Fallen Elements


Ok, I’m back from my very long and boring introduction, your welcome I hope you liked it because I really tried to make it short and sweet unlike me, not really. Wow! I really shouldn’t be the one who tells you about how me and my team didn’t find the map and my brother in time getting everyone killed along with everything destroyed in the end trying to save the world and the human and angel races from evil, and now the world has come to an evil end.

Not really, I’m just kidding if it happened that way I wouldn’t be here to tell you my story, or be able to write it down. Sorry for the sarcasm it just runs out of me like a water fall, but back to what I was telling you. The world is just fine and now time to see to the mission.

My mission as I said before is protect the humans, and find the map to the path and Pallonia, also find my brother Yoongi. The problem is my dad knows what I have to do but not that I want to find Yoongi so he could help us. That is why I’m at my dad’s house looking for him so I can update him on what I’m doing.

When I finally find him he’s in his study in a dark corner reading a Burnik. A Burnik is a leather bound book from past Guardian missions. The Burnik he is reading now I recognize quite clearly. It’s from two centuries ago, when almost all the Guardians died protecting the human and angel races.

My mother is a descendant of a powerful Manic leader, Stephen Malmon who my dad hated, but now respects. I know my dad knows that falling in love with a demon is frowned upon, but in his defense it was worth it cause I wouldn’t be here if he hadn’t. Sorry if I sound selfish but do you get where I’m going with this? I just stand in the doorway seeing if my dad will look up to see if he has any visitors, but I know he’s not. I wait a few more minutes then break the silence.

“Hey, dad?” I say questionably to him.

When he looks up, he looks troubled. He closes the Burnik he was reading, puts it on the table next to the chair, and gets up walking towards me with questioning sad eyes.

“Kookie what is it, something wrong?” He asks sounding worried.

“Nothings the matter dad. Just, I need to discuss what I’m intending on doing when I leave for the mission along with finding the map.” I say authoritively.

He looks pleased that I am relying on him for knowledge and help.

“Your know my mission already, and that you can help if in need of that help and willing to accept that help. I have made one more mission for myself that will hopefully help Pallonia than bring it down more; finding Yoongi.” When he hears this his face goes red telling me he’s pissed off at what he just heard come out of my mouth just then.

My uncle Gabriel who is the Great Messenger of Big Dad had come in as well as my uncle Raphael the Great Healer. My dad is the Great Warrior if you did not know by now. When my uncle’s saw that my dad was fuming they look at me for an answer. I tell them everything, my uncle’s have always protected me from my father’s anger, but I already know what that anger can do when directed at the right person. My uncle’s go over to my father, and start trying to calm that anger.

“Michael you need to settle yourself of this anger brother for the sake of everyone around you, also because you know father doesn’t approve of this anger from anyone much less from you.” Slowly my father’s anger goes away while listening his brothers reason with him.

“Your son is much like you Michael in many ways, but you need to let her do the mission she has setup for herself without our getting in the way, and being the protective father you are now.” My father takes a second to think, then looks at me and speaks.

“You both are right, I need to let her do her mission, if she needs me I’ll be there for her, like father has been there to help me when I was in need of that help.” Raphael took the opportunity to gasp aloud.

“Gabriel, we almost forgot the reason as to why we are actually here. I hope we’re not to late, and we are we will just have to go find her soul and apologize.”

“We found an injured girl in ally we were going to fly off in.” Gabriel explains while Raphael goes and gets the girl.

A few minutes later Raphael walks in with a small human girl around the age of nine in his arms with her life slowly fading away. Raphael lays her down on the couch my father put in the study after mom had to leave so she didn’t have to put with judgmental angels. Raphael puts his hands on the girls chest, and they start to glow. My father walks up to me, and hugs me with half of his strength cause if he used all of it he might just break me. He looks down at me.

“I approve of your mission that you have setup for yourself to find Yoongi, we do need his help. I love you and him both. you both are my children I can’t stay mad at either one of you for a long period of time that would name a terrible father.”

“I love you too dad, and I hope Yoongi would say the same if he were in my position, and thank you. I need to go meet my team now. I’ll see you later.” I say breaking away from the hugs and kissing him on the cheek, telling him and my uncles bye. I leave the house walking to the Guardian Training Center.

I walk up to the Training Center where I am meeting my team. There are six rooms in the Training Center, designed for each individual of the Guardian team. The first room I come to I know not to knock because there is no use in it because the person won’t hear me If I do.

I walk in, when I get inside I see a guy finishing up his simulation for the day. He has his back to me, wearing a fitting white shirt, and yellow, blue, and white basketball shorts. He turns around sensing someone else is in the room with him.

“Who in Hell are you, and why are you here.” He asks thinking I will act like a little boy and run off crying because he hurt my feelings.

No, he’s not going to get that what he’s going to get is a wake up call from his leader.

“I’m Jeon Jungkook the First Guardian looking at his second in command thinking that his father made a huge mistake in suggesting you to The Council. You are a warrior to my father, and he would not like it if he found out you spoke so rudely and sharply toned to his beloved Kookie. As to my reason on being here that’s my business none to you. When I’m done meeting with everyone, everyone needs to stay in the lobby so I can talk to everyone as one. Now who are you because I just know of you and what you look like?” I say officially getting my point across.

He looks stunned at me. He’s silent for a moment more then speaks.

“I’m Jimin, I was an Olara Warrior for the last two years.”

“Thank you, now I must go.” I say heading back towards the door to let him get back to what he was doing before I stopped by.

I then go the next room, this room is designed for technical warfare, I let myself in. I walk into the room to see my sixth in command with his back to me about to start his simulation. I am far enough away the simulation won’t hurt me.

Thirty minutes later he’s finished with his simulation. He’s dripping with sweat, looking down he turns getting his towel that’s in the chair beside where he stands. He reaches for it, then looks up. His face fills with shock and embarrassment. I look at him for a moment more then speak in a gentle voice.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed about what you do in battle much less a simulation. When you see the rest of the team fight along side you, you’ll be astonished by them, and the of you like I am. Do you know who I am?”

“N-n-no I-I-I d-d-don’t I-I-I’m Ma-Mark Tu-Tuan. I-I-I’m a-a t-t-technology b-b-battlement.” He stutters out.

“I’m Jeon Jungkook, the First Guardian. I’m really glad to have you on my team and I hope everyone else is to. Now, I have to leave to meet the rest of the team.” I say heading towards the door.

“W-w-w-wait p-p-please, y-y-your n-n-next s-s-stop I-I-is m-m-my s-s-stepbrother Ki-kim Seo-seok-Jin. H-h-he’s n-next I-I-in l-l-line t-t-to b-b-be t-t-the C-c-cain o-o-of P-p-pallonia a-a-after h-h-his f-f-father.” He stutters hesitantly rushing his words like he has no right to speak.

“Mark, you don’t need to rush your words its ok, I’m not going to reprimand you for speaking in warning. Thank you for telling me that is there anything else I need to know?”

“I-I-I’m s-s-sorry b-b-but y-y-es t-t-there I-I-is s-s-something e-e-else y-y-you n-n-need t-to kn-kn-know, kn-kn-knock h-h-he w-w-will h-h-hear y-y-you.”

“There’s no need to apologize about stuttering its something that defines you, don’t get to far ahead of yourself when speaking ok? Thank you very much again.” I say leaving.

I knock on the next room I come to.

“Come in.” A voice says on the other side of the door.

I open the door and walk in to find the future Cain sitting in the middle of the floor with books surrounding him. I’ve heard the Prince read quite a lot but I did not imagine it to be this much.

“Are you going to stand there and gawk at me or tell me who you are?” He says pulling me from my thoughts.

“Should you already know who I am since your the future Cain and all? Instead of me being careful on how I speak to you, you should be careful on how sharply your words come out when speaking to me. I’ve always had to know who you are and how to act around you but now I don’t have to use what I learned. I am the First Guardian and what you are doesn’t over rule my rank as a Guardian. I can take your powers as well as any other Guardian member.” I stop letting my words sink in.

“I know who you are Jungkook, I’m sorry I spoke out of annoyance.”

“It’s ok, just remember to keep your emotions in check.”

“I will.”

“Thank you, well I have to go.” I say walking back towards the door and leaving.

I don’t bother knocking I just go in. I find the next Guardian in the middle of her simulation. She can easily see me, and thinks I am part of the simulation. She pin points me, starts to run towards me, dagger in hand. When she gets to me, dagger inches from my heart,

I quickly slide to the left and hold the hand with the dagger then the other hand. I make the hand holding the dagger numb so that she is unable to use it. She rears her head back meaning to head-butt me, I duck. She tries to use her feet, but I have turned use around so that I now have her pinned to the wall meaning her simulation has ended. I let her go, then speaks to her.

“Toni Sentinel, known for your stealth in battle. You are the daughter of an Olara Warrior, was one for a little while, then stopped being an Olara because that wasn’t what you wanted to do. I’m Jeon Jungkook the First Guardian.” I say looking at her, then leaving her with a dumb founded face.

The last room I come up to is designed like an infirmary, I knock. I am answered by the door opening revealing a girl that looks to be starting her simulation but is actually finishing up.

“Hi, I’m Jeon Lexuna most call me Lexu. I am a healer like my dad archangel Raphael, so that makes me your cousin.”

“Everyone is done here, so we can go meet everyone in the lobby.” We leave the room, walk down the hall to the lobby where everyone else awaits us silently.

When we come into view they look up and wait for what I have to say.

“We are going to speak with my father and uncles; Gabriel and Raphael. Now come on we have somewhere to be.” We walk to my dads in our ranked pairs: Me and Jimin, Lexu and Toni, and Jin and Mark.

When we get to the house tension has spread from Jimin to everyone else except me. We walk in the house, I am the leader of my team not my fathers little girl. We make our way to the living room where my father and uncles are waiting for us.

“I see you’ve met your cousin. We are sorry you’ve never met until now, but it was for your own good for the both of you.” My uncle Raphael says to both me and Lexu.

“You all know the rules on finding the map so I am not going to repeat them to you.” My father says sternly.

While I think of the rules:
Rule 1: Guardians, no killing humans with the exception of the First Guardian killing one; Manic’s are demons they do what they want.
Rule 2: The Keeper can help but cannot choose sides
Rule 3: The Keeper can give advice and clues nothing else.

We all leave the room, everyone else leaves the house to pack what ever they need to go to Earth and get some needed rest, I do the same.

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