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A Child of The Demon Who Longs for The Moon

By Andrew Hans Siswanto


Chapter 1: Little Girls Came Out from Nowhere, Like in Shonen Jumps Sometimes

It was just another day for Yorozuya. In the morning, Shinpachi would always come first in the morning and waking up Gintoki and Kagura.

“Gin-san! Kagura-chan! It’s time to wake up! Time for breakfast!” shouted the glasses boy towards the closet that is Kagura’s room while walking to the living room.

Right in front of Kagura’s room, Shinpachi knocked the door and shouted again to wake Kagura up, only to receive a blow right in the face and flew few meters backwards.

“Shut up, Shinpachi…. You know I can always hear you well enough” yawned Kagura while rubbing her eyes and stepped out of the closet.

“Always my ass! At least I even need to open the closet and shake you just to barely wake you up every single time in the morning!” the straight man retorted.

As Kagura walked to sit on the couch, Shinpachi made his way towards Gintoki’s room. When he opened the door, he found the silver-perm hair samurai was peeking from the blanket of his futon, trying as hard as he could to get up. Apparently, the founder of Yorozuya had been having some difficulty in sleeping in these late few days. It has been few days after Yorozuya dealt with love potion problem in Yoshiwara, but Gintoki who was intoxicated too much from the potion, not to mention even receiving another weird effects after consuming another potion with opposite effect, he ended up cannot forget what he said and what he did in Yoshiwara. Every night, the face of a woman would always appear in his dreams.

The woman had a blonde hair, amethyst eyes and vertical and horizontal scars around the left side of her beautiful face. Yes, it was the courtesan of death Tsukuyo who always appeared in his mind. Instead of sleeping, Gintoki ended up figuring out some way to get rid of her out from his dreams all night. Gintoki still felt very sleepy even when he was eating his breakfast.

Why the hell did that woman always keep me from sleeping? Is she trying to say something? Is she still mad for all those troubles few days ago? Is this the effect of the smoke she blew to my face when we were on the balcony in Yoshiwara few days ago? She really is scheming something on me, isn’t she?” is what filling Gintoki’s head at the moment.

During the day, Yorozuya would always conduct the ‘business’ as usual. Kagura eating sukonbu while playing with Sadaharu, sometimes she went out with it for a walk, Shinpachi doing the house chores, listening to Otsu’s song with earphone and sometimes walked out to go for shopping. Gintoki himself usually only watched Ketsuno Ana’s news report on TV or reading Shounen Jump manga all day.

But this time while reading Jump, Gintoki couldn’t focus on his manga because of a certain lady on his mind.

What the f*ck? Not only during sleep, but the effect is when I’m awake too? Is that poisonous smoke really that strong? I never knew a drug would be this strong when inhaled! Even I don’t recall that shitty love potion lasting that long either! That woman is really that angry with me, isn’t she?” thought Gintoki with paled face.

Another thought in Gintoki’s mind was, why Tsukuyo? He remembered and he knew that it was dumb for him to say those mushy-mushy and playboy stuffs while he was intoxicated towards lots of women, but why Tsukuyo’s face left the biggest impression in his heart? Gintoki recalled all things that happened between him and Tsukuyo all this time. How he has some similarity with her about losing their masters although in different way, how he acknowledged that she has a beautiful face and beautiful heart, how they worked compatibly in the stickiest situations, and most importantly, how he was being protective to her in some occasions.

Why was I so protective around her? She is strong, even I bet she can be as strong and violent as Kagura when she was drunk. I also saved some women like her in the past too. But if I think again, I did save her from dangers a bit more than those other amazon girls…. Then why? Why was I so obsessive towards her few days ago in Yoshiwara? It was because of the love drug, right? Now the love drug had been solved, our relationship should have gone back to the way it was…. But what is this feeling? Damn it…..!” Gintoki sighed as he rubbed his bushy hair.

Suddenly, to his surprise Shinpachi called out for him, “Gin-san! We have a job from Gengai-san! He asked us to come to his workshop now!”

Gintoki stood up, slid his bokuto to his waist, picked his nose and started to walk towards the door with Shinpachi, Kagura and Sadaharu behind him. “Screw that. I’ll think about it later, maybe I can even consult Gengai to make machine that can help me sleep better…” said Gintoki in his head.


When the Yorozuya trio arrived at Gengai’s workshop, the trio saw the old mechanic was tuning up a machine. Gengai looked up to them and said, “Yo, Gin-boy. I’ve been waiting for you”.

“What is it that you want? You’d better make this worthwhile and you’d better pay us handsomely”, said Gintoki lazily, although he had to admit that the job was a good distraction from his dilemma right now. “And is this job has something to do with that crap?” Gintoki pointing at the camera/projector like machine that Gengai was tuning on.

“Oi, don’t speak like that… This ‘piece of crap’ has helped us during white plague in the final movie, you know!” said Gengai.

“Wait, that’s the time machine you used on me in the movie?” asked Gintoki in surprised tone while Gengai nodded.

“I’ve been working a bit theory and the time machine after hearing the full detail of what happened about you travelling the time to the future and the past….”

“I created this machine to be able to send objects to the future, and let’s say if I decided to keep this thing operating, the machine in the future should be able to receive something sent from the past and the other way around. If there’s something was transferred here from the future or past by this machine, I have put on something so I’ll be able to track which time or year the object came from” said Gengai while pointing at the monitor on the side of the time machine.

“I see what you mean, but Gengai-san, what is our job regarding the time machine?” asked Shinpachi confused.

“Well, the thing is I don’t know if I did right or not, so I want you to be a test subject for this little baby”, answered Gengai right before a bokuto flew almost through his head.

“You old geezer….. You want us to become your guinea pig? What will happen if we stuck in the future!?”

“Calm down, kid. I will only send you two or three years to the future….. I heard you have even gone five years ahead, so this should be a walk in the park right? If you want to go back, the machine in the future should be able to send you back to this time and not further, since this machine was only built in this time and only acts as some sort of a time portal.”

“Gengai-san, I agree with Gin-san. Although what you said sounds save, there are still some risks of time paradox…” said Shinpachi tried to calm the annoyed Gin-san.

While the three men were arguing, Kagura looked around the machine, and out of curiousity she pushed the button that said ‘ON’, thus activating the machine.

“Oi, don’t operate this machine without my… wait.” Gengai shouted but soon stopped when he turned at the monitor. “The time machine is actually receiving a signal from the future….”

The Yorozuya trio gathered near Gengai on the machine’s side looking at the monitor that stated the signal came from 8 years old from the future. The time machine’s front lens lighted up as the machine kept producing a winging sound, and the lens ‘projected’ the object that should be coming from the future. Every one including Sadaharu stepped forward as the machine died down, looking at what could have been sent from the future time machine.

As the view cleared up, they saw a little girl around 4-5 years old lying unconscious on the ground. Her hair was short with slight perm donned with silver colour, her outfit was a white yukata with decorations of red autumn leaves and black obi around her waist. Every one tensed up as the little girl opened her round big eyes and woke up. The Yorozuya and Gengai were sweating as the little girl looked around her and then turned her gaze on Gintoki. Then suddenly the girl’s eyes got teary and she suddenly run towards Gintoki, looking for embrace while she cried,

“PAPA~!” and hugged the lower body of the silver samurai.

“EEEEEEHHH!!!??” every one shocked with pale face as they saw a crying little girl wrapped her arms around the body of a samurai whom they saw as good for nothing leader.

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