Fallen Elements

Just A Dream (Oh! New Students)

Waking up to an annoyingly loud alarm clock blaring in my ears is suffering. I get out of bed to get ready for school. I go to my closet, and get out a blue oversized shirt, black skinny jeans, and my black leather jacket. I go over to my shoe rack and get my black timberlands. I go to the bathroom and go through my morning routine.

When I get done I get my school stuff together and in the living room, I then go to the kitchen where my mom is cooking breakfast, when she gets done. My mom, dad, and I eat together. We get done my dad kisses my mom, then leaves for work.

Usually during breakfast I tell my parents what I dreamed the night before, but today I didn’t do that for the first time. Today is the first day back from Christmas break. I get up and set my dishes in the sink, head to the living room, and get my things. I kiss my mom on the cheek.

“Bye mom, I’m heading to the bus stop, see you when I get home from school.”

“Alright Jungkook be safe love you.” She says as I head out to the bus stop.

I see my best friend Rosie Winters talking with six other people that are all to familiar.

“Oh, hey, this is my best friend Jeon Jungkook or you can call him Kook or Kookie.” Rosie cuts off one them before running over to me, then dragging me back to where the others are standing.

When the bus gets here we all get on. Me and Rosie sit with each other, the others sit close to us. Usually students don’t usually sit near anyone they don’t know, but since we were the first ones they met they sat near us.

When we get to the school we go to our lockers to get what ever we need for the class and the class ahead. One of each of the new students has a class with me. We go to lunch, after I eat I head to the library. On my way to the library I pass the chemistry lab so I can stop by my locker, the lab has giant glass windows with no blinds.

Two of the new students are in there. I don’t know any of their names because I haven’t paid attention to role until it gets to my name. The two that are in the lab, one is in my fourth period class. I’m not one to snoop so I walk on to my locker. I get what I need then make my way to the library. I stay there until the end of when the fifth period bell rings. I go to my last two classes of the day.

The last bell rings for us to go home and I head to the buses to head home. A minute later Rosie gets on the bus and sits next to me. I take out my phone and put in my ear bud and turn up my music listening to Agust D A.K.A. Min Yoongi. When I get to my stop I get off and walk the rest of the way home. I walk in and go up to my room, close the door, and do my homework.

When I’m done I take a shower, then go to bed without eating. My parents come to check on me, but don’t bother waking me. I know they saved me something so I fall back to sleep. When my alarm clock wakes me up once again I do my morning routine over again to get ready for school, after I tell my parents bye I head to the bus stop to find Rosie, and no new students. The bus arrives, we get on, and sit with each other as usual. We get to school, and go to our first class. In the announcements they say something about a Welcoming Assembly.

They start to call out the grades to go to the Senior high gym. When everyone is in the gym the principle tries to get everyone to quieten them down. I get up and walk down from my spot towards the principle and ask him if I can see if I can get them to quieten down and he agrees to let me.

“Hey! Everyone sit down, shut up and listen up. Pay attention to what these people say to you I don’t care I you listen to me or not I’m not a teacher yeah but they are. Raise your hand if your a football player. What would colleges do when they saw this out of you all. wouldn’t they say, “We can’t have this disrespect from our future players so were not going to sign them.” I suggest you listen to what I’m telling you if you want to play somewhere you want to go. Disrespect makes all of us look weak, if football players are disrespectful that makes the whole school look bad. Do all of you want that? I hope not that would give competition an advantage now wouldn’t it? Sit there, be quiet, and be respectful.” I say handing the mic back to the principle, making my way back to my seat.

Once I’m back in my seat the principle starts.

“Thank you Jungkook, Hello everyone, welcome back from you Christmas break I hope you all had a wonderful time. I’d like to announce that we have six new students with us this semester, three are juniors and the other three are seniors. The juniors: Kim Seokjin, Park Jimin, and Toni Sentinel. The seniors: Mark Tuan, Kim Lexuna, and Kim Taehyung.” They were the people from my dream, this is all sorts of weird.

After the assembly we go through all of our morning class then lunch. I get my lunch, and sit with Rosie.

“OMG, the new students are our new friends can you believe that?! OH MY GOSH Taehyung is sooo adorable well all the guys are to be honest....” Rosie went on and on.

I start to get jealous. I got up, threw my tray away and headed towards the library.

I’ve been reading in the library for what seems forever until someone walks in. I walk in to see who has joined me to find one of the new students who I presume is Jin?

“Oh, I thought the library was empty. I don’t want to bother you I’ll leave.” He says with a Korean accent, and turning back towards the door.

I get up, walk to him, and put a hand on his shoulder stopping him.

“No, you can stay, your not bothering me, I was just reading. I’m Jungkook, but you already new that from Rosie.” He cuts me off.

Jin and I talk until we knew we had nothing else to talk about. What he doesn’t know is that I know that he and the other five are angels and Guardians at that. I keep that to myself until that detail is needed. Jin told me him and Mark are stepbrothers but of course I knew that as well but I bit my tongue to make the comment. I also knew Taehyung and Lexu were cousins.

A little bit later Mark walks in and goes over to a computer, takes out his phone. Mark is a technological type person, he hacks into the schools computer system through his phone doing no telling what to it, when he’s done the three of us talk until the bell rings for our sixth period class. Jin is in that same class so he walks with me. My last class Jimin is in it, he’s nice, but he’s a player.

The bell rings for us to go home. Jin, Mark, and Jimin ride the same bus I do. The bus gets to my stop, I get off, and make my way towards my house, until I get the feeling I’m being followed. I stop and look around to find no one, I start walking again, I still feel like I’m being followed so I stop again and look around to find no one following. In that minute I find myself being catapulted fifteen feet in the air, landing on my back, I yell in pain.

A second later I see six people standing above me, I then feel my ankle have a mind of its own making it break. I know who and what the people standing above me are. They are Scorch (Youngjae), Demolition (Jackson), Torture (Bambam), Vengeance (Namjoon), Raze, and Mar, the Manics.

All I can think is (the Manics have come to kill me with no one to be around to save me.)

Before thinking (Big Dad decides to make a sick joke, the Guardians come to my rescue before the pain clouded my thinking.)

While thinking this Big Dad decides to make a sick joke, the Guardians come to my rescue before the pain clouded my thinking. When the Manics are gone, I grow unconscious but not before I feel arms picking me up, seeing a pair of brown of brown eyes and and red hair telling me it was going to be alright. I black out.

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