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Game night🔞


Your tired of your boyfriend ignoring you and playing games all day so you decide to do this challenge. he then realized what he was missing out on🔞💦

Romance / Fantasy
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~Game night~Oneshot~

~it was a dark friday night, you had just made dinner for you and kookie, he was upstairs in his gameroom doing the same as always~

Y/N: baby!!!

jungkook: hold on guys, ill be back.

he takes off his headset and comes downstairs.

jungkook: what is it?

you lift up his dinner plate and look at him, raising your eyebrow.

jungkook: can i take it upstairs with me?

you sigh and hand him his plate.

jungkook: thank you

Y/N: mhm

you sigh and he kisses your forehead then runs upstairs, you in the meanwhile plop at the dinner table and eat while scrolling on your instagram. while your doing that you stop because you see an interesting video, somebody posted a video of themselves off of tiktok. they did a challenge where they sit and hug there boyfriend while they are playing video games. you rolled your eyes and kept on scrolling but it crossed your mind again.

you scroll back up and watch it once more. you contemplated on it for a couple minutes and decided to give it a shot even though the thought of him saying "i cant see" or "get off of me" was on your mind but you went for it anyways. you got into some shorts and his black hoodie since you were gonna go to bed soon anyways.

Y/N: hopefully this works

you walk into the room and get close to him you hesitate for a second but then you lift up his arm off of the mouse. you climb one leg over so that now your straddling him in the chair. you wrap your arms around him and place your head in the crook of his neck. you thought after 5 minutes he would've said something...it felt so nice to be in his arms that you didn't want to get up, but you started getting tired so you released from his hug and stood up a little to get off but he snakes one arm around your waist before you could get off.

jungkook: baby where you going?

Y/N: i dont wanna bother you and mess you up so im just gonna go to bed.

jungkook: your not bothering me, come here

you were straddled back on his waist again, facing him.

jungkook: im sorry i havent been a good boyfriend.

you rest your arms on his shoulders while he rests his hands on your waist.

jungkook: im sorry that i dont give you the attention you deserve.

Y/N: its ok.

you look away and he takes his hand to lift up your chin to face him.

jungkook: no its not

he looks into your eyes before kissing you slow but passionately. he wraps his arms around your waist tight pulling you close to him, you grab the back of his neck to kiss him deeper. he then picks you up and takes you to your guys shared bedroom and sets you on the bed without breaking the kiss. he runs his hands under his hoodie rubbing gently on your stomach, he then climbs under your bra and squeezes your boob. you soft moan in his mouth and take his shirt off revealing his toned chest that you missed touching since you two havent done anything like this in a week.

he then slips his hoodie off , giving you butterfly kisses from your neck down to your stomach in a line. you felt heat waves going through your body when he slips your shorts off, revealing your wet panties.

jungkook: already wet honey?

i nod with my teeth gently biting down on my finger.

he chuckles and gives you soft kisses on your clothed womanhood making you moan a little. he then slips them to the side making the cold air hit your warmness. while you two interlock eyes he wraps his hands around your thighs to keep you still and starts to lick on your clit making your eyes roll back.

he smirks and starts to flick his tongue fast as fuck, he has you grabbing a fistful of his hair and moaning loud enjoying the sensation, as he continues to do that he inserts two fingers inside you. you squeeze his hair harder and arch your back feeling your edge coming soon. you grab the pillow that your head was laying on while your mouth is hanging wide open. god what this man can do with his tongue really makes you miss him.

Y/N: jungkook- ahh im gonn-a cu-m!

jungkook: cum for me princess.

chills go through your body when he calls you princess making you release on his tongue, he keeps going a little more because he loves to see you fidget when your at your most sensitive. he climbs back up to you and kisses you, you open your mouth a little to give him access to insert his tongue to play with yours. you undo his strings on his sweatpants and he takes them off then his boxers. he starts stroking his dick then rubs it against your slits getting his head wet.

jungkook: ah-h shit.

Y/N: mm baby pu-t it in please.

jungkook leans down to kiss you then does what his princess says. once he enters you, you lock your legs around him making him almost fall on top of you but he catches himself with his arms for support.

jungkook: eager aren't we?

Y/N: mhm..ahh

jungkook giggles and starts to thrust in deeper at a nice slow pace after you get used to his size.

Y/N: fast-er daddy..

once he hears daddy he immediately thrusts faster making the headboard hit your guy's bedroom wall.

Y/N: fuck jungk-ook

jungkook: you like that baby?

Y/N: mm..god yes!

you start to dig your nails into his back and hold him tight. he goes down and starts nibbling and sucking on your neck. by now you were a loud moaning mess, it felt so sloppy down there which made you closer to your second orgasm.

Y/N: im almost there..ah!

jungkook: me too baby wait for me

after a long hot couple minutes you release onto his dick.


jungkook lets out loud groans and pulls out to stroke himself and to release onto your stomach. he carries you into the bathroom to take a shower with him...he washes your hair and body then his own. after the both of you are done he wraps you in your towel and helps you back into a pair of shorts and one of his baggy shirts. he brushes your hair for you after he slips back into pair of sweats and no shirt.

he cuddles you in your beds big blanket and kisses your forehead.

Y/N: i love u kookie❤️

jungkook: i love u too babygirl❤️

you both fall asleep soundly..

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