Fallen Elements

My Day

After school Taehyung takes me and Lexu aside.

“Lexu, Jungkook and I are going somewhere we’ll be gone for a while but not sure when we’ll be back tell Jin not to cook for me and Jungkook.”

“Ok, I’ll tell him.”

“Thanks Lexu, your the best cousin a person ever could have.” He says giving her a hug.

When they let go she goes to a nearby ally to fly off in. He pushes me to his car, when we get there, he opens my door, and helps me get in. Taehyung puts my books and wheelchair in back behind his seat. He gets in and cranks the car.

“We are going to see my father if you were wondering where were going.”

“I wasn’t wondering, I had a general idea of where we are going. I was just thinking about this morning.” Well, I was thinking about this morning, but I was thinking about something else or was it him who thought it?

“I can’t live without...” the rest was off by Taehyung giving his orders to his teams.”

“Oh, your conversation with Lexu or when I was giving an order. I need to be careful when giving orders? I need to be careful when giving orders that concern you.” Taehyung then thinks to his self.

“My love for him is going to come out in an explosion that is going to kill me.”

Did he seriously think that? Taehyung asks me a question but I did not hear him. I have been in my head for a while and Taehyung has been driving the whole time but my silence is worrying him so he pulls over to the side of the road and starts to shake me. I seem unconscious to him but I’m just deeply thinking. Taehyung sees that I am not responding to him shaking me.

“If me shaking him isn’t working I need to shock him so he will come back to me.”

He kisses me, I come back instantly. When Taehyung is fully satisfied that I am with him, he sighs in relief and kisses me one last time then turns away to look at the road ahead. I turn my body towards him and reaches for his face and turns him towards me.

I cup his face in my hands. I lean forward and press my lips to his. I shocked him with this as well as scared him. He thought he lost me in the dark of nothingness before he actually got to show me that he truly loves me. I pull away from our kiss to look deeply into his eyes.

“Taehyung, I know I scared you, I’m sorry, and I know how much I scared you. I was so deep in thought, I was literally somewhere else in soul, but not bodily. It scares you that my soul wasn’t here, and just my body.”

“But where did you go if you weren’t here in soul?” He asks quietly and hesitantly.

“Some how I heard your thoughts. So possibly I somehow got in your head. I was thinking deeply.”

“Yeah, I know you were thinking deeply Kookie. Wait, you heard my thoughts? Did I say anything stupid?” As he said this his face grew bright crimson.

“No, except before you kissed me, you were thinking of ways to bring me back to my body or was it after you asked me a question? I don’t remember.” I say bitting my lower lip.

“Kookie stop joking and tell me what I said in my head.” He said whining.

“Ok, I will, you said “My love for him is going to come out in an explosion that is going to kill me.” It wasn’t stupid but sweet even though you didn’t say it out loud.”

“That was before I tried to get you to come back to your body... to me.”

“Yes I know, can we go now were going to be late. Turn on the music so we won’t have to ride in awkward silence. You have a father waiting for us to get there.”

“Yeah, ok. My dad is as bad as Jin with people being late.” Taehyung puts the car in drive and pulls back on to the road heading towards his dad’s.

A little while later it’s already dark, I must have fallen asleep on the drive, because I wake up to Taehyung picking me up from the car.

“Sorry, did I wake you?”

“No, you didn’t, I need to take my pain medicine. Are we at your dads?” I say rubbing my eyes with the palm of my hands.

“I’ll give you your medicine and yes, were at my dads. I think my uncles Gabriel, and Raphael are here as well. You can go back to sleep it’s a long walk to the house.”

“Ok, night, wake me when you want.” He was right about the walk to the house being long.

We finally get to the front door, Taehyung rings the doorbell. Someone answers the door but I don’t know who, I’m half way asleep. I can hear my surroundings, then the person speaks, a voice that is base-alto wrapped into a magical masculine instrument meant to heal instead of give a message or wage war between good and evil or angels and demons.

“Hey Taehyung, who is he?”

“Hey uncle Raphael, I figured you and uncle Gabriel were here when we got here. This is Jungkook, he’s asleep. We need to talk to you, dad, and the rest of the uncles about something but that can wait until tomorrow. I need to take Jungkook to my room to sleep.”

“Ok, your dad’s in the living room as well as Gabriel. I know you and Gabriel don’t have a great nephew, uncle relationship that’s why I’m here so you two won’t get into a fight of sorts.”

“Thanks Uncle Raphael, Jungkook might want your help tomorrow.”

“Alright Taehyung let me get out of your way so you can take him on to bed.” Taehyung takes me up to his room and sets me on the bed.

He bends down and kisses the top of my head.

“Who’s that Taehyung?” A baritone voice says

“Dad, he’s the clue his name is Jungkook. Where were here about we’ll have to discuss it tomorrow.”

“Ok, do you know if he wants Raphael to heal him?”

“No, I don’t but he’s tired and I don’t want to wake him.”

“Ok son, but your going to have to wake him because he needs food in his system. There’s food in the fridge for the both of you. We’ll talk tomorrow, he does need his rest, and so do you son you look like you haven’t slept in a year. You need to wake him and make him eat something then you both can go back to bed.”

“Alright, I will thanks dad.”

“No problem Taehyung. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow, I’m going to bed.”

“Ok, night dad.” His dad leaves and Taehyung comes over to the bed and sits down, he then starts to rub my back.

“Kookie, you need to wake up and get something to eat.”


“Come on Kookie please get up I don’t want my dad angry with me over something simple as your hunger. When my mom was here she calmed him now that she’s not here anymore he scares me.”

“Mmm, ok I want food anyways.”

“Thank Big Dad you do!” He says helping me sit up.

“We should go down and get some food.”

“Yeah, I need to eat.”

“I know come on.”

“I want food but I don’t want to get out of this bed though its comfy.” Taehyung just laughs at my comment.

“Yes, I know but if you want food you better get your butt up and come on.” I finally get my butt up with the help of Taehyung and we head down stairs to the kitchen.

Taehyung lets me lean on the counter while he goes over to the fridge and opens it. My mouth gapes open with what I see inside.

“Wow, that is a lot of food.”

“Yeah, my dad does that a lot.”

“I see my favorite!”

“Yeah, you want that?”

“Obviously yes.” With that Taehyung takes it out of the fridge and quickly warms everything up on the stove, then sets up the table. Taehyung knows I want to fix my own plate.

“Before you protest I need to say this. I am fixing your plate and mine both I’m not treating you like a baby. I want to treat you like your the finest china my parents have because you are the most important person in my life, so let me.” He then takes me in his arms, bends his head to where his lips were on my ear.

“Jungkook, you’ll find out one way or another someday how much you mean to me, but you can’t right now. I am your friend and hopefully always will be. Remember I am always here. If I have to ever leave keep in mind I’ll always come back for you no matter what. You are my treasure, and you are rare. My dad is going to call you this, I didn’t realize before what you were until after we got to this house. You are a Treasure Angel they are really rare to find. I’m not saying this because your father is the Original First Guardian. I’m saying this because it’s exactly what you are. Treasure Angels are rare because there are less than ten in the world possibly less now. Not many angels commit a crime as big as your dad, and the big no, no my dad did. My father fell in love with a Manic leader and obviously had me. You are my Treasure Angel because I found you before anyone else. So please let me treat you like the priceless angel you are. When you asked me what my powers were I wasn’t completely honest with all my powers I left out one, because I rarely use it. I am a shape-shifter, I turn into a wolf.” After he says this I look down and the floor sees closer than it should be.

I then look up to see Taehyung in pure utter shock. I then hear a voice from inside my head talking to me.

“I am Rain your wolf. I am the same spirit as you. The person in front of us has a wolf named Onyx. Onyx and Taehyung can feel that I am out. Taehyung can control when Onyx comes out. He’s trying not to let him out for both of our sakes. I will tell you more, but Taehyung is about to talk.”

“Jungkook, you’re a wolf, how did that happen? I’m going to go get my dad, don’t turn back into a human just yet.” He leaves to go get his father.

While he’s gone Rain comes back.

“I don’t have much time to talk so here It goes. Taehyung is your bonded partner like Onyx is mine. We go through human marriage rituals and come together to bond their wolves have to be out during the whole thing. You have to bond in both forms once you do this your souls will be one. Taehyung has Onyx out now and he can smell me, I’m going back to sleep. They’re coming back.” When they both come down Taehyung’s dad is in shock to see me as a wolf.

I am a white wolf with bright blue eyes sitting in the middle of kitchen who wouldn’t be surprised.

“How is that possible. Taehyung is he a Treasure Angel or is he a Toble?”

“Don’t worry dad she’s a Treasure Angel and he’s a Cross.”

“I figured that but wasn’t sure if I was right. Just get him fed and back to bed. He’ll turn back when he wants, you might need to get him your bath robe for when he plans on turning back human. Did bring him any clothes if her needed any for an emergency?”

“Yes, dad I did.”

“Alright, I’m going back to bed, see you both tomorrow.” He says patting me on the head like a dog, well at the moment I kind of am a dog.

An hour later I turn back into my normal self but I can’t tell because everything seemed the same until Taehyung put his fluffy blue robe on me. I couldn’t get up and walk because of my ankle still being broken and I was weak from the shift. My back feels much better. Taehyung picks me up and carries me upstairs, then helps me put on my clothes.

When we are done we go back down stairs and eat, clean up the kitchen then head back to his room. We sit on the bed, I know Taehyung is arguing with himself on whether or to sleep in the chair in the corner of the room, the floor, or on the bed next to me like we haven’t already done that, but we’re at his dad’s house that puts a lot of stress on him. I put my arm around his waist, and lean my head on his shoulder, he leans his head on mine.

“Taehyung before you protest cause I know you will. I don’t want you sleeping in the floor or in that chair. You are going to sleep in your own bed. You have already slept in the same bed as me so I don’t mind. I feel safer with you anyways. I don’t need you in that chair or on the cold floor.”


“Alright, now get your behind in this bed, I’m tired if you have not noticed.” I says scooting over laying down to make room for him.

“I am, I don’t want to make you mad at me.” He says getting off the bed to go turn off the light and close the door, then gets in bed behind me.

He wraps his arms around me, I snuggle into his warmth and fall to sleep. I wake up to people talking somewhere in the house but I’m not sure where. I turn over still in Taehyung’s arms and to see that he’s already awake, but he looks mad.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, my dad and uncles are having a meeting downstairs. Did they wake you?”

“Yes, but I’m ok. I’m hungry though, do we have to stay in here while they are having their meeting?”

“I hope they’re almost done with their meeting and if they’re not we’re interrupting it. After your transformation you get hungry fast and you lose a lot of energy. I hope my dad still understands.” He says rolling on his side to face me.

He has me in his grip still, lays me on my back, then he climbs on me. I look up at his eyes they are not his normal hazel they’re bright green. He bends down and kisses me. He climbs off me, so he won’t hurt my ankle. I sit up as well and draw my knees to my chest holding my head to look at my toes. Taehyung effortlessly lifts me up and sets me on his lap so I’m straddling him. He cups my chin and looks deeply in my eyes.



“You okay?”

“Yes, I am why?”

“You seem more distant to me.”

“I’m sorry, I know I’m distant because of the whole wolf transformation thing I don’t know what to think.”

“It’s ok, since we have the same shape-shifting power I can teach you. By the way you are an omega.” He says cupping my face with both hands and pecking my lips softly.

“What are you?” I ask.

“I’m a alpha and one more thing male omega shifters are able to get pregnant.” He says as he pulls me closer to him into a hug, tucking my head under his chin.

“I think my dad is done with his meeting.”

“Yay, I’m so hungry.” Taehyung laughs at me.

“I have a healing property from my uncle Raphael but it’s not as powerful as his and Lexu’s power. If you were sick I would be able to heal you, but I am not able to fix broken bones.”

“That’s cool, since your a son of Michael.”

“Yeah, come on lets get you dressed.”

“Ok.” Taehyung lifts me off his lap and scoots off the bed.

He goes over to his dresser, gets his clothes out, and quickly gets dressed. He goes over to a bag that sits in the chair and pulls out black jeans, a blue t-shirt, and a grey hoodie. He helps me put on my clothes. After we are done we head done to the kitchen. When we get there we find his dad and uncles sitting at the table. No one notices us until Taehyung’s dad looks up for a split second.

“Hey, you both can come in. I hope my brothers will be the angels they are supposed to be and offer the person with the broken ankle a seat.” Michael says looking at his brothers pointedly.

A blonde haired blue eyed man that looks to be in his twenties gets up from his place and helps me sit down. I give the man a silent thank you with the nod of my head.

“Thank you Saint, Brothers stop gawking at the boy, he must not know he’s beautiful.” Looking down at my hands I blush under their gazes, I feel uncomfortable until Taehyung walks up behind my chair and puts his hands on my shoulder.

His uncles and dad look at him waiting for what he’s going to say.

“You’re right dad he doesn’t know he’s beautiful. When he was little he was told he was ugly and made fun of, laughed at. All they were, were jealous because he was more beautiful than all of them who bullied her. I want him know he is beautiful, and wanted.” Everyone nods in agreement, with that Taehyung bends down and kisses the top of my head.

“Jungkook, let my uncle Raphael heal your ankle since the shift healed your back, unless my dad or uncle Raphael says other wise.” Taehyung says lifting his head to see if they will deny but the don’t.

Instead Raphael gets up and motions for Taehyung to help me up. We go to the living room and Taehyung helps me to the couch. Raphael motions for me to lie on my back. Taehyung helps me lay down. Raphael takes my ankle in his hands, takes the cast off.

His hands then start to glow, the glow then goes from his hands to my ankle. It makes it numb and tingly, then spreads to the rest of my foot. When Raphael is done, he tells me to see if I can walk on my own it to make sure its mot broken. I do as I’m told, slowly I stand up from the couch and walk a little way forward then stop.

A piercing pain runs through my stomach, I look down to find I’m bleeding. I move back a couple of steps back, My knees buckle making me fall putting my hands on my stomach. The person who stabbed me left the knife in, I pull it out and throw it to the ground. Taehyung picks it up then looks at me. I have a feeling whoever stabbed me is still in the room. Taehyung takes the discarded knife and lunges forward connect it with something, or someone in the middle of the room.

Blood spills from the persons wound. The person has on an invisible cloak concealing them from us, Taehyung rips it off them. Raphael runs over to me, lays me down, then lays his hands on my wound and starts to heal me once again. Everyone except for Raphael who is healing me at the moment has their eyes on my attacker. A girl, a Manic, her name is Raze. She looks down at me smiling from ear to ear.

“Raze, I doubt Scorch wants him dead cause if I were him hunting for the clue and having it be my long lost best friend I would want them to be alive even if I were a demon oh wait I’m half that. He needs him for information he needs then you go and try to kill the only clue he has and needs.” She hisses at his words then a knock comes from the door.

Taehyung goes and opens it, five people walk in, they look at Raze then to me where Raphael is still healing me. Scorch looks familiar to me.

“Raze, what in Hell were you thinking? We need him you idiot. You knew we needed him alive and you try to kill him.” Raze tries to get up while her leader is talking.

She finally manages to get up, and smirks at him.

“Raze, you have always wanted me, but guess what I don’t want you except that. I will have never liked you and never will. You piss me and everyone else on this team off trying to show off. You are not a seductress like Mar, she doesn’t try because she knows there is no use in trying when I’m giving signals that I want someone else or not. You don’t see that signal because you choose to ignore it.” Raze looks at him dumb struck.

Scorch motions for two of the guys to get her. Instead of staying where she was, she bolts for the back door Everyone runs after her. She makes it through the door, then Scorch throws a fireball at her, hits her in the back, she screams in pain, and falls to her knees. We all run up to her.

“Raze you knew what your punishment would have been, but now you ran and didn’t accept it, you have something worse coming your way.” Mar lays a hand on his shoulder and whispers something in his ear, he listens intently, then nods.

“Ok, well were going to leave. Were not going to make anymore trouble than she already has made.” He says pointing at Raze, then starts to walk away.

Scorch doesn’t walk in the same direction as his team, instead he walks straight up to me. He looks directly at me, leans down towards my ear. When he talks his lips brush against my ear.

“Raze shouldn’t have been here yes, but I wonder if a very old best friend remembers me? Think bunny smile, first grade, and a little stuffed brown and white rabbit toy.” I realize who it is and cover my mouth with my hands.


“Yes, that’s me, I’ve dyed my hair multiple times even before I died it reminded me so much of my first love and past life, but I always come back to the same color.”


“Demon? I killed the father I loved and my pathetic stepmom in a blind rage. I meant to kill my stepmom because she never loved me or my dad she just wanted our money also I figured she was plotting to kill both me and my dad after I found out what really happened with my mom, she poisoned her. You see my mom and my stepmom were very close friends, but my stepmom got jealous. I killed my dad because I thought was protecting him from being killed by my stepmom, so I thought if I killed him she wouldn’t be able to get to him. After that they sent me to a psychiatric ward for a year. When they let me out I planned on ways to get back at my stepmom. Me and her both died in flames but I died mostly from being electrocuted. Since we’ve made our introductions back to what I was saying. I am going to get you one day, when everyone is weak and no one can help you even the pathetic excuse of a First Guardian. I am going to break you.” After he says this he lifts his head then looks at my lips.

I’m almost scared of what he’s going to do. He bends down and captures my lips with his kissing me roughly. After he kisses me he bends down to my ear again.

“I can tell you like it rough, I hope Taehyung can be rough with you.” With that he straightens up and leaves.

I stand there shocked. Taehyung comes over to me and hugs me from behind, then leans towards my ear.

“What was he telling you?”

“He told me who he was and that he would take me then break me. Which I hope isn’t true.” I could see bright green creep into his eyes and I knew Onyx was out.

“He’s going to get me.”

“He’s not going getting you I promise.”

“You can’t promise that Taehyung and you know that.”

“The hell I can’t. I will kill everyone and anyone who challenges.” He says lifting his head away form my ear.

“Taehyung don’t, I don’t want a scene even though there is already one. Can we just go inside and talk to your father?”

“Yeah, sure we can. Everyone of my uncles will be here though.” He says unwrapping his arms around me then making me ride on his back, back inside.

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