Fallen Elements

Dream Wedding..... Literally

Taehyung, Youngjae, Jackson, and Jin are back but I’m laying in my bed whimpering in pain. A little while later Taehyung walks in, he looks tired, and I’m tired as well. I want him to lay with me to my surprise he gets in beside me. He moves close enough I can scoot so that I’m laying on him. I do just that. He wraps his arm around me, I stop whimpering and close my eyes.

I feel Taehyung’s lips on the top of my head. Raphael had already used to much power healing me so he did as much as he could the human way. If I shift with this much pain I could kill myself. I can shift when I get better and healed to Raphael’s expectations. The rhythm of Taehyung’s heart and steady breathing finally make me fall asleep.

The world is bright, I look around to find Taehyung, and what’s left of the team. We almost lost Jackson and Namjoon, but we didn’t thankfully both Jin and Mark would have a hard time coping for the rest of their lives if we did. We are on a hill in West Virginia. I am walking down an aisle with people on both sides wearing a white translucent Archangel velvet robe towards Taehyung, my power is great as the Council members that know I’m alive. Taehyung looks terrified for what’s to come, he looks handsome in his tux Lexu picked out with Jin, Mark, Jackson, and Namjoon. He’s been mourning my death for far to long. All the Pallonia world is here. When I get to Taehyung Time speaks.

“Taehyung take the Archangel hands in yours.” Taehyung does as he says.

I dim my power a bit, so I won’t hurt him with it.

“Taehyung look into the hood of the Archangel robe and find her eyes tell me the color of their eyes.” Taehyung does just that, he gasps.

“They are chocolate brown like Jungkooks.”

“Release your hands. Archangel rid your head of your hood.” I do as I am told.

Everyone gasps in amazement and shock. Taehyung is the most shocked, he starts crying.

“Jungkook, m-my Jungkook w-why’d you leave me? I love you. I m-missed you” He says taking me into his arms, I start crying.

“I love you too.” I say kissing him.

“You made me a promise...” He looks down at me, I no longer wear the robe, what I have on is a white, and grey suit accented with black and blue jewels on my wings.

Taehyung’s wings are beautiful as well, his are accented with blue and grey jewels.

“I didn’t want to leave you. I bled out to quickly and Raphael did as much as he could with out hurting the both of us.”

“Both?” Taehyung asks confused, he hasn’t realized the marks on my neck, when he does he gasps, and starts to cry even more.

I take the ring he proposed to me with before I died out of his suit pocket. Jin and Namjoon had tricked him into coming playing it as if it was their wedding when in reality they actually got married two weeks ago. Taehyung didn’t pay attention since he’s been on autopilot since my death. Big Dad clears his throat.

“We are gathered here together for the forever union of these two. Before the sadness these two came and asked me to unionize them and they wanted to write their own vows Taehyung.” Big Dad motions for him to begin.

“When I saw you in the distance you were such a pretty sight to behold, like an angel from the Heavens in that pure Russian snow. I ran trying not to lose sight of you as long strands of your burning bronze hair trailed behind you in the icy wind that prevailed. You taunted me closer like a siren in the sea as chanced, like any naive teen. I ducked and dived through the branches as they clawed at me with desperate hands trying to prevent me from pursuing my love, scraping my skin and hair with small needle like spines as you gently glided away as if you were of another world altogether. Nothing seemed to affect you that night as you rested on that ridge in the pale moonlight. I shouted out for you, calling your name, you turned to me with a smile, but a face full of pain, as your sweet subtle curves were framed in the moonlight. You whispered your apology as my heart broke, staining the light rock black with my sudden tears. I sat there as your sacred flame licking the flakes of snow as you ran like the majestic red fox you are back into the woods. Glancing back in a mischievous way you broke the oath of my heart. I lay there as I heard the soft pads on the frozen ground. As blood stained nuzzles grew in my sights, my pack appeared jeering for me to run as they fled from the hands of man. I flicked my gaze behind me and suddenly got pelted and pummeled by soaring pebbles. I ran growing sore, and my mind numb as I ignore my loss of your beauty.

I come to rest deep in the thicket where I hoped I would be ignored, but that’s when I saw you my love and howled like a ravenous wolf for your affection as I had given upon the love of other beings and been rejected by the Heavens. I whimpered as you descended wary of your wings. I waited to see if you would shed yet another drop of my ice cold blood. Then I saw the light grey wings and the white scars that like vines entangled your body and chained you to the mortal world. I cried out, what was wrong if we were alike as I thought we were one as the same and had been encased by a realization of the broken Holiness and that we should not give all our hopes to the stars and drive our own fate with our hands. I saw you my angel a snow white princess who understood me perfectly, interests lay the same and you were accepting of the normal and reliable instead of the alien and the unreachable moonlight of man.

At that point I knew I had found in the hand of this fair lady, a fallen angel who had fell from grace, but into legend as if the Heavens could not handle that you are so beautiful. Now I hold you in this desolate land and try to warm you with the knowledge that we share a love that with your sovereign kind heart melt ice of this bitter land, so I beg of you your lady ship to take my desiring hand.” When he is done I am crying and so is a whole lot of everyone else. I can’t top what he just said with what I have to say.

“Your sleeping on the ground with trees all around hearing the night noises. You hear an owl hoot, and a frog croak. You smell the smoke of a fire far off made by man. Lying down looking up when you wake hearing the howls of your pack in the distance, looking at the dark sky above you, seeing me flying above you in the twinkling stars wishing for me to come see you. Flying down my wings are cursed and bound to live among man, fallen from the Heavens. You falling quickly fast asleep once more dreaming of a golden day that I will with you forever.” Now both of us are crying, we can barely understand each other when putting on each others wedding rings.

When we kiss to seal our union Taehyung holds me tightly promising to never let go...

When I wake up I find Taehyung sitting at the end of the bed.

I have a feeling I know exactly what for. I try my best to scoot down to where he sits. I hiss in pain as I make my way down the bed, Taehyung turns.

“Jungkook, stay where you are I’ll scoot back.”

“Alright, ow, are you upset about the... you know... the dream?” I ask looking down fiddling with the gown.

“No, I’m not upset, I’m just wondering why that dream, why hadn’t it been something else? What’s next us having a child, oops!” He his hands over his mouth, I glare at him then hit him in the arm.

Raphael walks in then looks at us curiously, then comes over to me to check my wounds. Raphael hands me a red spiral notebook, when I open it there is a note inside:

Please understand somethings are disturbing, and understand to explain the long way.

I flip through the pages and all of them are written, I find some that catch my eye:

You come to save the person you love, not wanting to leave, and go above. Coming closely to me below on Earth sleeping on a cool pillow, sleeping there. I lay keeping calm so I won’t run away.

“My dad gave me something similar to that. Do you want to see?” Taehyung asks as he pulls out a little paperback diary.

He hands it to me as I hand the notebook to him so he can look through mine. I skim through what’s inside. Both the paperback diary and notebook were written by the same person well except for two that were written by people that must have been really close friends of the author.

“These are all so good you know, do you know who wrote them cause all there is, is initials.” I ask Taehyung, he shakes his head.

“No, I don’t that’s all I got.” He said pointing to the initials.

“The writer is an angel name Angelina Polland, she’s had a rough life that’s why she writes the things like the poetry in those two books.” Raphael says when he walked back in, then adds.

“I know you two where wondering what A.J.L. means Angelina Polland has a friend who gave her a full name nickname; Angus Jaguar Lagoon, Angelina along with her two brothers were adopted, they got their last name changed to Leeson that is where the L came from.”

“Oh, wow how old was she when she started writing?” Taehyung asks

“Sixteen, It keeps her nerves down as well as music and her friends. She’s called the Mystery Author because no one knows who she is except for the gender and how people can contact her that’s it. In her poetry there are fifteen elements that she believes in: Dreaming, Fear, Hate, Darkness, Truth, Love, Tormenting, Fallen, Sleep, Crying, Helping, Staying, Intentions, Something, and Ending.”

“Some of what you named off aren’t even element’s of anything.” Taehyung announces.

“Yes, they are if you put the right meaning to them.”

“That makes more sense.” I say

“Yeah, it does now.” Taehyung agrees, then his phone rings.

“Hello?” Taehyung answers as he gets up and walks out of the room.

Taehyung’s POV

My phone rings while I was talking with Jungkook and my uncle Raphael. I look at it to see Mark’s name pop up.

“Hello?” I ask as I get up and walk out of the room.

“Hey Taehyung, Lexu and I left with Jackson and Youngjae. We went to see a Chip Namjoon knows of to get information about the Keeper, but when we got here the Chip was dead and he hadn’t been dead for long cause his body was still warm. Someone didn’t want him telling anything. We looked around his apartment, we were attacked by three people waiting for us, but right now we have them contained and their powers blocked more like took away completely. Youngjae and Jackson say that they know who they are and say that you and Jin does as well. I looked them up their name’s are Tyler Gray, Virsil Alan Gold, and Silver Ann Gold.”

“Yeah, I know of them, but don’t know them know them. Youngjae and Jackson knows of them but not personally I don’t think.”

“They know them not personally.” Mark replies.

“Where are you guys? I’ll come up there.” I say knowing Jackson likes Mark and vice versa, I then add.

“I’m bringing Toni, because I don’t want her hurting Jungkook anymore than she already has.”

“Yeah, that’s a good move. Is Jin, Namjoon, Jimin, Mar, and Bambam still there?”

“Jin, Bambam, and Namjoon are with my dad. Jimin and Mar went somewhere with Jungkook’s parents, Big Dad, and Jungkook’s grandfather Lucifer.”

“Alright, Youngjae was wondering what the rest of the Manics were up to, I’ll tell him we’ll see you when you get here.”

“Alright.” I say hanging up.

I go back into Jungkook’s room to find him laying down, I go and lay next to him. I don’t want him in the middle of this mission but I’m not the one to drag him into it, the Keeper is. I wish I had Jungkook’s power to read minds, but he also has powers of destruction I don’t even mind that even though I am a son of a Manic Leader.

I turn on my side, kiss him cheek, then get up. I love Jungkook, I know that I’ll do anything to protect him and anyone else on the team. I need to ask him what he knows from the dreams on what the Keeper has planned. I walk out of the house and head towards an alley.

I don’t mind driving but I need fresh air right now and flying helps so does going to the white hills in Russia, such a beautiful place. I get to the ally, I make sure I wasn’t followed. I then fly off. My phone then rings, I land on top of an apartment building, then take out my phone. Mark texted me the address.

“784 Willow Fall Rd, Long lone Galsen, AL.” I text Toni the address and for her to meet me there.

I put my phone back into my pocket and make sure no one can see then take off once more, then fly to my destination.

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