Fallen Elements

Meeting The Brothers

We all hurry over the steppingstones and up the stairs to the door. We knock and is answered by the butler.

“Follow me please, Masters are expecting you.” We hurriedly follow him to a huge sitting room.

“You’re late but we all know wh....” He is cut off by a scream erupting from Jungkook.

He let’s go of my hand and drops to the floor. I kneel so I am able to hold him so he won’t hurt himself. While this is going on I get a piercing headache. It feels like something is trying to rip away from me. I look up to see all the Brothers get up from their seats with confused and worry filled expressions as they make their way over to us. I don’t know how to help Jungkook but all of ten of them do.

One of them kneels in front of him as he screams and writhes in pain in my arms and he touches his forehead. She stops screaming and writhing instantly. Instead of him hugging me he clings to him. He smiles at me before picking him up while getting up and carries her over to his brothers where they now stand. They all come over to is after a while I stand up.

“Mark is the only one that knows our names so let us introduce ourselves. I’m Nash.” Says the one holding my Jungkook.

“I’m Ash, the oldest, our names are in alphabetical order from oldest to youngest.” Says the brother to the left of Nash.

They all have different colored hair so that will help me a good bit. Ash has black hair. Cadence, Ashes twin has pink hair. Ethan has dark green hair. Fallon, Ethan’s twin has orange hair. Grayson has grey hair and is the first triplet to the first set. Jaymie has Jade green hair and is the second triplet. JJ has blood red hair. Nash, Tomas, and Vincent are the last set of triplets. Nash has red and black hair. Tomas has turquoise hair, and Vincent has purple hair. Nash hands Grayson Jungkook. Grayson comes to us.

“If you want to save Jungkook and figure out why he screamed a little bit ago you need to get us what we need. We need the Comb of Shadows. We will give you a map to help you find it. You can’t take Jungkook with you. We will keep him safe here while you get what we need. No one except Jungkook can stay here while you get the Comb.” After everything is said to us my body fills with anger and questions fill my mind.

What are they planning to do with her? Why don’t they want anyone to stay with her? Why are they still holding Jungkook? If someone stays here with her then they won’t help her and if we don’t get what they want they won’t help her. If we can’t get what they need they can’t help her. I look a them intently.

“We will get you the Comb of Shadows and you will help her. I want my Jungkook back and away from all of you.” I say through my teeth in anger.

Their expressions stay the same while I was talking to them. Fallon looks at Jungkook and his smile brightens a little. What is he thinking? He looks back at me.

“Why would you think we would hurt him? If he went with you he wouldn’t survive the journey because of what your going to encounter. The Comb Of Shadows is priceless and is dangerous if put in the wrong hands. The Comb does to you what the steppingstones did to you, except where it gave you three riddles you only have one, but gives you three chances. The Comb is in Greece. You need to find the entrance into Hades or as we call it the Underworld. Abaddon will meet you there or what the Greeks call him Thanatos along with Samael. Abaddon is there to help you go through and Samael is there to give you a poison to make you seem dead. The poison that you will be given consists of all the five rivers water that are all named in Greek myth that are in Hades. If any humans go with you they drink something similar. Both poisons have all five rivers waters in them but the poison the humans have to drink is different meaning it has or doesn’t have something the one you have to drink in it. After you get passed everything you are to encounter without getting killed or lost you have to visit the mother of all the monsters and demons meaning shes the mother of all evil; Lilith. Lilith was created by Adam. The Comb is in her possession. With the Comb she can control the shadows to do what she will them to. If Jungkook went with you Lilith would try to make him evil since Jungkook can control them without using the Comb. So me and my brothers and you are protecting Jungkook from becoming evil. We are not taking away his safety. Once you get the Comb away from Lilith it belongs to Jungkook. You have to convince the Comb to come to you. Once you get it here we’ll use it to get the map out of Jungkook, when we are done using it the Comb stays with Jungkook and only does what he wants it to since it will recognize him as the Angel of the Shadows or also known as the Arc of Shadows instead of Lilith the mother of all evil. As I said once before you have to convince it that you know it’s true holder. Taehyung, you have more chance on convincing it since you are bonded with Jungkook. Lucifer, Big Dad, your father, mother, and your uncle’s cannot go with you because they can’t help you.” He says as he gets Jungkook from Grayson bringing him over to me so I can say a goodbye before we leave to go get the Comb of Shadows.

When he gets to me Jungkook has his head on his shoulder looking at me, he smiles. I smile back at him and kiss him on the cheek and lean in to whisper in her ear.

“I love you Jungkook, when I get back with the Comb they are going to help you. You can’t come with us but they will keep you safe.” I kiss him cheek one last time before straightening up and turning to my team.

I look up at Mark, Jin, and Youngjae.

“Did you all get that? I know Mark did cause he recorded everything that was said. Since no one can stay here Rosie and Lucien are going to have to come with us and try not to get yourselves killed because if you two get hurt or worse died Jungkook would be upset and I don’t like it when he’s upset so try not to let that happen meaning don’t get in the way please.” I say looking at the both of them.

When we all leave the Brothers follow us to the door. Cadence now holds Jungkook in his arms as he sleeps on his shoulder. I walk to the black Tahoe with clenched hands. Once inside I buckle up and start it. When I know everyone is where they need to be I put it in reverse and back up harshly, I put it in drive and stomp the gas. I wish I was in my Camaro I would have a lot more speed. Jungkook’s house is closer south than the Brothers so we’re headed the there. Since most of us has wings we all agreed on who’s carrying who since there is only two to carry. Youngjae holds Lucien and Mark holds Rosie.

Once we get to Jungkook’s house we’re all shocked to see my father and uncle’s still here along with Lucifer and Big Dad. We’re not really surprised to see her parents because they live here. We all get out and walk into the house so we can tell them where we’re going if they don’t already know. When I get inside the house I see three people I know. Two of them I am mad at, at the moment because they hurt me including my father, but I forgave him. My mother and half brother not so much. My mom smiles at me but I look at my father instead.

“Why are you here?” I ask my dad in anger.

“Your mother wanted to see you. Your brother wanted to see you again but also help you along with Hoseok. We know you want your brothers help, but you let your grudge grab you and hold you back. Yes, we had to keep that from you so you wouldn’t get this mad but now we know not to keep things like that away from you.” My dad says to me making my anger bubble even more.

I don’t like being confronted by my personal problems like most people.

“You all didn’t pay attention to the Brothers intentions with Jungkook did you? You all were more concerned with getting the Comb of Shadows and bringing it back so they can help Jungkook. That’s true, and a dangerous mission of course. The main thing is that they want to get Jungkook to detach himself from you Taehyung and attach himself to them mentally and physically to break your bond between the two of you. The Brothers have boyfriend’s and girlfriend’s but they aren’t bonded to them but with Jungkook being a shape shifter they all can bond with her by being the type of angel they are. They are Cantali a type of Love Matching Angel, a rare type at that. Over the past millennia there have been four in all until now where there are ten of them. If they break the bond between you two and get bonded with Jungkook they can impregnate him with their children to elongate the Cantali race which isn’t all that bad but what is bad is if they break the bond between you and Jungkook that bond can never be repaired. Your spirit selves will love each other but your wolves would hate each other because bonded mates always fear the end. Take Yoongi with you that’s being said about Hoseok as well. They can help you on your mission and I don’t want any of you dying on this mission. Your mother, uncle’s, and I can’t help you neither can Big Dad, Lucifer, and Jungkook’s parents. On your way to Greece stop by Starz the Kripler Shop and ask the owner Zee or by his real name Yugyeom to come with you so he can help. Ask him to bring an infinity bag that is linked to his shop. You need him and can take you with him.” I nod listening to my dad.

“Ok, I will take Yoongi and Hoseok with me. We’ll stop at the Kripler shop and see if Z... Yugyeom can come with us. If not we’ll load down on what we need.” I say authoritatively so my dad knows I am serious about this.

I look at everyone on my team along with the add-on’s.

“Come on we don’t have all day or time to waste. We’ll take the Tahoe’s to the Kripler Shop and let two people bring them back here. Dad and Saint do you you mind coming with us so that they get back here?” I ask my dad and uncle, they both nod.

We all walk out of the house before I am able to walk to open the driver side door to the black Tahoe I am stopped by Jungkook’s parents.

“Please keep our son safe he is the only thing we have. We know he means the world to you. Also keep yourself from fatal perish. Jungkook wouldn’t be able to live without you, even if your bond was broken. Jungkook loves you with his entire being. He tries to let people get close but has never really succeeded, some he’s made exceptions to but your the only one he’s let get fully close to him.” His mother says to me.

“I will be careful and I will protect him with my everything, he is my everything.” I say making them both nod and hug me.

I break away from the hug and opens the door and gets in as they go into the house. I crank up the vehicle. Everyone is in the vehicle they were in before with two extra in each vehicle. Some are having to hold someone in their lap to make enough room for the two extras. And when we start flying four of us will have to hold someone. We pull out of the driveway.

Everyone knows when I’m mad and upset I listen to music and they also know it’s not a good idea to change what I listen to. Everyone else except for Jungkook doesn’t listen to what I listen to. I turn on the radio to Sirius XM Octane and The Matthew Effect by Nothing More comes on, I smile listening to the lyrics. I’m smiling because it’s how I feel when I’m enraged.

Onyx keeps whimpering because we can both feel our bond with Jungkook and Rain trying to tear and it hurts. I press the gas making us go faster as thoughts of mine and Jungkook’s bond perishing run through my mind. I grip the steering wheel tightly and grit my teeth in pain and anger and in no time we are at the Kripler Shop. I almost surprised that the others were able to keep up with us.

We all get out and says goodbye to my dad and uncle Saint as they both get in each of the Tahoe’s and drive’s off back to Jungkook’s parents house. We all walk into the Kripler Shop I look over at Rosie and Lucien to see confused looks on their faces. Bambam goes over to the counter and rings the bell to make sure Yugyeom hears.

“Hold on I’ll be there in a minute.” We all hear before we hear something crash to the ground.

“Ahhhhhhh... no... no. no. no how did you get in here? How did you get into my store in the first place? You demons are so annoying. No, no please don’t hurt me. I’m so pathetic. I am so stinking pathetic. I can’t even defend myself that says a lot about me.” I look over at Jimin and he nods.

Jimin, Youngjae, and I walk to the back where Yugyeom is to find him cornered by three demons his twice size. Yugyeom is built almost like Youngjae but it looks like he wouldn’t hurt a fly. I wave Jin, Namjoon, Jackson, and Bambam to come over. Once they get to us we go into the back.

The three demons hasn’t seen we’ve come in until Youngjae, Bambam, and I tap each of them on the shoulder. They turn their head towards us with sadistic smiles turning into shock, we punch them square in the face. Jin gets to Yugyeom and takes him out to the front. I wish Jungkook was here so he could get rid of these demons for us, it would be a quicker.

Jackson and Namjoon helps Youngjae hold down the demon he was fighting so he could shove six fireballs down his throat. The demon in front of me has a fear of melting so I signal to Youngjae, Jackson, and Namjoon to come over after making sure their demon is dead so that my plan would work, but before my plan starts I hear Jungkook’s voice ring out in my head.

“Taehyung, I know you need help so I am helping from afar. I can tell you are fighting before I start I need everyone we care about out of that room.”

I do as Jungkook told me closing the door and barricading it. After a few seconds of hearing banging on the door all we hear is loud screams from the last two demons that are being melted alive and turned into nothing.

I look over at Yugyeom who looks petrified at the whole ordeal. I look over at Bambam and he nods. After the screaming stops I open the door to find nothing of the demons. Everything else in the room is untouched by the shadow acid. Yugyeom runs in behind me and is in shock to see nothing of the three demons, I smile at him.

“H... h... how?” He asks me.

“My lovely mate Jungkook.” I say with a smile on my face.

I watch him as he grabs a large infinity bag from a chest against the wall.

“This bag is connected to the store. I will go with you so I can help. My store is protected because I’m out a lot and can close when I want. I don’t want what happened today to happen again. I owe your boyfriend my life because of what he did to save me.” Yugyeom says to me.

“Since your a Kripler you can’t fly because you don’t have wings. One of us is going to have to carry you. You can’t pick Youngjae, Jimin, or Mark because they already have to carry someone.” I say pointing at all three of them.

I go and sit on one of the four collars we took out of both of the Tahoe’s along with our backpacks that all of us except for Zee is wearing. Yugyeom points to Bambam.

“I pick Mr. Hotness.” I look a Bambam who stands there blushing.

I chuckle at this before shaking my head as I stand up and walk out of the door as the others follow suit. Mark picks up Rosie as Yoongi picks up Hoseok, Youngjae picks up Lucien, and Bambam picks up Yugyeom. I move away from the building before exposing my wings and flying up as the others follow me.

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