed but also. Giving you the agility to glide, the ability to run 10 times the speed of a cheetah, release your vectors faster and attack brutally, detect any diclonius near your location and thankfully they won't sense you due to you being a mixture of both human and diclonius, they would just mostly mistake you for a small animal like a chipmunk or just a wind breeze. But most importantly you're able to regenerate your wounds faster than they can. With your DNA, it's too much for the institute compared to others" Alan explained , Brandon looked a bit surprised. He looked down at the ground and walked back and forth.

"So you're telling me I'm like every one of those things.(Sigh) Just my fucking luck, the thing I despised the most is what I am." said Brandon, kicking a cart with anger while it hurled and slammed against the wall.

"I hate it too, but sometimes if you can't beat them, join them." Alan said sternly.

"Unbelievable, well what do we do now ?"

"Well for right now, I think we should think about stopping more people like you that gone mad."

As soon as Alan said that, Brandon stopped dead in his tracks, his blood ran cold while boiling fiercely hot. Brandon turned around and scolded the spy.

"Well maybe you should've told me earlier that there was more of us running around. Not to mention some 'bat-shit insane mad scientist motherfucker'." the mutant said while making the kukoo finger whirl. He must have mentioned of someone he encountered on the way here

"Yes, I know, but right now we need you stop the first one on our list." he said while tapping his finger on a picture of a disfigured man with stitches over his eyes and age that spread across his appearance, making look like he was 56.

"Jonah Fstergild, one of the first failed Diclonius experiments. Extremely dangerous and has killed his own kind just for survival. You need to kill him, be warned, although he maybe blind that doesn't stop him from adapting to hearing even the faint sound of a mouse scattering over the floor. You use what you have against him, what you've been infected with makes you adapt as well, meaning you'll upgrade more and you could make a weapon out of everything in your body."

"Cool, but I need to find someone I've met these past days, and I need to know if he's alright. As soon as I find him, I'm going to find the rest of the people I've known that are still alive, then I'll go after those ugly bastards." stated Brandon as he opened the window and almost jumped out until he heard Alan.

"They probably are already dead, Brandon." said Alan in a serious tone. The mutant looked back to glare at him, he looked at him and out the window before reaching a decision.

"We'll we're fixing to find out aren't we ?" said Brandon cold.

"Just remember that if you see someone with pink-redish hair and horns, I would defend myself as quick as possible."

"Why defend yourself when you can just impale their heart, watching them suffer like I did, they all deserve to die."

"I didn't say that, not of them all are craz-," but was cut off from Brandon leaving impatiently.

He jumped out the window. He closed his eyes , relaxing his body of the rushing wind against him. But for some reason , he didn't seem afraid of falling down to the ground. In fact he felt calm, like the world was there to carry him on its shoulders, or let him fall. All the things that happened in his life were just unbearable. He wanted to just end this nightmare and wake up to a new start to a morning without bloodshed. But he knew that wasn't going to happen. He had to hunt down the monsters that terrorize the innocence. Now he had to find who was on the diclonius's list.

Those dead : Chris, Cheyenne, Sensei Luis, Alex, Angel, Jordan, Mason, Josh, almost all of his friends. Was it mercy that she left the other few alive cause they were family ?

Sophie, Ana, and her kid. He'll be damned if he's going to let those good people be forced to walk like lambs marching down to the slaughterhouse. They were the last of his 'family', and so was Earl.

He remembered what one of his fallen friend had spoken to him right before 'he' died.

'Remember for what you fight for, who you fight for, and how you fight for... Pl- ... protect those who are harmed... And choose the right battles, Brandon.'

He didn't need to wipe the tears slid across his face as gravity pulled him down and he slammed fist and his surprisingly slim heavy body onto the concrete ground, causing everything around to be crushed, and shook the floor. He was shocked at how powerful the sudden impact on the ground was, it was like a smaller earthquake. But the sudden thought just made him think he was 'Really' overweight !

"Oh that's nice, even as a freak I'm still like I was already back then." He sighed before trying to hatch an idea. 'Okay, if I was Earl , where would I be ?'

"Damn, I should've told him a location where we could've met 'After' I was at the corpse party. Agh, the hell with it, I'll find him later, but at least I know where the other three other would be. At my apartment, I better get back to them before 'She' does."

Brandon looked left and right for a vehicle he could take, his eyes stopped when a man parked an Black 1968' Oldsmobile on the curb. The man walked away with a sleezy looking woman following along and going into the alleyway Brandon was in. He just gave the people a disgusted look but they certainly didn't care.

"Ugh, I'll never understand 'adult' pleasuring people have nowadays. Sick."

He spat in disgust, but made his way as soon as they went around the corner. He broke the door lock with ease and turned the key as its engines roared and he stomped on the accelerator as it shot out like a bat out of hell.

4:30 P.M. Apartment residence

Three people could be seen on their knees against their own will, guns were against their head. Two of them were women at least to the ages of 22-24, the third was baby boy about 3 years old. Each of them were praying for a miracle. 7 Soldiers were there holding them a gunpoint and ready for the execution.

"Please, we honestly don't know where he is, we-" said one the two women. As selfish and uncaring soldiers that they were, they didn't even care for their pleads.

"Permission to wipe out witnesses, Sarge." said one 2nd in command. The 'Sarge' made a hand sign for the killing. The soldiers loaded their automatic rifles and were about to give them a fatal one of the three closed their eyes for their last time they spent together as family.


A quick sharp cut was heard, though only 6 of them turned around to see a gruesome, grizzly scene. One of the soldiers was standing very odd and his eyes said 'Help', as they stared at him the body of the solider fell in half as his waist departed from his lower half. Blood spurted out onto the floor, everyone in the room including the people were shocked and scared to see what happens next. Someone who caused the attack was in the shadows and was messing with the soldiers minds, making them fall in line next to death. He spoke.

"I don't remember anything about soldiers killing the innocent, I thought they were supposed to protect them..." spoke the ominous and undiscovered voice. A soldier shot across the room missing everything and looked towards the ceiling.

"Show yourself !" as he started loosing his cool.

"I can't remember how this all happened and why it unfolded into our very lives. I don't even know what I've become."

"Ready your weapons, men !" spoke the Sarge.

"But I do remember something though..."

Everyone was waiting for the suspense that was just around the corner. Sweat was sliding down their faces, fear and their blood ran cold in themselves. The innocents started crawling away without a sound making the guards to fend for themselves. As the assassin stealthy touched the floor away from the armed men's sight, he grabbed a military automatic pistol and several objects pulled out of his back like they were giant sharp needles.

"Who's next ?" asked the teen-aged boy. Everybody shot up instantly and were only heard silence until the men opened fire onto the boy. They kept releasing lead into him, bullets just seemed to be absorbed into his body until...


Each of them were empty of bullets, they desperately searched for ammo until the boy snapped his neck acting cocky and shot 3 of the soldiers from the torso, head, and heart. As the bullet pierced meatbags dropped on the floor, the last three either tried to escape or face him head-on. Unfortunately as the one tried to fight in close-combat, the mutant released the sharp spikes into the mans flesh and limbs flew across the wall, painting them crimson red. He pulled the pistol to kill one necessary solider and cripple the leg of the Sarge of the group.

"Aah !" screamed the cowardly victim as clenched his teeth in pain, trying his best to not looked weakened by the enemy. The boy stomped his left foot onto the man's bad leg, releasing and opening the wound for it spill even more blood. The was revealed to be the infected Brandon as he wanted monsters like him to feel his wrath. He grabbed his neck not caring if he was suffocating him.

"Who made you God , little man ? Not your ranking, not that uniform, nothing." Brandon walked over the nearby window looking outside as he grinned evilly.

"You'll scare people fine, I need a scarecrow. You're going to be my personal message board. I want everyone to see what happens when they come here, Uninvited." He said dark and cold. He threw the man outside the window, sending him to crash into the ground, and have a hell of've a concussion on himself. A Puddle of blood surrounded him as swarms of people were running to the scene to see if they could help.

Brandon felt something inside him that he couldn't explain. It felt like he was dark, superior, and psychotic. He wondered if 'his' kind felt the exact same thing he does, or rather that 'girl', she was the coldest merciless Diclonius he saw. But snapping back to reality, he saw to his friends were cowering in fear at Brandon's killing, He took 4 steps forward as they shivered in fear.

"Sophie, Ana, it's me. Brandon." as he raised his hand to them. His vectors going back inside him. They were cautious at first but then looked into his new crimson eyes, Sophie, as she was called, was the first to stand up and inspect Brandon.

2 Hours later: Same day, 6:30 P.M.

After finally dispatching from his three real family members and transferring them a safer location, it was time to stop one diclonius and soon before it gets too late and finds Earl. But something caught his attention, his head started sending strange messages in his head, like a chilling instinct that surged through his body, his fingertips felt like pins and needles urging to move the direction the feeling was coming from. He must've been sensing another diclonius, it was the north of here, about 161 km from his area. The only place this would've been was in Houston. He smiled manically. He grabbed the keys he took from the car and passed it to a nearby civilian that walked by him.

"Park it somewhere decent at 925 W Main St, 77597. The Grand Motel." ordered Brandon. The male civilian just looked dumbfounded but just eyed him.

"Uh... O... Kay."


And just like that, Brandon started sprinting like crazy around the corner with accelerated ease to his Victims location while jumping through the air and onto a roof. The male just was shocked at this , but like any other civilian he just fainted due to the inhuman sight.

With the speed assisting along the alleyways of Edna, Brandon felt pretty damn confident about these new powers so much he , without trouble, used his flesh coal-color covered vectors to push him off the ground and onto the roof to roof and into the air. He glided his arms in the air like a eagle would, his body was like nothing, giving him the advantage of soaring like an eagle too. Next stop, Lucy...

The hunt began...

Location: Houston.

A man about 17 years old parked an SUV full of 3 other people in front of an residential building called the Kaede Inn, the 4 of them got out and inside. We see the one person to ever destroy Brandon's life... Lucy. She has matured during the years she was gone, but it was the worst. Lucy was following along the group but kept questioning her actions back at the dojo and the apartment. 'That boy from all those years ago is back, and now he thinks he can stop me. He's such a disease, to think he actually was someone more trustworthy than Kouta.'

For those who hadn't know who Kouta was, he was another childhood friend she met before Brandon. The queen diclonius stopped her thinking to only mistakenly bump into the woman who's her age. The female keeper looked a little bamboozled but turned around to worry for Lucy.

"Are you okay ?" she asked. The diclonius just simply looked down in sadness and frustration.

"Yes. It's just that boy I was mentioning about those years ago. He deserved what he got, even in the past. He was going to harm all of us if I hadn't done what I did." said Lucy cold, her voice was almost trembling though as she said that. Though the woman looked concerned at this statement, whatever happened back in 2003 must've rough. Lucy noticed the expression both woman and suddenly a pink-haired girl who was exactly like Lucy, had looked at her straight. The little girl was about 9-11 years of age.

"Sorry. I shoudn't dwell on the past, I-" she couldn't speak due to the pain she had when she was growing up. the pinkette patted her on back and tried comforting her.

"It's okay, Lucy. I'm pretty sure what he did to you was worth it."

Lucy looked down to the girls height, ever since a event they had first met each other with them fighting, she began growing a liking to her as if she was her own. Actually she was, if it hadn't been for Lucy infecting the parents of each child, this girl wouldn't even exist. She kneeled down and hugged her 'little' sister. The older woman felt happy that they had both gotten along, the younger pink haired never wanted to leave her embrace, as long as it made Lucy feel more calm she'd do it.

"Nana. I won't ever let him ever get to you, you will always be safe as long as you're with me here," Lucy stated as Nana nodded in response/

After that moment ended, Kouta and a very younger girl started making dinner for them after such a hard day of hell for especially them. She went outside to give her pet, Wanta, his noon feeding, but when she looked outside he wasn't there. She felt a little twinge of nervousness of not finding her friend, he had been there since she left home. She walked down and crouched to look down inside his doghouse, he wasn't in there. Now she was getting frantic now, she looked left and right for Wanta. But then she felt frozen as soon as she saw blood and his collar next to each other on the ground. She started weeping now, she fell to her knees and started full-blown sobbing her heart out while she started repeatedly crying out his name the best she could. Kouta opened the door wanting see what the commotion was about.

"Mayu, whats the matter-" he said right before stopping his sentence and seeing the incident on the floor. He knelt down and comforted the girl now revealed 'Mayu'.

Someone was enjoying the scene play out as 'he' smiled while petting the alive Wanta in his hands while it squirmed uncomfortably. He was actually a younger teen like figure. He stepped into plain view.

"Such a cute dog, can I keep it ?" asked the figure. Both Mayu and Kouta shot up to the voice, Maya, on the the other hand, started sprinting as soon as she saw Wanta. She snatched him from his hands to hug her assumed dead friend. Kouta ran up to him and grabbed him by his shirt aggressively.

"Who the hell do you think you are ?!" asked Kouta ready to kick the shit out of the the trespasser. The figure still kept his smile while ready to tango. He released himself with ease and agility from Kouta's grip.

"Aww, what ? You don't remember your old friend. You don't remember me at the gas station 2 days ago. You shot me in the Fucking hand"

Kouta looked confused at first but soon realized it was too late to say his name, he looked terrified out of his mind. He staggered backwards, pointing his finger at him. Mayu saw this and did exactly what Kouta did. The figure was enjoying their trembling.

"B- Brandon ?!"

"Hmm, yup the one and only. Past tormented kid who has suffered by the thing you shelter here at your garbage shit house. Brandon Abercrombie, future savior for Earths true destiny. And that is killing 'Lucys' kind. My kind." explained Brandon. Kouta took once glance at him and then at the door to escape. Without thinking , he grabbed Mayu's hand and ran as fast as he could.

"Mayu ! Run !" said Kouta.

"Big Mistake." He said while whipping out his tentacles out to the two. The meaty vector made its way to them wrapping around Kouta's leg, tripping him in the process. As Kouta fell, Mayu did too, leaving Wanta desperately running left and right making up its mind to either help or get help.

Kouta tried getting up, but failed miserably when Brandon lifted up his foot and slammed it onto his back. Mayu tried assaulting Brandon to save Kouta, but wished she hadn't. Brandon saw her actions as his fleshy vectors swarmed around.

"Not good, little kid."

He lifted her up in the air with one hand by her shirt neck, and brought the Samaritan to Kouta's head.

"Tell you what, If I get to kill Lucy, then all of you get to live. If you don't, I still won't kill you, not even maim a part of your limbs. But you'll still be killed by either more diclonius or even the people who hunt down your precious Lucy. So which is it, girly ? Kill or be killed ?" asked Brandon focusing on her the whole time. Mayu kept trying to pry herself against his hold on her shirt even though he wasn't hurting her. Kouta tried getting back up but was brought back down by Brandon's foot slamming onto his head, causing his nose to bleed bad on by the impact of his shoe and concrete ground.

"You got until the count of 5 before I make up my mind and start putting bullets in you, your friends, your dog and Lucy. Clocks ticking, you better hurry."

Discouraged by the warning, Mayu looked in Brandon's eyes and Kouta's struggle getting up.


Mayu broke out of her thinking and forgot the time left.


The half diclonius cocked the giant revolver.


"4 !"


"Kouta." said Yuka's voice out loud, wondering where both Kouta and Mayu went. Brandon immediately heard the voice and had a devilish smile spread across his face ear to ear.

"Well, Well, looks like we have another contestant, how about we play the live or die game ?" asked the mutant sarcastically as his demonic voice died down and returned to his normal human voice.

'' Yu- yuka.." mumbled Kouta as buried his face into the pavement.

"Oh, is that her name. Such a beautiful voice. It'd be a shame for it to be filled with blood while I take her heart out."

Kouta turned his head around the best he could under Brandon's foot with a death glare.

"If y-you- t-touch her- I'll-" but had shutted up once the half-diclonius pushed him down more with his shoe.

"You'll what ? Kill me. Impossible. Do you really want to die, ? You need to understand that your in a big situation with a real dangerous hybrid inhuman being. So here's how it goes..." said Brandon. Kouta tensed up but was smart and listened.

"As of now you obey me. All I want is to kill the rest of the diclonius and protect the innocent. Got it , you fucking chinc ?" asked Brandon, willing to even to torture to get what he needs.


"Say It."

"We obey you, and you want peace."

"And who am I ?"

"I-I- I don't know."

"That's right. You don't know. Let that little mystery keep you up at night."

Brandon released his foot off of Kouta's head and gently put Mayu on the ground. He still had his gun pointed directly into Kouta's skull. Mayu was about to scream for help until Brandon had covered her mouth with his hand.

"Shhhhhh. Don't disturb the neighborhood. Okay ?" asked Brandon. Mayu blinked and nodded her head 2 times. Brandon nodded as well before letting go.

"Good girl."

He uncocked the revolver and holstered it as well as his vectors. Mayu helped up Kouta on his feet, wrapping his arm around her shoulders. Now both of the humans stared at Brandon carefully.

"Now listen close. Rule 1, if any of you tries to escape, I have four little friends with me and they can all run faster than you can. Rule 2, I always know whats going to happen in a matter of 2 mile seconds, so don't even 'Think' of trying to call the police. Plus if you do, they'll come with the people who made lucy, and murder all of you by tomorrow morning if you did. Rule 3, if you even cross me, I will line all four of you except Lucy outside now, and I'll execute all of you without hesitation. Understand ?"

Mayu and Kouta looked uneasy with each other and reached a decision.

"Yes or no answer."

"Yes." answered Kouta. The mutant smirked at this, seeing his prey doing his every command.

"Excellent. Now, where's the other diclonius ?"

Mayu looked confused as well as Kouta.

"Whats a diclonius ?"

"Don't play stupid with me, I mean where's the other little pink-haired girl you have in here ?"asked Brandon, impatiently. Kouta looked shocked of how Brandon could find out about 'Nana'.

"Nana," said Mayu as Kouta heard what she said and put his hand over her mouth.

"(Growls) Fine, I'll find out for myself." said Brandon. Kouta was about to stop him but Brandon already dashed in blur and was behind Kouta. Kouta froze in his tracks forgetting about the rules Brandon explained.

"I'll let that go for free. But for right now, apparently I need someone to babysit your ass. Sit the fuck down." said Brandon kicking Kouta in the back the way an average human would and not a diclonius's strength. He scolded Kouta while making a concentrated, still stance. He remembered a technique he found along the way of reaching here.

Flashback: 6:55 P.M.

Brandon was gliding through the air almost reaching his destination, until he saw that several trucks were tailing him. They came from the Diclonius research facility that was located on the island. He couldn't let them follow him, they would get innocent people caught in the cross hairs. He soared through the air but in a more empty land area. He now was going for a hard earth shambling landing, he made it down to the ground with it forming a giant hole in it of where he landed.

He waited for the soldiers to come out and try to attack him. The trucks surrounded Brandon from each side, but something was familiar about these soldiers. They were the same kind of soldiers that he had faced, but to be honest, they actually looked Asian. Maybe some SAT.

As they departed from their vehicles, they loaded their guns but held their fire to wait for his actions. He looked from left to right, there were about a total of 18 SAT members. This was going to be too easy.

"Hmph. So, you guys want to play, huh / Okay, I got some time to KILL. "

And just like that, the SAT started shooting but missed due to Brandon's running speed escaping the bullets. He jumped high in mid-air until he came crashing down into 6 SAT, he unleashed his vectors and started decapitating all of them with their heads spurting out blood. His clothes were dirtied by the gruesome attacks he's had. The rest of 12 SAT, spraying him as he whipped out the Samaritan and shot one giant bullet into one of the trucks engines, causing it to explode along with 7 men. The rest of the soldiers watched as their comrades burned beneath the truck, seeing their skin to erupt and turn crispy until the fire consumed them.

But to Brandon's dislike, 2 more trucks showed up. He had to think quick of what to do, he wasn't exactly indestructible. He remembered that Alan said he can make anything of his body happen. He quickly got into a concentrated stance with his arms at his upper body level. He could feel his entire self start feeling summer heat rushing in his veins. Now he started oozing some sort've fleshy muscled covered body that had started looking exactly like him with his exact outfit. He had made a copy of himself. The other Brandon looked to the real one while kneeling down.

"What is your request, Boss ?"

"You take those two trucks and I'll take out the rest of the soldiers."

"Yes, Sir."

The other Half stood up and rushed at the soldiers started slicing their bodies in halve's, hearts ripped out, and brains splattered. The real one brought his automatic pistol and instantly putting bullets into 3 of the survivors skull. The bodies had hit the floor, and the rest of the four started shooting again. But luckily for his vectors along with many other diclonius, they shielded him from the incoming pellets.

They were fully out of ammo, the had tried to make an escape but were already stopped with the vectors ripping them apart violently into little chunks. One soldier was crippled with his legs being cut off, but Brandon didn't feel any shame as he crouched down to bring his hands around the mans neck and wring it, with the sound of it snapping loudly, he broke the mans neck.

He looked at this scene, maybe they should've know that once you spot a diclonius and you attacked it, you're screwed. He watched the other 'him' disembowel one last soildier and grinning more crazier than Brandon.

"You. Your missions done."

The clone nodded in respect, and started running at Brandon. When he ran into him, his body went directly inside Brandon, making them whole once again.

"Now where was I ? Oh yeah."

Flashback end

Back into the real time, he made the same pose creating another clone to pop out. Both Kouta and Mayu were frightened at the though of him creating copies of himself. The two halves of each other did the same thing, the clone would ask the instructions, the real one tell, the same one would follow his orders. The clone came to the humans, and were behind them watching them without even the smallest thing distracting him. Brando .

"Don't let them run off or even alert anyone. If they do, just restrain them in your vectors."

"Will do."

"Please don't kill Nyu."

"Who ?" asked Brandon as he turned to look at Mayu.

"She's -"

"It's our neighbor, no one else !" Kouta lied.

"Hm, seems as if your that defensive, it could only be Lucy, am I right ?"

Brandon wasn't stupid, everyone could refer to 'Her' without even having to say her name.

"Don't kill her please !" pleaded Mayu, her voice raised. Brandon firmly grasped her shoulder, making her listen.

"Little girl, you're really starting to irritate me. I do what I have to. Maybe I won't harm you guys, but just order you until the jobs done."

"H- how d-do I know your telling the truth ?" said Mayu bravely as she could.

Brandon brought out his revolver again, Mayu already knew what was going to happen, she closed her eyes as she waited for her doom. Brandon opened her eyes with his one hand, her eyes filled with fear and tears looked at the gun. It was just the opposite of what she expected, Brandon only revealed the cylinder, showing that no bullets were in it at all.

"I don't kill the innocent. I'm not going to kill you, Mayu. Or anyone that isn't responsible for anything that they committed."

Mayu had worried for nothing, she felt a little less scared now that she knew that they weren't going to be dead.

Brandon walked inside the house, the other clone made sure that the two weren't going to him. Brandon had took notice on the inside. It wasn't even a shit hole like he had said earlier to them. But still, his job was to get to Lucy. He opened one slide door to reveal the kitchen, and a pink-haired little girl chopping some vegetables into a pot with some soup. He smirked at his accomplishment, and quietly sneaked up on the diclnoius. With 'Nana' paying attention to the cooking and not him, she was quickly startled at the touch of arms getting her in a head lock and his hands grasping her throat.

Nana tried to pull away for air but couldn't against the teenager's strength. She kept squirming in his hold. Though Brandon wasn't trying to kill her, but rather subdue her in a unconscious state. After 3 minutes of this, Nana started feeling woozy and tired as she heard Brandon trying to calm her down. Her hand clutched his own.

"Shhh. It's almost over. Don't fight. Calm down. Time to go to rest..." as his words started going faint in her hearing. She stopped resisting and gave in, leaving only her hands to hold onto Brandon. He swooped her up like a father would carrying his young to bed, exactly like he did now with the little girls head resting on him. And before she almost dozed off she murmured some words...


Now he felt different, shocked at what she just called him. What was it though ? Could it have been what Alan had said, that they weren't all insane.

'Whats the deal ?!' he thought to himself.

But Brandon felt only guilt and caring at the sight of Nana. She was innocent. Maybe he could go back on his word of killing them. He carried her outside the kitchen, into the living room, onto the couch. She looked so peaceful on the sofa, even put unconscious. He couldn't help it, but he carressed her lovely hair. Her bow was also pretty, could this be another reason to stay alive, maybe even not murder all of them.

Brandon didn't have to search the whole house, he could already feel her presence behind the door on the left. He felt a bit of goosebumps slide down his neck. This was his moment, his chance to get revenge. He finally bucked up , grabbing his giant revolver, reloading the last bullet he fired earlier. The thought of him being scared of his family and friends murderer.

"I ain't scared of her." he said, knocking on the door. Yuka and Lucy were chatting together, but were interrupted of the knock. Lucy, though, was confused why anyone would knock in the house why were already the owners. Yuka stood up and opened the door only to wish she hadn't. She didn't know who he was though except a stranger... Lucy did later on.

Brandon knew she was alerted, in a blur, he already had Yuka as a human shield. Lucy had her vectors out making their way to Brandon, though his were at Lucy's neck, he delivered a powerful blow to her chest making fly across the door and onto the floor. Yuka was terrified of the supernatural figure's in front of her. Or really from front and behind.

"Hey, Lucy. It's me, your best friend, Brandon." he said while resting the revolver on Yuka's cheek. Lucy was about to get up again, but Brandon could see one of her invisible vectors trying to regenerate and strike. He whipped the Samaritan towards Lucy's direction, with his finger 1 mile second from pulling the trigger.

"Grow this back."

Kouta and Mayu could hear the ruckus inside their house. They were about to leave until the clone had gripped their shoulders. He could even see through his bosses eyes of what he was dealing with. A monstrous roar filled the room with a deaf echoing, ringing through everyone's ears.

The clone grinned evilly, he knew what he did and knew to go inside.

"Lets go see the commotion."

Both humans had felt sick to their stomach, they didn't want to see what was behind the door. The clone shoved them inside, but along with the two he even had a amused expression.

In the room was Yuka lying on the floor, holding herself from anything else to spring out of nowhere. Nana lying on the couch. Lucy frozen in her place, eyes wide open, mouth opened halfway. She kept this up for 7 seconds until her left horn had fallen off, showing a bloody mark on that spot. She fell down on her knees. Yuka, Mayu, and Kouta ran up to assist her. The two Brandon's were just enjoying such a event take its impact on them. The clone went back inside his boss. With the real Brandon just standing there, dual wielding his Samaritan and the Olympia at his disposal.

"Lucy ! Are you okay?! Speak to m-"


That had shut Yuka up just fine. Brandon just gave the three a death glare, staring into their soul.

"Besides, she's not dead. For now."

They all looked confused, at how he just said he didn't even kill her, but just left her speechless.

"W- what did you do to her then ?!" asked Kouta standing up to Brandon. Brandon still kept the same expression but simply walked to the right. He holstered his guns and his vectors going back inside their owners.

"I shot one of her horns off. That's one less thing to worry about. With the the only one she has now, she's pretty much not in a state to engage in battle in this condition." explained Brandon.

"Why just her horns?" Mayu asked. Brandon simply nodded.

"I'll tell you when you're older," he smirked at his little smartass comment. Mayu frowned at that, she didn't exactly have the same thought as he did. Brandon, having a little guilt on his chest, placed his hand on Mayu's shoulder and pointed to Lucy.

"Or better yet, why don't you go ask her yourself ?" he said, not expecting an answer from any of them. He walked around the couch to get Nana. He picked her up and had her in his arms. She seemed to be a little up and running but for now she was asleep, stiring a bit in his arms. He walked towards the group of hostages, they noticed Nana in his hands and were about to be physically protective.

"What did you do to-" said Lucy before Brandon stared at her and put his own hand over her lips.

"Shut up. She's only unconscious. She's not hurt, plus I figured I wouldn't even kill her. She's innocent. Unlike you."

He said pointing at her, his finger in her face. Lucy slapped his hand out of her face and went close up in his face.

"You're such a pain in the ass, you know that. What happened those years ago might have scarred you but I went through worse!" she said ready for probably round 2.

"You mind not waking her up, female banshee ? She's so cute when she sleeps, see ?"

Lucy looked down to her 'sister', and he was right. She was so beautiful when more calm.

"You wanna hold her ?" asked the half-diclonius innocently. Lucy looked confused than anyone in the room but automatically and kindly took her away from her.

"Touch her and you'll start dropping down on the floor." Lucy had kept Nana very close to her like she could be taken away from her easily.

"Heh. Scary. You just don't get it do you? You're pretty took everything from me, and this is how you come to me. You killed my friends 2 days ago, on my own birthday. You think I even deserve this ? No I don't. You already got people to care for you," he said while his back faced everyone. Lucy just stared cold at him , not caring for the past. As for the rest, they just had a questionable feeling for him.

"Even if you didn't die, what would you do ? This has nothing to do with you." she said until receiving a powerful reverse punch from Brandon, Lucy stumbled back in Mayu and Yuka's arms.

"BUT IT DOES ! Of course it has do with me! All those innocent souls had never done anything to you ! What is wrong with you ?! AAAAAHHH! " he took a breather, for 3 minutes, he let out something that almost sounded like a short, small sob. Lucy was biting her lip even from his punch causing her mouth to bleed, the anticipation was killing her.

Brandon turned around to walk up to her face, wiping his own tears.

"You killed my parents. And murdered almost all of my friends. The fuck did you think I just did ? I took down one of your vectors. I just punched you. I can do a whole lot worse if you want."

Brandon pulled Samaritan out of its holster and right between Lucy's eyes.

"Do it then !"

He had his finger on the trigger, he had the chance to kill her. Lucy even pulled the gun to her head, staring into his eyes for it. Kouta and Yuka couldn't even stand the fighting, Yuka stepped in between Lucy and Brandon with her arms giving him an assured look. Kouta was the last one to step in line to block the shot. Brandon couldn't even believe these people would even to protect this girl, the girl that ruined his life. He had sweat pouring down his head, he couldn't take it anymore !

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" Brandon screeched his head brought the gun to her head and pulled the trigger, but it gave Lucy the advantage of using her vectors to steer the pistol to his head and pulled the trigger , causing part of his head to explode out brains, blood all over the guests. They just had their eyes widened, mouths opened, and felt some sorrow for him. His body lay emotionless on the floor, his facial expression had the same outraged look, his hand still gripping the gun. Mayu was the only one to step up and stand next to him. She got down to pay him some respects, The only eye left was the one on the right and it was still open, she had the courage to close his eye with her hands.

"Well at least he can't affect anymore people."

"You know what Mayu ? I think he's been through alot to make him like this." said Kouta.

The four of them, except Nana who was still uncouncious , kept staring at his body.

Then suddenly he spranged up all of a sudden !

Everyone was jumpscared, hell even Lucy jumped a bit for Kouta to catch her from falling.

"Ugh, What the hell ?" said Brandon as his head started growing immense pain.

"How- h- how are you even still alive ?" asked Yuka, with her lips quivering and her finger pointing at him. Brandon forgot of what Alan had told him about his wounds healing faster.

"Don't know. Guess it's my nine lives." he said sarcastically, he got up slowly on his feet. He glared strongly at Lucy who did the same.

"You're a liar." said Lucy. Though that didn't have good reaction from Brandon. He remembered something about those exact words that went deep into his past. He held his head in pain while groaning.

Everybody looked concerned at the moment, but he quickly weared off from the pain,he stepped foward to Lucy as she just stared at him. But after a brief silence between them, she started feeling her eyes burn, lip quivering, tears running down her cheeks as of now what she though Brandon had gone through. She thought, 'What right did I have to terrorize his loved ones ?! He deserves to hate me ! I- I'

The half-diclonius however was confused. Lucy ran up to him. Brandon thought she was going to probably give him a good pound fist, but he was ready to take it. Kouta, Yuka, Mayu had started experiencing mixed emotional messages about this. Lucy buried her head in his chest and sobbed continously. He wrapped one hand around her back, not caring what happened between them earlier. All he knew now was that he might have been misled. This girl wasn't probably who he always thought she was, he held her head to his upper body.

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