Fallen Elements

Little Head Space

Taehyung's POV
I wake up breathing heavily, I look over next to me where Jungkook lays peacefully sleeping. I sit up and rub my face with my hands. I hear whimpering coming from Jungkook, I turn toward him and see him beginning to frantically move his head, he then started to move his legs, and his hands clench the sheets.

I turn fully towards him and grab his shoulders to shake him, but before I am able to he springs up wrapping his arms around me, screaming into my chest muffling it so the others wouldn't hear him. I rub his head and back soothingly cooing to him as his screams starts to cease then becomes wet tears running down his face wetting my shirt. He clings tightly to me as he silently cries.

When his whimpers stop he pulls away looking down. I put my hand under his chin bringing it up so that our eyes meet. I take my other hand and wipe the stray tears from his eyes and face. I give him a subtle smile, he smiles back at me before climbing into my lap and snuggling himself on me, his breathing starts to even.

I slowly turn my body so that I'm facing the foot of the bed before laying down and slowly falling back to sleep. When I wake up I feel movement on me remembering Jungkook fell asleep on me I'm not worried. I then hear a knock on the door before it opens revealing Youngjae.

"Hey, you need to get up we need to go to the brother's so we can find out what they want as payment for what they are going to do to take the map out of Jungkook."

"Ok," is all I say as I sit up.

Youngjae leaves and closes the door doing so. In the quietness I hear Jungkook's shower running. As much as I want to go in there to him I can't that would be crossing the line and I want him to trust me like he did. Once the water stops I hear shuffling then the door opens revealing Jungkook in only a towel, I feel my pants start to tighten.

I need a ice cold shower. I get off the bed grabbing my clothes off the dresser and head to the bathroom. When I'm done I leave the bathroom back into Jungkook's room to find him trying to get into Secret Place. I chuckle silently as he struggles.

"Hey, Jungkook let me help you babe." I say walking over to him and grabbing his hand, and showing him how to get into Secret Place.

Once inside she looks around with wide eyes filled with wonder. I clear my throat knowing we can't stay in here long. He looks back at me.

"Kookie... um... we have to um... we have to get back because we're going to be leaving for a while." I tell him gently.

She looks down at the ground, my heart pains to see her disappointed.

"Don't worry we'll get your memory back and we'll be coming back here princess. We just need to go and see some people and see what they want so we can get it so we can bring it back so they can help you by getting what's inside you out. Baby boy I promise you we'll be coming back here once we're done."

"Otay," he says quickly almost submissively.

I frown inwardly at the thought of her having to do something he isn't willing to do. He walks to the entrance ahead of me, it give me enough time to take in his physical state. He doesn't look as strong as he once did. I really don't think when he is able to remember, I don't think he will come back to the way he was, he now has a more child likeness to him that I am getting used to. I'm starting to think of him as my baby now since he is going in to his little head space.

When I catch up to him I grab him by the hand so that I know I won't loose him. Once I take his hand I feel him flinch in response I pull my hand away instantly. Once my hand is completely by my side I feel his hand slip back into mine. I look down at him cautiously, he looks up at me shyly. I give him a subtle smile sending him a message saying he will be okay, and that he can trust me.

He smiles back at me before letting me guide him back through the entrance. Once back in his room he lets go of my hand and walks over to his bed grabbing both mine and his backpacks. He walks back over to me extending my backpack to me, I take it from him putting it on my back as he puts his on. We make our way out of his room turning off the lights and closing the door on the way out, before going to the living room.

"Took you both long enough." Toni snaps out.

I hear my princess whimper as I feel him grab the back of my shirt tail.

"Toni don't snap at them especially Jungkook, giving what he's been through. Snap at Taehyung all you want but don't do it in front of Jungkook. He doesn't have a strong mental state anymore because of the memory loss that the Keeper had to do with." Silver reasons with her.

I'm taken by surprise on how she's able to calm down the hot head of my team easily. I smile inwardly knowing Silver is a good asset to the team. Mark comes up to me.

"Jungkook's friend Rosie and Lucien are worried about Jungkook since they haven't seen him in a while. We didn't meet Lucien when we first got here, when we first met Jungkook and Rosie because he had the flu, and at the time Rosie and Lucien were only just friends. Rosie called me since she had only my number and asked if she and Lucien could come with us. I told her I would have to ask you and see if it's alright then I would call her back." Mark says quickly.

"I understand the dangers with them coming along with us but I think it would be good for Jungkook to have them come with us since they are his friends we'll have to tell them what's happened unless they already know." I tell him.

He nods his head and takes out his phone and heads towards the kitchen. As I watch him disappear into the kitchen I feel Jungkook's grip on my shirt begin to tighten again, I look up to find Toni coming towards us. Jungkook whimpers loudly, I gently take him by the arm pulling him in front of me, to my chest. He hides his face there.

"What do you want Toni? Your scaring Jungkook and I already know he doesn't trust you with the help of her wolf Rain." I tell her stroking Jungkook's head.

Jungkook cuddles into me farther as Toni moves closer to us with a disgusted look on her face, before she gets to close I stop petting Jungkook's head to grab Toni by the shoulder to make her stop moving.

"Toni leave me and Jungkook alone right now cause I'm in no mood to put up with you and your attitude today. I hope you want to keep your powers since I gave them back to you when we were getting rid of the Keeper for Jungkook's benefit." She lets out a snarl before turning around and stomping over to where Silver is.

I look down at Jungkook who is still hiding his face in my chest, I chuckle at how cute he is and leans my head down resting my chin a top her head before speaking to him.

"Jungkook, your going to have to let me go so we can leave soon."I tell him while rubbing his back and removing my head from his.

Eventually he lifts his head up and disconnects himself from me. I look towards the kitchen to find Mark coming out with Rosie and a guy following behind him is who I'm guessing is Lucien. Jungkook attaches himself back on me mumbling something. I hear a gasp escape from Rosie as she see's Jungkook's state. When all three of them get to us they stop.

"Mark did you tell them what's happened to Jungkook?" I ask him.

"Yeah," is all he says as I nod my head acknowledgment.

I turn my attention to Jungkook's friends.

"I know it confuses the both of you on Jungkook's situation. It also scares you. But you have no idea how much it scares me." Anger crosses Rosie's face.

"How can you say that. You barely even know him. You've known him for what? A couple of months and you say that you love him." Rosie yells at me making Jungkook buries himself into me.

"I know more things about him than you do. Rosie, you have been his best friend for years and still doesn't know everything about him that I know from only a couple of months and still knows more about him than you do. We need to calm down because we're scaring Jungkook and I can't bare the thought of him being scared of me." I say trailing off as I wrap my arms around Jungkook's shoulders hugging him.

I lean my head down to his shoulder and silently whisper in his ear.

"Princess do you want me to pick you up and hold you or do you want to walk?" He rubs his head into me making me coo and chuckle at how cute he is.

"Uh, I wan chu to pick me up papa." He whispers back to me shyly.

"Ok princess." I say to him as I put my hands under arms lifting him up, he wraps his legs around my waist and puts his arms around my neck.

I put my hands under his bum to hold him up so that he won't fall. He leans his head on my shoulder facing the crook of my neck. I look up to see Rosie looking at the both of us like we have three heads. Lucien doesn't look affected by it.

"What? Your looking at the both of us like we have three heads." I say in a knowing manner.

"Yo... you picked him up like he was a baby." Rosie stutters out.

Yeah, I'm babying him and he's not complaining. Others may think it's weird but it's the only way I know of to get him close to me again. I can tell he's asleep now by his even breathing and light snoring. I chuckle at his cuteness. I turn my attention to Mark.

"If we don't want the Brothers mad at us we need to get going now." I tell him, he nods.

"Yeah, we're going to have to drive there since we're under a no fly zone." He says before adding.

"I can help you take off his backpack if it's getting heavy for you to hold him." He offers, I nod my head.

"Thanks, also can you help me hold his so I can take mine off as well and put them both in the trunk of the Tahoe?"

"Yeah, of course, the others things are already in either one. I'm sure your talking about the black Tahoe?" He says questionably.

"Yeah," is all I say.

As I take off my backpack and drops it to the floor as he holds Jungkook up like he said he would do so he wouldn't fall and wake up. Once I get it off and on the floor I put my hands back in place holding him as Mark gets his backpack off then picks up mine off the floor and heads out the door to put them in the Tahoe.

When everyone is ready to go we go outside after saying our goodbyes to Jungkook's parents and my dad and uncle's. Since I'm still holding a sleeping Jungkook and no one wanted to wake him up her parents, my dad, and uncle's give him a kiss on the forehead.

Holding Jungkook makes me unable to drive so we all agree Jin gets to drive with Namjoon sitting next to him up front. With me holding Jungkook we have enough room for one more person so Bambam rides with us. Once everyone is settled in both vehicles we head off to our destination to meet the Brothers.

We've been riding a while and Jungkook has woken up, he's getting restless.

"Jin is there a gas station coming up?" I ask him sending the question to Namjoon making him looking it up on his phone while Jin drives.

Joon turns in his seat slightly in my direction as he starts to speak.

"There is a gas station not far from here." He says to me and mostly to Jin because he knows Jin wants to rest, I nod my head.

When we get to the gas station Jungkook opens the door and hops out. I must have have taken to long because Jungkook starts to whine making me chuckle at him, he notices then starts whining even more.

Before I get out I speak to Jin and Namjoon, Mark, and Jackson. I haven't realized Youngjae, Lexu, Bambam, Tyler, Rosie, Lucien, Toni, Silver, and Versil had already gotten out but is listening to me.

"Before we start to leave make sure we have everyone and I mean everyone cause I am not losing anyone." I say pointedly

"We will," everyone says even Jungkook.

I get out fully and closes the door. Jungkook pulls me inside towards the door to go inside. Once inside he pulls me towards the bathroom and tells me to stay put. When he's done I hear a flush, the sink, and then the door unlock. We then get what we need, mostly what Jungkook and the girls need which was mostly food. We get enough food and things to keep in four huge coolers we have in both Tahoe's, two in each one.

Once we know we have everyone we get in the Tahoe we rode in: Namjoon who is now driving, Jin sits beside him in the passenger seat. I sit behind Namjoon. Jungkook sits in Bambam's lap in the middle. Mark sits next to them. Jackson sits behind Mark, Rosie sits beside Jackson leaving Lucien who sits besides her behind me.

"Do we know where we're headed in Noscola?" I ask Mark, he turns his head towards me.

I already know he and Jin know where we're going without having to ask them to get that information.

"We're going to a mansion where the Ten Brothers live in Noscola." Mark says nonchalantly.

A little while later Jungkook lays down on all of us with his head in my lap and his feet in Mark's. As he falls asleep I rub his head gently. When he's asleep I lay my head back against the seat. I must have fallen asleep because I'm being shaken awake. I look down to see Jungkook still asleep. I look out the windshield to see us parked in the driveway of a huge mansion. I look at Mark's because I know he's going to say something.

"The brothers are waiting for us. If we're late they won't help her. Come on we need to hurry." He says opening the door and gets out with everyone else following suit after I wake Jungkook up.

We all walk up the courtyard to reach the door, but before we are able to walk on the tile steppingstones that make up the walkway Mark stops us.

"The Brothers texted me before we got here and told me that the steppingstones have a riddle and we get three tries. If we get it wrong all three times we're dead." He says to all of us.

We all look down at the steppingstones expecting them to speak but no sound comes out. Words just form on the surface.

You must answer 3
riddles. 3 must answer
all 3 correctly. All 3
have 3 tries to get it right.
Answer all 3 right
you have passage.

I look up at Mark.

"I thought you said they only have one riddle."

"I did, I thought there was only one riddle." I look back at the steppingstones with only two words on it now.

Let's begin...

Then the words disappeared being replaced with the first riddle.

I have cities, but no buildings.
I have mountains, but no trees.
I have water, but no fish.
What am I?

I look up at everyone as they finish reading the riddle.

"I might know what it is." Jackson says speaking up.

"Is it space?" He says we all wait looking at the steppingstones to see them disappear.

You are wrong.
You have 2 answers left.

We all look at Jackson to see him deep in thought.

"It can't be a picture cause you can draw or paint on those... I know it this time... It's a map." He says yelling.

We are all in shock that he yelled but we all put our attention on the steppingstones expectantly to watch the riddle disappear once again.

You are correct.
You have 2 more riddles with 2 more people to answer their 3 chances.

Then the words disappear once again being replaced by the second riddle.

I never was and
never was to be.
No one ever saw me,
nor ever will.
Yet, I am the confidence
of all who live and breathe.
What am I?

"I know what it is," Versil says.

We all look at him shocked even Tyler.

"What all of you thought I was stupid? Well, I'm not stupid my sister is always saying I am." He asks looking at Tyler with hurt filled eyes.

"It's tomorrow." He says in loud anger looking at Tyler to see his reaction.

Tyler looks down at the steppingstones. While watching the both of them I look down at them as well.

You are correct
You have 1 more riddle
With 1 more person
who has 3 chances.

We all look up at Versil in shock especially Tyler. Seeing Tyler's expression makes Versil blush and turns his face away making Tyler chuckle. We all look back at the stone for the last riddle.

Poor people have me.
Rich people need me.
If you eat me you'll die.
What am I?

Behind me I can here Rosie mumbling as she thinks of the answers for the riddle.

"Money.... no you can't die from eating money actually you could but that's not the answer. Patience... no that's not it either. Poor people have nothing. Rich people need nothing. If we eat nothing we'll die. So it's... nothing. I know the answer it's nothing. The answer is nothing." She yells out making some of us jump.

"The answer is nothing. Poor people have nothing. Rich people need nothing. If you eat nothing you'll die." She explains to those who didn't understand.

We look at the steppingstones to reveal it's answer. I feel Jungkook's hand slip into mine gripping it tight.

You are correct.
You may pass.

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