Fallen Elements

What happened?... The Dream

I wake up to my mom and dad talking to someone. I try to open my eyes, but the its in the room are to bright, I groan in pain. I have an excruciating headache. When I am able to open my eyes completely my mom looks at me as well as my dad with concerned filled eyes, I hadn’t realized that the doctor had left until he came back in.

“Hey your awake, and I have your results.” He says looking at my parents and I, I nod.

“Ok, well you have a broken ankle, and a badly bruised back, and a little concussion. You are to stay out of school until you are well enough you can get up without falling. You are to be woken up every two hours while you sleep because of the concussion.” My parents and I nod, the doctor then leaves.

Then my parents go outside. Six people walk in a couple minutes later, I know all of them. Taehyung looks at Toni.

“Scan him.” He says with a concern stiff voice.

“Ok.” She says sounding irritated by the minute.

She moves her eyes up and down my body, then turns back to Taehyung.

“The doctor was right, a broken ankle, concussion, and a very badly bruised back, but he didn’t tell you have to wear a back brace because of it, he only told you to rest and to be woken up every two hours due to the concussion.” She says, Taehyung nods.

I haven’t been able to speak to him, I can tell he’s trying to keep his distance from me. Taehyung offers to take me home in the morning since the doctor wants me to stay over night so they can make sure I’m good on going home, but I tell him my parents are taking me home in the morning. The nurse comes in.

“Visiting hours are over.” My parents come in one last time to see me.

My mom and dad kiss me on the cheek and hugs me lightly. Before they leave the room Taehyung takes them aside.

“If you don’t mind I can pick her up in the morning if you’d like, I wouldn’t want to bother you with driving all the way up here since you both have to work tomorrow. My parents won’t mind me taking him home in the morning, they barely ever notice when I’m home.” He says in a low tone.

“Yes, your right, we both have work tomorrow, and it would be a hassle to find someone to fill in that spot while going and getting him home.” My mom says I look at her in disbelief.

“Mom, that hurt, but he can take me home in the morning if I’m that big a hassle to put up with, plus I wouldn’t want you to make up for that.” I say looking at my parents, they nod in agreement.

Everyone leaves so I can rest. The nurses woke me up every two hours as the doctor requested, I wake up the next morning, put on the clothes my parents had brought for me last night. A nurse walks in with a breakfast tray a little while later. I eat what I want then cover the tray back up. A different nurse comes in with a wheelchair saying someone is here to pick me up, she helps me into the wheelchair, then rolls me out into the hallway.

We make our way to the lobby to find Taehyung waiting there. When I got up it was 6:00a.m. now its 8:30a.m. Taehyung walks up to me and takes the place where the nurse once stood. I’m not complaining, I get to sit while being pushed around, because I can’t use crutches because of my back. A few minutes into the walk to the car Taehyung’s voice drifts down to me.

“The doctor gave me your pain medication along with your back brace. They’re already in the car. He said you need to take you meds when we get to your house.” We get to the car, he helps me out of the wheelchair and into the car.

He folds up the wheelchair and puts it into the backseat. He comes around, gets in, and cranks it. For most of the car ride its a unusually comfortable silence.

“Do you want to listen to music if we aren’t going to talk I have Sirius XM Octane?” He asks nervously.

“Yeah, sure its my favorite radio station when I feel like listening to them.”

“Me too!” He says enthusiastically.

We talk for the rest of the ride to my house. We pull up into the driveway, and it starts to snow. As I watch it fall I start to space out, I don’t realize Taehyung has turned off the engine, and has gotten out, and has opened my door. It rarely ever snows here, and rarely ever does it stick. It had been snowing the whole week so there is already three inches on the ground now.

Taehyung sees I’m still zoned out, he makes a good sized snowball and throws it at my face. I come back to my senses, and glare at him. He starts to laugh, while I rake the snow off of my face. I want to get him back so I jump out of the car on Taehyung making him fall to the ground, I laugh.

I make a snowball and smash it in his face while he’s still laughing, and his eyes closed so he didn’t see it coming. He quits laughing, opens his eyes, and glares at me. I smile sweetly, I feel another snowball hit me. I take a hand full of snow and pour it on his face.

We do this for a while until I get tired and lay my head on his chest while he holds me to him. I slowly lift my head, he’s looking at me asking if I’m ok, I nod. He slowly shifts his eyes to my lips asking a silent question.

He looks into my eyes again, leans forward, and kisses me. When we pull apart, He helps me turn on my back with out putting me in to much pain. He helps me sit up, then picks me up and carries me to the front porch setting me down. He goes back to the car to get my things.

I hand him the house keys so he can unlock and open the door out of the cold. He picks me up once more, takes me inside, sets me on the couch, then goes back out to get my things, coming back setting them on the floor, and closing the door. He goes into the kitchen to get a glass of water, comes back and places the glass on the coffee table along with two pain tablets for me to take.

“Why are you being awkward after the kiss?” I ask him

“Because I had a dream with you in it, and at the end of it a bright white light appeared just as we were about to kiss, and I don’t know what happened.”

“Wait, you had the same dream as me? How is that possible?”

“Apparently so, I need to talk to my dad about this, because I have no clue what to do, or what it means. I should have never kissed you but I don’t regret doing it.”

“But if your dream was the same as mine was I the Guardian leader instead of you? I know everything a good bit at least; and I feel bound to you even though we barely know each other apart from the dream.”

“Yeah in my dream you were the Guardian leader, I have a feeling it might be like if things had worked out differently about something.”

“Yeah, ok.”

“You should go to bed the pain meds will make you drowsy. I’ll be here when you get up, and your parents will be coming in from work anytime soon”

“Ok, I’ll go to bed, and sleep as much as I can, but I can’t sleep all day, cause I need to sleep tonight.” I say in almost a whisper watching him walk towards me then picks me up from the couch, wraps me in his arms gently so I won’t get hurt from his embrace, tucking my head under his chin, then kisses the top of it.

He picks me up, carries me up to my room, sets me on my bed, takes off my shoes, then his. He lays on the bed along side me, and holds me, I then fall asleep. A little while later I wake up to find Taehyung still laying beside me fast asleep. I reach over to the nightstand and grab the TV remote. I turn on the TV. My mom comes in and stares at Taehyung who’s sound asleep. She looks at me quizzically.

“Taehyung like he asked you came and picked me up from the hospital. I was tired from the pain medication, but he was also tired himself so we fell asleep in here.”

“Ok, I was making sure you two didn’t do anything sweetie.”

“Ok.” My mom leaves and a little bit later Taehyung wakes up.

“What are you doing?” He asks in a groggy voice while stretching his arms, then adding.

“Before I fell asleep I texted the team everything so they want you to explain everything soon.”

“Wait, you told your team about our discussion about me knowing what you all are? Would you like to know how I know and don’t say you already know because of the dream. That’s not how I know I new before I even had the dream. My parents told me what happened and who they are. Yeah, I had a weird childhood but every time I new when someone was an angel or demon when I looked at them. Its hard to tell whose a Hunter or a Chip.” I say ending in a frustrated sigh.

“Yeah, I told the team because I had to they’re my team and not to be left out any one details.”

“Yeah, your right. They need to know that I knew what you all are were before they found out by my father plus he’ll help us anyway he can. You look more shocked about this than I am. Did you not read my mind to see what I was thinking or not?”

“No, that’s not one of my powers, it may be one of yours. Mine are wielding soul swords when and where ever I need them, shooting ion arrows, and wielding Holy Fire. It’s different to Hells Fire that demons have. Those are my powers.”

“You sure? You sure you don’t have mind reading, moving the shadows and turning them to acid?”

“Yes, Jungkook I’m sure I don’t have any of those powers.”

“Ok, you really are genuinely shocked, sorry about the accusations.”

“No problem, we need to get to the house before they start to call and I have a feeling Jin is cooking tonight. He hates it when people are late.”

“Alright, help me to the kitchen so I can tell my parents where I’m going to be.” I say as he helps up from the bed, picking me up and carrying me to the kitchen setting me in a chair so he go put my wheelchair in the car.

My mom stands at the stove cooking while my dad takes freshly rinsed carrots out of the sink and puts them on the wood cutting board.

“I’m going over to Taehyung’s house so I can explain to the team how I new what they were before they told me so don’t worry about saving anything for me.”

“Ok sweetie, have fun. I was wondering when you would have to give that speech to them since Mr. First Guardian tells his team everything, plus he’s not just any First Guardian like you sweetie he’s angel half demon a Cross. His father is the Archangel Michael.” My mom says before adding.

“Me, you, and your dad have already talked about this after they arrived here.” I left that conversation out because I didn’t want to bore the people half to death.

“Yes, I know we did mom how could I forget. We should go before his team member who’s cooking gets mad.” I say loud enough Taehyung could hear so he could come and pick me up and carry me to the car after I say goodbye to my parents.

We get to the car but I have an odd feeling of being watched from the shadows. I keep looking back and Taehyung starts to notice.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing... It’s nothing.” I stutter out.

“If it’s nothing then why do you keep looking back every two seconds?”

“I don’t know. I feel like were being watched or followed maybe both?”

“You don’t need to worry if were being followed you’ll know I’d protect you.” When I look back this time I saw something and that something moved, then I hear a low growl.

I gasp aloud and Taehyung tenses and turns around as if he heard it too. He opens my door quickly, sets me inside, closes it back, then goes around to his side and gets in cranking the car. He turns to me.

“Close your eyes if you see it outside of the darkness you will be put in your worse nightmare and wish to be dead, but can’t be put out of your misery forever in eternal horror. Your most wicked nightmare unleashed before your eyes ready to attack you at any given moment. It cannot and will not ever go away until you eventually die.” I do as he says and closes my eyes, feeling the car move.

“Can we listen to something if nothing else. I don’t like sitting in total silence.” He chuckles lightly and turns on the radio and tells me I can now open my eyes.

I looked out the window and saw something in the shadows running along with the car. I then turn my attention back to the radio.

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