Fallen Elements

The Three Traitors Of The Keeper

I wake up to Taehyung rubbing my back, I purr.

“Morning love.” Taehyung whispers in my ear, I giggle.

“Morning.” I yawn out, Taehyung chuckles.

“What are you laughing at?” I whine.

“Nothing only your cuteness.”

“Nothing about me this morning is cute.” I say bluntly.

“I beg to differ. Everything about you is cute, get over it your hot.” I blush, he chuckles and plants a kiss on the top of my head.

“We need to get up Kookie.”

“I know but I don’t want to, then again I do want food, I’m hungry.” Taehyung laughs at my mood.

I hit him on the chest.

“Hey, what was that for?” He says still laughing.

“If you want me to get up, you better be nice.”

“Alright, I’ll be nice and not laugh at your unexpected mood swings, or we can...” He trials off giving me a devilish grin then biting his bottom lip suggestively.

“Nope, not going to happen Mr. First Guardian.” I say pushing him till he falls off the bed with a thud.

I laugh, he gets up, and pounces on me.

“That was not nice little boy.” I look away blushing.

“How else was I going to make you leave so I can put on actual clothes.” I say smiling widely.

“Pushing me off the bed was your only alternative?” He whines.

“Yup, plus I wanted to get back at you for laughing at me, now get off me.”

“Ok, ok, I’ll leave.” He says getting off me.

“I love you, yell if you need anything.” He says walking toward the door.

When he’s finally out of the room, door closed behind him. I quickly get out of bed, go into the bathroom, take a shower, put on cleans clothes, and brush my hair and teeth, not bothering to put on makeup. I walk out of my room toward the kitchen to find Taehyung cooking something. My stomach growls at the smell of food cooking. Knowing someone is in the room behind him, Taehyung turns around with a smile.

“Well at least I know someone is hungry.” I giggle shyly.

“You better check it before it burns.” Taehyung chuckles then turns back around to the stove.

“Its ready.” He announces before taking the skillet off the stove, bringing it over to the counter where two plates sit.

He puts some food on one of the plates then fills the other. When he’s done he picks up the plates and hands one to me motioning to move to the table. We get to the table, sit down and eat in silence. When we are finished, we clean up the kitchen, and head to the living room where everyone sit almost making no room for me and Taehyung. Taehyung finds a place for himself, he sits down, then grabs me by my waist, and pulls me on to his lap. Taehyung’s dad then speaks.

“Since everyone is in here, how about Taehyung, Mark, Jin, Jackson, and Youngjae tell us why there are three more people with us that are bound, and there powers taken from them.”

“Dad, there are three people that work for the Keeper. They know she’s not to be trusted and that almost every word that come out of her mouth is a lie. Their names are Versil, Silver, and Tyler. They had made a plan to attack and distract us from getting to the Keeper on finding out her true intention which is to overthrow Big Dad and take over Pallonia, the pathway, over everyone inhabiting Earth. She wants to be over everything and everyone, to be able to control them to do what ever she wants. Jackson made a good point when we first found out that we needed these three on our side. The Keeper won’t give them protection only death, destruction, and no response. We can give you that, give you somewhere you can stay, we can’t promise no destruction since the Keeper is keen on making our lives a living Hell, making it hard not to disrupt life. We will give you a response whether or not we are ok, we will give you a response. The Keeper doesn’t care about you and never will. She just cares about herself and how much power she can obtain from all this by causing as much destruction to all and everything she can.” Taehyung says pointedly to them.

I shift uncomfortably on his lap, by me sitting on his lap him just talking came out to be yelling in my ears. He see’s my unease, he moves his head towards my right ear.

“I’m sorry Kookie, I didn’t mean to yell out in your ears, but you know it had to be done. Just know that I didn’t mean to yell in your ears.” He ends by kissing me on the cheek making me blush fiercely.

I look around at everyone as they look at us. Toni looks as if she wants to kill either me or Taehyung as the others looks as though their trying not to say “awe.” I blush even more, hanging my head down wishing to hide. Taehyung’s dad clears his throat to keep us on track on why we’re here.

“Ok, that’s good to know so we have to see if they will believe us and be on our side so that they will go against the Keeper, and keep her from over running Pallonia. She wants to get rid of Father because she wants to be ruled of all but she’s not the creator of all, so she doesn’t know how things work. The Council should have never appointed her to be their most trusted advisor. They didn’t consult with Father before they made their decision. They a arrogant, no good bastard’s that Father should have known weren’t good enough to keep balance on the pathway.” He pauses to catch his breath.

Raphael takes this opportunity to try and calm his brother down. He puts a hand on Michael’s shoulder.

“Michael, you need to calm down, your anger gets the best of you. If your wife was here she would say the exact same thing. Most of us have seen the the effect of your anger, but do you want to put Jungkook at that risk? I don’t think you do. Most of everyone know you, knows your anger, but we don’t want to put others in your line of fire, especially Jungkook. I don’t think Taehyung would ever fully forgive you if you lashed out, and putting that anger towards Jungkook making him get hurt in that for whatever reason you were angry for. Calm yourself before you hurt someone and or yourself.” Raphael says looking at me and Taehyung, and back at Michael.

Michael lets out a sigh, hangs his head down, runs his hands through his hair, then walks out out into the hallway, making his way to the back of the house. I get off Taehyung’s lap and follow him while everyone looks on at me with confused faces.

I find him sitting in my room to the edge of the bed looking down at a picture of him, Taehyung and two others I’m guessing is his wife and oldest son. Leaning against my bedroom door frame, I study him. His shoulders are hunched over in defeat. I can tell he senses he’s being watched by the way his body tenses up. I walk in as he looks up to see who’s come in.

“I’m sorry for interrupting your revelation time. But you looked like you needed someone to talk to. That doesn’t have to be me, but you have people who love you, you can talk to; for instance a son who would do anything for you if you ask it of him. I know it’s not my place to tell you to open up, I’m just stating that were here for you.” I say while walking in my room and sitting on the bed beside him.

He looks at me with bloodshot eyes. The air stirs indicating someone is trying to talk me in my mind. I get a sense of relief knowing it’s Taehyung who wants in. I smile apologetically at Taehyung’s dad before getting up and walking back to the living room where still sit. I walk over to where Taehyung sits and sits on his lap.

“What is so important that you needed to interrupt mine and your dad’s conversation?” I ask leaning in towards his ear whispering.

“Well, if you had not left to go find my dad, to comfort him after his moment of rage, you would know what was so important.” He says pressing his lips to my ear, then capturing it between his teeth biting gently.

I close my eyes to keep from moaning out, while blushing the whole time.

“Taehyung, Jungkook no open sex in front of everyone.” Jin calls out to us, I blush even more then I hide my face in Taehyung’s chest.

Taehyung chuckles at my embarrassment.

“Kookie there’s nothing to be embarrassed about we weren’t doing anything. He’s just making fun of how much we love each other.” He says lifting my head from his chest.

I then feel someone trying to get into my mind. I get off Taehyung’s lap without saying a word. I then fall to my knees holding my head screaming in pain, because of how much force this person is using to get in, but I don’t let them. I know who it is trying to get in... The Keeper. Taehyung gets off the couch and kneels in front of me, as Raphael rushes over to me.

Everyone else just stares with shock and confusion written all over their faces except Big Dad, Lucifer, my mom, and dad, and Saint. The Keeper uses so much force making the pain almost unbearable, I scream out even louder, starting to cry. Taehyung puts his hands on top of mine, and tries to soothe me. I want the pain to end, but it doesn’t it keeps coming much worse by the second. I yell out to everyone in the room.

“KILL THE KEEPER, PLEASE, PLEASE KILL THE KEEPER! The pain won’t go away! IT WONT GO AWAY! She won’t stop hurting me until she gets into my head. Taehyung please make the pain stop, please, PLEASE make pain stop. Please Taehyung make it go away.” The Keeper pushes harder, I nearly slam my body into the hardwood floor, but someone stops me, as I deaden their hearing.

The Keeper then merely stops pushing making the pain dull, making my screams into mere whimpers, so that her thoughts could seep through.

If he won’t let me in I’ll just have to kill the little bitch instead.
The Keeper the pushes ever harder than before.

Who ever was holding me looses their grip as my body turns sideways making me land on my side on the floor in a ball like position, and scream even louder as pain radiates from my head throughout my whole body making me convulse violently. I try to sit up but the pain makes me stay in the position I’m in. Taehyung comes towards me, helping me in a sitting position, trying his best to help me. I speak the words he knows is coming.

“She’s trying... She’s trying to... She’s going to kill me.” Taehyung growls out in anger.

“Raphael can you help Jungkook?”

“I can Taehyung, and you need to clear head right now, yes, you need to kill the Keeper for the sake of keeping Jungkook alive. You and Jungkook both need to tell us what we need to hear now since Jungkook knows more than any of us here do. Now go clear your head, so I can heal him, your mate will be fine in a little bit. The three people that you have brought here the rest of both teams needs to ask about what you and Jungkook both know, plus I have a feeling Jungkook hasn’t told you everything.” Taehyung looks at me worried and helpless where I scream in pain as Raphael tries to get me to calm down so that he can heal me.

Through the tears, screams, and pain I speak to Taehyung.

“Taehyung, it’s ok. I will be fine... when you get back. I know you seem helpless, but your... not. Your helping... me by loving me. I need you... to have... a clear mind. Taehyung, I love you please... please do... this for... me.” I say trying not to yell it out at him.

He looks at me worried, but reluctantly nods. He bends over and kisses me. He gets up walking towards the door, then stops.

“Jimin, Toni, Youngjae, Bambam, Jackson, Namjoon, Jin, Mark, and you three as well, your coming with me because your going to help me. When I’m calm we’re going to pay the Keeper a surprise visit. Jin, Mark, Jackson, and Namjoon your going to teach Versil, Silver, and Tyler how to block the Keeper from their minds.” Taehyung says as everyone who he had called out gets up from where they are following Taehyung out the door.

The only people now in the house are me, my parents, Taehyung’s dad, Taehyung’s uncle Raphael, Taehyung’s uncle Saint, Big Dad, and my grandfather Lucifer. As I am laying on the ground writhing and screaming in agony Raphael tries to calm me down as much he can. Once he’s able to calm me tries to soothe my mind.

“Jungkook, concentrate on listening to what I’m saying instead of her.” He says to to in my mind.

“I... I... can’t... it... it... hurts... to...much... to... concentrate. It hurts... it hurts... it hurts. Please... please... make it stop, make the pain stop.” I plead to him.

“I’m trying the best I can. I promise I’m doing the best I can. Taehyung and everyone else that he made go with him are going to deal with the Keeper. Once she’s dead you’ll be ok, then we have to get the map out of you. Jungkook... Jungkook.... listen to me... listen to me. Don’t close your eyes. I know you want to, but please listen to me don’t close your eyes. Jungkook... Jungkook... JUNGKOOK!!!” He yells as my body goes rigid as everything goes completely black.

The darkness surrounds me, I can’t see or feel anything around me. In the abyss I’m drowning. Closer, closer, so much closer to the bottom, as I start to hear the wailing of them all. The damned of Hell wail, wail from being burned, beaten, cut up, and eaten. Adam and Eve should not have trusted, believed that deceitful snake because they would still be in the Garden of Eden staying away from the Tree of Good and Evil.

I know I shouldn’t have closed my eyes but I had to, I wanted to keep them open but couldn’t make my body not give up. I can’t give up... I can’t give up. I need to be there for Taehyung... Taehyung... who is Taehyung? I know that name but who... who is it?... Who are all these names running through my mind? Mind what is that?... Most of all... who am I? I can’t wake up. I need to wake up. How?.. How do I wake up? I don’t know how.

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