Fallen Elements

Leaving To Get Started

The next morning everyone gathers at my fathers house before we leave so we know everyone is here. I am in my room to get one last thing before we leave for the mission. I’m looking at my room one last time until coming back home. Someone is leaning in the doorway of my room with the look he wants something. His horn rod is rude to show itself. He’s about to say something before Jin walks up behind him.

“Hey everyone’s ready to leave, you get what you were looking for?” He asks eyeing the box I hold in my hand.

“Yeah, I was about to come down when Jimin showed up in the doorway.” I say looking at Jimin with an angry glare.

“Jimin, do you mind getting out of the way, or stay here and make us delay our mission because you wouldn’t let our leader out of his room because you want to jump his bones?” Jin says slyly to Jimin, He moves out of the way Jin walks with me down stairs.

“What in Hell took you so long?” Toni asks getting in my face, Jin shakes his head at her to stop.

“If you don’t get out of my face right now your going to regret it. I can take as long as I please as long as it doesn’t take anytime away from the mission like for instance this conversation.” I say with heat in my voice.

Lexu walks up to me without saying a word, then hugs me. I am shocked by this for only a second then hug her back.

“Thank you.” I whisper to her.

We then get joined by Jin, Mark, and surprisingly by Jimin.

When I was calm I spoke once more.

“If you speak to me the way you did you are for sure getting your mark taken away. (A mark is a hand shaped symbol on the tops of an angels wings.) If I am understood we are leaving.” I say walking out of the house not waiting to see if the others will follow.

They walk out the door after me in order of their rank: Jimin, Lexu, Toni, Jin, and Mark. To get to Earth we have to go through the Pathway which the souls have to come through to choose where there soul yearns for. When we get on the Pathway I see something that was not there before and it belongs to Mark. The thing makes the souls on the Pathway realize that we need to get through so we can get where we need to be. When we are on the Pathway we start to descend to the city of Ronas.

We fly toward the wooded grove at the edge of the city. The grove has a door to the human world angels pass through to do there jobs. Every angel has to go to a Kripler shop once they get on Earth to get what ever they need for what ever mission they are on. We head to Alabama where the Keeper is currently this century.

They say the Keeper whether it being a he or she is where the map is. When we get to Alabama we head to a small city in Dirt County, for there to be little here there are a lot of Kripler shops. We walk in one that looks mostly popular. We find Shame Chain, Sipper (angel and demon equivalent to juice or alcohol) to Alru (angel and demon birth control or if want here’s a more simpler version it’s a condom).

This specific Kripler shop was in the Burst. The Burst is an angel gossip magazine. This Kripler shop is called Starz. Kripler shops sell just about anything for your needs. There are demons the same rank as Guardians called Manics. We have been in the shop for ten minutes when a Kripler comes from the back. He looks like he works out a good bit. He wears black from the beanie on his head to his shoes.

“Hi, I’m Zee (Yugyeom) the owner of Starz. I am allowed to help you when you need it, and your the Guardians.” We get what we need for the week, and head to the house that my father has picked out and paid for, when we get there we see the house is huge.

We walk inside, it has six bed rooms fixed specifically for each of us and seven baths, a kitchen, dining, and living room. We also have a pool. Three bedrooms are upstairs and three bedrooms downstairs with the kitchen, living, and dinning room. Everyone looked at all the rooms and picked the one that expressed them.

My room is black, grey, and red. My father knows my colors very well. If you see me some where I’m usually wearing black leather jackets, black or grey skinny jeans, black, grey, red, blue, and white, and black or tan timberlands.

My hair is dark brown and falls perfectly just above my eyes. I have chocolate brown eyes. I stand in the middle of my room and look around, there is a California queen size bed in the middle of the room that match the black dressers.

The bedding matches the curtain. There is a stocked walk in closet. I walk in the bathroom into the adjoining bathroom, its the same size as the bedroom except the colors are some what different; grey, white, and red.

Lexu, Jin, and my bedroom is upstairs while everyone else’s is down stairs. Everyones room is the same in size along with the placement of everything while the only thing that isn’t the same is the colors: Lexu’s: red, blue, and white, Mark’s: grey, red, and green, Jin’s: black, white, and pink, Jimin’s: yellow, blue, and white, and Toni’s: purple, teal, and grey.

I go down stairs to the living room, it has two sofas, a love seat, and two recliners. There is a 30 “inch” flatscreen TV mounted on the wall above the fireplace with surround sound, the team walks in.

Jimin is somewhat intimidating with his muscled form, but small hands, and short height. He holds soft features for a person who this morning wanted to put someone in a pleasure induced coma. He has short light brown hair he spikes up and never gets out of place. He wears jeans, a white and yellow long sleeved t-shirt and blue hightop converse with yellow shoe laces.

Lexu is artsy with florals, she wears a soft flowing blue floral knee length dress, with cream flats. She lets her wavy jet black hair fall down to her waist, her bangs swoop to the left revealing one single red and blue infusion lowlight.

Toni wears a teal and purple leather body hugging jumpsuit, which she compliments with a grey leather vest, and grey leather stilettos. Her hair is a brown mass of curls that reaches past her shoulders, with teal and purple lowlights.

Jin is lean muscular build with wide shoulders much different to his stepbrother Mark with lesser wide shoulders. Mark has sun kissed blonde hair he hides under a grey beanie unlike Jin who has short brown hair that sway just above his eyes. Jin wears dark skinny jeans, a loose pink button up, with grey converse. Mark wears a designer military style jacket with a red pullover hoodie and cargo pants, plus black combat boots. When everyone is downstairs we set off to find where the Keeper is staying.

“Mark did you look up where the Keeper is staying?” I ask knowing good and well he did before I asked him.

“Y-y-yeah, s-s-she l-l-lives in-in-in t-t-the b-b-back of-of-of a ba-ba-bakery in Ash-ash-Ashen.” He said pulling out his phone to show us a map to the location.

We leave immediately after, when we get there we visibly see the Manics coming out of the bakery. In the whole Manic team there are two girls and the rest are guys. Scorch (Youngjae) is the leader of the Manics, he has black hair, wears a black t-shirt, grey sweater, black leather jacket, and dark skinny jeans. Demolition (Jackson) has brown hair, wears a red shirt, black leather vest, dark skinny jeans, and a red beanie. Torture (Bambam) has blonde hair, wears black t-shirt, black skinny jeans. Vengeance (Namjoon) has red hair, is slightly taller than the rest of the Manics, and wears a gray t-shirt, and dark blue jeans. Raze has long straight, black hair, wears a purple tank top, black leather skinny jeans, and a black leather jacket. Mar is Tortures twin sister, she has the same blonde hair, wears a red and black corset tank with a black mini tutu skirt.

They pass us and we challenge our equal strength. We walk in the bakery, and as usual I can hear everyones thoughts, and one more knowing its no one of my team. I finally figure its the Keeper, she sounds like a little girl for a very old person, I think to myself.

“Thats because I am a little girl Jimin and yes, I can read minds sorry I can’t control it.” She says looking at Jimin pointedly.

That is a fat face lie. I have the same exact power as you and I can damn well control it like my other powers.

“Come, follow me, and we will discuss what you need to know.” She says heading to the back of the bakery.

When we get to the back room she led us to, she goes in first with us following at her heels. The room is a big open space with some chairs surrounding a table. Someone must have asked a question in their head because she turns to us.

“Your wondering why you have to visit me? Because I and the Manics Know something you don’t. We know what the clue is.” I then understand that no one asked why we are visiting her because we know exactly why were here, she’s stalling.

“Why are you stalling? Just tell us the clue.” I call her out, and demand.

“The clue has been a person before but it’s rare. This time it is a person, the clue’s name is Kim Taehyung. That is all I can give you for now, you may go.” Everyone gets up and then a question pops up.

“Is the person a human, angel, Cross, Toble, or demon?”

“The clue is a human.” She says simply.

I can tell she’s not telling the truth so I’m not going to question her on it.

“Thank you, were leaving now.” I say leaving with my team in tow.

When the Keeper thinks we are far enough away she speaks but I can still hear here thoughts.

(I am sending them on a wild goose chase as I am the Manics. The clue is also the map. Neither one is going to figure it out until it’s to late.)

I don’t tell the team what I heard, because they don’t even know I have this certain power, not many people do. I don’t want to worry the team anymore than they already are. We head back to the house to start searching for Kim Taehyung.

Before I am able to go inside I stop Jin, Mark, and Lexu to give them permission to leave anytime they want for anything having to do with finding Taehyung, but before they are able to leave everyone has to meet in the living room, once I’m in the room everyone starts pounding questions on me and I can’t understand who’s asking what.

“Hey, everyone slow down I can’t understand anyone of you while your all talking at once.” I say in an authoritative tone.

Everyone quiet’s down, Toni then uses her powers to move a coaster from the table to make it hit Lexu in the head.

“What in Hell did you do that for? I did nothing, said nothing to you. Everyone you meet you treat them like crap for no apparent reason.”

“I know I do, and you did say something about me, it shows on your face.” Lexu’s face burns red.

“I did NO such thing. I said absolutely NOTHING about you in or out of my mind.” Lexu shoots back at Toni.

Lexu moves to leave, but Toni gets right in front of Lexu’s way.

“Where are you going? You can’t leave Jungkook hasn’t dismissed us yet.” Lexu looks at me, we both know I gave her, Jin, and Mark permission to leave before we came inside the house.

Lexu turns to leave again, but Toni grabs her by her wings Lexu screams out in pain, and tries to get away from Toni, but is unable to get the upper hand. I motion for Jin and Mark to help Lexu, then for Jimin to grab Toni from behind loosening her hold on Lexu’s wings. Once we get Toni’s hold off of Lexu, I motion for Jin and Mark to take her to sit on the couch. I step in front of Toni to address her.

“Toni, I will without a doubt take away your mark and kick you off this team and replace you. I gave Lexu, Jin, and Mark permission to leave before me and those three stepped inside this house for the second time today, you and Jimin both don’t get that privilege because you both have the same assignment. We all have to be in pairs so we can protect each other: Toni and Jimin, Mark and Jin, and Lexu and me. If anyone hurts there team members I will take away your mark. You are not demons you are angels so act like one. If you don’t I will take your mark, kick you off the team, and replace you with someone who can. Go do something I’m to pissed to give orders right now.” I say leaving them where they are, and head upstairs to the roof.

The roof is my favorite place, its good if you want a place to be by yourself. I lay on the floor of the roof, and listen to my surroundings. A little while later in the quiet of the night I hear Jimin ask where I’m at. Mark answer’s with an I don’t know. A little while later I hear two sets of feet coming towards where I lay on the roof. When they get closer I sit up to see who has come. I find Jin and Mark looking down at me.

“W-w-why di-di-did y-y-you co-co-come up he-he-here?” Mark asks

“Jungkook, we were all wondering where you went.” Jin replies as he and Mark sit down next to me.

“Well I’ve been up here the whole time thinking about what I should do. I need to get Toni to play nice to everyone, or I need to replace her with someone who can. I can’t think straight with so many things running through my head all at once. It’s breaking me and I can’t fix it.” When I get done talking Jin and Mark wrap their arms around me in a hug, I hug them back.

We stay like that for a few minutes not saying a word finally we pull away once they think I’m all fixed.

“Thanks guys I needed that and theres no doubt you didn’t know that.” I say while getting up, they just chuckle while getting up.

The three of us make our way back into the house, we go to our bedrooms to get some needed rest for a long day ahead of us.

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