Fallen Elements

No Memory, Endless Pain

Once we leave the house I still hear Jungkook’s cry of pain. I want to turn back and go to him but I can’t I have to be strong for him in every way possible meaning I have to go and kill the source of his pain... the Keeper. I will do anything to keep my Jungkook safe and I mean absolutely anything. Youngjae looks as torn as I do because he still loves him but I can’t blame him he was his best friend when they were little after all.

Jungkook loves him but only as a brother now plus Youngjae is in love with Lexu. Out of all the guys, the only possible competition I have is Bambam. Every time I catch him looking at Jungkook I swear I see a hint of longing. I wonder if they knew each other as well at one point. I make everyone else walk on ahead of me as I take Youngjae aside so I can talk to him.

“What’s up?” He asks me.

“Do you know if Bambam knows Jungkook?”

“Um, I don’t know. Jungkook and I both told you I moved after first grade.”

“Yeah, that’s right. You mind calling him over here to talk to find out?”

“Yeah, no problem. Hey, Bambam come here.” Youngjae yells out.

Bambam turns around making his way towards where we stand.

“Yeah?” He asks.

“Did you know Jungkook any when you were alive?” I ask him not so subtlety.

“Um, why?”

“Because we want to know. No harm in that right?”

“I guess not... but... yeah I did know him. Mar didn’t though. When I became a Manic I didn’t know I would be an enemy of his in the beginning, now I get to be his friend again instead of someone hurting him since we’re working with you. Youngjae, you don’t and didn’t want him getting hurt from the beginning when we first found out who we had to find. You would threaten him to scare him but you would and will never physically hurt him that goes for me as well. That’s why Raze attacked him in the first place. Before you even ask yes, I did and still do love Jungkook but can you blame me?”

“No, we can’t blame you. Have they finished showing them how to block the Keeper from their minds?” I ask looking at Jackson, Mark, Jin, and Namjoon with Silver, Versil, and Tyler.

“Yeah, they’re finished. If we are to save Jungkook we need to hurry. Has Jungkook spoken to you since we left?”

“No, I wish he would but he hasn’t,” I say looking down.

“Come on, we need to go,” Youngjae says walking away.

We follow him. We all take off flying.

“Do we know where the Keeper is?” Lexu asks

“We know where she is.” Silver, Versil, and Tyler say in unison.

“She’s at an old warehouse building near Lenamont.” Silver says with annoyance.

She looks like she’s about to hit her brother and I can see why he’s almost flown into five buildings busy watching Tyler. We get to where we need to be. We land and head inside. Once inside we’re surrounded by hundreds of rooms. I make everyone split into groups for all three floors.

Bambam, Youngjae, and Jimin, and I takes the First floor. Mar, Lexu, Silver, Toni, and Versil take the second floor. Jin, Jackson, Mark, Namjoon, and Tyler take the top floor. I feel my phone vibrate, I take it out seeing it’s a message from Lexu that they have found the Keeper.

I text her back telling her to text Jin. I then signal to Youngjae, Bambam, and Jimin to hurry upstairs to where Lexu ant the others wait. When we get up there we find Jin, Jackson, Namjoon, Mark, and Tyler already there. Mark signals for me to come over to him. I walk over to where he is, he leans in to whisper what he’s fixing to say.

“Versil, Silver, and Tyler says that she normally has a huge crowd around her like she’s suspecting something. She doesn’t know that they failed in what they planned originally.”

“Oh, yeah I forgot that,” I whisper back to him.

“Let me surprise her with a visit but none of you with me ok? Tell everyone else what I’m planning ok?” I tell him, he nods and goes off to everyone and tells them I look up at everyone, they nod in approval, Mark comes back over to me.

“I’ll signal to you by nodding my head and closing my eyes as I do so to let you know that you can come in,” I whisper to him.

“Alright, I’ll be watching.” I walk into the room where the Keeper sits.

On the way to the warehouse we made a stop by Zee’s store and bought Brannon’s string, without making a sound I take the four pieces of string and tie them around her chest and the top of the chair, her thighs and the bottom of the chair, her ankles and her wrists, while tying them together she looks at me in shock.

“Waiting for someone else?” I ask cockily.

“Uh.” She says trying to find words.

“You know what your doing is treason right? Not many people believe you in any of the races. You know my group and I can influence all your followers just by showing them what you have been doing to Jungkook. Not many like you, many want you dead.” That’s when I nod my head and close my eyes letting Mark knows they can come in.

They all come in.

“Jackson, do you mind making a hole through the wall so we can leave before the building goes up in flames when we get done here?”

“Not at all.” He says throwing a ball at the wall.

In a matter of seconds, there is a massive hole that has been eaten away. (Acid ball?) I turn my attention back to the Keeper.

“You have caused Jungkook enough pain already, I don’t need you anymore neither does anyone else for that matter. Everyone doesn’t believe you anymore, and everyone hates you. Big Dad knows what your capable of and so does Lucifer. Neither one wants you or your soul in either of there places so we were given permission to destroy it. Youngjae do you want to do the honours and not waist any more time. We all want to get back to Jungkook.” I say as I plunge my fist into her chest ripping out her soul before crushing it.

Youngjae smiles summoning a fireball.

“With pleasure.” He says as he throws it on the Keeper.

We leave after we know she is dead with the help of Toni, and Lexu. We head back to Jungkook’s house. Once we get to the house we walk in. What I hear brings me to tears because I didn’t know what could have been worse than seeing Jungkook in pain or almost dead. What I hear breaks me.

“Who are you?” Jungkook asks once we all walk through the living room door.

I physically grab my chest and gasps out. What has happened? Why did this happen? Will he come back? All these questions run through my head, then all of a sudden it all clicked in my head. I know what happened but I have no clue how to fix him.

Shadows POV

Who am I?

Who are all these people?

What are they?

Why do they look so... pained when they look at me?

Why does the person in front of me look heartbroken?

Why do they keep looking at me?

Where am I?

I hear a voice from an unknown source speak to me.

Your name is Jungkook, I am Rain your wolf. Don’t bother looking around for me, I am inside your being, your second soul. Everyone you see around you are your friends and family. I will help you remember something’s, but let them help you remember what I don’t have time to help you remember. The boy with the red hair standing in front of you is the First Guardian, his name is Taehyung, he has a wolf named Onyx, they both love us because we are their mates. Taehyung will help you remember how to get into Secret Place. You can trust everyone in this room except for Toni, she has tried to kill us from the beginning. Toni is the one wearing purple and green clothes and hair. Everyone will tell you who they are in due time I promise. Jungkook, you have powers and I will help you remember how to use them. Call out to Taehyung with your mind, not your mouth. He will know it’s you but let me speak to him ok?


I call Taehyung by name in my head.

Once he doesn’t answer I call out to him again, he finally answers.

Jungkook, is that you?

Yes, it’s me, Rain is going to talk to you now.

Ok, I understand since you don’t remember anything.

He says as I let Rain take over my head.

Taehyung it’s Rain.

Yeah, I know, Jungkook told me you were going to talk to me. Do you know how he lost his memory? I have a pretty clear idea on how, but I’m not sure how I can fix it and on top of that we have to get the map out of him.

Taehyung, first off stay calm, secondly if Onyx hasn’t told you this I will. This house is surrounded by Jaina, you know those ugly demons that have body parts where there shouldn’t be, suck the soul out of you literally speaking, can pose as mental health patients? Thirdly, you know the Keeper did this, she tortured Jungkook even when she was dying. The Keeper put so much pressure on Jungkook’s mind it broke his memory. As Jungkook said she was trying to kill her. You and everyone else in this room except for Toni needs to help him regain his memories even the bad ones where he’s almost died. If you omit information from him he will get mad and upset with everyone even you. It's important you tell him everything so that he can remember everything he used to know, like the fact that you love him with everything you are. Don’t tell him everything all at once give it to him gradually, enough he can process but enough that you don’t have to spend a year telling him speeding up the process of you getting the map out of him and given to the council instead of the wrong hands. Fourthly, I promise it’s the last thing. There is already a new evil among us. Lucifer knows this and so does your father and uncles. It isn’t your mother and it isn’t your brother. Your mother at this moment is trying to find a way to get rid of it. Your brother is oblivious to the whole thing so he doesn’t know a thing. You need to make amends with him so he can help you because you and the team need as much help as you can possibly get. Jungkook’s body is exhausted because of all the thrashing and jerking while he was in severe pain. He’ll give out any second. I’ll give him enough strength to stand so that you can tell everyone what’s outside. Plus I have no idea why they are outside surrounding the house I just know they are out there. When you get done pick him up and carry him to his room he needs to rest. Lie next to him after you put him to bed he needs you and you need him plus you need to rest as well. I’ll explain to Jungkook why you’ll be lying next to him when he wakes up so he won’t act all hysterical at the thought of someone next to him that he’s forgotten.

Taehyung’s POV

“Yeah, yeah I know. You do that while I carry her to her bedroom and put her to bed.” I say before going and telling everyone what is outside before coming back and picking Jungkook up letting Rains words fade in my mind.

As I pick Jungkook up I look down at his now pale limp form snuggled in my chest with his eyes closed. Of all the times I have never thought of losing her like this. I love him and he doesn’t know anymore. Rain has told him a few things but what if he refuses to believe them.

What if he decides to forget everything and leave, leaving me behind? I can’t live with that. I can’t live without him, he’s my heart, and soul. If he leaves and decides to forget everything I won’t be able to live, but I would have to let him go. I make it to his room in my arms and lay him on the bed. I get in next to him laying on my side putting a protective arm around his waist. A little time passes I eventually drift off to sleep.


“Jungkook... Jungkook, baby Ismae wants to see her mommy. Beaston why don’t you help me get your mom up he’s being difficult but be careful he has your brother and sister in his tummy.” I say to my son as I hold his twin sister who is still crying.

Beaston gets up on the bed.

“Mommy... mommy, I know you’re awake. It’s time to get up. Izzy won’t stop crying if you don’t get up, you promised her.” Beaston looks over at me, I know that look and it’s not good especially because Jungkook is pregnant.

“Daddy I’m going to have to use alternate measures.” I know what he means and so does Jungkook.

He immediately sits up upon hearing Beaston’s words. Giggles start to come from Ismae. I set her on the bed with her mom. I pick up Beaston and make my way to the living room. A knock comes from the door, I set Beaston down on the couch to answer it. I open it to reveal what’s left of the team and their children; Jin and Namjoon with their twins Reasion and Relena, Mark and Jackson with their son Evean, Youngjae and Lexu with their twins Jasper and Eleina, Versil and Tyler with their kids Tia who is older than her brother Malcom.

Before we lost Silver and Toni they got married and adopted a little girl named Pyor who stays with Mark and Jackson. Mar and Jimin with their two kids Tiger who is older than her brother Wolf. Jungkook’s best friend Rosie joined our team after we found out she isn’t completely human she’s a Toble. Her and her husband Lucien has a daughter, Bloom and is expecting a son soon. And lastly Bambam with his husband Yugyeom and their two kids. Holden and their one-year-old daughter Hikari.

Everyone comes in as I step aside to let them in with their kids in tow. I look over at the Christmas tree where tons of presents are stacked. Then I look over to my pregnant husband wifey who sits on the couch with Ismae sitting sideways in her lap talking to Evean. Evean and Ismae took an interest in each other when they first met. I don’t like it and apparently neither does Beaston because he walks over to them placing himself on between Jungkook and Evean. I look to see an amused expression on Jungkook’s face. I walk over to them and picks Beaston setting him on my lap as I sit in his place. I turn my head toward Jungkook.

“Love, why do you look so amused?” I ask him smiling.

He Looks up at me and gives me a smile.

“The protective side to Beaston. What’s funnier is his jealousy.” I look down at him lovingly, he blushes under my gaze, he turns his face back to the kids making me disappointed for a moment.

The day passes by rather quickly as the kids open their presents along with my parents, uncles, and my brother Yoongi and his husband Hoseok along with Jungkook’s parents and grandfather.

The kids opened even more presents. A little bit later my parents and uncles leave along with Jungkook’s parents and grandfather. After all the excitement and the kids settled down to play with their toys I hear screaming. I know who it’s coming from; Jungkook.

I quickly run to him, before I get to him, his knees buckle making him start to collapse. I get to him before he hits the ground. I look at the floor to see it cover in blood along with his hands and legs. I pick him up bridal style as he passes out. I look over at everyone.

“Jin get the kids together along with the rest of you. I’m taking Jungkook to the Healing Center.” Mark opens the door and follows me to the car and opens the passenger door.

Yeah, I’ve got wings and can fly. I for one don’t want to be seen flying in a no-fly zone for one and I’m more worried about my husband dying than myself at the moment. Once I get in I crank the car and pull out of the driveway quickly. Once I get to the Healing Center I go straight to Raphael’s office. He looks up at me shocked then looks at Jungkook with wide eyes. I set him on the bed so he can check him, he does so by running his hands over his body. Once he’s done he turns back to me with fear and sadness. Oh, Big Dad please no, let him be wrong.....

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