Fallen Elements

History Lesson

We’ve all heard about Fallen Angels, been told to stay away from them because you don’t know what side they work for. Pallonia or The Underworld? Oh, Pallonia is what humans call Heaven. I have to tell you something but don’t freak out on me. I am an Angel half demon called a Cross. I am not a Fallen. My father is the Archangel Michael.

My name is Jeon Jungkook. I have and older half brother, Min Yoongi. He’s a Fallen now. Our father still love’s him, but is very disappointed in him at the most, because he did the same thing dad did; fall in love. Falling in love with humans or demons is frowned upon. If Angels and humans have children they are half breeds called Tobel.

When Angels and demons have children we are called Cross. Yoongi fell in love with a human or should I say Chip unlike what our father did who fell in love with a demon. Demons can change their ways for the one they love, I’ve seen it because of my mom. There has been some talk about another rebellion. I need to find my brother, I need his help with what’s happening up here in Pallonia. I have no clue where to start looking, I hope I can find him on the internet.

Before I go on and tell you my story well not just mine, but back to my point your going to be more confused after you hear it, or read it. I need to tell you the history of everything. Every angel and demon has the same father even though some of us have angels or demons as parents. We call our father “Big Dad” because he is our original and only father. In the beginning Big Dad was the only being here in a small ball of light. He first created darkness around this light, he then made galaxy’s, planets, and stars.

He made the universe. After he was done he knew he was alone so he made his perfect children; Archangels. The rest of his children weren’t as magnificent as the Archangels. In the human world Archangels are the most recognized and represented because they are more powerful and older than all of Big Dad’s children. Lucifer is the oldest of all the Archangels.

He was the most radiant of all all them. He had a voice of rich velvet with which he sang to his audiences spreading Big Dads love. Big Dad is barely around to see what kind of effect his love has made. Lucifer got really upset that Big Dad wasn’t around often and started to feel unloved. Lucifer gathered his followers that felt the same way he did, and led a secret rebellion against Big Dad.

Big Dad of course seeing all saw this before any other person could catch on. He let it go on through until The Great War. He allowed one of Lucifer’s generals named Torment to make a deal with him to help Big Dad win the war. After the war was over Big Dad banished Lucifer and his followers to Earth. They fell for seven days.

Big Dad had made the first humans Adam and Eve. He told them they could eat from any tree in the garden except the one in the middle of Eden, or consequences would be put upon them. One day a snake came to Eve and told her she could eat from the tree in the middle of the forest and nothing bad was going to happen to her. She didn’t know the snake was Lucifer in disguise.

She picked a fruit from the tree and coaxed Adam into eating the fruit as well. Big Dad saw this, got mad, and banished Adam and Eve from the garden. He found Lucifer and his followers, and made the worse world he could for them so they wouldn’t feel no love or light, darkness to suffer in.

When Big Dad got to Pallonia he made a council to keep order of the spirits that pass through and to keep the worlds balanced. He made the council consisting of three things no one can out run; Time, Fate, and Death. The Council members control everyone’s beginning and end. They don’t need, have, or want disturbances if they do they have to stop time.

When living in Pallonia we all have to be careful of trying to find its source. The love is warm and powerful for all of us who live here. The source is white and very bright. The warmth keeps us alive, but some are mysterious and keep to the cold and darkness of the outer wall. The magnificence of the love light is great, we all love feeling it.

When the brightness of Big Dad’s love comes down some get to close and become hurt, or go crazy. They are permitted to immediate healing in the Inner Wall where the Archangels are. Some of us are able to be around Big Dad without getting hurt or going crazy are descendants of Archangels and World Guardians.

There are walls to keep authority in check. There are three walls to keep us separated equally: The Outer, The Middle, and The Inner walls. The Outer wall is for the angels that are darkened or about to be darkened; angels that are changing to evil. The Middle wall is for the Earth Helpers; the angels that have jobs associated with humans.

The Inner wall is for the Council and the Archangels. The walls keep the old from the new and the right from the wrong. Up here no one has ordinary human jobs, we do work but its nothing like that. The jobs we have are only for angels of the middle wall do. We have Guardians, Teachers, Love Matchers, Seekers, and Reapers.

There are two types of Guardians: Family/Personal Guardians, and Pathway/World Guardians. Family/Personal Guardians are assigned to a family to protect, or one person to watch over his/her life from birth to death. Pathway/World Guardians help keep the Pathway safe, and protect everyone, and every two hundred years they have to find a map to the Pathway.

It’s January of the two hundredth year. There are six Guardians in all, I am among those six, not because of who my father is. I am the First Guardian, all six Guardians were hand picked by The Council. Teachers are angels that guide humans to a good afterlife. Teachers are supposed to convince humans to make good decisions or at least mostly good decisions. Love Matchers are angels that are to find everyone their soul mate.

Match makers are made in Heaven... literally. Seekers are the councils news crew, more like gossip crew. When angels get in trouble Seekers are there. If a Guardian, or all of them get involved with human relations because of a minor accident involving other angels making the mess, Seekers are there to get every detail of what actually happened and change it around to make it sound worse than it already was.

Reapers find the souls that have yet to move from the Earth to Heaven or The Underworld. All the souls have to go to Purgatory, or what some call Judgement in some religions, for what they did when they were alive. Reapers are my dad’s angels specifically made for him they do not belong to Death who doesn’t need help with killing people.

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