Fallen Elements

The Keepers Game

I wake up to the bright morning sun coming through my bedroom window. I look beside me to an awake Taehyung with his back towards me. I put a hand on his shoulder, he turns toward me and smiles. I lean forward and peck him on the lips, smiling as well. when we part his eyes are distant.

“Hey what is it?” I ask him worried, he shakes his head.

“Taehyung what is it? Is it the team or me... Rain... Onyx?” I pause thinking about what it could be then it hits me.

“Is it the dream?” I ask taking his face in my hands making him look at me.

I then see it, one single tear runs down his face and on my hand. I know it was the dream.

“I don’t know what to do about the dream Taehyung but there is no use in crying okay? I know the dream was terrible but there is nothing either one of us can do about it.”

“I know Kookie and it scares me. It scares me not knowing if you’re playing with my heart even though were bonded. It scares me that if one day I won’t live at the end of this mission. To know that Onyx could hurt you and Rain to be with Rain. To be the first guy to prove his worth to you. To know that my team keep secrets from me even though I already know that some of them are seeing the Manics behind my back.”

“Wait, What?”

“Yeah, Lexu is infatuated with Scorch, but he is in love with my mate still. Did you two know each other?” His voice dripping with disgust as he says this.

“Yeah, we did when we were younger. I liked him but we never knew we would soon be enemies. He was my best friend. I loved him with all my heart until he moved with his parents. Before they left he gave his favorite stuffed animal which I still have unto this day. Scorch’s real name is Youngjae.”

“Ok, just wanted to know.” He says with disappointment in his voice.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you without meaning to.”

“No, no you didn’t I asked you for the truth and you gave me the truth. I’m happy you gave me an honest answer.” He says before pulling me on top of him and hugging me, then kissing me.

I put my head in the crook of his neck and kisses it lightly, he moans in response. I move to look at his face seeing that his eyes are closed. When he realized I wasn’t at his neck anymore he groans and opens his eyes.

“Why do you torture me?” He whines with a groan.

“Aww, is Taetae upset I moved away from him?” I say with a pout mocking him.

“Please don’t tease me like that.” I look at his eyes and see them full of lust.

I pull him over me, making me lie on my back. I look up at him, shock is all I see, then its replaced with a sly smile. I smile back up at him, the leaning my head up and pecking him on the lips. He then leans down and kisses me fully. I think of a something to do to show him how to control certain things.

Rain... are you awake?

I ask in my head.

Yeah, I’m here. Do you need me?

Yes, I need you to show Taehyung how to control his lust without actually doing anything.

Ok, I can do that.

Great, thank you.

Me and Taehyung disconnect from the kiss.

“Taehyung, I’m going to let Rain out, but don’t let Onyx out.”

“Ok, I won’t let him out.”

“Thank you, I know Onyx wants out but he can’t for obvious reasons.” Taehyung nods in understanding.

I then let Rain come out.

“Hi, Taehyung, Jungkook is still here don’t worry. Remember don’t let Onyx out.”

Uh, Jungkook bleed through and look at Taehyung do you want me to slap him or something?

No, I want him to understand Onyx’s lust for you so he can at least control it so he won’t hurt either one of us.


Taehyung and Onyx growl, Rain growls back. Taehyung’s eyes turn bright green then pounces at Rain. Rain yelps laughing falling on her back.

“You are mine.” Onyx growls out, Rain looks away and whimpers.

Rain complete the change, that’s what Onyx wants.

No, Jungkook I know he wants that but if I do he will change as well.

Not if we get to my secret safe place. Get near the door and slide left.


Rain pushes Onyx off her then shifts. Onyx growls the follows suit. Rain goes to the door and does what Jungkook told her to do. When she does pain travels up her body making her change back human.

Oh, that was painful thanks for changing back.

What is this place?

I told you my secret safe place, Onyx nor Taehyung can’t follow, no one can unless I grant them access.

Oh, that’s cool.

Yeah, it is.

Jungkook, I hear Onyx whimpering for us to come back.

I know, I hear him to, but we can’t. I’m naked, we’re naked.

Yeah, we need to get near the opening and tell Onyx to change back and Taehyung to get your clothes that is on your dresser.

Yeah, lets see if he actually do it.

I walk close enough to the opening for Onyx to hear me.

“Onyx, stop trying to get through. You will never be able to unless I grant you access which I won’t do if you keep trying to break down the barrier.”

“But I want in please, I promise to be good. I want to see my beloved Rain.” Onyx says whimpering.

“Onyx change back to Taehyung. I need his help with something. Change back and I’ll grant you access I promise but Rain won’t be out because she is tired from the shift. Ok.”

“Alright, I miss my Rain. when will we be able to be with each other? It’s hard waiting.”

“I know Onyx, but me and Rain both want it to be placed somewhere special, ok?”

“Alright, I’m changing back to Taehyung now.”

“Alright, Thank you.” All I get was a series of grunts as my response.

“Jungkook please come out I’m sorry I let Onyx out. I truly am.”

“Taehyung, I can’t come out for one I’m naked and two your naked. Go put on clothes, after you do that get my clothes that are on my dresser and I will grant you access into my secret safe place. You and I both cannot and will not be able shift at all in here, but this place I need to show you.”

“Ok, I will.” Taehyung’s belt clings while he puts on his jeans.

“Ok, Kookie I’m coming in.”

“Okay, close your eyes and just walk towards my voice. I’m literally in front of you. I’ll tell you when you can open your eyes.

“I got it.” I quickly put on my clothes on trying not to fall the whole time.

“I’m done you can open your eyes now.” He opens his eyes and his mouth drops.

My secret safe place is really large you wouldn’t believe it in my bed room, its actually a castle that I have yet to explore. The room that we are in is black and red stone. The whole room is lit up by fire torches like mid-evil dungeon that was built for lovers to hide.

“Wow, what is this? This place is beautiful.”

“Yeah, it is. As to what it is, it used to be an old secret mid-evil library until it was gutted of its contents to be made into a dungeon.”

“Before it was a library was it a lovers hide out?” I turn and look at him, be bows his head, and with the dim light saw him blush.

“Why did you let me in here?” He asks lifting his head to meet my gaze.

“I let you in here because I’m going to have to show the rest of the team. This isn’t some place I show just anyone. My parents know about it and are able to come in at any time but are unable to grant anyone access.”

“Thank you for showing me, but I still don’t understand why you have let me in.”

“I let you in because we are unable to shift while in here, it’s to painful. We are able to communicate with our wolves. You know what happened out there the lust took over more like your wolf’s lust took over and transformed. We don’t need that plus you need a quiet place to call the team to tell them what’s up again.” I say turning around and walking through a hidden corridor while Taehyung looks on shocked then pulls out his phone to call the team.

The corridor I go down leads me to a room I’m quite familiar with, it’s not small but its not big. It has a long table with old maps on the table that are of the castle that is actually called Castela Musifrey (Castle of Music). Lucifers castle in heaven is in my house and abandoned forever until now that I’ve found it. Lucifers castle was heard everywhere by everyone spreading the love of Big Dad.

Big Dad why have you allowed me to find this place?

Not expecting an answer, I get one.

I let you find this place because of your passion for music and since you are a Treasure Angel to your mate Taehyung. I am announcing that you are my new Archangel of music a Prince of Pallonia, or Heaven. I do not put anything before my children. I give all my children but love and life given to all even my children of darkness are still loved as to why Taehyung and you are able to come up to Pallonia and walk in the worlds in it and in the worlds of the Underworld below. On Earth we exist as tales or only in religion, but only few know we truly exist, and to special kids that goes to The Garden of Eden Sanctuary.

Big Dad’s voice fades away out leaving me to listen to the thumping of my own heart, until the footsteps of Taehyung coming towards this room.

“I didn’t see the corridor before how is that?” I turn towards him.

“It’s like how these rooms were hidden from view of others in my room.”

“What is this place, I mean this whole building itself.”

“It’s a castle in Pallonia that belonged to Lucifer called Castela Musifrey, Castle of Music now its mine.” I turn my head up to the ceiling.

“Big Dad, I know you can hear what I ask, can I tell Taehyung what you have told me about what you have granted me?” I get my answer from someone walking in the room.

“I know you didn’t grant me passage but I am granted passage anywhere I please. Do you not know who I am?”

“Yes, I do.” I squeak out.

Big Dad walks over to me with a smile.

“Do not be scared my child, yes you can tell him if you please. A prince of Pallonia is honored to do so as he pleases.” I look at him wide eyed then at Taehyung.

“Wait, your saying Jungkook is an Archangel, the Archangel of what?”

“Music.” I answer quickly.

“Taehyung, you need to stay clear of the Keeper, your dreams explain what is going to happen. She is evil. In the beginning she wasn’t but I didn’t appoint her the Council did they didn’t consider me my opinion.” Big Dad says pointedly at both Taehyung and I with a shadow of anger cross his face.

“We know to stay clear of her we’ve known that for a while.” Taehyung says nodding his head repeatedly.

“I am going to take my leave my children, do me proud and I know you will. Taehyung my child consider teaming up with the Manics, it doesn’t matter whose seeing who and whose evil or not you need to take the Keeper down.” With that he vanishes, Taehyung turns to me.

“What are we going to do?” We ask in unison.

“How did we do that?” I ask laughing.

“I don’t know and lets not do that again that’s weird.” Taehyung says laughing as well.

“Yup.” I say giggling.

“I told the team to come here and wait in your bedroom if we aren’t there.”

“Alright, lets go I’ve got to grant everyone access minus Toni.”

“Ok, and one more thing I told them to bring the Manics they need to know what’s up.”

“Ok.” I say as we walk out into the corridor and into the old library and back to the door way into the hiding place.

When we come out we look into the shocked faces of the rest of the Guardian team and all of the Manics.

“What in Hell?” Jimin asks.

I just laugh at all of their shocked faces, Taehyung does too.

“Why in Hell are you two laughing, where in Hell were you two?” Toni asks pissed as I turn towards her.

“We were laughing at all of you because of the look on all of your faces and as to where we were its a place called Castela Musifrey, Castle of Music or usually known as Lucifers castle in Pallonia.”

“How in Hell is Lucifers castle here and why your room.” Toni asks and is answered when Big Dad pops in.

“I gave her the castle and because she is the new Archangel of Music since Lucifer is the king more like Emperor of the Underworld. Its good that all of you are here I have an announcement for all of you but you two already know.” Big Dad says pointing at both me and Taehyung.

“All of you be weary of the Keeper if you didn’t already know she’s evil. Taehyung, Jungkook do you mind telling them the dream you had last night?” He looks at both of us with pleading eyes.

“Yes, we will.” We both say in unison.

“Ok, that was weird.” Jin says with everyone nodding in agreement.

I then start telling the dream.

Taehyung, the team, the Manics, and I look on at the Keeper who stands on the pile of bodies of humans, angels, demons, Cross, and Tobel that have fallen by her hand. The sky breaks apart as well does the ground that we stand on, the Arc angels and Big Dad descend upon us, as the Arc demons and Lucifer ascend upon us. The sky and ground then close.

The Keeper opens her eyes to see who has come during her reign of cruel laughter as the sky then parts again as the Council descend upon us to where Big Dad stands wearing dark burgundy velvet hooded cloaks. The Keeper then stops laughing maniacally and tries to take control of everyone’s mind, but instead she is brought to her knees on top of the bodies she has slain under neither her. Lucifer get an annoyed look, flys up to where she is and plunges his hand through her chest taking out the orb that is her soul, crushing it, and turns in one swift move letting her body fall face first on top of the bodies crushing them more. Lucifer then walks up to me and Taehyung, looking me in the eye, then Taehyung, and back to me. His lips curve up into a smile. Big Dad walks up behind him.

“Lucifer, what are you up to?” He asks him, Lucifer turns and smiles.

“I am wondering if they will understand the meaning of these dreams, to know what to do in the future. I hope they both know not to trust the Keeper. I am a better person to trust, but they also know not to trust me either. Plus father the boy is beautiful even though he doesn’t know it himself. I told my demons to leave him alone but they wouldn’t, and their suspicion is right about if him being the First Guardian was supposed to be.” He then turns and leaves with his Arc demons in a crack in the ground, Big dad comes up to me and Taehyung, waves his hand... then we wake up.

Everyone looks at us with open mouths except Big Dad who stands looking toward my bedroom door. I turn to look at what he’s staring at, my parents with a familiar looking man. My mom leans towards the man and whispered to him.

“Dad, Jungkook is your grandson and now his great grandfather has made him what you once were, the Archangel of Music. He now has your castle and everything in it. He is the rank you once were since he is a descendant of yours..” He turns his head and looks at her then he looks back at me.

He smiles and starts walking towards me, then stops a few inches from me, looking me up and down.

“Well, one of my daughters did something I asked her to do for once she gave me something I’ve always wanted to cherish a grandchild. Father you know he’s my grandchild and your great grandchild but you have millions upon millions of children and grandchildren and etcetera.” He says turning toward Bid Dad.

“Lucifer that is true but your grandchild is special, yes others of my children and grandchildren that I am proud to love, but my Archangels had yet until now given me grandchildren. All my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and etcetera as you put it are special but my Archangels children and children’s children are truly special.”

“I know father but my daughter never told her son who his grandfather is and instead of telling him the truth she lied about who I was but I understand why and I’m glad my grandson is what I used to be I do love my family and most may think I’m not capable of love but I and demons are. I’ve proved that and so has many demons before.”

“Lucifer, I know this since I see all.”

“I know father, for all of you do not look on like I a ghost for that is all we are. Why am I still speaking in the Renaissance age? I don’t know.” Lucifer says turning to everyone.

I look on with still a shocked expression, finding out that Lucifer is my grandfather and Big Dad my great grandfather. I remember that Lucifer and the rest of the Archangels are brother’s, that means Taehyung is my cousin. I gasp out and cover my face, then run into Castela Musifrey, then into a room that I haven’t been before. I fall onto my knees and sob. I feel a hand on my shoulder but don’t look up.

“Why did you runaway? Why are you crying my child?” Big Dad asks, I lift my head and wipe my eyes.

“I can’t be Taehyung’s mate, he’s my cousin.”

“Oh, my child, yes you are but you are mates it doesn’t matter here that you are family he’s not your brother, he is but a long off cousin.”

“Jungkook.” We hear someone gasp.

We both turn to see Taehyung standing there.

“Taehyung, come here, hold your mate and calm him. Is Lucifer coming?”

“Yes Big Dad, he was just behind me.”

“You found my old safe place, its very calming. I hope you like my castle it is yours now.” Lucifer says as he walks in.

I run over to him and hug my grandfather. I hear him gasp.

“I haven’t been hugged in a while.” He says hugging me back.

Taehyung comes up to us, I break away from Lucifer and cling back to Taehyung.

“You two are mates love, and neither of your parents can control that.” I smile at that.

Lucifer then walks back out, then Big Dad leaves.

“Jungkook as Big Dad said we are mates, and yes we are cousins, long off at that, but I do love you. I will protect you no matter what. I will be with you forever, there is no stopping me.” Taehyung says as were leaving the room and finally make it back to my bedroom where everyone sill stands.

Taehyung walks me over to my bed and helps me to sit down, then kisses me on the forehead. Taehyung then turns his attention back to everyone while he sits on the bed next to me putting his hand on mine.

“Alright, don’t ask what just happened, we need to know what the Keeper is up to. Manics we’ll work with you, but no hurting Jungkook especially since you know who his grandfather and great grandfather are, as well as his parents.”

“Taehyung, I wouldn’t let them hurt Jungkook if they wanted to. I would kill them if they hurt him. You saw what happened to Raze.” Scorch says with a snide smile.

Lexu turn’s to him with a shocked expression.

“What do you mean by that? Do you know Jungkook?”

“Yes, we do know each other, we were once best friends and then I moved, but it looks like he didn’t want to forget about me. Do you miss our relationship, my loving, and caring demeanor?” He asks as he went to the bookshelf where I keep the little brown and white bunny he had given me sits.

I gasp and turn away as much as I can so he wouldn’t see my tears. I have missed him, always have missed him after he left. I mentally died when he told me who he was and what had happened with him.

“Jungkook answer me please, do you miss me because when I left I missed you, you were my best friend and I needed you with me. I can guess you needed me with you as well am I right?” I wipe my eyes and clear my throat.

“Yes.” I say quickly

“Yes, what? Say my real name so everyone has proof that we knew each other.”

“Yes Youngjae, I miss you, I miss everything. You helped me get through first grade, then you had to move. You left me hurt and broken. You left me and I should have made you promise to come back but I had wishful thinking to go on.” I say on the verge of tears.

He comes up to me and pulls me up and embraces me.

“Jungkook, I loved you and you loved me. We still love each other, but I know we can’t be like you and Taehyung, but if you will let me I still want to be here for you.” I rip away from him then run out of the room, I hear someone calling after me, but I don’t stop I run out the front door I realize it’s dark out, but its to late I’m already to far out in the yard.

I hear growling all around me. I look around frantically for its source. I’m to far from the house no one can see me. I am thrown on my back, I scream out. I can feel six figures around me, I feel piercing pain in my ankles, legs, arm’s, and my side from what I think is sharp teeth, I am being dragged. I try frantically to get away from whatever has me. I scream at the top of my lungs. I hear people calling my name, I then remember something.

“Taehyung... ahhh... get every... one... out.. of the... shadows... hurry... ahhhhh.” I hear nothing except my screams of pain, then I hear Taehyung’s voice ring out.

“Everyone get inside now! I know what he’s going to try and do.” I hear shuffling then I hear Taehyung yell out again.

“Jungkook everyone’s inside.” I hear before I scream once again.

I want to hurt whatever’s attacking me, I want them to burn and feel pain. I want the shadows to turn to acid. As I am thinking this what ever had its hold on me let’s go and howls in pain. I hear their cries of pain until they stop in a silent squeak, I then hear the door open.

“No! No one walk out here you will get burned, I can’t risk that. Stay where you are until I give the clear.” I can feel the shadows acid slowly go away, once its finally done I yell out half in pain half calling out.

“You can come out it is safe now.” I grimace in pain.

I try to get up, but I am not able to. I feel hands on my wrists, I hiss in pain.

“Shh, Jungkook, I’m only helping you my love.”

“Taehyung?” I ask whimpering in pain.

“Yes, baby,... Youngjae, guys get over here I need help with Jungkook.”

“Why Youngjae?” I whine.

“Because I want him to help me carry the weight of your pain, so he understands what I need and want to carry instead of have you carry it all by yourself.” I feel hands on the other side of me.

When they start to lift me neither one of my ankles are being elevated. Pain shoots through my legs from my ankles, to my side, but my arms don’t hurt as bad, I scream.

“Taehyung my ankles, someone hold my ankles.” I feel another set of hands lifting my ankles, elevating them, while I scream in pain.

Taehyung tries to calm me but the pain is to much.

“Jimin, call my dad tell him to come here and bring Raphael. Tell him she can’t shift she’s into much pain to.” He says frantically everyone except Big Dad, Lucifer, and my parents look at him like he’s crazy.

“Jimin, just do it and hurry up.”

“Alright be right back.” They carry me inside and lay me on the couch.

Two minutes later Archangel Michael walks in with Raphael in tow. Someone puts a hand on my ankles, I scream out in pain.

“Bambam (Torture), I know you didn’t mean to hurt Jungkook, but be more gentle.” Someone says pissed.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but we need to clean your wounds.” I whimper in pain as they carefully clean my wounds.

“We need to take him to his bedroom, set up a healing center there but first, girls go fill up the bathtub, when you are done you may leave the room. Lexu I’ll call you when Mark, Namjoon, and Bambam get done giving him a bath. I know it will hurt him and Taehyung will want to be with him but don’t let him in. Youngjae, Jackson (Demolition), and Jin take Taehyung somewhere far from here. He doesn’t need to see him this way, I understand why he would want to be with him but he can’t, now go!” Raphael orders them.

The girls go into the bathroom and start the water in the tub. A few minutes later they come out of the bathroom telling us that it’s ready. Mark, Namjoon, and Bambam strip me of my clothes and set me in the tub of warm water, I scream. The water burns in my ankles more than the ones in my arms, pain shoots through my legs making me convulse violently. They hold me down enough to wash me off and so I won’t hurt myself. Raphael comes in, the guys try to cover my naked body but he doesn’t care.

“Did you get him washed off at all?” He asks

“Yes, his ankles are worse than his arms. We did as much as we could before he started convulsing violently.” Namjoon responds quickly to him as I convulse.

“Get him out of there, dry him off. When you’re done go get Lexu to get him what he needs to where.” He says walking out of the room.

The guys help me out of the tub and dry me off without hurting my ankles. All three of them leave to get Lexu to get my clothes. Toni come in and starts accusing me.

“You took Taehyung away from me!” She says as she fills up a plastic rinsing glass up with scalding hot water.

“Taehyung is mine not yours. You did this to get attention!” She says as she pours the water on my ankles.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...” She grabs my ankles and digs her fingers into my wounds.

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...” Lexu and guys run back in with what they got me to wear.

Toni still has her fingers dug in my ankle wounds.

“Toni, what are you doing, your making it worse. Get out, get out, get the hell of here!” Lexu yells at her before dragging her off.

The guys dry me off once again and helps me get my clothes on. I now wear a white T-shirt and grey sweatpants. They take me back to my room where it has been transformed into a little hospital.

Taehyung’s POV

I can’t take not being able to help Jungkook. My uncle made me leave him, I know I would be in the way if I were with him. I know Toni will try anything to hurt him, I can’t let that happen. Youngjae, Jackson, and Jin have taken me to a pub in Tennessee but its to close I can still hear his cries of pain from where we are.

“Taehyung, Jungkook is strong, he always has been from what I remember. He needs you to be strong as well. I’m not stealing him away from you I would never do that. I’m not going to hurt Lexu either.”

“Alright.” I say looking down at the ground.

“Jungkook, he’s going to be ok. His parents are with him, the rest of your and my team along with your dad and uncle.”

“Yeah, I know.” I say remembering Toni’s attitude towards me and Jungkook.

“Call Lexu.” I say quickly to Youngjae.

He does as I say and call Lexu, after she picks up I tell him what to say.

“Tell Lexu to be cautious of Toni around Jungkook, make sure they’re not in the same room alone with each other.” Just then I hear a scream in the background from Jungkook.

I hear Youngjae ask Lexu why Jungkook screamed what she said must have been bad cause he’s pissed.

“Lexu get someone or go in there before Toni does anymore damage to him.” Then another scream comes through the phone from Jungkook.

I cringe in worry, I get up from where I sit and start to pace back and forth. Youngjae hangs up the phone, then comes over to me.

“Come on were going to spy on the Keeper.” He says as he gets his jacket from the back of his chair with Jackson in tow.

Jackson looks like he has something on his mind bothering him.

“Jackson, what’s wrong?” Youngjae asks him.

“Nothing... it’s nothing.” He says shaking his head.

We get in a black Tahoe and head to where the Keeper lives. When we get there we park around back. We go in and a cluster of people head towards the tea room, I stop Youngjae, Jackson, and Jin from going any further.

“Block your thoughts if you didn’t remember the Keeper can read minds.”

“Yeah, I remember but I don’t know how to block.” Youngjae admits.

“Think of a thick brick wall or a steal vault.”

“Alright, lets go.” We walk down to the tea room silently.

A clammer of voices come from the room, then a feminine voice rings out.


“Yes, Keeper.“A chorus of voices answer.

“Alright, how can we take over Pallonia well not we I mean just me. I want to take out Big Dad but I’m not so sure on how to do that.” Several voices ring out then they all shut up.

Then one voice floats out a male voice. I look over to Jackson who looks like he wants to leave. Before I can tell him he could leave the person speaks up.

“We could well you could make a diversion tricking the Guardians and the Manics. You’ve already done that little by little but you need to make a diversion bigger like point an attack on the humans in a hospital, or try to make one of the Guardians turn, I already think one is on the verge of that happening. You can put an attack on the human again, and pin it on the Manics.”

“That’s a good calculation. What is your name?”

“I’m Versil and I’m here with my twin sister. I’m a polymorphic angel where she’s a polymorphic demon, her name is Silver.”

“Stop adding me with everything you do.” His sister whines out angrily.

“Alright, Tyler Grey is going to be your partner in this since it’s your plan.”

“Its not much of a plan if it’s Versil’s.” Silver comments.

“We are done here you may go.” Youngjae, Jackson, and Jin look at me.

“Run.” I say quickly and we do just that.

Once we get outside Jackson pulls me, Youngjae, and Jin into a nearby ally.

“What is it Jackson?” Youngjae asks.

“We need to get Versil, his sister Silver, and Tyler on our side.”

“Why, so you can sleep with them?” Youngjae asks angrily.

“No, I like Mark.”

“What about Namjoon?”

“Namjoon and I are good friends is all. He likes Jin.” Jin’s eyes bug out.

“Ok, but why also Versil’s sister too?”

“Toni needs someone, but she’s in love with two people and can’t make up her mind but one is taken and the other pays her all the attention she needs and is there for her but she won’t except that she’s in love with Jimin even though Jimin likes Mar.” My phone then rings, its Lexu.

“Yeah, what’s up.”

“You four can come back now. Jungkook needs rest though, but he really wants you here. He keeps whimpering like a puppy. My dad told me that he will do that until you get back here. He needs you and you need him, so hurry up and get your asses here.”

“Alright, we will. Were on our way.” Youngjae, Jackson, and Jin look at me expectantly.

“That was Lexu, she said we can come back to the house but in her own words. Hurry up and get our asses there.” I say then adding.

“Jackson your right about what you said about us getting Versil, his sister, and Tyler on our side.” He nods his response and gets in to the Tahoe.

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