Fallen Elements

Epilogue: Jungkook; What's The Ending

I knew Taehyung would get it. I knew he would get the comb. Rain told me our bond is almost broken completely but enough is there to be fixed. I’ve tried to not let my guard down but it’s hard when you don’t have much of a memory. I have enough of one from Rain telling me. When Taehyung and the team came in, yelling erupts.

“I got you the comb you asked for. The ten of you get that map out of Jungkook but before you do I would like to talk to her alone.” He says as they nod but then stops him.

“Give us the comb first.” Ethan says.

Taehyung shrugs and throws him a bag after taking it out of his backpack. Ethan catches it then reaches into the bag to bring out a beautiful hair comb. I can tell its not the real comb Taehyung tricked them. They can’t feel the power of the comb like I can since they don’t have the same powers as me. Taehyung pulls me to a bathroom and turns me towards the mirror. He takes out the actual comb and fixes my hair with it. He then turns me around kisses me lovingly, then bites my shoulder, lastly he hugs me tightly.

“Adu nosday.” he says making me confused but I don’t question it, but having him here holding me and showering his love for me makes me go into littlespace.

“Daddy I stiw has dah map in me wemembew? Is dah bond bwoken?” I ask as we break away from the hug.

“I know baby, and ask Rain, he should know.”

“Otay.” I say before going into my mind.

Rain is the bond fixed?

“Yes, it’s fixed, now lets get that map out. I look up at Taehyung smiling and then nods.

He smiles back before kissing my forehead. I make grabby hands at him for him to pick me up and he complies. He carries me out of the room and back to where everyone else is. When we get in there we see the Ten Brothers were seething with anger.

“You tricked us.”

“I did no such thing. I did what I needed to do to fix the bond with my mate, and the comb is useless to you because you don’t have the same powers as him. Even without the comb he has the ability to hurt you. You try to take it or hurt him I’ll break you. Get. The. Map. Out. Of. Him. Now.” Taehyung says as he lets Onyx through.

Taehyung sets me on the couch and backs away so they can do what they need to do to get the map out of me. They scurry quickly over to me then does something but I’m not quite sure what while chanting words unknown to me, but I’m guessing it’s something to locate where the map is. Once they find it they push down on my stomach and chant a different set of weird words, I subconsciously open my mouth as purple pieces fly out of it forming the map. Once the map is completely formed Taehyung grabs it and puts it in his bag.

“You guys move away from him now. If you think about hurting him in anyway or anyone else in this room or otherwise you better think twice before doing so. One of my friends is death and I can quickly ask for a favor.” Taehyung threatens as he picks me up off the couch and out the door with the others following.

We make it home, Taehyung gives his dad the map before introducing me to his mother, his brother Yoongi, a Chip who is with Yoongi named Hoseok, and lastly a Kripler named Yugyeom. He takes me to my room and helps me change into a grey bunny onesie before getting into bed and cuddling me to sleep. I’m happy with how my life has turned out I wouldn’t change it for anything, but what’s the ending? I can assure you that this definitely isn’t it.

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