Fallen Elements

As A Ghost

I stand above my body, looking down it as I see Toni trying to drag my ragged body away. Raphael comes in, and see’s what’s happening, then starts to yell at her.


“Oh, but she did. She gave me entrance, and didn’t even know it. She gave me entrance when she called you.”

“Urgh, Taehyung is never going to trust you, because you thought it funny to challenge Jungkook, leave... NOW! You are not to leave this house much less the living room. I’ll walk with you, walk to the living room quickly so I can heal Jungkook.” Raphael says irritated and stressed.

They walk through the corridor, through my room, back to the living room. Saint looks up from what he’s doing sitting in the recliner.

“She is not to leave the house, or this room for that matter. Ignore her if she asks any questions at all. Call Michael, tell him to get back here as soon as possible, then call Taehyung, tell him to get here now.”

“Ok.” Is all Saint says taking out his phone as Raphael quickly makes his way back to my room in to Secret Place, back to where my body lay.

“Jungkook, you weren’t far enough away from the entrance.”

I know..now, but I thought I was.

I say to him in my mind.

“Who was that?” He says looking around for its source.

Raphael, it’s me Jungkook. This is one of my powers. Taehyung knows I have this power, but no one else does except of course you now. I don’t need Taehyung to worry, even though I’m in a coma. Yes, Raphael I’m in a coma but a coma I won’t be in for much longer. Only for eleven more hours. How, I know that I am, my life didn’t drain fully but still slowly draining, if not healed quickly as soon as possible.

Raphael picks my body up, walks quickly down the corridor that leads back to my bedroom, lays me on the bed.

Saint walks in about to speak, but then looks up at my body.

“What happened?”

“Toni attacked her, from behind, putting her in a coma. She’s not going to wake up for however long.”

“Raphael, Taehyung is going to be pissed to high Pallonia when he see’s her like this you know. Me and you are going to be put to shame on what has happened to her. That girl sitting in the living on that couch has put Jungkook in a shit load of hell just because she is jealous of Jungkook’s and Taehyung’s relationship. Hurry and heal her before Michael and Taehyung get here.”

“I am, and I understand what type of shit Toni has put all of us through.” Raphael says looking down at my body.

Raphael starts to heal me as Michael then comes in looking straight at me.

“Raphael what happened to Jungkook?” He asks just before Taehyung walks in, he looks at my motionless body, where it lays on the bed.

He leaves the bedroom in a growl of anger to go to the living room, slamming the door, and stomping all the way.

If Taehyung doesn’t calm down he’s going to pass out before he can do anything.

I follow him, he nearly walks into the walls, nearly breaks the door facings to the kitchen, dinning, and living room. As soon as he get to the living room he’s more pissed off than he was when he left my bedroom. I think he’s blown a gasket.

Mentally, I see steam coming out of his ears and nose. He walks over to where Toni sits on the couch, he growls in rage. I fear he’s fixing to shift, his eyes turn to Connors bright green eyes, he growls more. Just as I thinks he’s really going to shift he doesn’t he yells.

“TONI!” His voice rings out in a growl.

Everyone come running in the living room

“Why, why would do that to her? Your mental, get your ass up and over here, NOW!” He says sternly in rage.

Toni slowly gets up, and makes her way towards him, testing his nerves.

“Toni, pick your legs up and get your ass over here.” He says sounding like he was going to hit something or someone.

She finally gets to him, he motions for her to turn around, she does so.

“Open your wings.” He says through gritted teeth, trying not to yell.

She obeys and opens her wings, he places his hands at the top of them, pushes down. He takes away her wings and powers from her, pulling them towards him. I then send a message to Raphael.

“Taehyung is thinking the worst he thinks he has lost me.”

“I know, someone needs to hurry and tell him your in a coma, but that will also make him stressed out more.”

“Yeah, I know, I want to speak to him without scaring him.”

“Yeah, that’s going to be bad.” He says ending the conversation.

After Taehyung takes Toni’s powers, and wings he falls to his knees, holding his face in his hands crying.

Two months go by without me waking up. I get tired of seeing everyone so sad and barely sleeping. Along with that Toni never tells them what she did. I hadn’t thought about it until now. I walk over to Taehyung, placing a hand on his shoulder, and sinks to my knees placing my head on his shoulder, sends him a message.

Taehyung don’t be scared, you know I can do this.

Jungkook, Jungkook, baby is that you? Is that really you? What happened, please explain what happened. He says urgently.

I will, don’t worry I will. Just know that this is not me leaving you. This is just me in a coma even though you all ready know that. I’ll wake up a hopefully tomorrow or so. I am aware of my surroundings, but not able to wake up just yet. I will wake up when my body is ready, and also Rain wants me to tell you she misses Onyx, but isn’t able to come out. Ok, back to what I was saying, this is how this happened. When I was talking on the phone with Raphael, apparently I wasn’t far enough away from the entrance. Toni was at the opening of the entrance, but I didn’t know it so she heard me tell Raphael that he has entrance, but I added his name in to late. Please don’t put any blame on him none of this is his fault. When she heard me tell him that she had gotten access as well so she came in and attacked me.

“Thank you my love, I know that you are not ready, but I will wait forever if I have too.” I blush knowing he can’t see me.

Your blushing, I know how to make you blush, and I always know when you blush. I love making you blush it’s cute on you. I blush even more he chuckles.

I know. I say bashfully.

I then remember what I need to tell him.

Taehyung, I know I to tell you this when I am up and awake in front of everyone, but when we were recounting the the first dream to the team then both dreams with your dad and uncles, I didn’t mention what the Keeper thought, what she’s planning because I didn’t believe what I heard. When I called you she was trying to invade my mind.

Jungkook, what did she say? He asks urgently.

I am sending them on a wild goose chase, as I am the Manics. The clue is also the map. Neither one is going to figure it out until it’s to late, is what she said in the dream. She also said this, but it wasn’t in the dream; why, why can’t I get in her mind , her and everyone: Taehyung, Mark, Jin, Jimin, Toni, Lexu, Youngjae, Jackson, Namjoon, Bambam, and Mar. She must have taught them how to block. What is she? I’ve tried to read her mind ever since I got here. The Manics must also be working with them as well. They might know now where the map is and finding a way to get it out of her with out killing her. I should tell them how to get it out of her next time they come for advice: Go to Noscola, find the ten brothers, find the Comb Of Shadows, bring it back to the brothers, then they will get the map out of her. That’s all she said Taehyung.

So, she basically told you without meaning to where the map is and how to get it out. Oh wait, you said she said that the clue is the map. That means, that means the map, the map is you. If what the Keeper says is true about getting the map out, because I can’t bare the thought of you dying especially if I was the cause of your death.

Taehyung, baby she wouldn’t have thought that knowing I was listening. Do you remember in the car when we were heading to your dad’s house, when I was spaced out? Could you feel I was there in your head, of course without my own knowledge of being there?

No, I couldn’t feel you, I don’t feel you now even. Thank you for telling me. Baby please, please wake up. I need you to be okay. I can’t tell that you are when you look like your dead.

I know, I wish I could if I knew how to, I would wake up. All in all I don’t know how to, I’m sorry.

It’s ok I know, Jungkook to be honest I’m scared, I don’t like having to think that I might loose you. I can’t bare that. Connor already can’t bare not being around Rain, now he can’t tell what’s happened.

I know. I say putting my head down sorrowful.

Taehyung then starts to shift into Onyx. Taehyung’s dad notices.

“Taehyung, no!!” It’s to late Taehyung has already changed to Onyx.

What are you doing? I ask Onyx, he whines.

I want to see my love. Jungkook please let me talk to her. I know she can’t change, because your hurt more specifically in a coma. I won’t do anything, I won’t do anything to hurt you, because I’ll end up hurting Rain and I don’t want that.

Alright, I’ll let you talk to Rain and what are you going to do when you get to my room?

Get on the bed, lay next to you putting my head on your chest, while I talk to Rain.

Alright, just remember she is weak since I’m hurt. I say as I turn my attention to Rain.

Rain are you awake?

Yes, I’ll talk to Onyx. I miss him anyways.

Alright. I say as I go into my head while Rain looks for Connors link. She finds it.

Rain is that you?

Yes love it is.

I miss you. I love you. I don’t know what to do. You can’t change.

Onyx, I miss and I love you too, but its ok.

It’s hard not being able to be with you even though I know your with me.

I know but we’ll be together once again soon.

Yeah, I know. Onyx says laying his head on my chest.

Everyone else walks in, Onyx whines and whimpers. His dad comes over and starts petting him on the head.

“It’s ok, Onyx your not going to loose her. Toni also needs to tell us what her motives where from this act.” Onyx growls then speaks.

“I want her sent to a mental hospital, she doesn’t belong on a team if she does things like this in jealous rage.” Toni comes over, and points a finger at him.

“Jealous, jealous? You think I’m the jealous type? Seriously, what about you, you are the jealous type, not me. Have you even let the guys get near Jungkook since we’ve been here? No.”

“Actually I have if it’s any of your concern or business. How am I being jealous? I don’t do things like this, and why would I be jealous. Why would I be jealous of the guys? I can see why you would think I would be jealous of Youngjae but I’m not, he’s like a brother to Jungkook, plus he and Lexuna are together. Your the one who goes around being jealous of Lexuna, Mar, and Jungkook, what’s wrong with you? I mean seriously your fucking bisexual, go find yourself someone if your feeling fucking lonely. Damn, woman you don’t have to go around being jealous of everyone.” Onyx growls out.

Toni looks at him in disbelief.

“H-how... how do you know I’m bisexual? I don’t tell people. I didn’t tell you or anyone else on the team.”

“I know it because I’m a wolf, I can smell and sense it. I didn’t mean to spill it, but everyone would have found out some way or another. You need to embrace what you are. You hate the fact that I’m with Jungkook knowing he’s pansexual and not giving you a second thought.” His dad is taken aback by this.

“Dad can you not sense it? Everyone else does.” Onyx laughs a bit.

“I can sense it, but my senses aren’t as good as they were a long time ago.” He says looking around nervously.

I sense his distress. After a whole day has passed and is the early afternoon of the next a voice comes in my mind saying “wake up” in a whispered tone. My soul slowly floats back to my body willing itself back in.

Coming to, I inhale deeply, and shoot my eyes opens. Onyx sits up and licks my cheek.

“Ew, Onyx I love you too but that’s disgusting.” I whine, everyone laughs as I wipe the slobber off my cheek.

“Toni, you have no entrance to Secret Place until I say so. You try to kill me again, first make sure I’m dead and not in a coma before you try to leave. Killing me would be the last thing you do. I’m still human, so still I die. She hates me so much she’s changing, going crazy, and need I say more.”

“How do you know I was trying to kill you, it’s not like I told you my intentions.”

“I know because whether you like it or not your thoughts invaded my mind, and yes I can read minds. I don’t do it unless someone wants me to, or doesn’t know who they are sending it to. I can’t help what I hear. My mind is always blocked, but messages always somehow gets through. I can send you messages when it’s needed.” Toni keeps trying to push thoughts in my head.

“Stop it Toni. I know what your doing, without me needing to read what your trying to send me.” I then feel the warmth if Taehyung’s mind sending me a message.

“Baby, I’m so glad your awake. Tell everyone to leave, and for someone to open your bathroom door on the way out. I want to change back.”

Ok, I will.

Jungkook don’t let Toni get to you. She’s already enough crazy I don’t need.

Ok, I promise I won’t. I say with a giggle in my mind feeling Taehyung fade away.

“Everyone could you please leave, also on your way out could one of you open my bathroom door so Onyx could go in?” Everyone nods, Mark opens the bathroom door, Onyx gets up, goes in, uses his hip, and closes the door.

Everyone else then leaves. A little while later I hear Onyx growling in pain, then I hear a grunt. I hear shuffling as I assume Taehyung was putting on his clothes. A few more minutes later Taehyung walks out fully clothed and smiling. He walks over to where I lay not he bed. He climbs in picking me up laying me on him. I hum, he sighs in relief that I am back to him, his eyes are closed so I kiss him. He opens his eyes, kisses me back and hugs me. I giggle in response.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, you are never getting out of my sight again.”

“Oh, how are you going to manage that?” I tease giggling.

“I will follow you everywhere.” He says simply, with a promise in his eyes.

I bite my bottom lip and blush. Unexpectedly he starts to tickle my sides, I laugh uncontrollably, and try to keep him from tickling me. I start moving my legs. I had forgotten my legs were still hurt and healing, I hit them. Pain travels from my ankles, through my calves, to my knees, and I start to cry.

“Taehyung... please.. stop... my... legs.” He stops immediately.

“Oh, I’m sorry Kookie, I forgot I didn’t mean for you to get hurt again. I’m so sorry.” He says frantically.

“Taehyung it’s ok, I had forgotten as well.” I say as I snuggle into him, he holds me tight against him.

I lift my head and smile at him, he leans up and kisses me. I start to pull back, he growls. I kiss him back, we pull apart, I lay my head back on his chest. His scent wraps around me, and I fall fast asleep.

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