Fallen Elements

Kim Breaston Shade And Kim Ismaella Motionless

“You come to save the person you love. Not wanting to leave, and go alone. Coming closely to where I am below on Earth, sleeping on a cool pillow. Sleeping there I lay keeping calm so I won’t runaway.”

“Life stands here longingly looking back at you. The bullets of pain piercing through. Falling to your knees trying to hide, instead you grimace, and cry inside your mind. You want to give up, lay down, and die. Die, sleep, die, forever will you cry by not my hand, your heart slows as the dim light glows saying goodbye.”

When I get home from my most recent mission I had gotten news on my brother, but I have lost two members of my team; Toni and Silver. Yeah, we weren’t the best of friends, but they were still my family, and still on my team. I find my husband Taehyung in the living room sitting on the couch with our twins: Beaston and Ismaella, I walk in their eyes light up. One look at my face Taehyung is worried.

“What happened Jungkook?”

“I lost Toni and Silver, yeah we didn’t have the best friendship but they were still family and my my team I had to protect. I also got news on my brother. The rest of the team said that they would come by later to make sure I’m ok, but I told them they didn’t have to, there’s no need for them to do that, I’m alright.”

“Ok, baby, what was the news on your brother.”

“Yoongi has agreed to help us with the rebellion going on in Pallonia, eh em though he helped us before and so did his husband Hoseok.”

“That’s good, are you ok about losing Toni and Silver?”

“Yeah, they were both bitches that wouldn’t get out of peoples business, do you remember Toni trying to kill me?”

“Yeah, I do, I’m still mad at her for that.”

“I know, enough about this, what have you and the kids done today while I was gone?”

“Well Beaston wanted to see Jin and Namjoon, wanting to understand the Cain position. Ismaella wanted to understand her shifting powers more since they both got that from both of us.”

“Beaston, have you found out your wolf’s name?” I ask as I sit on the couch.

“Yes mommy, his name is Jax.”

“Oh, nice, has Ismae found out her’s yet?” I ask Taehyung gingerly.

He shakes his head looking directly at his daughter who’s playing on the floor.

“So the kids got to do what they both wanted?”

“Yeah, Izzy tried to shift but wasn’t able to. She’ll get it someday.”

“Yeah, she will, because she has us and her brother to help her.” I say to Taehyung as he looks up at me smiling.

“Izzy come here baby.” I say to my daughter, she gets up and walks to me.

“When your wolf wants to come out she’ll come out, don’t worry. You know you’ll always be protected by many.”

“I know mommy. Beast asked uncle Jin lots of questions, I wanted to leave.” She starts giggling.

“Izzy that’s mean, and Taehyung, Beast could have spent the night with them because Resaion has already asked me if he could.” Overhearing what ideas saying to his father Beaston jumps and on my lap looking at me with eager eyes.

I look at my husband.

“Call Jin and ask if Beaston can still spend the night since you didn’t know I had already said yes.”

“Alright.” He gets up, pulls out his phone, and goes into the kitchen to call Jin.

Beaston runs to his room to pack his overnight bag, I follow him.

Taehyung comes to find us and says that it’s ok and Jin would be here in a little bit instead of Joon who will reprimand Beaston for asking to many questions. Taehyung goes and helps Ismaella with her bath.

“Mommy, Izzy can come right? Relena will be sad if she doesn’t.”

“I know baby, hey Taehyung can you come here for a sec?” Taehyung pops his head in.


“Did Jin invite Ismae as well?”

“Yeah, I told him we’ll give her a bath before he gets here.”

“Alright.” I say smiling.

We give the kids their baths and get their things together so they could be ready before Jin comes and picks them up. An hour later Jin gets here, Taehyung and I both give the kids a hug and kiss and tell them that we will call to check up on them and to tell them goodnight before they go to bed. When they leave I go to sit on the couch Taehyung grabs my arm and spins me towards him, making my hands land on his chest, I look up at him.

“Nope, your coming with me.” Taehyung says with a sky grin, leans down, lips brushing my ear, and whispers what he’s thinking, I blush.

He takes one of my hands in his, leads me to our bedroom, then to Secret Place. I blush bashfully and giggles letting him pull me...

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