Fallen Elements

Search And Found

Everyone wakes up the next morning, and gets ready for the day ahead. Toni and jimin go to the library to look for history on Taehyung’s family. Mark and Lexu get on the computer to search for Taehyung on any social media they can find. Jin goes through past Burnik’s to get something from that. I take out my phone and contact the person my dad told me to contact once I get on the roof, the person answers on the second ring.

“Hello?” They ask.

“Hi, I want to know if you by any chance... know Yoongi?” I ask nervously.

“Yes, who is this? I don’t give just anyone someone else’s personal info.”

“You in general should know me right off the bat who I am from the way I talk. I shouldn’t have asked you if you knew him of course I know you know him, I should have asked where is my brother Hoseok, and if you still don’t know who I am hears a clue that should ring a bell. Jungkook.”

“Oh, Jungkook I remember now I almost didn’t recognize you.”

“Uh huh, Hoseok where’s my brother you jackass?”

“Hey, there’s no need in calling name’s. He’s here with me Kook want to talk to him?”

“No, I just need your address jackass.” I say laughing.

“Do you know what I am Kook?” Hoseok asks seriously.

“Yeah, I do. You’re a Chip a person who’s sold by Hunters, Kriplers, and demons to do their dirty work, but your sneaky and help angels for a special price, but you’re not going to make me pay that price cause you know what I can do if you make me cause it burns all the way through the phone. Also your dating my brother.”

“Jungkook, you can’t bluff me.”

“Who said I was bluffing cause I sure didn’t. I was making a promise is all.” I say sharply.

“Ok.” He squeaks through the phone, then gives me his address.

A little while later Mark calls and tells me he found Taehyung. I walk back inside and down to the living room where everyone is gathered. I look around to find everyone looking at me waiting for what I’m about to say. I nod to Mark so he can tell everyone.

“I-I-I fou-fou-found Taehyung, I-I-I’ll te-te-tell Jimin and To-to-toni where his pa-pa-parents work so-so-so they c-c-can go and wa-wa-watch over them. I ha-ha-have enrolled ev-ev-everyone in his sc-sc-school already. Jungkook, Le-le-lexu and I-I-I are seniors, and To-to-toni, Jimin, and Ji-Jin-jin are ju-ju-juniors along with T-t-tae-Taehyung. So-so-some of us have some classes along with Taehyung, so we can keep an eye on him. Tomorrow Jungkook and Jin do you mind if you go to before any of the rest of us so you both can get to know him better? He and his parents are from Daegu, and just moved here and everything. He’s going to the high school here St. Central High Academy. His dad works as an academic advisor at the school. His mom works at the hospital in Ashen. They live on Center Point Dr. in Barefall.” When Mark is done I then address everyone.

“Mark go ahead and tell Jimin and Toni where Taehyung’s parents are. Its fine with me on going to the school tomorrow. Mark after you get done with telling Jimin and Toni you and Lexu go watch over Taehyung while me and Jin go see what we can get from the Keeper.” When I dismiss everyone, they take off to do what I had assigned them to do.

Jin and I fly to the small bakery where the Keeper is staying.

When we get there we land behind it, and make sure no one saw us, and no cameras are up, because that would be difficult to explain to someone with prying eyes. When we see that its clear to come out we go into the bakery. there is a little old lady that works in the front of the bakery, we ask her if the Keeper is in. She leads us to the same room the Keeper had lead us to the first time we visited. The Keeper is sitting in one of the chairs that are still there. We stand there a few minutes then she speaks.

“Jin stop rambling in your head. Jungkook somehow I can’t hear you, do you know why?”

“No, I don’t.” I say smugly knowing full well that I do know why she can’t hear me in choice of reasons.

The whole time she was talking Jin was asking why she has the power of telepathy and if she knew it was annoying.

“I have this ability, because I asked the council to give it to as well as the power to tell the future.” She says directing her answer towards him.

“Why don’t you tell us the next clue on finding the map.” I say to clear the silence that was made.

I have a feeling that she’s going to say Taehyung’s father, but I don’t dare think it.

“I’m serious, why can’t I read you?”

“I really don’t know.” I smart off at her.

“Well the next clue is Taehyung’s father, but you new that didn’t you Jungkook?”

’Nope, I had a feeling you’d say that though since Taehyung was the clue, but either parent could have been the next clue, so I didn’t know which.” She looks at me irritated, she keeps trying to brake through my block I have put up, but she is unable to.

I know she has more to say but she won’t say it in or out of her head. I motion for Jin that we are going, we get up, walk out of the bakery, and fly to the house. When we get to the house we find Toni in the living room and Jimin in the kitchen. I walk upstairs to my room, and fall asleep.

The next morning Jin and I get ready to go to school while Toni and Jimin go and watch over Taehyung’s mom. Lexu and Mark has already left to question his dad. I walk down to the living room to find a waiting Jin sitting on one of love-seats.

“Are you ready?” Jin asks getting up from the loveseat and adjusting his shirt.

“Yeah, sorry if I took long.” I say apologetically.

“You didn’t take long, I’m usually up early.” He says looking at his feet.

We turn off everything then go to the school bus stop since Jimin and Mark took both of the cars with them. When we get there, there are already two people waiting as well. The first person is a girl that’s a bit short and stout, with long dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a very cooled hyper-activeness to her. She says her name is Rosie Winters. The other person is who we need to get on his good side. He’s not what I imagined him to look like.

Taehyung is tall, lean muscular built, blood red hair, and brown eyes. He wears dark wash ripped skinny jeans, a royal blue sweater, and a leather jacket. Jin and I introduce ourselves, and become fast friends with both. The bus picks us up, and we sit in a group. The bus ride wasn’t loud, but it wasn’t quiet it was neutral as it would be in the morning. All four of us get to know each other to understand each other better. When the bus drops everyone off at the school, and we’ve gone through four classes I stop Jin in the hall.

“Mark and Lexu got everything we needed. They are coming to the school, and I’m leaving. Protect Taehyung don’t let him out of your sight.”

“Ok, I will, I mean we will.” He says as soon as Lexu and Mark walk up.

Everyone heads to their fifth period class as I leave to go see Taehyung’s dad. Thirty minutes of flying I get a phone call from Jin saying that Taehyung has been attacked. I get to the school to find Raze trying to carry Taehyung’s unconscious body down an alley. Mark and Lexu try to get Taehyung away from her. Raze tries to fend us off and fly away. I watch a few more minutes, then I yell at Jin to move.

He gets out of the way, Raze drops Taehyung. Lexu, Mark, and Jin quickly get Taehyung out of there. Raze takes that as an opportunity to strike at me which is a bad idea. Since everyone else is out of the alley I can move the shadows, I automatically turn them into acid, and hit them on Raze. She screams in pain from being burned and melted alive by the acid.

When I revert the acid back to its shadow state nothing of Raze is left to be seen. Cruel power for an angel to have yes, but remember I’m half demon. Lexu and Mark has already taken Taehyung to the house in the car Mark drove. Jin comes, and picks me up in the car. As were riding to the house I text Toni and told her and Jimin to come back to the house so Toni can scan Taehyung to see if he’s ok.

When we first got to the house we go straight to the basement to see if Taehyung is still alive. A little bit later Toni comes in, she scans him and tells us that he’ll be ok, and will live. They take him to Mark’s room to sleep until he wakes up.

An hour later Mark goes to check on Taehyung, he comes back, and tells us he’s awake and wants something to eat. Jin’s a great cook so he made him a ham, steak, and cheese sandwich and some other things. Mark takes it to him on a tray. Mark comes back a little while later and tells us he let Taehyung borrow some of his clothes to wear. When Taehyung comes out he sees Jin, Mark, Lexu, and I

“You all know each other?” He asks quietly.

“Yeah, we do. Are you ok?” I ask him.

“Yeah, what happened, what are you all, who, what attacked me?” He asks trying not to look and sound scared adding.

“Why, what did I do?”

“You did nothing. We’ll tell you everything you just need to keep a clear head ok?” Taehyung nods his head in agreement.

I motion to Jin to get Taehyung a glass of water, when He gets back with Taehyung’s water, and hands it to him we start our explanation.

“In the Beginning Big Dad created everything and humanity, everything was perfect, until Lucifer, and some of his followers like him started to doubt Big Dad’s love and started to rebel against him. Lucifer doubted his love until he started the Great War in Pallonia or “Heaven.” Lucifer lost the war and was banished along with his followers to Earth until Big Dad could make a world to hold all of worlds evil and darkness. When Big Dad made Pallonia, he made a Pathway so souls can choose. Lucifer wanted control over the Pathway, but wasn’t told where it was. Big Dad had made a map to the Pathway, he made a Council to control the Pathway, and keep order of Pallonia and the Underworld or “Hell.” The Council got Big Dad and Lucifer to agree on having six Guardians and six Manics to keep balance on the Pathway, then every two hundred years the Guardians and Manics search for the map, and the Guardians have always found the map. There was one Guardian that broke a rule on the Pathway. Guardians and Manics aren’t supposed to influence the decisions of the souls on their paths, but this certain Guardian did. He was the Original First Guardian, his name is Anthony. He fell in love with the soul and helped her pick her path. Both the soul and Anthony were put on the Earth. Anthony nicknamed the soul space because she couldn’t pick all she did was stay in the space between Pallonia and the Underworld. They say both the soul and Anthony lost their memory, but no one really knows if its true or not, because no one can find them. The six you see in front of you, we are the Guardians. I am the First Guardian, then Jimin, Lexu, Toni, Jin, and lastly Mark. The person who attacked you was a Manic named Raze, who is now dead because of me. So now there are five remaining Manics now. There are other angels and demons. The Guardians are more powerful, but only if they are us type Guardians. There are Family/Personal Guardians who are weaker than us. There is only one type Manic so they have nothing to compare them to in power except for us. The leader of the Manics is Scorch, then Demolition, Torture, Vengeance, and now lastly Mar. Raze was the last one but now she’s dead. Both the Guardians and Manics have to visit the most trusted person among the Council to get our clues from and this person is called the Keeper either if its a guy or a girl. This time it’s a she, but she’s still as annoying as she ever was most say. We got our clue from her, and the clue was you.” When we get done Taehyung looks like he’s about to faint, then speaks, we all know he’s freaking out.

“Me? Why me? I’m nothing important at the least not at the moment.”

“We don’t know why the clue was you, but we think it has something to do with your dad,”

“My dad? What’s he got to do with any of this concerning this map thing?”

“Because we think he might be able to help us.”

“Why, wait don’t tell me anymore. I don’t, I can’t stay here any longer.” He says as he gets up from where he’s sitting, and runs out the door.

I stand up quickly, tell everyone to stay put, and I go after Taehyung. I find him halfway down the block sitting beside a car. I run over to him, and sit next to him.

“Hey, please calm down. Everything is going to be ok.” I say putting a hand on his shoulder, he flinches like I’m hurting him.

I turn to where I’m facing him, and take him in my arms and hug him. We stay like that for a couple of minutes until his heart slows down, then we slowly pull away only to make our faces closer to each other. He looks in my eyes, then down at my lips, and back to my eyes asking a silent question, I nod my head. He leans forward about to press his lips on mine, then...

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