Fallen Elements

Dream Talk Plus Next Morning Complications

Everyone is gathered in the house waiting for someone to say something, after what has happened this morning.

“Well, Kookie and I have either a problem or a miracle. Everyone in Pallonia has heard about men and women having the same dreams in our world and the meaning being that they are eternal mates. What about Cross?”

“Well, son no one has ever heard of such until you two, but then again he’s not at all human or is he human with angel and demon powers because of her parents, but has to die to be fully what he’s supposed to be. We don’t know what the situation is unless we know what the dream is about.”

“Um, actually its two dreams now, I’m sorry for interrupting.” I say quickly, looking down at my feet.

Taehyung moves so that he is now standing next to where I sit.

“Well, do you mind telling us the dreams? You don’t have to if you feel uncomfortable.” Taehyung’s uncle Saint asks consciously.

“We were going to tell you anyways, they aren’t bad except the meaning possibly of the second one.”

“Ok, that’s good.” Michael says approvingly.

Taehyung and I tell them the first dream from both of our perspectives, then we tell them the second dream. We tell them every detail of both dreams. Everyone listens intently to what we are saying. A couple hours later we get finished with the dreams, details of them, and our thoughts on the meaning. Everyone gave me an introduction so I could tell who was who. There Is Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Ussyles, Saint, Sameal, Samuel, and Adamiel.

“Ok, now everyone knows everyone, now Taehyung please tell me how Jungkook’s wolf transformation went last night.”

“Well, dad we have no clue how it happened but at least we can say that we still have food and the house isn’t messed up or really damaged unlike when I first shifted.”

“Well, son when you first shifted you were worried and young.”

“That’s true but Kookie just sat there but his wolf was out. Onyx wanted to come out, but I wouldn’t let him. I let him out when I went to get you, dad, but other than that no except for today. I let him out, and Jungkook talked to him.” Good thing he stopped before saying anything else.

“You let Onyx out?”

“Yeah, but not fully just a little.

“Ok, from what we get from the dreams is that you two are bonded and that we think that your dreams are showing what would be and what would have happened if things didn’t happen the way they happened.”

“Thanks dad, we have to go and get back to the team and see what’s going on.”

“Yeah, it was. nice meeting all of you. I’m sorry about what happened today. What happened with Raze?” I ask wondering what happened while Scorch was talking to me.

“She got up and flew away as far and fast as she could until one of the Manics caught up to her from Scorch’s order to do so. What happened here wasn’t your fault darling, no need to apologize for it.” He says coming up to me and hugging me, then speaks in a low voice so that I alone co here.

“You are the best thing that has happened to my son in a long time. He is more himself with you. I miss that part of him, since he found out who and what his mother is and why had to leave he hates me and I understand why. He gets compared to his half brother Yoongi all the time not so much now that Yoongi is Fallen. Your parents are Fallen as well but without their wings and powers unlike Yoongi who got to keep his. Taehyung and Onyx love you, I see it in his eyes, everyone can see that. Taehyung will do anything to save you more so when your with child because of that love.” He says then pulling away from the hug.

I go over to where Taehyung is standing, then we go up to his room to get our things. We get back downstairs and say our goodbyes, then head out the door to the car. We get to the car and put our things in the trunk, then get in. Taehyung cranks the car and we hack out of the driveway. I turn on the radio and Breathe by Through Fire is playing. After the song is finished Taehyung turns it down.

“What was my dad telling you?”

“He told me that I was good for you, and you will do anything to save me.” I say telling him the partial truth, If I had said anything else I don’t think he would ever talk to his father again.

“Is that all he said?”

“Yeah, then he hugged me a long time.”

“Ok, he’s right you know about me doing anything to save you.”

“Yeah I know, now turn up the radio.”

“Ok, my Treasure musically enhanced Angel .”

“You are exactly right.” I say laughing as Taehyung laugh’s as well.

I had fallen asleep on the drive. Taehyung wakes me up by tapping my leg.

“Mmm, carry me inside like you did at your dad’s house.”

“I can’t were at your parents house and your parents might think your drunk or something.”

“No, they won’t think that because they would tell if I was drunk or high if I was.”

“Ok, I will carry you, either one of your parents has to show me your room again.”

“Why, you should know where my room is and plus my parents know you do.”


“Ok, get me out.” I say unbuckling my seatbelt and yawn.

Taehyung gets outs out, opens my door and picks me up, then closes the door. I hear something moving in the shadows as well feel it. I think Taehyung hears it as well because he opens my door again, puts me back in my seat, and closes the door back. He opens the back door, gets in and closes it back. He then crawls to the driver seat, then turns to me.

“Call you parents the should know we’re outside but we are unable to go inside. Tell them we are going to stay in the car until the morning.” I take out my phone and call my dad.

He picks up on the first ring.

“Hey, dad.”

“Hey, Kookie your mom and I already know you have to stay in the car until morning, because of the Fenris wolves in the shadows. I keep telling your mother that you will be alright, you know how your mother worries.”

“Yeah, I’m glad you understand, love you dad, tell mom I love her too.”

“I will I love you too, bye Kookie.”

“Bye dad.” I then hang up and put my seat back as far as it can go and try to fall asleep.

Taehyung sees that I can’t go to sleep, he tells me to get in the back, then crawl over to the driver seat while he gets in the passenger seat. He then tells me to sit with him. The only way I can do that is sit on his lap, I felt weird about doing that, but then again we’ve slept in the same bed together.

I crawl over the console to get on his lap to lay my head on his chest. He had taken his jacket off as I had when we got in the car to come home, he takes both and covers us both with them. He is warm and smells fresh snow, pine needles and light musk. I fall into a deep sleep. The next morning I wake to a knock on the window. I feel Taehyung shift under me then answers the person by rolling down the window.

“What are you doing here?” Taehyung asks in a harsh whisper

“Looking for you. Apparently you’ve been spending time with the human. Wait until your father hears about this.” The person says smugly.

“Toni, we just came from meeting my dad. Ok, get this through that thick skull of yours that I don’t like you more than a friend never have and never will. You are like a sister that I really didn’t need.” He says tiredly whispering.

“What about him, the human? What is he to you? What are you going to do when you have to leave after finding the map, you know we can’t bring him back with you.”

“I am his friend, my bonded. After finding the map I can restore his family to their rightful place. He isn’t human he’s a Cross like me. He loves me with the same strength as I love him. I don’t love you like I love him. I love you as a sister and only as a sister. Don’t look at me like I just ran over your puppy, because you can’t except the fact your obsessed with me. Everyone knows it and can see it. You also love Jimin, but you know he has eyes for someone else.” I hear an hough come from her, then the window being rolled back up.

Taehyung rubs my back waking me up, I purr happily.

“Kookie, baby it’s morning you need to wake up and go inside to your parents and your own bed.”

“Mm.” I grumble sleepily.

“Come on baby, you’ve got to go inside before you scare your parents.”

“Come inside with me its cold outside.”

“Alright, I’ll go inside with you but I’ll have to leave in thirty minutes to get clues with the team to get the map.”

“Ok, even though it’s against what I want and what my wolf wants.”

“Rain and Onyx will be able to get what they want sometime sooner or later. You know I have to go even though it’s taking all of my strength not to stay with you and your parents.”

“Then why don’t you, never mind you can’t, I’m being selfish. You have a mission to finish, and when all of this is over I’m going to some how end up getting myself killed anyways. Why even bother loving me when you know your going to lose me?”

“There’s no changing my love for you. I’m not going to lose you if I can help it. Why would you even be this way? Baby, you are my world, I can’t live without you, and if you die from anything concerning this mission you stay in Purgatory you can’t pick your path, you stay in Purgatory. I don’t want that for you. Jungkook nothing about you is human your a Cross underneath that layer of skin, and also a Treasure Angel, my Treasure Angel at that plus our wolves are bonded together. Onyx and Rain crave to come out and see each other, to be in each other’s presence, but can’t for certain reasons. What I’m saying is you are able to live as long as me. When angels are born we are smarter, stronger, more equipped than a human. You are smarter than the average human even if your school records says otherwise. Let’s get inside and you back to a comfy bed. I’m going to lie next to you if your parents don’t mind.” I sit up reach over to turn off the ignition when I look at the gas gage to see that it’s half full.

I turn and give Taehyung a quizzical look.


“How does the gas tank have a half a tank of gas when it should have almost none at all?

“Well, after you fell asleep I listened to the radio and when the gas tank got somewhat low I got my phone, texted Jin to come and fill up the tank. While you slept Jin drove the car to the gas station. I guess he didn’t tell everyone where I was and gave Toni the impression that no one knew where I was except Lexu who barely knew where I was, but I don’t care I’m with you and that’s what matters.”

“So does the world Taehyung.” I mummer under my breathe.

I look into his eyes, but they aren’t brown they’re bright green, that means Onyx has been given permission to come out and wants Rain to come out as well. I can’t let him have his satisfaction, so I give him a look that means no.

“Onyx, Rain is asleep still. I know he wants to come out as well but right now I don’t want to wake him up. You know Rain loves you.”

Onyx looks and lets out a sad wolf whimper. I take his face in my hands and make him look at me. His bright green eyes get brighter from the tears in his eyes.

“Onyx it’s not that I’m not glad your out, Rain is still asleep. She loves you, and I do too, so don’t be sad. I’ll wake her up if you want but she can’t frilly come out ok?” Onyx’s eyes brighten hearing this, but also had a sad expression.

With my hands cupping his face looking at me, let Rain bleed through, I lean in and kiss him. I close my eyes and accidentally let Rain come out more than I wanted, Onyx becomes more excited, so I pull back disconnecting us from the kiss.

I look at him to see a hurt expression until his eyes start to change back to brown. I cover my mouth, open the door, get out, and run inside. I hear Taehyung call after me, then the car door shut.

I think Taehyung has left, l let out a sob, but I was wrong Taehyung didn’t leave. I’m sitting on the edge of my bed, I look up to find Taehyung through tear filled eyes standing in my doorway staring at me apologetically.

Taehyung comes towards me to where I sit on the bed. My eyes are red from crying. When he gets to me his hand reaches out and wipes the tears from my face. He then picks me up and sets me on his lap. I lean into is warmth, not wanting to understand what happened. To be honest I don’t even know what did happened in the car. Taehyung wraps his arms around me tighter tucking my head under his chin. I turn my body so that I’m sitting sideways on his lap, and bury my head in his chest.

“I’m sorry I let Onyx out, I shouldn’t have let him out for so long, but he coaxed me into letting him out a lot longer than I had already promised. He wanted to see Rain. He wanted to see what he was like. He wanted to know so much more and I guess I wanted the same thing, so I let him get to me. I let him out more and more and more. You kissed him and let Rain out. I could tell you let him out enough for Onyx to kiss him. I felt he was being to rough, I scolded him after seeing that he scared you and Rain. He knows he scared Rain and you because when you ran away your eyes were the bright translucent blue of Rain’s eyes. He was crying as well as you. He didn’t mean to get to rough and he’s sorry. I’m sorry I shouldn’t have let him out at all so wouldn’t have been able to do that. I don’t want him to hurt either one of you and he didn’t mean to hurt you in that way. He loves both you and Rain as much as I do.” He says sounding like he was about to cry.

I lift my head to look at him, seeing that he’s crying. I raise my hand to his face and wipe the tears from his eyes and face like had done me. His eyes close at the feel of my touch. Cupping his face as more tears fall down his cheek, wetting my hand in their way.

“Taehyung it’s not your fault it’s mine I let to much of Rain to come out and take control. I didn’t want to disappoint Onyx in the least and not let Rain get what he wanted and yet he was still asleep. I nearly made Onyx cry because I wouldn’t let him out, in tend he broke me as well. I let him out to kiss him as his mate should. I love you and Onyx both, you are my bonded Guardian Angel and I am your Treasure Angel like our wolves are Eternal Mates.” I say rubbing his cheek with my thumb, then kissing him.

It takes three attempts for him to finally kiss me back. I love Taehyung and he knows it. We break apart from the kiss, Taehyung scoots back on the bed and lays down. I get off him and lay beside him. I turn on my side, he wraps his arms around me and falls instantly to sleep.

Taehyung, the team, the Manics and I look on at the Keeper who stands on the pile of bodies of humans, angels, demons, Cross, and Tobel that have fallen by her hand. The sky breaks apart as well does the ground that we stand on, the Archangels and Big Dad descend upon us, as the Archdemons and Lucifer ascend upon us. The sky and ground then close.

The Keeper opens her eyes to see who has come during her reign of cruel laughter as the sky then parts again as the Council descend upon us to where Big Dad stands wearing dark burgundy velvet hooded cloaks.

The Keeper then stops laughing maniacally and tries to take control of everyone’s mind, but instead she is brought to her knees on top of the bodies she has slain underneath her.

Lucifer get an annoyed look, flys up to where she is and plunges his hand through her chest taking out the orb that is her soul, crushing it, and turns in one swift move letting her body fall face first on top of the bodies crushing them more. Lucifer then walks up to me and Taehyung, looking me in the eye, then Taehyung, and back to me. His lips curve up into a smile. Big Dad walks up behind him.

“Lucifer, what are you up to?” He asks him, Lucifer turns and smiles.

“I am wondering if they will understand the meaning of these dreams, to know what to do in the future. I hope they both know not to trust the Keeper. I am a better person to trust, but they also know not to trust me either. Plus father the boy is beautiful even though he doesn’t know it himself. I told my demons to leave him alone but they wouldn’t, and their suspicion is right about if him being the First Guardian was supposed to be.” He then turns and leaves with his Arc demons in a crack in the ground, Big dad comes up to me and Taehyung, waves his hand...

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