Fallen Elements

Prologue: Poetry; Taehyung

Two months before meeting Jungkook....

I come here in fear of panic, writing down what I see and hear. Complaining about life so dear, living in heartache and despair leaving me alone with no time to spare. Leaves fall around me, but don’t bare screaming in agony and fear. I can’t see through tears all I can do is hear. I am hurt, but don’t show or know from what. I’ve been struck, I can’t see from what. I’m scared to look, it doesn’t hurt except the words from the person who yells at me now.

I read from the book my father has given to me. I go on and look through the book. Most of the poetry is expressed through raw anger, pain, hurt, and sadness. Whoever wrote this book must had a rough life when they wrote it except one that was written by someone else.

Sadness creeps upon those who lose their loved ones, it hurts, it kills, and it never sleeps. Maybe sadness isn’t what comes before pain though, maybe its the result of long lost memories of long ago. Memories of happiness that will never return. Even though those memories won’t happen again, we should cherish them. when we lose the ones we love, their memory shouldn’t come with sadness, the same sadness that came with the loss... We need to remember the happiness of those memories and the times we had with their memory, they live forever. So don’t be sad for their death, be happy and celebrate the time they had.

Whoever wrote that poem must have lost someone dear to them. There is one that doesn’t have a title.

If you say that the world will end, please spare me the phrase. I understand that you care, but don’t see love. My heart was gone and now my soul is all alone to fend for itself. Now my anger can be forever set free, for the world to see that the death of you will be the end of me. When you and I, we will die, where we lie together on this solid ground forever we shall be. For all eternity.

Reading the poetry book in my hands more and more catch my eye.

Hearing the song, so beautiful only making me be free, little time on hand while I just stand listening to the beautiful song that seems so long. How hard I’ve tried I cannot move until I must listen to the beautiful song for it has no sound it isn’t silence if you must ask. For you need to listen closely to hear the song with no sound to understand what’s around making sense of its story.

The poems remind me of the dreams I’ve been having lately of this guy I don’t know and have never seen or met. He’s beautiful and mysterious on his own I wonder what’s between us.

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