Fallen Elements

"Over Night Explain" & A Second Dream

We get to the house, I new the house from the dream, everything from the colors of the house to where everyone sleeps. Taehyung helps me out of the car and into the house to find the team waiting for us in the living room well except for Jin who was in the kitchen cooking dinner. Instead of setting me down on one of the couches Taehyung takes me upstairs to the roof wondering if he new that this is my favorite spot in of the whole house.

“Why are we up here?” I ask a little to loud.

“Shh, I don’t want them to hear us.” He reprimands me.

“No one can hear us up hear unless they followed us.”

“Yes, they can if someone has an eye tracking us.”

“An eye, you mean a person following us?”

“Yes and no, something has their eye on the eye that is following us. The thing is called a Seeker. A creature somewhat close to a wolf but very ugly, it can track and follow what it has been told to track and follow. The description I told you about the creature in the car that we heard? Its a Seeker but that certain breed is called Fenris. There are four types of seeker wolves: Fenris, Callou, Allou, and Tamarie. All four can do the same things, but they each have power of rank. The most powerful seeker is Fenris, then Allou, Callou, and finally Tamarie.”

“Ok, wow..... that’s....... ok wow, that’s very interesting. Wait, why are we up here then instead of telling the team?”

“Because I needed to tell you what I just told you and that the team doesn’t need to know so they won’t worry about the wolves, since the most powerful is tracking us. Someone is paying a high price for a Fenris especially for six Fenris wolves. Fenris wolves aren’t a cheap bargain.”

“Ok, and we need to get back down there before Jin gets mad at us for being late.”

“Yeah, I can hear him now. “Taehyung, Jungkook get your asses down here or I will boil you until your bones are mush and feed you to the Fenris.” He says laughing.

I know its a joke but I look at him shocked.

“He really says that?” I squeak out.

“Yeah sometimes, come on your getting heavy and weighing my arms down, lets get down there before my arms give out so I won’t drop you, and before Jin cuts our heads off.” I know he was joking but I was frightened all the same of what the real outcome was.

We get back down to the living room someone had brought my wheelchair inside from the car so Taehyung sets me in it. Everyone was where we left them until we hear someone come in from the kitchen. We all look up to find Jin there.

“Dinners ready, glad to see everyone is back in time for dinner this time. I turn into a gorilla a tear up the place.” I look up at him in shock, and he sees my unease and gives me a reassuring smile.

“I’m just kidding Kookie, now Taehyung push him to the table so he can eat. Then we can discuss the situation of Jungkook knowing what we are before we even got here.”

“Ok, but why is it so important that I knew before you guys even told me?” Everyone looks around at each other except for Taehyung who just stands behind my wheelchair looking down at me while the others debate on whether or not to answer my question.

Apparently they decided on not answering me, instead make their way to the dinning room table. After we eat I ask Taehyung where the bathroom is and he helps me to his bathroom. After I am done I go into the bedroom to find Taehyung sitting on the bed.

“Did you think I needed so much protection you had to stay in your room while I was in the bathroom, or is it the fact that you think I might steal something.”

“No, and no I have nothing to steal and I would know it was you who stole something if I did, since no one is allowed in my room. Also you have no way of getting back downstairs.”

“Wait since no one is allowed in your room then why am I here?”

“Because you’ve seen the inside of it and you know where the bathroom is. Your familiar with this room as well as me. I waited on you in here instead of out in the hall because they don’t need to know about the dream.”

“I wasn’t going to tell them of the dream if you were to bring it up then I would but other than that no, I wasn’t.”

“Ok, thank you when you get done explaining to those five since I already know, you can come in here to sleep.”

“Thanks, well we should go back down before they get suspicious.”

“Yeah, that would be weird.” He says as he helps me down the stairs to the living room where everyone is getting ready to hear my explanation on how I know what everyone is.

When they’re done everyone looks at me expectantly. Taehyung sits next to me on one of the loveseats and puts his hand on my knee to calm me while everyone else looks at me questionably.

“I know what you all are from my parents specifically my dad, he was the Original First Guardian. He had broken the rules on the Pathway after his mission to find the map. This happened at the same time Taehyung’s dad did a major angel no, no. There have been rumors on who lost their memory, but that’s what they are; rumors. Neither one lost their memory. They both remember everything even past lives. My father loved and still loves my mom, and my mom vice versa. They swore never to loose each other and if they ever had kids they would never leave them in the dark about what was supposed to be. After my dad got punished. Archangel Michael was appointed to assign the First Guardian and his team instead of the Council, but that’s not what happened this time the Council picked you instead of Archangel Michael because some thought he would be prideful of Taehyung and appoint him First Guardian but the Council made Taehyung First Guardian against some peoples wishes and they are eating their words because known to record Taehyung is becoming the most popular First Guardian since my dad. My parents told me everything from Big Dad, the Council, Cross, Toble, Manics, Keplers, etc.. I was also told the names of the Manics, well the demon names. So that is what I know about everything and what are.” When I had gotten done talking it was twelve in the morning.

I was so tired after explaining I had fallen asleep on Taehyung’s lap. He picks me up and takes me to his room. He lays me on his bed and takes off my shoes and socks, he takes off my shirt and pants to put on one of his t-shirts and a pair of his joggers.

When he’s Taehyung tucks me in, he gets in on the other side wrapping his arms around me. I wake up the next morning to the feel of someone’s arms around my waist I realize it’s Taehyung. I had forgotten that I spent the night at his house. I groan, turn towards his chest, and snuggle into him. I’m almost back asleep when Taehyung starts rubbing my back.

“I got to get up Jungkook, so I can go to school so no one will be suspicious on why your not in school.”

“No, let someone else go my warmth is leaving if you leave.” I whine out.

Taehyung chuckles at this.

“I have to go I promised them I would go.”

“Ok, let me go to school, I don’t like missing school as much as I don’t like going to school.”

“Ok, you can come and your staying with one of us the whole day even if your teachers don’t like it.”

“Ok, help me with getting ready since you know I can’t do it myself.”

“Yeah, I know I will.” Taehyung says as he gets up and goesto his closet to get the both of us some clothes.

When he comes back it was the first time I realized he was shirtless. He comes over to me and helps me sit up.

“After school I’m calling my dad to see if we can talk to him about the dreams me and you have had.”

“I well, did you have a dream last night because I did?”

“Yeah, I did it started off where it ended which was the kiss.”

“Yeah, it did.” I then go back to the dream.

When Taehyung and I break away from the kiss the dream skips. Taehyung and I are standing with the team, we all hear someone laughing maniacally, we look to see who it is to find the Keeper standing on a pile of dead bodies. I look straight ahead towards the leader of the Manics, looks enraged as we are because they also hate the Keeper so they worked with us. The Keeper has deceived everyone, and almost killed Taehyung’s family, all of us want her dead. I don’t want to lose anyone that I care about and love. Taehyung almost has, I am going to do anything to keep him and his family safe even if I die in the end. The dream turns to total darkness then I wake up.

I look up at Taehyung.

“Why am I the First Guardian in the dream instead of you?”

“Probably it wants you to see it in my perspective of being on the team or it may be what it would have been if your father had not broken the rules.”

“Yeah, I guess your right.”

“Ok, well we need to get ready for school.”

“Yeah, we need to.”

“I’m going to get a shower, Tell me now if you need to use the bathroom for anything. Then I’ll help you get your clothes on” Taehyung says getting his things and walks toward his bathroom.

“He’s in love with you, you know?” Someone says from behind me.

I turn around to see who it is to find Lexu there.

“I didn’t know that.”

“Yeah, well he does.” She says seeing me blush furiously.

“Toni knows that Taehyung is in love with you, but doesn’t understand how or why because he was in love with you before we got here. Toni really likes Taehyung and I mean she basically stalks him. She’s obsessed with my cousin.”

“Great, something I have to worry about and might I add my best friend Rose likes him as well except I’m with him as well.”

“Oh, that is bad.”

“Yeah, well neither Rose or Toni share the same dream wi...” I cover my mouth realizing almost spilled something.

“What were you fixing to say?”


Thirty minutes pass until Taehyung gets out of the bathroom dressed for school making Lexu leave closing the door behind her. Taehyung comes up to me and helps me get ready. When we are done he helps me go down the stairs and to the living room. Toni and Jimin have already left to watch over my parents while they are at work, then Lexu comes down. Everyone looks at Taehyung ready to hear what he has to say.

“Ok, Lexu and I are going to school so we can keep an eye on Jungkook. Jin, you and Mark send that report to my dad along with the letter I gave you. After you do that stay able to be contacted.” With that everyone nods in agreement to his orders.

Everyone heads out to do what they are assigned.

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