Fallen Elements


You ever want your life to all be just a dream? Jungkook's story started out that way where he and a person he has never seen or met named Kim Taehyung have switched place's. When he wakes up just a regular teenager except for the fact he knows his parents messed up past by them telling him at a young age. He and Taehyung keep having dreams, but with more and more detail than the one before. the dreams become more and more real after Jungkook meets the mysterious dream people after waking up. Will he become paranoid or accept that he has to die when it is time?

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:


Copyright © 2019 by Taekooksangel, All Rights Reserved

This is a work of FICTION. If I wasn’t clear. I do NOT own BTS nor BigHit that would be impossible for me since my ass is BROKE and I do NOT withhold millions and billions of dollars sooooooo yeah.

This is a BTS fan-fiction written originally on here. This was originally made for my friends as well. This was not originally a BTS fanfic. There are two versions of this book this is the second. Since this is not the original it has edited to fit the characters that replaces the original characters. If the words and names are offensive I didn’t mean them to be since some of them I made up not knowing if they are real or not because I wrote this while still in high school. I don’t mean to offend anyone that was never my intention so I apologize beforehand if that happens. I hope you all like the book. The places except for Daegu and the state of Alabama are all fake.

This book contains:
Slight language
Half Angel
Half demon
Half angel/ half-demon
Dream illusions
Memory loss

New Note: I am going to rewrite the story because the characters get together to early in the book so I'm going to change that so that it is more realistic.

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