Fallen Elements

The Entrance To The Underworld

It doesn’t take us long to get to Greece. We land in Athens out of people’s line of sight. The ones carrying someone puts them down and comes over to me.

“We have to act normal or the Greeks will think we are gods.” Mark tells us, we nod.

“I have the map the Brothers gave us to find the entrance to the Underworld. It’s a cave near Illusis near hear.” He says taking out the map.

Youngjae goes to see if anyone is around with Toni, Lexu, and Silver. When to they see no one they signal to the rest of us to follow and we do.

“Now we follow Mark because I have no clue where we’re going.” Youngjae’s says making all of us laugh.

We all follow Mark. It’s almost nightfall when we stop in front of a hotel. Everyone looks at him questionably.

“It’s dangerous for anyone to be out here at night. The myths of Dionysus’ servants going crazy and becoming cursed is true.” He explains as we all make our way inside the hotel.

We all walk over to the front desk where a girl around everyone’s age sits. When we reach the desk she perks up, I groan inwardly knowing what’s going to happen next.

“Hello, how may I help you all?” She asks in a annoyingly perky voice, I roll my eyes and look at the ground in annoyance.

“Do we need nine or ten rooms Taehyung?” Mark asks me, I look up at him.

“Nine, I’m sharing a room with Bambam and Yugyeom.” I say to him.

I look back up at the girl who has been staring at me the whole time, she reaches for a pen that’s laying in the shadow of a Coke bottle. She jerks her hand back quickly.

“Ow,” she reaches for it again and jerks her hand back once again.

“Ow,” she looks at her hand this time and gasps then she screams.

She looks at all of us.

“What’s going on?” She looks at all of us frantically letting her eyes linger on me more than once.

“I think that’s a sign from my boyfriend that he knows another girl or guy is trying to flirt with me but failing poorly. He’s not evil he’s only this way when he’s upset and or mad.” I say cheekily.

Her expression goes from shock to confusion, I try to hold in my laughter at her change of expression.

“Y... y... your boyfriend?” She asks questionably, I smile and nod.

“Yes, his boyfriend. Now can we have the keys to our rooms please because some of us would like to sleep.” Rosie snarls out at her.

I look at the girl and I know she’s going to snap at Rosie, but before she can two men comes out of the office behind her.

“Neana, what have we told you about arguing with the customers?” One of them who looks to be in his early thirties asks her.

She shrinks a little because she knows she’s getting fired.

“I... I... I get fired.” She says barely audible.

The other man looks younger than the first one, this one looks to be in he’s twenties like twenty-eight, twenty-nine or so. He walks up to the desk to where she is standing.

“Yes, that’s right you do, now go get your stuff you’ll get your last paycheck tomorrow. Spicer and I will finish up here.” He says before she leaves to do what he told her to do.

Once she’s gone he turns his attention to us.

“We’re both sorry about her, she’s done this so many times while we’ve been gone. We finally got security cameras so we have proof to fire her. Ok, back to the matter of your rooms you all said nine rooms she put down ten I’ll change that. You all are headed to the entrance of Hades aren’t you? You must be careful especially since you have two humans and a Kripler. Yes, we both know what the rest of you all are. Have you explained to the two humans wait......The girl is a Toble and the boy is a Personal Guardian who has the power to mask himself and another to make the ones uncovered to believe they are just humans.” We all look at Lucien and Rosie as we see the rest of the mask leave the both of them.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” I ask them.

They look at each other with terrified expressions.

“We didn’t know who to trust at the time and still don’t. When we found out what Jungkook was I masked him the same way I masked Rosie and myself. We know he is valuable and many people would use him if they knew what he was. We knew the Keeper was after him so I knew to mask Jungkook so that the Keeper wouldn’t know how or who was reading his thoughts even though she was trying to find out. Masking Jungkook prevented Jungkook from making a power signature. He can never make one now since his powers are used to him not using one, it won’t recognize him if he did use a power signature. Jungkook has used his powers before but he doesn’t recall using them because he was little.” Lucien explains to us.

“So you don’t have to explain who and what you are because the both of us already know who and what you are and how long your staying here. Giving what Jungkook is he can go up with you so you both won’t be missing each other.” Rosie explains then turns her attention back to the two men at the desk.

“Can we have our keys I’m tired and we have somewhere we need to be tomorrow to help my best friend.” Rosie snaps at them.

Lucien places a hand on her shoulder and she looks up at him.

“Be nice, when your sleepy it makes you grouchy.” He says to her.

I turn my attention to the two men.

“Here’s your key cards to your rooms. Your room numbers are seventy-one to seventy-nine. We hope you all have a nice night and sleep well.” Spicer says as he hands me the key cards to I knew will keep up with them.

When everyone has the key cards they head on up to the rooms as I stay behind to make sure the girl leaves. The two men look at me skeptically.

“Why didn’t you go with the others?” The younger man asks.

“Wraith don’t be nosy.” Spicer says to him.”

“What, I was just asking.” Wraith asks defensively.

“It’s fine, I’m waiting to see if the girl left because I don’t want to be accused by my boyfriend of cheating but then again he can read other people’s minds. So he knows I would never cheat on him and because of our bond I can’t do anything with anyone even if I wanted to. The bond burns others. If you haven’t noticed the bond is weakening because people are trying to break the bond.” I say sitting in the nearest chair.

“I’m going to sit here and see if she really leaves because for one I don’t want Jungkook to kill anymore people today. She’s already done to much.” I conclude to them.

We hear a door open. I look up to see the girl come out carrying a bag with her head down and immediately reach my thoughts to Jungkook.

Jungkook... Jungkook.

What is it Taehyung?

Can you read the girl near me?

The girl I burnt not to log ago?


Ok, one minute.

Um, Taehyung take the bag from her and take it away from here and chunk it. Get someone else to go to the room she just came out of and diffuse everything, then kill her once everything is done. Look at her eyes if you don’t understand. Look at her eyes and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

He says as his voice fades away in my mind.

When he is gone I send a text to Youngjae, Bambam, and Jimin to come back down to help me with everything. In no time they are already down here.

“What was so important that you couldn’t come get us in person?” asks Youngjae

“Jimin, you and Bambam go into that room and diffuse everything that needs to be diffused and I mean everything. Youngjae after I take that bag away from the girl and take as far away as I can, you kill her. Jungkook said to look at her eyes.” I say to them.

Jimin and Bambam take off to the room as Youngjae and I go over to the girl. I grab to bag from her hands and open it up to see why I need to chunk it. I immediately run out the door and uncovers my wings and fly away from and as far up as I can so that I can throw it up. Once I throw it and has flown far enough away it explodes. I fly back to the hotel, lands, and walks into the hotel finding Jimin and Bambam beside Youngjae who is stand by the girl that is now dead with abyss black eyes. Spicer and Wraith walk over and stand beside them.

“Did you know that she was possessed by a demon?” Youngjae asks them.

They look at him and shakes their heads no.

“No, we didn’t know she was possessed.” Says Wraith.

“All we knew was that she was temperamental. People said she was crazy, but we ignored them, and gave her a shot.” Spicer says to us.

He looks at Wraith.

“Let’s let them get some sleep, we’ll get rid of the body.” he says to him.

“Ok, Spicer,” Wraith says to him.

I shake my head no at them.

They look at me with confused expressions.

“I want you both to see what Jungkook can do so you know not to get on our bad side.” I say with a smirk while I talk to Jungkook.

Can you get rid of her body?


After she says this the shadows move to where the body is and covers just the body.

I look at Spicer and Wraith to see their expressions go from confusion to shock then to fear. Once the shadows leave and go back to their original spot and we know it’s safe to walk I speak.

“You both understand what could happen if you get on our bad side?”

“W.. we.. we get melted into n... no... nothing.” Spicer stutters shakily.

I smile at them.

“Don’t get on our bad side and you’ll be ok. We’re going to our rooms now so we can get some sleep, good night.” I say to them turning away from them and walking to the elevator and getting on.

Once we get to our floor and to our rooms and go to bed. The next day we get our stuff ready to hurry to the entrance to the Underworld. We leave the hotel after thanking Spicer and Wraith. We get to the cave to see Abaddon and Sameal waiting for us.

“How long have you been waiting for us?” I ask them.

“We’ve been here since yesterday. We thought you’d be here sooner since ya know your angels except for one of you is a Kripler and one of you is a Chip and the last is a Tobel. The Tobel, Chip, and Kripler will have to drink a similar poison but with different ingredients except for all five of the rivers waters.” Samael says to us.

He takes out nineteen vials. Three of them are red while the rest of them are black. He gives Rosie, Yugyeom, and Hoseok the red while everyone else gets black. We all drink the poison, everything goes black. When we all come to we find that we are still at the mouth of the cave with Abaddon but Samael is gone.

“If you’re wondering where Samael went, he left because he promised only to make and bring the poisons,” Abaddon says while we get up from the ground.

Once everyone is up we follow Abaddon to the edge of the first river with a boat and a ferryman I presume is Charon.

“Lilith is in the last stage of the underworld called Taurus. To get there we have to get our way through all the stages. Most of the stages aren’t that bad since we are in Hades and I mean the Greek underworld Hades with both Heaven and Hell.” Abaddon says to us.

I’m shocked by how much he talks.

“Thought you were a sullen stick in the mud.” I blurt out quickly putting my hands over my mouth.

He turns towards me.

“It gets boring down here. The souls only groan, moan, and scream so I have no one to talk to other than Charon who never speaks unless he wants or needs to get laid,” he says smirking making us laugh.

“Hey man, that’s just cold. I know your death and everything I thought we were friends your so mean.” Charon says faking sadness and being dramatic making all of us laugh even more.

Abaddon clears his throat.

“Since we’re in Hades, everything you know is gone at the moment. Everything you see is Greek. Since everything is Greek so am I. My Greek form is Thanatos. Time is the Titan god of Time Kronos. Lilith is Gia the earth mother and the mother of all Evil. We’re still calling Lilith, Lilith.” Abaddon says to us.

We all had a feeling it would be set up this way so we understand what he told us quite well. It’s not long until we reach the other side of the River Styx, we come up to the gates where a huge three-headed dog named Cerberus guards to keeps souls from coming out.

“Cerberus be a good boy and let us through. I’ll let you have a treat when I and my friends get done. What do say boy will you let us by?” Abaddon asks him.

Cerberus moves out of the way without hesitation.

“You must make these sort of deals all the time with him,” Jimin says to Abaddon.

“Yeah, unlike my twin brother Hypnos the Greek god of sleep who doesn’t give him what he promised he would give him. Cerberus doesn’t like that much.” He says making us laugh more.

We walk through the gates following Abaddon. We follow him for a while until he abruptly makes the rest of us stop. I give him a questing look.

“We’re meeting Hades. I didn’t tell you but we need to tell him what’s up.”

“Ok?” I ask

“He’s not very forgiving.”

“Ah, that makes more sense,” I say under my breath but he still heard me.

“Yup, ” he says cheekily then starts to walk on ahead of us as we follow him.

We come up to a castle. When we get to the door Abaddon knocks on the huge door. The door opens to reveal a small girl. She looks up at Abaddon then inclines her head quickly moving out of the way. He walks in and we follow him to a huge room. The same girl comes into the room with a man and woman. The girl quickly leaves.

“Hello Thanatos, I see you’ve brought young ones with you.” the man says.

“I have a feeling you already know why we’re here Hades,” Abaddon says to the man.

The man nods knowingly. I then feel a push in my head it feels like an annoying headache but I call out to my wolf.


Yes, Taehyung?

Whats happening to us?

Our bond with the Rain and Jungkook is cracking. We need to hurry with this miss.... He doesn’t get to finish because the pain gets unbearable that I fall to my knees holding my head screaming.

I can tell that everyone is confused by what is happening but it hurts too much to speak. The pain gets worse and I muster enough of my strength to speak the only word that comes to my head.

“JUNGKOOK!!!” I scream in pain until everything goes black.



I... is our bond broken?

No, it’s just cracked and yes it hurt that much. C’mon you need to get up so they don’t break it fully. A crack you survived and so did Rain and Jungkook. A break we can’t survive that at all neither can Rain and Jungkook. Onyx’s voice fades as I start to wake up.

I blink my eyes awake. I look around to find everyone standing around me even Abaddon, Hades, and the woman who came in with Hades. The first to speak is Toni.

“What happened cause I got nothing from you just screaming Jungkook,” she says impatiently, I groan.

“The bond between Jungkook and I cracked, it hurt, I don’t want to feel that again and I won’t be able to survive it breaking fully and neither will Jungkook. We need to hurry so that it won’t get broken. I don’t want Rain hating Onyx.” I say looking around at everyone and they nod.

“How long was I out?” I ask no one in particular.

“You were unconscious for a couple of hours,” Hades says to me, I nod as I get up.

I hear a voice comer forth in my head.


“Jungkook?” I say out loud, I blush knowingly giving everyone an apologetic smile they all laugh.

Jungkook? I ask in my mind.

Taehyung, please hurry I don’t want our bond to break, please hurry.

I don’t want it broken either and I don’t want to feel it crack again either.

Rain told me you could feel the pain as well. She said before you passed out that we would feel you pass out, and we did before we passed out.

Are they still treating my baby like a baby? I growl at the thought of them doing that.

Taehyung, I don’t think you want to know that.

Jungkook, I need to know.

Yes, they’re treating me like a baby. I growl at his answer, he whimpers.

I’m sorry baby I didn’t mean to scare you.

It’s ok.

I love you Jungkook.

I love you too Taehyung. He says as he fades away.

I look around at everyone and give them a stern look.

“We need to get going. I am not losing my bond with Jungkook.” Everyone nods and looks to Abaddon.

“Ok, we’re leaving.” Hade’s nods and we walk to the door and we leave.

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