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Alpha's Mate


Y/n was just living her best life. She was the Alpha's daughter and in charge of most of the pack. She was destined to be a leader. During a routine border check, there was a surprise attack from a rival pack. She now has to face challenges that put her leading and survival skills to the test. While also... keeping her mate in check.

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Y/n's POV


The high pitched scream pierced my ears. I quickly sprint through the trees and leaves praying that I don't arrive upon a bloodbath. I reach the packhouse and see it up in flames. My eyes go wide as I see the structure of the roof collapse. I see an adult trying to emerge from the flames but it gets crushed by the support beam of the giant doors. I quickly mind-link my friend Lisa.




Lisa: Where?

Y/n: Just... FOLLOW ME!

I meet up with Lisa and we both grab as many as the pups as we can carry. I lead Lisa to a special part of the woods where I keep a hide-out. I touch a special part of a giant oak tree and it opens up. I help them down and Lisa and I go back to see if we can find any other survivors.

Y/n: I'll go to the East wing, you go West.

Lisa: Okay. Be careful.

I search the East wing. And see no survivors. I start looking around until I trip on something I look back trying to see what I tripped on and felt sick to my stomach. I try to scream but nothing comes out. I see our Alpha... my father impaled by a metal pipe. I quickly run away and meet back up with Lisa.

Lisa: Did you find anyone?

Y/n: No. Did you?

Lisa: No...

We both turn to the sound of a wolf howling. We both look at each other and run back to the safe house. We enter and tell all the pups to stay quiet as we hear footsteps above us.

???: I heard their footsteps coming this way. I can sense them.

???: You probably tracked a squirrel again Mark. They are all dead, I made sure of it.

Mark: I don't know. Let's head back and tell Alpha.

We heard the footsteps fading away. The pups started freaking out and crying.

Lisa: Don't cry okay. Everything will be fine. We'll be okay.

She looks at me a little sad. I look back at her as I light the campfire.

~2 years later~

I wake up and head out of the hide-out. Before leaving I look back at all of the pups. They are wearing tattered clothing and are nothing but skin and bones. I leave and go looking for more food. We ran out of food about a year and a half ago. We've been hunting ever since. We started off as about 20 but now we were reduced to 12. We lost 8 pups to traps set by other packs. After the fire stopped we went back to the packhouse for more clothing or food but everything was reduced to ashes, our Alpha was gone along with our families. We are all who's left of our "pack". I walk for about 30 minutes and see nothing. No berries, no nuts, no animals, no nothing.

~30 minutes later~

After walking for so long I feel like my body will give out. We've managed to eat everything within our pack's boundaries. I keep walking until I see I patch of green and apple trees. I start to walk towards the meadow until I see the markers indicating that this was a pack territory. I think to myself if I should get them.

As soon as I step foot on that territory they will be here in about 3 minutes at most. But that food will probably give us about a week's worth of food for everyone. Okay, so I will run over to the tree on the left and grab as many apples as my sack can carry. Then as soon as I grab them I have to sprint back to our "territory". Okay... you got this Y/n...

I ready myself in a running position and take a long deep breath. I take a step in the boundary and start counting as I run towards the tree.

1..2...3...4...5 they probably have already sensed me...8...9

Jimin's POV

I groan in frustration. My parent's story told me my whole life about how being an Alpha was a blessing, and how adventurous it was. They never mentioned paperwork and stupid complaints. A lady walked in today complaining that there wasn't any hot water in her home because her mate had taken it all. I'm glad to be Alpha but, it is not as fun as my father had described it. My pack doesn't even have a Luna. I'm 24 and still haven't found my mate. I was supposed to find him/her when I turned 18. I have looked everywhere for them but still haven't found them.

Namjoon: Alpha. Our guards have seen a rogue by the North border. We think it is going to try to come in.

Jimin: Okay. I'll go check it out.

I follow my Beta Namjoon out of my office and to the Northern border. I freeze as I pick up a sweet scent. I look at the rogue run onto the meadow and head to an apple tree. She looks frail but strong. Her clothes are torn and dirty. Her hair is tangled and frizzy.


My wolf yells. I look at her and turn into my wolf form. I sprint towards her and try to push her away from the tree but end up slamming her into it.

Y/n's POV

23... 24...2-

I see a giant, black wolf. It slams me into a tree hard causing my back to hurt and my head slamming into the trunk. I look up and see it coming towards me. I try to get up but fall back and everything goes black.

Jimin's POV


I look at her limp body against the tree. I go over to her and sniff her out. I inhale her sweet scent and link Yoongi.

Jimin: Yoongi... tell the nurses to prepare a bed in the hospital wing.

Yoongi: Why? Did something happen with the rogue? Are you hurt?

Jimin: No... my mate is hurt.

Yoongi: Oh.

I pick her up and run back to the packhouse. I reach the hospital wing and set her down in a bed.

Yoongi: What happened to her?

Jimin: I kinda... slammed her into a tree.

Yoongi: Jimin!

Jimin: I know I know... not my best moment but just tell me how she is.

I watch Yoongi examine her carefully. He looks at me.

Yoongi: She'll be okay. Her back is really red and she busted her head. So she'll need stitches okay.

Jimin: okay...

Y/n's POV

What the hell? Where am I?

I open my eyes a little and see a bright light. I look to my right and see a man with silver hair talking to the man on my left. I look to my left to look at the mysterious man. He has black hair, tan skin, chocolatey brown eyes, and plump lips. My eyes go wide as I see the silver-haired guy coming towards me with a needle.

???: We'll have to sedate her so she won't wake up while we stitch.

I grab his hand and push him against the wall. I grab the syringe out of his hand and hold it to the side of his neck.


I yell in his face. I raise my hand with the syringe until someone knocks it out of my hand and picks me up from the back, pulling me away from the man. He turns me around and looks into my eyes.


I ignore my wolf and try to wiggle free from his grip. He holds me tighter causing me to yelp. He looks at me again and then embraces me. I wiggle harder but can't budge. I feel a prick in my back and start to get a little light-headed. I faint in his arms.

Jimin's POV

I feel her go limp in my arms and see Yoongi standing there with the empty syringe. He helps me sit her on the bed as he starts to stitch her head. I look at her relaxed face and point out all of her features. She has sunken eyes which look like she hasn't slept in months. Her lips are dry, pale, but plump. Her cheeks are nothing but bone. I hold her hand carefully. She feels so fragile in my embrace, I fear that I might squeeze too tight and shatter her.

I can't possibly imagine what happened to you. I will never ever let you go. I will not let you into harm's way. I will protect you with my life... My Luna.

After Yoongi stitched her cut he left me in the room with her. I told Namjoon to take over for a while so I can make sure she will be okay. I can't stop thinking that she asked where her pack was. Why would a rogue ask where its pack was, rogues don't have packs.

Jimin: Namjoon.

Namjoon: Yes Alpha?

Jimin: Where did she come from? What area did she emerge from?

Namjoon: She came from the Northern Lands.

Jimin: No. I mean what pack? Can you find out for me?

Namjoon: Yes. I will get Jungkook and Taehyung to find out.

Jimin: Thank you.

I hold her hand while waiting for Namjoon.

Namjoon: Alpha

Jimin: Yes Namjoon?

Namjoon: She's from the Andromeda Pack. Which makes no sense.

Jimin: That's impossible. We searched for any survivors after the attack, no one could've survived.

Namjoon: Well, she's a survivor... and the Alpha.

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