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To Kill A St John

It wasn't too long before Ben and Carley came back to the motel, holding a basket full of biscuits. Lilly, being the ex facto leader of the group, tried splitting the biscuits evenly between everyone, which ultimately failed since everyone had their hands in the basket the second they heard the word 'biscuits'. Dominic planned to not have a single piece, but his rumbling stomach decided otherwise. In a matter of minutes, the biscuits were gone, and everyone sat down happily, glad to have food in their stomachs. Carley and Ben weren't given a chance to eat a single biscuit after handing them over to Lilly, but they reassured the group that they had already ate some on the way back.

"So," Lilly was the first one to speak, looking over at Carley and Ben, "Did it look legit?"

"Well, the place looks safe," Carley shrugged, "And they seem like really nice people."

They turned to look at a frowning Dominic, who still seemed unconvinced. To them, he was just paranoid. He was just a kid who had no idea what he was talking about; he knew otherwise. He knew exactly what was going to happen, and it seemed that fate had given him no choice but to go along with it. Unless he told them what he knew. He still wasn't sure if he should ever tell them. For all he knew, the universe could implode, or nothing could happen at all, except saving the lives of those he cares about. Was he willing to risk this entire universe, and his own life, to save one man? He clenched his fists and teeth, trying to force the thoughts away, but it wasn't working. He could save Mark and Larry, right now, if he told them everything he knew. What killed him the most is not knowing what could happen if he did.

"Looks like you might be wro-," He heard Lilly saying, but he was tuned out; staring into the forest as if Lee and Mark was going to jump out safe and sound, but nothing came.

Lilly turned back to Carley and whispered, "Keep an eye on him. I don't know what's gotten into him today, but I don't want him ruining this for us. We need the food."

Carley looked over at Dominic for a moment, wondering just what was going on in the boy's head, and why he would suggest such an accusation. "What if he's right? I mean, yeah, they seem nice, but that doesn't mean there's nothing wrong with them. They're the ones we should be keeping an eye on, not him."

Lilly's eyes narrowed suspiciously, "I can't believe you're siding with him. He knows nothing about these people but throws accusations about them like he does. The kid's paranoid, and paranoia is exactly what we don't need right now. Especially if we want to get that food," She turned to walk away, but Carley quickly grabbed onto her shoulder.

Carley gave Dominic another look; secretly praying either he's right, or that he doesn't make her look like a fool for defending him, "Lilly, don't ignore Dominic's intuitions. He may just be a kid, but he's smart. He wouldn't accuse anyone of anything without reason." She sighed, "All I'm asking is to not let these guys catch us unaware. Especially if they do turn out to be cannibals."

Nodding, Lilly walked off to get the group ready for the walk over to the St. John farm. Everyone was eagerly waiting for the dinner they were promised. Lilly decided to leave Ben, Carley, and Dominic behind to guard the motel, and for Carley to keep watch on Dominic so he doesn't do anything rash. If only they knew the Hell they were walking into, and he was the only one that knew how to save them.

Dominic hardly noticed the rest of the group leave for the farm, he was too lost in thought to care. When he first woke up in this world, lying on top of that car in front of Clementine's house, he thought he had been given the chance to make things right, and to save everyone that died along the way. He saved Shawn back on the farm, but why couldn't he save Mark, or Larry? He thought this universe was pushing back against him, testing his resolve. He could save anyone he wanted to, if he had the guts to spill his secret. Even if he did, would they even believe him? They'll think he's crazier than the St. Johns. Probably even kick him out of the group for being 'mentally unstable.'

Hours past, as the sky grew dark, thunder boomed in the distance as a storm rolled in, and Dominic's heart sank like the black clouds at night. He sat, fuming in his chair as he watched Carley and Ben go about their day, building a fire to keep warm as the wind picked up. As the sun started to fall below the horizon, he couldn't take it anymore; he was done accepting fate. He marched over like a man on a mission, opening the door to the supply room; Carley inspecting their dwindling supplies. She didn't even notice him come in as he crossed his arms and leaned against the tattered wall.

"Carley, we need to go."

"Go? Where?" She asked casually, continuing to count inventory, not hearing his tone of urgency.

"To the St. John farm, where else? They're in trouble," She looked back at him and frowned, crossing her arms. This kid just didn't know when to give up.

"What makes you say that?" She questioned, "I mean, they're running a little late, but that doesn't mean something bad happened," She stood there, staring at him like a scolding mother. He frowned, but she was still unconvinced. He was going to have to give her something more to get her to move.

"Carley, if we don't go now, they're all going to die." Carely raised her eyebrows, her frown lowering with each word. "Mark, Larry, Lee, Clementine, Lilly, all of them. If we just sit here and do nothing, they will die!" He was half yelling now, which made him feel a mix of guilt and determination. He knew he had two choices; convince her, or they all die. Clem will die.

"WE HAVE TO MOVE!" Dominic shouted his final, desperate plea.

"You're full of crap, Dom! How could you even know that they're in danger? You're just paranoid," She turned around, her face burning red at this ignorant and possibly insane teenager, and continued to do her inventory counts, but he stepped in front of her, blocking her view from the piles of ammo and medicine she was counting.

"Carley, please." He started again, forcing his voice to remain calm; exactly opposite of his emotions. "Just this once, trust me. If it turns out that they're fine, you can slap me all you want. But I know I'm right, so please, we need to go save them."

She thought it over for a minute, still staring at this insane teenager. It felt like a bad idea bringing Dominic to the farm in the state he was in; f there was nothing wrong, he'd just cause more problems. Carley could see he wasn't going to give up, and with a deep sigh, she lowered her eyes; Defeated.

"Okay, we'll go!" She said, mentally slapping herself in the face for trusting Dominic. "Get Ben, we might need his help for this one. You better be right about this, Dom," with those last words she gave him a look. If you are wrong, you'll be more than slapped.

"Of course I'm right, it's me we're talking about," Dominic deadpanned. She rolled her eyes as they left the supply room. She was going to hold him to his promise. If everyone was safe, she will slap the shit out of him.

"Open the god damned door!"

Lee groaned painfully, his eyes slowly opening and closing as he slipped in and out of consciousness, the walls spinning around him. The sounds of Larry's voice shouting angrily and someone vomiting nearby stirred him from his forced slumber.


"Will you stop that banging! We've gotta find another way out of here!" The next voice Lee heard was Kenny's, with Lilly in the corner continuing to vomit.

"You sick fucking bastards! Open this door god dammit!"

Lee looked over to see Clementine standing next to him, trembling and scared out of her mind as she watched Larry bang on the door. When she finally saw him looking at her, she shrieked with relief, as if she suddenly forgot what she had just witnessed, "Lee!"

"Dad, stop!"

Everyone seemed to be talking at once, and it only made the pounding in Lee's head worse. Upon closer inspection, he realized where they were: in a locked meatlocker. The steel walls reflected vague images of everyone in the room, like a dirty mirror. Above him, he noticed a shelf, but he had no idea what was sitting on it. He only hoped that whatever it was wasn't heavy enough to come falling down on his head.

He shook his head violently, then looked over at Clementine as she knelt down beside him, her eyes wider than gleaming stars, "It… it was a person! They tried to make us eat a person!" She screeched in a hushed voice.

"But.. you didn't do it…" He managed to gasp to her.

She shook her head and looked down at the ground in disgust, "No."

"The rest of us did, god dammit! If you hadn't dragged your feet!" Larry spat at Lee, who didn't dignify it with a response.

"C'mon, Dad. Now's not the time," Lilly pleaded, exhausted and failing to calm her father from the white-hot rage he had pent up inside.

"You okay, Clementine?" Lee asked, ignoring Larry's insults, and looking over her to make sure she was unharmed, "They didn't hurt you, did they?"

She shook her head and mumbled, "Mm-mm."

Once again Larry's voice interrupted the conversation, "OPEN UP!"

Kenny stormed over to where Clementine and Lee were sitting, "Lee, those psychos have my family, and we're stuck in a damn meat locker! We've gotta get the fuck outta here!"

"This goddamn thumbsucker was the one who brought us here in the first place, after that kid pleaded for us to stay at the motel. Looks like he had more common sense than this asshole!" Larry snapped.

"Will you all just shut the fuck up?!" Kenny snapped back angrily.

Clementine shook a little bit as Lee got back onto his feet, "I'm scared," she mumbled as she covered her ears.

"Don't be," He replied calmly, "It's gonna be okay, I'm gonna find us a way out of here…"

The first thing he noticed was the air conditioner screwed onto the wall. Perhaps… He thought, but was cut off as Larry gasped out, "I'll break the damn door down!"

"Dad, you can't get-"

She fell silent as Larry grasped at his chest, and started gasping "Aah! Urg!"

"Easy…" She pleaded, but it was no use; the damage was done.

"Oh god…" Finally his heart had enough, and he collapsed to the floor like a sack of potatoes, a thundering boom echoing through the walls. Screaming, Lilly rushed over to her father, holding his face in her hands, frantically searching for a pulse.

"No! Dad, come on! DAD!" She screamed through tears, "Oh God, he's stopped breathing. I think he's had a heart attack!"

The rest of them stood there in disbelief; Kenny was the first to speak, "Shit! Is he dead?"

"He's not dead! Somebody help me!" Lilly pleaded, but no one came to her aid. Everything that happened in the past few hours had taken its toll, and they were all frozen on the spot.

"Fuck… if he's dead…" Kenny continued uncertainly. He knew what was going to happen if Larry turned. They had no weapons, and the guy was a walking piledriver; they had no chance.

"HE'S NOT DEAD!" She shrieked at them, which made Kenny feel worse about what was coming next.

He turned to Lee, who seemed just as shocked as everyone else, "You know what has to happen, Lee… Think about it. You saw that poor bastard at the motel, how fast he turned..."

"What are you saying?" Lilly asked angrily, turning to look both of them.

"Lilly… I'm sorry, I truly, truly am… But in a few minutes, we're gonna be stuck in a locked room with a 6-foot-four, 300 pound, SERIOUSLY pissed off dead guy!"

"Fuck you, we can bring him back!" She turned to look at Lee, who still looked at them both in shock, "Lee! Help me!"

"We'll mourn him later… but right now, we have to keep him from comin' back!" Kenny insisted.

"Nooooo!" Clementine screamed to no avail.

"God dammit, Kenny! He's NOT DEAD!"

"Lilly can still save him," Lee finally replied, he wasn't going to let Kenny kill Larry if there was still a chance that he could be saved.

Kenny shook his head, "I wish she could. Believe me, I do. But that man is dead. You BOTH know what happens next. Remember what Ben said… gotta destroy the brain…"

Lee didn't reply, he wasn't going to let Kenny kill Larry, even if that meant destroying their friendship, "Come on Lee, I'm right about this! I know you've got my back, you ALWAYS do!"

"God dammit Lee! I NEED you! Please help me!"

Lee glanced at Lilly and Larry on the ground, then at Kenny beside him; he had made his decision. He rushed over to Larry, Kenny yelling in disbelief, "Lee?!"

"Is he breathing at all?" Lee asked Lilly quickly, getting down on his knees next to her.

"No, no I don't think so!" Lilly answered, surprisingly calmer than she has been in the past few months.

"Okay, let me take over! Keep checking his pulse!" She did as she was told, and Lee placed his hands above Larry's heart, just like he was taught in school. He began to push down on Larry's chest repeatedly as Kenny yelled at both of them.

"Are you stupid?! He's gonna turn! You're putting all of us at risk, you sonuvabitch! You're fucking worthless, Lee!"

Before anyone could react, Kenny dropped a salt lick on Larry's head, crushing it as if it was made out of tissue paper. Lee and Lilly both stared in shock, not believing their eyes. The room was finally silent for a few seconds. What the fuck just happened?!

Lilly's scream bursted everyone's eardrums, "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

"KENNY! WHAT THE FUCK?!" Lee roared at his friend.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I just- It had to be done!" Kenny cried for forgiveness.

"You don't know that!" Lee snapped back, ready to kill Kenny himself.

"Yes I do, Lee! And so do you! I was counting on you, man," Kenny stared blankly at his friends, shocked and hurt no one understood why he did it, and out of everyone he thought that he could trust, Lee refused to defend him.

"Go fuck yourself, Kenny," Lee spat angrily, the two of them going back to where Lilly was laying over her father, sobbing into his crimson covered shirt.

"I'm sorry, I know it-" Kenny started before being verbally attacked by Lilly, causing him to jolt back in fear.


Lee stopped in his tracks as he heard Clementine sobbing in the corner, hiding her face from the hideous sight, he walked over to her as she turned around and looked down at the ground in front of her, "Are you okay?"

"Is- Is it over?" She mumbled through tears, closing her eyes tightly.

"Yes, for now," He soothed, "But we still need to find a way out of here…" He knelt down and hugged her tightly as she wrapped her arms around his neck, sobbing into his shoulder, "Shh… I know, I know. But you gotta be strong right now. I need you to be strong. Think about something else… something hopeful."

"Like what?" She asked through sniffles.

He thought it over for a second, before finally replying, "How about your walkie-talkie… those pretend talks with your Mom and Dad? Don't those make you feel better?"

"Sometimes…" She replied uncertainly before asking, "We're gonna get out, right? You found a way out?"

"I'm workin' on it."

It didn't take very long to unscrew the air conditioner and remove it from the wall. Kenny and Lee carefully lifted it down to the ground, and examined the air duct. It was far too small for any of the adults to fit in.

"Looks like it'll probably lead right into that back room…" Kenny concluded and looked over at Lee next to him.

"It's too small for us to fit through."

They both turned around as Clementine's uncertain voice added, "I can do it…"

Lee, swallowing his shock of Clementine's bravery, knelt down on a knee in front of her, whispering reassuringly, "You know you don't have to do this, right?"

"I know. I just wanna go home…" She said, holding back a whine. He was proud of her, when she needed to be strong, she was. She was going to go far. He hoped.

"This'll help us get back home," Kenny reassured her before they helped her into the air duct.

"You're gonna be fine," Lee added as she looked back at them one last time.

Smiling, she crawled through the ducts until she reached the other side, dropping down into a room too horrid for words. She gasped as she examined everything around her. There was blood everywhere, sharp knives, and all sorts of strange tools she's never seen before. It was like a scene out of a horror movie. The next thing she saw was a man sitting on a bale of hay just outside the barn with a rifle, looking over at the farmhouse and the fields. Gulping down her fear, she turned to her left, finding another door leading into a short hallway. At the end, was a metal door, which she presumed was the door to the meatlocker. She grabbed the door handle, and pulled with as much force as her little body could muster, opening the door quietly.

"Are you okay?! Did anyone see you?" Lee hissed, rushing over to her.

"No, but there's a man outside…" She whispered back, trying not to tremble, adrenaline pulsing through her petite form.

Not waiting for the others, Kenny started for the door, halting briefly as Lee asked "Where the hell are you going?"

"What do you care?" He snapped before stomping out of the locker.

"Kenny!" Lee tried to keep quiet, but Kenny was on his last damn nerve. He looked hastily over at Lilly, who was still crouched down by her deceased father, and whispered softly, "Lilly. I'm sorry, but we've gotta go…"

"I know… I just need a minute to say goodbye," She looked sadly at her father before looking back up at Lee, "Hey, we're good. Okay?"

"Yeah, this is good…" They all heard Kenny mutter outside.

"Shit, he's going to get us all killed!" Lee stormed off towards the door, but before leaving, turned to look at Clementine, telling her, "Stay here. Take care of Lilly, okay?"

"I will."

"Are we there yet?" Dominic groaned as they walked down the road to the St. John farm. The sky was pitch black as the trio stomped down the muddy trail; pants dripping with the brown goop. He shivered as the neverending rain drenched him to the very core and groaned as his sore feet began to ache with each step he took. The wind blew, sending leaves in all directions, only making matters worse, every few minutes Dominic would hear a muffled "ugh!" from one of his companions as a tree branch smacked them in the face. The rain felt like needles to the skin, coming down harder and harder with every minute passed. leaving their clothes soaked through and ultimately weighing them down.

"Can you please stop asking that?" Carley snapped, already tired of Dominic's constant complaining. They were almost to the farm, but they were tired and starving, which slowed them down to a crawl.

"I wi- will once we get there," He stuttered and limped alongside Ben, who seemed to be hating this just as much as Dominic.

She groaned and muttered to herself, "Teenagers."

Fifteen minutes later, the farm came into view. Fields of corn stretched in both directions, with a lone farmhouse and red barn in the middle. It looked relatively peaceful, but Carley wasn't going to rule anything out. She signaled the two teenagers to stop, then ducked down into the ditch on their right so they couldn't be seen.

"Okay, we're going to sneak through the corn field, that way they won't see us coming," She looked at Dominic, "If you turn out to be right, we can get in and help the others to safety," The duo nodded in understanding, "Okay, let's move."

They crawled quietly through the corn field, ducking down so they wouldn't be seen through the neverending stalks, moving cautiously to keep their feet above the muck. The weather was getting worse now, thunder booming deafeningly as lightning shot across the sky above their heads; each roar felt like a gunshot; every bolt of lightning like a bullet whizzing past them. Dominic could hear the blood pumping in his ears, nearly muting everything else out. He breathed in short gasps as they inched closer and closer, trying to keep his heartbeat steady as the electric fence appeared in front of them, only a few feet away.

They halted as the groans of a walker pierced their ears. Pulling out his knife, Dominic signalled Carley and Ben to stay back, then scanned his surroundings for the offending zombie. There, eleven o'clock. As quietly as he could through the layers of mud, he sneaked behind the walker, kicking the back of its knee as hard as he could, and smiled as it fell to the ground with a satisfying sploosh of mud. In one smooth motion, he stabbed the blade into the back of its skull, piercing the brain. Come back from that, I dare you.

A second later, Carley and Ben sneaked over, gazing past the fence as a tall figure appeared, coming out of the barn and looking back at them, "Carley!"

"Lee?" She called, surprise in her voice. They weren't dead!

"Ow!" Ben gasped from beside her as he stepped on a root.

"Shh!" Dominic and Carley hissed simultaneously before Carley returned her attention back to Lee, "Is everyone okay? You guys have been gone WAY too long!"

"They attacked us!" Lee replied, which made her eyes grow wider. She looked back at Dominic, eyes wide in shock. How the hell did he know?

"I knew it! I told you we couldn't trust them," Ben shouted, turning towards Carley, evoking a huff from Dominic.

"I was the one who told 'em, not you," staring him down

"Whatever man, we both knew they were bad news," Ben spoke softly, avoiding his gaze.

"Shit," Carley felt like slapping both of them right now even if Dominic happened to be right, "How many of them are there,"she asked, taking her attention off of the two teens.

"Two left." Lee replied.

"Where?" Carley added.

"Larry's dead. They chopped off Mark's legs and tried to feed them to us!" Everyone's eyes went to Dominic again, who sighed.

"Why do I always have to be fuckin' right," He knew why, but he didn't really want to get into it just yet.

"Maybe because you're-"

"For once Ben, please just shut up," Dominic interrupted, turning his attention back to Lee.

"Is everyone else okay?" Carley asked, ignoring the two teenagers.

"They still got Duck and Katjaa in the house and I don't know where the fuck Kenny is!"

"Alright, we're coming in to help," They started to move, but Lee's voice stopped them.

"The main gate is too dangerous, go around the fence and see if there's a back way in. I'll keep looking for Kenny…" He stood up and walked towards the farmhouse, but turned around to ask, "Do you have a weapon?"

"I don't leave home without it," Carley replied as she loaded her pistol, "Dom, Ben, stick close. And Lee, be careful," Lee nodded and headed towards the farmhouse once again, leaving the trio alone to walk the fence perimeter.

It wasn't long before they found another gate on the eastern side of the farm, leaving several dead walkers in their wake. They open the gate, but quickly ducked down as a man with a child appeared, walking out of the back of the farmhouse. Dominic assumed that it was Andy St. John and Duck, which meant Kenny wasn't that far behind.

Whispering, Dominic gave his orders, "Okay. Carley, Ben, follow St. John, make sure he doesn't hurt Duck. I'm going in to help Lee. Carley, if he so much as lays a hand on Duck, shoot him."

She nodded and cocked her pistol; her and Ben trailing after Andy St. John. When the coast looked clear, Dominic pushed open the gate and sprinted quietly to the farmhouse, sticking close to the wall as he pulled out his knife and followed until he reached the front porch. He jumped and grabbed a hold of the porch fence, pulling himself up with all of his strength. A second later, he dropped onto the porch floor, sneaking over to the screen door.

"Stay back! Don't do anything stupid!" He heard a strange, feminine voice yell from inside. A voice he hadn't heard yet, but sounded familiar at the same time.

"Let her go, Brenda!" Lee's voice yelled back, pleading the woman. Dominic wasn't sure what to do now; if he went in there, he risked getting Katjaa killed, or Lee. He was running out of options, not to mention Brenda has never seen his face before, it would freak her out.

"Fuck," He whispered as he sneaked down the porch stairs, cautious of every creak it could squeak. Checking his corners, he turned right; only to be met with a familiar, tall figure.

Pain shot through his skull as Dominic's face smashed into the ground, the blurry figure standing before him. Wiping the mud off his face, he peered up at his attacker, rifle barrel an inch from Dominic's forehead, "Fucking bastard," he spat, an unusual taste of earth and blood frolicking in his mouth.

"What the fuck? Who are you?" Andy's voice growled from above him.

"Your worst fucking nightmare," Dominic replied through pained grunts, looking up at Andy with hatred in his heart. Andy swung his rifle at him again: but Dominic was ready. He rolled out of the way, the rifle burying itself in the mud. As Andy pulled his gun out of the mud, Dominic turned and saw a glint of metal beside him. Seizing the opportunity, he scrambled forward, swiftly grabbing his knife from the ground and pushing himself to his feet; stabbing Andy in the arm, causing the older man to howl in pain and drop the rifle. Dominic began to back away from Andy before he noticed Duck behind the older man. Shit.

Before Dominic could get to Duck, Andy picked his gun back up and trained it on him, grabbing a hold of Duck, "Don't you fucking move." His voice was like ice.

"Hey, no hard feelings right? I mean, you did hit me with your rifle," Dominic said steadily, his heart racing faster. For the first time in months, his blood ran cold, as Andy pointed the rifle at his head, the man's expression turning from one of anger to insanity.

"You fuckin' stabbed me in the arm, you piece of shit!" He snapped, tightening his grip on the rifle.

"Okay, okay. Yeah, that was a bit much…" He raised his hands into the air, dropping the knife, "Let's just talk this through then, okay?"

"I'm DONE talking!" Andy St. John roared, taking a step forward.

"Hey, hey. It's okay man, calm down," Dominic slowly shuffled closer to Andy, trying to see if he could reach out for the gun, but Andy aimed and fired at the ground between his feet. Fuck!

"I said don't move, asshole!"

"Let him go, god dammit!" Kenny's voice yelled from behind them. Andy hesitated, Kenny's voice breaking his concentration. Panicking, he swung his rifle at Dominic again, knocking the younger boy down to the ground, then tightened his grip on Duck, pushing the barrel against the back of the kid's head.

"Ha! That ain't gonna happen!" Andy's voice staggered between the line of hostility and insanity, jumping the rope with every syllable. "And because of this piece of shit over here," He shook his head in Dominic's direction, who rolled over in pain from the unexpected blow, "I'm inclined to just kill him now."

"Andy, don't!" Lee called from behind Kenny.

"SHUT UP! I WILL KILL HIM! RIGHT. FUCKING. NOW!" Andy snapped back; Kenny charged towards Duck, trying to grab onto his son, but in the next moment, found himself lying on the ground as Andy shot him in the side. Katjaa screamed and ran towards her husband.

"DAAAD!" Duck screamed out before Andy covered his mouth.

Raising his hands into the air, Lee walked a little closer to Andy, forcing all of the man's attention on him, "Andy!"

"Who the fuck do you people think you are?!" Andy spat, "Look at what you've done!"

Dominic slowly grabbed for his knife, holding his breath. He crawled forward slowly, now that Andy's attention was off of him. This asshole wasn't going to get away tonight; he would make sure of that.

"Calm down," Lee insisted calmly, oblivious to Dominic's plans.

"Calm down? What for, huh?! All we wanted was some goddamn gasoline!"

There was a deafening crack as Carley shot Andy, causing the man to let go of Duck as he reached for his now bleeding ear.

Dominic struck. Swiftly, he charged towards Andy, stabbing the blade into the back of his knee. With an agonizing scream, the older man fell to the ground with a thump, dropping the rifle in the process; Dominic crawled on top of him, knife in hand, raising it for the kill; the thirst for blood in his eyes. Before he could stab it through Andy's heart, the older man grabbed Dominic's hands, pushing the knife away, but Dominic fought back, pushing down as hard as he could. Roaring from the exertion, Dominic stabbed the blade into Andy's chest. He's never heard a more bloodcurdling scream.

Dominic pulled on the blade with such force, panting as the knife finally came loose, blood spurting everywhere. With one final strike, he drove the knife into Andy's forehead, his body went limp as his eyes turned from a look of pain to a blank stare. After everything was done, Dominic sat there for a few seconds, breathing heavily.

The farm went silent; thunder booming in the distance as the cold breeze washed over them. It felt as if a thousand eyes were watching him in shock. I just killed someone… not a walker, but a living, breathing person… What have I become? He looked down at the dark red blood oozing out around his knife, leaving a puddle of crimson staining his fingers. He rubbed the warm liquid between his fingers, his face turning to one of disgust.

"You sick fucking asshole!" He shuddered and roared, unsure whether he was screaming this at the dead man below him, or himself.

Then, Dominic cried. He looked down upon the corpse he just slayed and wept. All of the pain and suffering he and his group had just gone through coming down on him like a weight of unbearable masses. He didn't know how many others this older man had killed, but now it is over. This was his life now: no more friends, or family. No more innocence or happiness. He was stuck in a nightmare that never ended; in a bloodthirsty world that was swallowing his very soul. His sobbing intensified as his thoughts went to those that he cared most about; his family, his best friends that he left behind, even the girl he had loved for over three years. They were gone, forever.

A hand grabbed Dominic's shoulder, bringing him back to reality. He looked up to see Lee knelt down beside him, a concerned look etched across his face. Dominic just scared everyone in the group with his ferocity, something that they have never seen from him before, but deep down he knew what he had done was right. Andy was a cannibal and a murderer; he killed Mark, and by association, Larry, not to mention countless other survivors. He wasn't allowed to live anymore.

"It's done," Dominic heard from behind his wall of anger and grief, "Let's go."

Dominic breathed in heavily and pulled the knife out of Andy's forehead, cleaning it off on the wet grass, "Yeah…" He accepted, "it's over."

Lee reached out to help Dominic to his feet. The younger boy accepted, and gazed back at the group, everyone was stone cold; faces pale; eyes petrified.

The look on Clementine's face got to him the most, a look of pure terror. One look he hoped he'd never have to see.

But he knew he didn't regret it. He killed a St. John, and he was proud of that.

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